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  1. my guess is that its either love or rose’s technique, because on the first panel of the last page u see starrks shadow drawn very distinctly and then a “black” blade stabs him which could be a shadow attacking him.

  2. I am going to put a theory out there, which will be awesome if it’s true, but will most likely be completely wrong.

    I have to say that that blade in the last panel looks black (of course, it could just be all the blood. The rest of this theory is assuming it’s not the blood that’s making it black). The only black blade I can think of that we’ve already seen is Ichigo’s bankai (unless I’m forgetting something. There have been so many swords throughout the series, this is very possible). The only problem is that Ichigo should still be stuck in Hueco Mundo, so that can’t be right (plus the size is too big). This led me to the big jump in thinking that maybe MAYBE this could be Isshin finally making another appearance, wich a bankai that is similar to Ichigo’s. I have no idea how Shinigami powers work, but maybe relatives can have similar incarnations of their zanpakuto. I’ve been waiting for more to happen with him since it was first revealed that he was/is a Shinigami, and then all we got with him was that scene with Ryuken. I really hoped that he’d get some action and join in with this big battle with Aizen.

    Of course, this is all just a horrible theory which will probably prove to be very untrue. It’s mostly wishful thinking for me. ^^”

  3. I’m really hoping that it was Grimmjow for whatever reason… they never did verify his death, you know? If it WAS someone on Starrk’s side, I would think it’d be the person who had on previous occasions attacked a fellow Arrancar.

  4. The fight with the wolves seemed merely like the start of the fight. Some minor damage, but no one really looked like they were any where near really serious. I really doubt Starrk is finished. Everyone’s pretty confused on what attacked him. Could turn out to be anything. I’m going to go with a good guy. But that would make it 3 vs 1. I guess that’s what it will take to take out the primera.

  5. My guess is that it was Kyouraku who stabbed him. Since he hasn’t shown up since Rose and Love came over and took over the fight with Starrk. The next chapter could have him come out to remind everyone that he’s still here. And if I remember correctly he also had two black machette/sabre type sword.

  6. Was the title referring to soul eater(Werewolf guy’s chant) by any chance?

    Well anyways my guess it probably is Kyouraku that stabbed stark. I think there have been a few occasions where he tried catching stark by surprise.

  7. @leo
    is it really him talking in this thread??in english?quite strange..he admits that the last chapters are shit-like and was talking like an high schooler.
    I didn’t espect he was brainstorming in that manner…kind of a fool if it was him..

  8. I think Rukia established in the very beginning that shinigami have no qualms with sneaking up on the hollow and destroying them, which is sensible given that they’re monsters and the stakes are higher than just their egos. If anything all of the dueling we see that allows the mangaka milk the fighting is out of place. If they can bother constructing a mock city, they can find the motivation to wage total war on their enemies.

  9. Well let me bet on that blade on Starrk: Ichimaru Gin.

    Maybe I wouldn’t be right with Omni-san saying like this, but then his shikai would be a far long-range attack instead, and why can’t things get faster like, a next batch of new opponents? Hmm…

    Rose’s zanpakuto reminds me of Kenryu (haha), and the sonata attack has some Charlotte-name in it rite? Well well…

  10. “We are the Primera Espada, Coyote Starrk and Lylinette Gingerback, and this is our power” = Espada lethal injection…

    Being a Soul Eater ripoff with a Gotenks’s kamikaze ghost attack, a retarded spelling name and a first name stolen from the Looney Tunes I must admit that Kubo really made a bad joke of his “Primera”, wich is even worse considering the fact that Segunda’s Respira whas a lot more frightening, destructive, and hard to deal with kind of power. So I guess Hiromu Arakawa’s Pride decide to eat him. Good riddance. But… let’s hope Lylinette can be saved!!!

  11. @dmo, lol, I was thinking the same Monty Python reference on the Black Knight.

    Soon we’ll be seeing Stark have all his limbs chopped off and he’ll still be harrassing the Shinigamis:

    Stark: Right, I’ll do you for that!
    Kyouraku: You’ll what?
    Stark: Come here!
    Ukitake: What are you gonna do, bleed on me?
    Stark: I’m invincible!
    Rose: …You’re a loony.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. I’m also thinking that it was Shunsui. Stark never got to see Shunsui’s Bankai and Stark also attacked Shunsui from behind. It’s probably payback time, though one would think that Stark would probably detect someone going Bankai.

  13. I wouldn,t be suprised if its rose’s blade but it could also be urahara blade but for stark to be caught unaware is mindbuggin i wonder which of the captains is good a sneak attacks it has to be Gin he probably neva liked stark or could it be barragan or kyouraku returning the favor its definately not ichigo he hasn’t even finshed his battle with ulquoirra so its not possible.

  14. Did anyone think that the name Starkk and the fact that he used wolves was a reference to George R R Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series? The fact that the main family’s last name is Stark and all of the children each get a wolf…

    In all seriousness,it was kinda random and against the conventional shounen style,as in everybody somehow stays out of each other’s fights.And I still don’t see why stark is number one,just because he has exploding wolves.Lame.

  16. I sort of would like it to be Ichimaru’s doing as a part of Aizen’s plan, because that would indicate a new stage/development in the progression of the story. However, I don’t truly want it to be Ichimaru because I like both characters. =/

  17. I also had a feeling it could have been Urahara. He’s the sort who would be able to mask his energy through some sort of technique or technology like that cloak he used when attacking Aizen. He’s probably powerful enough to do some damage, for that matter. Also, he’s shown that even without raw power, he’s effective in combat because he fights smarter and uses some rather tricky techniques.

    Then again, if you want to think of someone who wouldn’t be all too remiss to attack from behind, then Ishida’s dad comes to mind. But then, I think that’s highly unlikely given his character and the fact that in the image, we see something that looks either like a blade or a “zangeki” of sorts.

  18. speaking of soul eater, couldn’t you follow that instead?

    they did have year’s worth of that baba yaga arc (not that there weren’t some good parts), but now things are starting to get interesting again.


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