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  1. yea was a great chapter, but i hope now Love and Rose don’t bud in, or else it would feel like all of them are jumping Starrk, and that would feel to sad after his flashbacks and stuff. that probably like u said is still to come.

    and his blade which is still a Sekai is strong, much like Aizen’s, and guess we know that it was a shadow blade, that’s why it was wide, and didn’t have that silver part at the bottom edge.

  2. I’m actually hoping they DO jump in… Starrk is an ok character, but I’m a bit more interested in getting to the fight with Halibel, on top of that there is still of course Ichigo fighting the Zero Espada whose name I can’t remember at the moment… then on top of that AIZEN is still just being the typical bad guy and watching all of his subordinates die (besides the 2 other traitors who will be in a battle against there x boy friends who they left behind)eventually being forced to face most of his enemies(the shinigami and arrancar) but for some reason the “good” guys will choose to send 1 guy at a time to fight him even though they have numbers and such on their side…

  3. For a seemingly early stage ability, Shunsui’s is awesome. It’s very unique, for a Shinigami’s sword, and fits along well with his personality, in that he’s dragged along into the game. I hope ‘Sutaaku’ does something so that the whole pump he got from his gun-self (Gingerback) to get back up and fight to protect others from dieing won’t seem a waste. Where’d the sword come from? o_O But if he has to go, Shunsui would be an appropriate opponent.

  4. Aizen uses the espadas as pawns to do his dirty work Starkk knows it but at the same time Aizen upgraded him even becoming the primera of the espadas i guess u can say Starkk is grateful but i,m curious to know what he was before he became an espada and what his status was since barragan was the king of Hueci Muedo hopefully they show it in the next chapters

  5. yeah Kyoraku!!! man after seeing his zanpakuto, I really think mine (in imagination) wasn’t at all exaggerating! I wonder what happens if Kyoraku met someone colourless??

    the anime fillers wouldn’t be allowed so much on the real powers of Kyoraku on Katen Kyokotsu zanpakuto spirit, but if THAT had to fight, I rather think it’s those wind attacks present in most games featuring Kyoraku himself…

    great chapter, wonder what’s gonna happen to Aizen, or maybe present Soul Society?

  6. I wonder how big the boundaries is, I mean if its the size of Kyouraku I would assume its big and everyone on the battlefield must play with the same rules. I probably don’t have to even think about this since the rules will be gone before the next fight, but it would be interesting to see if it effected anyone else and how big it is.

  7. It’d be cool to see the human form of Katen Kyoukotsu retain the same abilities and child’s play theme, but I have my doubts that it’ll actually happen.


    I want to saw that too…
    But the real form of Katen is a real beautiful woman…
    I think she is a Dominatrix form… XD

  8. Reading this chapter made me wonder…if Kyouraku was this badass…what the hell was old Captain Commander doing to hold back Ukitake AND Kyouraku in the 2 v 1 match way back then?

  9. @leon yes it is black is the combination of all colors.

    white isnt a color, because its the absence of any colors

    also i had a feeling something like this would happen but the color game was just random

  10. don’t know if it was the sh!t i was puffing at the time or not ,but i thought Kyouraku’s bankai “was it his bankai?” was DEEP!!! i mean WTF!?!?! color’s?! games!? rule?! a zone where childrens games rule!? what the fu@K? and he says he love’s his sword. VERY STRANGE!!
    WHATS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. @sean It depends which way you look at it.. In terms of additive colour such as light, white is the combinations of all colours and black is the absence. Whilst with subtractive colours such as dye’s and paints, black is the combination of all colours and white is the absence of colour.

  12. I dont see stark dying anytime soon, I mean he hasnt shown enough to make us acknowledge his position as the primera espada. furthermore sean u got it mixed up, black is the absence of color and white is all the colors combined.

  13. I wonder if they are Setting things up to save the imensely popular Halibel? Maybe have her flip sides and help the shinigami or something? Or have her battle the lil runt and him talk her into switching sides or surrendering?


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