Hinamori and Rangiku are having trouble against their respective Zanpakutou, and Tobiume even tries to turn Hinamori against her friend. The Shinigami girls, however, outsmart their Zanpakutou spirits with a combination of teamwork and spells. Hinamori is able to capture both Tobiume and Haineko, and afterward, she talks about how she wants to grow older and wiser. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya tries to assert that Hyourinmaru belongs to him, but Hyourinmaru doesn’t believe it because Hitsugaya is just a child. He wants proof and attacks Hitsugaya to see how strong he is, and Hitsugaya has trouble against the ice powers. When Hitsugaya questions what Hyourinmaru’s instincts say, the Zanpakutou reveals he’s seeking where he belongs.

This reminds Hitsugaya of many years ago when he had felt similar because he had been ostracized by people who were afraid of him. Back then, he had a recurring dream of an ice dragon calling out to him, and one night, Rangiku had visited him because his powers had been uncontrolled while he slept. She had been the one who told him to become a Shinigami, and he had left his grandmother to do so. With these memories, Hitsugaya now summons the ice dragon and attacks with it, freezing both him and his Zanpakutou spirit in ice. He then reminds Hyourinmaru that it was he who heard the Zanpakutou’s voice, and Hyourinmaru realizes who he is. Ichigo emerges from his own ice prison just in time to see all of this happen, and he watches as Hyourinmaru carries Hitsugaya back to the ground.

At around this same time, somewhere in the Menos Forest, Muramasa fights against a shadowy figure and then does something with the body.


There was no real preview this week.

This turned out to be a surprisingly good episode, especially considering how I wasn’t really interested in Hinamori and Rangiku’s respective battles. The Hitsugaya half of the episode was very well done, both animation-wise and story-wise, and I loved how they worked in chapter -15 of the manga into it. My only real complaint is that they made Ichigo look silly again by having him be trapped in ice for so long in his bankai form without being able to break free. Given how much he uses it, Getsuga Tenshou should have been the first thing he tried. Anyway, they’re obviously now setting up for something in the next part of this arc with what Muramasa was up to in the Menos Forest. Based on the silhouette, it looked like he was fighting and maybe absorbing a Vasto Lorde class Menos, and I wonder if he’s trying to replicate Ichigo’s power or something.

On a slightly different note, the new OP and ED were announced earlier this week. The OP will be Anima Rossa by Porno Graffitti, and the ED will be Sakurabito by SunSet Swish. The songs, however, won’t premiere until episode 243 on October 27th.


  1. One day, Rangiku clothes will fall off during a battle. No preview for this week as well which means that there could be a plot twist in the next episode, or theyrealisedthe next episode will have bad animation.

  2. Er… Matumoto aged pretty well, but Hitsugaya is still that child as well as Rukia and all of the other did not age. Consider young Byakuya when he was a child and the time span between it to now. THERE IS SOMETHING SO WRONG THERE!

    Btw. is there any indication when someone uses “smexy” ? Like being childish or so ^^ (not native speaker)

  3. Anybody bother to go check what Bakudo #9 is????

    I should have an aspiration to join the bunch of fools in making BLEACH anime man, twist everybody’s 4gotten until lidat… and I swear: I DID NOT 4GET WHEN RUKIA CASTED KIDO ON THAT GRAND FISHER. Damn the anime team…

    Kubo… you chose a good soundtrack composer, now try to change the logic team you presently allow, consider me if you must….

    Well just expressing my opinion, and great for the next BLEACH songs (knew it yesterday xD), they better animate it good; and looking forward to a potential Hollow Muramasa, would be interesting…

  4. Now that was a good episode, animation is back to being great. I hate Hitsugaya but I liked seeing his origin manga chapter animated.

    Though Im getting sick and tired of each episode ending with more vagueness regarding Muramasa.

  5. @Dringala Smexy is just engrish for ‘sexy’. 😛 They mean the same thing and are used in the same context.

    Great episode. This is the only filler series out of them all I have actually WATCHED, so that must say something. XD

    Skins T
  6. Wow. The animation was GOOD again! In both battles! 🙂 It helps that it featured two of the ensemble darkhorses of the show, and Momo action isn’t bad either! I wished Hitsuguya’s back story lasted longer though.

  7. the first 100 episodes of naruto are probaly better then any animes i’ve ever seen,
    but it went down from then on. 100 episodes of stupid fillers straight! and shippuden is just to slow!
    so, what as the point of making us go through all the fillers if they were gonna slow it down so much? and why are there fillers in shippuden? it just sux now

    i like bleach better, the pace is steady and the fillers are nearly as intersting as the manga. (not always the best, but alaways interesting)
    ulquiora rocks

  8. Wow..I can’t believe it, but…

    I’m actually enjoying watching Bleach again! It’s a little sad that this anime original arc seems better than some of the official stuff. >.> Nonetheless, I’m SO glad this ‘filler’ plot is as good as it is.

    My only hope is that Zaraki comes in at some point because he’s my favourite character and I think it’s lame that he just happens to be out on a mission or something. =/


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