After the remaining captains have Ichigo explain what he learned, they bring in Renji, but Renji doesn’t know much because his Zanpakutou spirits don’t remember anything. Ichigo then goes to visit Rukia who’s still recovering, and he knows that she’s worried about Byakuya, so he tells her to leave it up to him. Around this time, Ikkaku finds Ichigo and wants to talk with him. Elsewhere in Soul Society, Oomaeda finds some guards knocked out, but before he can investigate, his men get beat up by two Zanpakutou spirits. One of them is his own Zanpakutou, Gegetsuburi. The two start arguing and are about to fight when Ichigo and Ikkaku arrive, and they accidentally knock Oomaeda out in the process. It turns out that the other Zanpakutou spirit is Ikkaku’s Hoozukimaru, and the two immediately start fighting.

While those two battle, Gegetsuburi turns his sights on Ichigo since Muramasa had told the Zanpakutou spirits earlier that he’d like to capture Ichigo alive. Ichigo, however, is easily able to handle Gegetsuburi and knocks him out. Ikkaku meanwhile has a hard time against his Zanpakutou after Hoozukimaru initiates bankai, and he doesn’t want Ichigo’s help. He’s unable to continue their battle though after Soifon, Ukitake, and Kyouraku suddenly show up with a group of men. As a result, Hoozukimaru creates an explosion around him and escapes during the confusion. The Shinigami are still able to capture Gegetsuburi though, and Ukitake sends him to Kurotsuchi. Ichigo doesn’t stick around and instead tries to pursue Hoozukimaru, but he gets stopped when a wave of Senbonzakura’s blades come flying at him. Ichigo is able to defend himself by using his own bankai, and afterward, he sees Byakuya standing on a nearby rooftop.


They spent a bunch of time this episode on jokes and comedy, so things didn’t really get exciting until the final third of the episode. That latter part had some nice choreography in the Ikkaku vs. Hoozukimaru battle, and I laughed when Ichigo was able to take care of Gegetsuburi with one attack (I transferred my dislike of Oomaeda onto him). At least Ichigo was fighting at his appropriate level of power there, since often it feels like he’s fighting at the level of the opponent. Along those same lines, it was also nice to see him be able to fight through Senbonzakura’s blades with his bankai speed – I wish we saw that kind of speed more often. Speaking of which, it looks like they’re trying to portray Byakuya as maybe a traitor or at least as someone working with the Zanpakutou spirits, but I’m sure there’ll be a good reason for it since he’s too liked a character to be an antagonist for long. I’m more curious about why they show Menos Forest Gillians in the preview for next week – maybe Muramasa has some connections to Hueco Mundo after all, perhaps even to the previous anime original mini-arc.


  1. byakuya suprised me a little bit…. but why would he want to do that unless he made an agreement with them somehow i feel like it has something to do with rukia as for the wielder of muramasa i hope its not that guy form that previous arc it would make sense.

  2. Thanx to the directors, they new Oomaeda is an unpopular character which is why they buried him and making Ichigo fight gegetsuburi instead. I like also like how gegetsuburi was defeated this quckley and early in the arc. This is better to get his fight out of the way at prepare for some other serious zans to fight now.

  3. this is getting interesting, but then did byakuya then lost to his zanpakuto within the time after he was lost? or not would he even bother to go against Soul Society? well well, got me thinking, hope it gets better…

    unohana anyways, is just… no I wouldn’t bother to offend her in any other way, even if is the past, now, or the future…

  4. …Zanpaktou are supposed to be a reflection of the their shinigami’s inner selves right?… Lol… so it makees sense that Masumoto’s and Hinamori’s swords are fighting over Toshirou’s sword….

  5. I hope we see Ashido again! it would be interesting if they brought him back and gave him a zanpakto, like a shikai or bankai. also chad001: lol i didnt even realize that till you said it al though i did think there argument was hilarious. I loved that omadea got his ass kicked and i loved when ikkaku said what all the fans were thinking: its just oomadea who cares? Byakuya a traitor?… the plot thickens

  6. Better question is who’s zanpakuto is the guy with the stone tablet on his back and carrying a ball n chain. Looks pretty creepy to me.
    And on another note, those supposed byakuya pics have him not wearing his captain’s hiyori eventhough he was clearly wearing it the last time we saw him(when he got attacked). A small possibility is that it is his father/grandfather that we saw in the pendulum arc(they do dress the same)
    Just a thought, could be completely wrong on this.

  7. For that matter, it seems like the form of every Zanpakuto has changed radically enough that none of the shinigami recognize their swords. That’s weird all on its own, but there seems to be some sort of characteristic alteration here where every zanpakuto’s extant form that Muramasa has given them is *human* for some reason if their original true forms weren’t. Apparently, those which were humanoid to begin with like Zangetsu remain the same. But Oomaeda couldn’t recognize Gegetsuburi, Ikkaku couldn’t recognize Hoozukimaru, and Renji couldn’t recognize Zabimaru. What exactly is the point of changing them like this or is it simply the fact that Kubo never had any intention of making the true forms of every Zanpakuto known, so the animators played it safe and decided to make every one of them different as if to signify the ‘unnofficial’-ness of all their forms as outlined in this arc.


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