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  1. I never could figure out why you continued to read Bleach. I’d sympathize but things have been like his for a few years so…oh well. It really will go downhill from here moreso than before.

  2. Aizen could just kill Wonderweiss as he did with Harribel… I bet that when Wonderweiss is dead we will be back at Yammi before Aizen could do anything. I’m starting to get bored of this.

  3. Well like you said, they still haven’t shown the real deal with Wonderweiss yet. Given what they’ve shown thus far I would guess that it will be far more surprising then what most people are expecting, and switching over to a seemingly uninteresting side-battle now will serve to increase the overall surprise effect.

  4. What bothers me is that its gonna be KENSEI vs Wonderboy; no Mashiro equals no fun. Shes one of most fun character and shes being shoved aside.
    Dont worry Omni, Kubo has yet to anger you; when this battle is over, Aizen will do something interesting and BAM!… switch to Hueco Mundo for another half year of:
    Ichigo: GETSUGA TENSHOU!!!
    Inoue: Kurosaki-kun… Kurosaki-kun!!… Kurosaki….kun…. KUROSAKI-KUN!!!!

    Im curious like prox though. You seem like the person who doesnt settle for an anime/manga thats subpar. Why do you blog the anime too? All other blogs are about short running anime, Bleach is the only long running series in your blog. What sets it aside from other long running flops like Naruto, or great ones like One Piece. Dont get me wrong, Im not telling you what you should blog (PLEASE DONT BLOG NARUTO!!) or what series you should or shouldn’t like. Im just simply curious, “why Bleach?”

  5. Anyone else find themselves moving slowly but steadily away from the whole shounen bleach/naruto style manga/anime. I’d much rather watch a 12-26 episode anime. read the 13 or so volumes of manga and buy the t-shirt and be happy. Don’t get me wrong I love Bleach but I feel it’s starting to outstay it’s welcome.

  6. @Tsukiko
    I’m not really moving away from shonen like Naruto and Bleach, I just prefer if they were much much shorter like 26 or 50 episodes. Maybe even 100. Plus, a canon anime ending would be great. Overall the biggest problem is length and slow pace.

    Oh, just wanted to say that I’m not telling you what to blog either like damian said. I really just wonder why you keep reading the manga? I can understand the anime because of filler and cool fight scenes but…the manga?

  7. Wonderweiss fight is essential to the plot. If he indeed is a Vastalorde, the first one to be exact, all the built up is necessary. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone in the Aizen camp who is capable of fighting and destroying G13 and Vizards whiout getting himself killed first!

    Besides, NEVER FORGET Wonderweiss is the only one who was able to take out a Captain so far; one captain and one Vizard precisely. He’s been doing pretty damn good with his bare hands. Oh and we still have H.M and Zero espada so we may go back to that fight at any point (Buy Yammi is going to die anyways seeing what has happened to the other 9 espadas :/ )

  8. Muhahahahahahaa. Friggin BS. The bleach manga has always been doing shit like this. I’d had just been DLing the crap & not even looking at it up till now & I’ll still do so. Its just better to watch it animated. I just wish the damn manga stop holding back the goddamn anime. That Zanpakutou shit is starting to get boring as hell – not that this arc isn’t or anything.

  9. …i came up with a good idea for making things a lot easier:
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  10. I think because the manga is so action-rich that it would be better in a longer, monthly release. I don’t know why I read this every week- I get to the end of 18 pages that could be summed up into maybe 2-3 pages, and then feel short-changed (not just with the plot going on forever). For WSJ releases it’s always on the bottom of my read list- and really, I think I’d enjoy it more if I hold off reading the manga until the arc is over and just read it all at once. But, you know, that could take years.

    Naruto as well, used to be promising until Kishi started throwing in his plot shields, star wars, “it is your DESTINY”, imba-kages. I pretty much read Naruto every week for the lulz.

    One Piece, is always on the top. Where BLEACH is stretched out, One Piece right now is so condensed that 18 pages feel more like I’m getting 30. Every week it’s never a disappointment, sometimes it’s always a surprise in the plot, and though god, I fucking miss Zoro and the rest of the crew- the story is too good right now to be a whiny fan and cry over it.

    -On that note, I wouldn’t be pissed if Kubo even switched back to Ichigo and co. (I would bet he would pull that…I can FEEL it) because even though yeah, finally we’re going to see Aizen’s ultimate moves but mr. main character has been mia for a while now.

  11. No worries, just when you think Kubo will get back to Aizen and the Gotei 13, he’ll switch to Ichigo and Hueco Mundo!

    That’ll be another 20+ chapters featuring

    1. Mayuri exploring the lab or Szayel’s lab!
    2. Ichigo and Orihime staring at each other longingly for 5 pages.
    3. Rukia pouting.
    4. Chad still being useless.
    5. Ichigo & Co. finding the exit to Hueco Mundo ONLY to find out that Aizen has left a booby trap in the form of an Arrancar on steroids to prevent them from exiting!

  12. Continuing the tradition of just pulling new rules out of wherever, Mashiro’s vaunted stamina is sapped by the mere power level of the Asperger Arrancar, so that KENSEI SMASH can come out. I suppose if that’s how the masks had worked before, then Ichigo would have just shriveled up and poofed out of existence during every one of his battles. Eh, whatever. We all know that any week now we’re going to shift perspectives to Ichigo getting beaten up for two months by Yammy, and we won’t come back to Aizen until next year.

    I may be mistaken, but aren’t hollows supposed to go to Soul Society after they’re purified? Do they have any special powers when they arrive? Are all of the dead Espada hanging out in some ghetto? Or did we lose that along with the allure of the dead going to a better place, only to find that they are really sent to a hell-hole filled with sociopaths?

  13. Anyone else hate Wonderweiss’ face? Seeing that thing with its mouth open the entire battle made me wish everyone would just smash its face in and move on. Wonder doesn’t even seem that strong to me, it shouldn’t have taken this long for them to beat him, which they still haven’t. I don’t care if we waste time in Hueco again, I just want the screaming child gone now……

  14. TRUE! when it started i was like “OHHH SHIIIIIIIIT!!! , BOUT TIME!!! LOOKS LIKE AIZENS GONNA PUTT THE SMACK-DOWN ON ALL YALL” and then…well you know.. but on another note if he is really this ridiculously strong why didn’t he just off all these good guys a long time ago and be done with the whole kings key ..hollowfica..??. whatever his damn intentions are! this kinda shows me that despite being a stereotypical Megane Man, he really aint that smart, i mean really, you couldn’t tell that ur troops were NO GOOD??? dumbass.
    @prox…my friend you need to realize it only takes like 2-4 min of ur life to read a chapter of this manga..whats that??
    @Harowiin… I feel you! I miss Zoro tooo! that’s about the extent of my MAN LOVE hahah
    one piece never disappoints, and it drops new chaps all the time. the only other manga that i thirst for, that I’m always Plugging is BERSERK. but that fu@ker Miura be dropping new chaps every full moon”if ur lucky”.. let me also plug “battle angel alita. last order” and zetman. sorry for the big “full of personal plugs” post. i have no shame.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  15. Don’t worry, I know that it really is a short read. But that in itself is a problem. When you read Bleach you used to be able to get so much more from it and it wasn’t so horribly flawed like it is today, it was a much longer read with more meaning and purpose behind it without any cheap tricks and what not. And even if it does take a minute or two of reading, what you’re reading may not be good. I rather not read it than read it and be mad, disappointed, stupified, etc.

  16. Believe me, even if Bleach gives you guys a blow job in each chapter you still find something to bitch about. The level whining is simply unbelievable.

    Bleach is a fun read if you do it each month instead of each week. It’s the passe of the manga you don’t like and it’s slow, I know but so what? Have you guys seen Berseker? People bitch about the exact same things in the one too. No appreciation for the art work, for the imagination or the fun. But god forbid, if the story is not what they think it should be then the result is the comments in this section. Little patience my young friends and you’ll see.

    And for the last time, if Bleach shows Aizen Vs G13/Vizards now then the manga is over! If the fight is resolved there is no point in continuing the story since everything will end; no more bad guy and no more fights. That is the logic behind the shift in the fight. Besides, don’t you want to see the Vastalordes yet? The best fight is always at the end. don’t forget 😉

  17. Saying the anime is better than the manga is like saying a movie is better than the book; completely wrong 90% of the time.

    So Aizen finally decides to get things going, and we get shafted by two minor characters nobody gives a shit about.

    And yeah, OP’s raping both Bleach and Naruto.

  18. I notice that the chapter was called exicution exicution 2, so judging by the title they probabley focus a bit more in FKT. Now i believe 100% thst Aizen will appear and fight in the next two chapters.

  19. But everyone forgets something really really important : a manga is made to be read as an Entire Volume, not chapter by chapter. It’s just that it’d be too hard and troublesome for a mangaka to draw 200 pages at once, so he splits the work into a bunhch of chapters which makes for him a more confortable rythm of work. And Jump magazine gains money by publishing each chapter before releasing the whole volume.

    By the way Kubo had to make things advance as for the battles, so the Mashiro vs WW had to happen sooner or later, maybe Kubo chose the wrong moment for that (even if personnaly i’m not disappointed at all)

  20. Bleach is a poor manga, the only topics that can be raise from it are “who’s stronger than who?”, “Rukia or Inoue?”, “what’s the next bankai?”, “Retard is obviously a Vasto Lorde even if his performance doesn’t match because I think he is cool”. Look at the reality, Kubo should have been a chara designer for some fighting game or an eromanga artist, his manga is nothing more than a storyboard for a fighting movie. Storyline wise it would be nice that Kubo reveal the why of Wonderweiss, just like he did for Yammy, rather than dragging his inequal fighting prowesses. Kubo really did throw some shit with Aizen’s Espada ranking, the guy -who was in charge- wasn’t able to determine the exact strenght of his Espada (leading to that won’t-have-to-lift-a-finger argument, thought the exact meaning is still unconfirmed he did lift it), to put it simply he overrated them (this should explain why Harribel looks like shit in front of Ulquiorra -and almost every other Espada- who’s initial release seem to match and even surpass Starrk’s clothechanging). Aizen is confident in taking all the Gotei 13 and Vizard, no problem except for the presence of Yama who manage to trap him for a good deal of chapters previously. Kubo is Aizen, Aizen is Kubo, Bleach’s greatest troll.

  21. @Rhine

    Or Tite Kubo just loves to drag things out to give him more time. A common practice among mangaka. But it’s getting old. We get one chapter dedicating entirely to Yamamoto slashing Allon several times. What a waste. I mean that pretty much deters other Soul Reapers’ chances to shine. I mean, there’s a better way to showcase Yamamoto’s power and this is not one of them.

    Plus the whole dragging thing makes you want to go “GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!”

    Yes. I really want to see Wonderweiss gone soon.

    But yeah, I’m seeing how worse it can get here. =/

    Kai Yamato
  22. @.damian… so now we know why poor Hinamori never had a chance? Aizen doesn’t Dig Yuri… hmmm that also explains why she’s such a bitch to all the other girls XD (… and the whole Army of Espadas boytoys…? Sans Halibel, but then again Aizen killed her so… a secret envious background?)

  23. Wow, so there are folks which still take this bs seriously. Bleach is waaaaaayy too long to ever take seriously – plot-wise or character-wise. The manga just takes that to the extreme. Why start something if you’re so damn afraid to finish it.

  24. Yawn.
    I think we all want this crappy arc to finish and introduce us to some new stomping ground.
    The Kings Domain anyone? Yes please.
    Until then, I’ll let the chapters build up.

  25. I’ve gotten use to this by now. It always seems that when they come to an interesting battle they switch it over to something else for awhile. Keeping us waiting, and not happy.

  26. @Megas

    Well why not? Most people have invested enough time reading the passable/first half of the manga. It’s perfectly normal to put down something you dislike and praise what you do like.

    And besides you took your review of Nyan Koi pretty seriously as well; just as caustic as everbody else in here.

  27. hey… now that I think about it… what the fuck is icchi’s dad anyway? O.o i bet he’s going to off tousen (just b/c I hate him like that)

    like seriously stop the fight and bring on the awesome story behind him and the zero squad!

  28. @damian

    quick answer: $$$$$

    when you have a website to run, you need the hordes to make the advertising worthwhile. probably bleach is closest to pandering to the the hoi polloi while being decent enough to follow for omni. having to blog naruto is too painful for the eyes i’m guessing.

  29. damian: I blog Bleach because it’s easy to talk about and, for better or worse, is usually interesting in some way. The reason I don’t blog Naruto or OP or Gintama is because I don’t want to have a schedule full of shows that go on forever, thereby limiting how much time I can invest in new titles. That’s why I’ve limited myself to one of those such shows and that show has always been Bleach.

    quickw: Neither I nor any of the other writers make any money off the site. The ads are just enough to pay for the server costs.

  30. You know I really don’t care much about the H.M. Stuff but i know it would be interesting but they should just make Ichigo and company Magically got there before Izen Kills them all and he was ask what happen In H.M. with a 5-7 page flashback and then MASK ON time. that would be Oh yeah!!..moment. and everyone would be jumping on there seats..but that’s use to much …I don’t know if it will work again….and at sideline wonderwise beat them and the one without a senkai captain shows up with his sword transform to senkai. =^=
    Tee Hee


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