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  1. Good guy dying? Rejected! That scene where she’s being held on the roof – her innards dangling out and dying from blood loss, as she screams in agony – while we see her flip-flop clad foot in the rubble below is pretty surreal. I took some liberties there.

  2. Best Chapter in a while to be honest, Kensei’s Ban Kai looked incredibly badass. I’m also hoping that Hiyori dies here. Not that I don’t like her or anything but Bleach is loooonnnnggggg overdue for a good guy death and what better way to motivate Aizen’s former captain to beat the crap out of him then to kill someone he cared about.

  3. this was a nice chapter i think,but right now I’m more into the fillers rather than the manga only because Kenpachi is gonna be in episode 244 I’m really looking forward to that episode.

  4. A. They suddenly realize why maybe they should have kept a 4th division member with them for the fight, idiots.
    B. And Hiyori’s an idiot as well. She knew there were THREE captain class opponents, should have had full knowledge of their abilities, and knew that Aizen was a trickster, and she still charged right in.
    C. Oh, so now Ichigo’s needed to save the day. They went all this time, stringing us along with the notion that Aizen might be defeated by someone other than the main character, and now he’s needed.
    D. No way Hiyori’s dead. No Freaking Way. Matsumoto survived, Hiyori will survive.
    E. One good thing about this, they actually remembered the other traitors. I was worried that Gin and Tousen would be ignored even though they’re captain class (which used to mean something)

  5. This chapter was GREAT completely drew me back in and im hoping that this continues. This chapter also made me remember what a great artist kubo tite is but u have to look carefully. He has a great and beautiful use of line and value that created suspense and fear. It was like you knew what happened but becuz of his masterful art u just couldn’t believe it. Also the picture on page 15 with hiyori being held by shinji that was drawn from a GREAT angle showing hiyoris feet and her body was in my book a beautiful and great way to make the scene much more emotional. im also really torn between hoping she dies for more plot development and hoping she lives cuz shes my second favorite vaizard behind shinji of course

  6. well, they technically dont need ichigo, shinji was calling for him because he will bring orihime to KT and she can heal hiyori, i mean there is no way ichigo who couldnt defeat ulquiorra without his strage hollow powers can defeat aizen, still lets see what happens

    great chapter, kensei bankai is awesome, maybe aizen has some vasto lorde waiting for his signal to attack since no matter how strong he is, he has to fight yamamoto and shinji while the rest of the shinigami take care of gin and tousen(i belive komamura and hisagi can take care of tousen, so that leaves rose, love and lisa against gin,and since hitsugaya, soifon and hacchi are not in the best condition to figh, maybe they need to leave the rest of the fight to the others)

  7. Of course, Ichigo is already well on his way to Karakura town, he just has to get past Yammi, who’s waiting at the bottom of the tower the strawberry’s running on. It’s a bit sad to see Hirako dropping to Orihime’s level and just screaming for Ichigo to save the world. Can’t wait to see Yamamoto begging Ichigo for his aid… Hopefully we won’t get to see something like that.
    Next chapter – will it be Yammi vs. Unohana or maybe Ichigo? The continued Kensei vs. Wonderweiss battle and the Arrancar’s ressureccion? Or Urahara and co. arriving in Karakura

  8. i feel you! ichigo!! STAY AWAY!!!! hahah. and GOOD for Hyori. U dumbass! didn’t she learn her lesson the first time when she tried that sh!t on ichigo?? you don’t MESS with the Big Dogs! and whats with GIN?!?!? is that his power?! EXTENDO-BLADE!?!?! LAME! i thought he had some kinda snakeish type of thing going on. i love “don’t recall their names” how that vizard dude was looking to hacchin like “dude lend me a hand…ohh whoops hahahahaha!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. To be quite honest, I don’t expect any of the Visored to survive this arc. In the same way the Arrancar are all being systematically wiped out, if the Visored survive beyond this story arc, then it nullifies the need for Soul Society’s assistance. They’re red shirts. Hacchi will most likely be next to die, followed by Shinji very likely.

    It’s also very possible that this fight won’t be interrupted by Ichigo, and that they do defeat all opponents present (though some of them [more likely most] might live). Because on a storytelling point of view, the greatest level of loss and hopelessness is when everyone dies, and Aizen finishes making the King’s Key. Of course, it’s possible that Kubo Tite doesn’t know how to come about face to such an actuality and he just follows the most straightforward single-minded track as Bleach has done so far to date.

    I believe that, there’s a possibility of that actually happening. And I could see the King of Soul Society being much like Hollowized Ichigo, really feral and wild. Then I could see it defeating Kaname and Gin right out, having a fight with Aizen that results in his death, and then a fight between Ichigo and the Shinigami king. We could find out, the King’s guard has a double meaning… They don’t protect the King from people, they protect people from the King.

    That’s a big crystal ball speculation, but at the same time, who would have expected the Spanish inquisition, right?

    But to sum up the non-speculatory parts, I honestly do see the Visored all dying in this fight. It’s possible that Ukitake is already dead. It’s possible that Mashiro is dying. Hiyori, like it or not, is in a worse condition than Matsumoto (who may also die anyway). Unless Kira suddenly develops healing powers on par with Unohana (or dare I say, somehow they decide to ignore Hacchi – unlikely considering his previous position as co-leader of the Kido Corps), I’m sure she’s finished. I honestly can’t see her being saved without the divine intervention that is Orihime.

    But then again, Orihime has ressurected characters before. Her time-space reversal ability is a golden idol however. If she showed up and tried to heal someone, I’d see Kaname (or Gin/Aizen) taking her out before she could even say the magic words.

    So far in the story the closest thing to a non-enemy death has been Kaien. In the Soul Society arc several characters were expected to have died. With the way his gold chain flew off (undamaged) it should have been a decapitation on Sado. If you’re going to use dramatic imagery to convey dark action, and death and carnage then it should follow-through, not retcon itself and then just never explain what the hell just happened.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  10. I’ll raise the bullshit flag one more time for this one – even though I really don’t give a damn when annoying bitches are cut down in bleach. However, this one is just asking for a bullshit flag – now what the hell are Ichigo-tachi doing.

  11. Wtf happened to Instant-Regeneration? Geez, she has a hollow half for a reason! Use it dammit, I mean, Ichigo was almost sliced in half (about 2/3) and he still regened in 1.5 seconds….

  12. @ Abd Al-Azrad (weird name btw is it your real one?)

    if u genuinely think that all the vaizards and half of the captains are going to die u either started reading bleach this chapter or you’re just oblivous to the fact that this is a shounen manga not jigoku shojo. the fact that you want almost half of the huge character list to die by the hands of three people sorta freaks me out and i advise you to see a psychiatrist and stop cutting yourself. Also if u truly think this

    “Of course, it’s possible that Kubo Tite doesn’t know how to come about face to such an actuality and he just follows the most straightforward single-minded track as Bleach has done so far to date.”

    then dont post a 6 paragraph rant about the way you want bleach to be, in fact stop reading bleach in general because im sick of little bitches whining about how naruto and bleach suck and how if you’re a true otaku loving fag you wouldnt read it. and what are you talking about when you say several characters were expected to die? for one thing its a manga from shounen jump so its already obvious that almost no ones gonna die because its an awesome adventure manga and if u dont like that then dont read it. secondly there were only like 6 good guys in soul soceity so why would kubo tite kill of the main characters??? thirdly most of them were human and therfore if they actually did die (which they OBVIOUSLY wouldnt have) then they would have been ressurected into soul society.

    basically what im trying to say is sorry to dissapoint you but no, none of them are going to die and the only one who is maybe going to is hiyori. Your kings guard theory is the only thing remotely believable.

  13. I can’t see Ichigo coming back until atleast Yammy, the “0 Espada” getting defeated… which won’t happen unless Ichigo goes into full hollow mode again…

    I really don’t understand how Tousen is so strong when Kenpachi completely owned him back in Soul Society.

    One thing I’m intensely interested in seeing is Ichigo’s and Ishida’s fathers coming into action, but I don’t think Kubo wound be that kind during this arc :\

  14. Watch it be something stupid like, Ichimaru missed and so Aizen made an illusion of Hiyori getting cut in half so he didn’t embarrass himself. I don’t think she’s dead, even though I’d really like her to be. Don’t get me wrong, Hiyori is my favorite Visored but I’m just really desperate for atleast one good guy to die.

  15. Oh…this chapter made me so sad. Hiyori wasn’t one of my favorite characters, I’m not even sure if I really like her, but Shinji’s reaction was kinda heartbreaking. And like you said Omni, I just can’t believe a good guy would actually die. I mean, I doubt all the good guys will make it through but…it’s still shocking all the same. I just hope none of my favorite characters are killed off. It would be like Naruto all over again.

    I’m also really sad that Ichimaru was the one to kill Hiyori.I love Ichimaru and I’m still hoping that he’ll turn around and become one of the good guys. But now that he’s cut down Hiyori, I don’t see much hope for that.

    Abd Al-Azrad, I’m not disputing any of your predictions but I do hope that you’re wrong in the end. I know some good people are gonna end up dying in the battle but I hope that at least some of the Vaizards live. And if Ukitake or Matsumoto were to die, I would be devestated. They are both such wonderful characters.

  16. Sean, your response was very funny. I don’t hate on Bleach or Naruto, and have been reading and watching Bleach since it began, but that’s okay. This is the internet, we don’t need to pay attention to hard facts, we just call everyone who have their own opinions emo bitch fags, right? Kubo Tite has proven time and again, that he’s incapable of telling a story using logical progression points.

    But the fact of the matter is, good guys die. Read that again, GOOD GUYS DIE. If you believe that every character is intrinsically going to live, just because they’re “the main characters” (which they actually aren’t, Ichigo is the protagonist like it or not in the same way that Naruto is THE protagonist), then you’re just being the ‘whiny bitch’ you accuse me of being.

    Regarding the apparent growth of Kaname, I’d say it’s the same as the growth of Kenpachi following his fight one-on-one with Ichigo. Getting brutally wounded and surviving the fight, and then getting healed in whatever way you prefer, causes them to increase in power. You could almost hear Nietzsche saying his most (in)famous quote if you think about it enough.

    But it’s also true (and has been stated previously) that time is accelerated in Hueco Mundo. Aizen’s journey for Vasto Lorde doesn’t seem like something that happened over the course of a single month. Time as we know it doesn’t have affect on Bleach’s time. We see a fight scene that’s been going on for… A WHILE. But within the parameters of the story, it’s not been 10+ years since the previous arc (in fact, it’s not even been half of a year).

    Lest we forget that it was Tousen who managed to disarm (literally) Grimmjow. Ichigo had trouble doing damage to Grimmjow using bankai, and Tousen cut his arm off without releasing. They’ve been increasing in strength, and it’s been a while. Perhaps it’s possible that the Hougyokou has been partially responsible.

    I like the theory of Aizen trying to save face for Ichimaru by creating an illusion, but, Gin doesn’t know what embarrassment is. The guy has no shame. And after we’ve seen what Aizen did to someone who loves him, we know that he doesn’t either. They’ve got no face to save, because they know everyone there already thinks so lowly of them. Shinji crying out for Ichigo is a key point – the moment the visored realize, they couldn’t have won from the beginning. Sure they might beat an espada or two, they might even beat them all.

    But Gin just one-shot culled a visored. Gin did, and not Aizen. Yet we know from what has been said that Aizen is supposed to be the strongest of the three traitors. That’s the theory anyway. But remember when Starrk was the primera espada, and we all believed he was the strongest? But then another espada showed us he possessed a transformation that no other espada does. And then we found out that Yammy is Espada Cero.

    In case you wanted to count Sean, this would be eight. And maybe, just maybe you could talk to people as people, instead of insulting them for having an opinion. But I’ve probably mentioned things that people haven’t considered, thought, or remembered in a little while. It does add up. I don’t “want them to die,” like you speculate and hell, I wasn’t happy when Soifon lost her arm. But even from the beginning characters have had trouble defeating fraccion. And Allon even shewed proof that sometimes a character gets damaged far beyond simply cuts and scrapes.

    Let the cards fall where they may, you can’t do anything anyway.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  17. @VT:
    Kenpachi is one of those crazy exception to the rules, he has such a high tolerance to pain that he used it to his advantage against Tousen in that fight back in the SS arc. If anyone else with the expception of Yamamoto and maybe Shunsui/Ukitake were to get caught in his Ban Kai I’m pretty certain that they wouldn’t pick up on his Ban Kai’s flaw as quickly as Kenpachi did

  18. Everybody is forgetting about somebody.

    Next chapter will reintroduce TESSAI, the only remaining character who we know has L33T healing abilities! And he is not trapped in Hueco Mundo, plus he has two arms (an up over Hacchi) and has greater powers than the lame Kira trying to rescue Matsumoto.

    Mark my words lol.

    List of majorly injured characters at the moment ie dying, missing organs, limbs etc:

    1. Ishida (arm + chest stab)
    2. Matsumoto (torso)
    3. Hinamori (lungs)
    4. Iba (cero-ed)
    5. Hisagi (crushed)
    6. Ukitake (chest)
    7. Soifon (arm)
    8. Hacchi (arm)
    9. Hiyori (halved)

    Sorry Hiyori, you’re still 9th in the queue. lol.

  19. @Abd Al-Azrad

    i think you misunderstood what i was saying because i wasnt trying to call you out or anything. i meant i was sick of people in general whining about how bad bleach and naruto supposedly is. Either way u did complain alot about kubo tite storyline and i think its fine the way it is and it isnt meant to be realistic and that is what im trying to say. None of the vaizards or SS will die (or at most 1 or 2) because this isnt reality. The fact of the matter is no matter how strong or how superior the enemy is (in this case its gin kaname and aizen) the “GOOD GUYS” always win in shounen mangas. in Naruto the only notable deaths were the third hokage and thats already about 80 chapters ahead of bleach. Therefor the same things gonna happen here gin kaname and aizen are gonna get double teamed by basically everyone and get over powered. Itll almost certainly be ichigo and aizen in the end and ichigo will come out victorious. and im fine with it ending that way.Also im 100% serious as to if that is your real name

  20. Oh of course, let’s completely ignore the death of Shikamaru’s squad leader, Asuma. He didn’t do anything important like teach Shikamaru’s squad how to operate, teach Naruto how to use wind chakra, impregnate another squad leader, be the son of Sarutobi, one of the twelve guardian ninja, 35,000,000 ryo bounty… He was completely non-notable, right?

    Abd Al-Azrad
  21. Nobody dies in Bleach (good guys that is), i thought that was already well-established.

    KT’s problem is that he has wayyyy too many characters, prob due to their inability to die, none of them have adequate screen time. KT also doesn’t use his page effectively, each page is like 3 panels, so it feels like nothing happens in each week’s chapter.
    Of course, KT’s prob just trying to stretch bleach out as much as possible to take advantage of its mainstream popularity >.>

  22. Apparently the latest trend in Bleach is that characters get 1 hit KOed regardless of how imba we initially think them to be. :p But its a good thing that Aizen doesnt need to make his move. That would be overkill imo. I only wonder how they gonna explain how the good guys gonna counter his illusion ability. Maybe Ichigo will gain god-like speed or something until even illusions don’t matter haha.

  23. Urahara’s probably gonna go to karakura town and ichigo and uryuu’s dad are gonna go to hueco mundo or Urahara’s gonna be the one to fight Yami becouse they never finished their fight back then. (Something stupids gonna happen in this manga that’s gonna piss me off I bet)

  24. I’m not sure but did anyone here touch on how Aizen said that they have actually died that night 100 years ago? I’m not sure what it means since I thought Shinigamis are already dead beforehand. Do they have to die again to be Hollows? Maybe this whole track of thinking is just completely out. But I find that really intriguing.

  25. IT would be awesome if one of the main characters dies. for example, Inoue ;p

    in this way, no one will be able to heal ;p and dies ;D << kubo please take this idea!! << btw the only reason i’m reading bleach is Aizen ;p

    it would be so cool if the bad guys win!! which it would never happens /;

  26. I wanna see Inoue and Ichigo become a couple. Would not want to see her die. I wouldn’t mind if “turnip head” Rukia dies tho. Although Renji (who madly loves Rukia) wouldn’t like that plot development very much.

  27. @ Abd Al-Azrad to be truthful i was totally going to put his name in too thats why its says “the only notable deathS WERE” but i forgot his name and accidently kept typing. but thats two you got right there….i believe thats 5 less than 7 which is the number of vaizards who are supposedly all going to die in one arc.

  28. It’s either that, or it’s going to be another Ran Tao situation, where they’re just going to ‘walk away,’ and suddenly disappear. But what about the possibility that Bleach is nearing its completion as well? Look beyond your own desires for it to continue, and consider realistically that it may be possible that Bleach is running its course.

    Beyond Aizen, all there is is the floating island situation. And we could be seeing something that ultimately makes us hope that it did end, and doesn’t get dragged out through the mud like Dragon Ball Z (a series which went so long it made its creator highly uncomfortable with the shell of its former self it became). Naruto’s long reaching story arc is not yet complete because it’s finally going to root (by root I mean what it’s all about, not that stupid branch of ANBU led by the Hokage). But what is there beyond this story arc?

    The possibility that Aizen runs away, says “My boss will defeat you!” (like Vegita) and then it makes all of what we’ve seen so far meaningless? Or maybe that Aizen gets defeated, we see him die with the usual cliche dramatiquote death, and then they introduce something new that has existed all this time, yet still raises the stakes again (would be funny if it were the Bound story arc, thus rendering filler as canon) as to what we consider to be powerful?

    At what point does the macho male power fantasy run its course, and the story takes responsibility for its own recourse? Fura was a potentially powerful enemy and blew away Yama’s fire prison technique, but then we saw that he was like Ichigo’s first zanpakuto, immense in size but hollow (not meant to be a pun).

    Or instead should they start bringing in disposable villains every month who Ichigo has a poor me bullshit guilt trip over, and then somehow gets over his depression fit to build up power and defeat? This story is a culmination of years of foreshadowing and story telling, and it all boils down to this point. Does Hiyori’s (potential) death become meaningless, or do we see more characters die to hit home the fact that life is not fun and games?

    Consider Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons & Dragons the movie, whatever you want to use for the example. But it’s always fun and games and we always see someone laugh it off, and next scene it’s more of the same until a powerful event strikes that hits home with the full force of the gravity of the situation (Kuririn and Vegita dying, Snails dies, whatever).

    Kakashi died. Yes Pain ressurected him, but we can’t ignore that he was dead. For a good number of chapters we even thought “so Kakashi is going to die as a fade to black?” and then boom. It was a powerful moment, but also a moment we needed to see that Pain’s not just some guy on some really messed up drugs, he literally was one of the most powerful Ninja in the world and Kakashi and Jiraiya (!!) couldn’t defeat him. Their shared pupil had to do the job, and he only managed it because half-way through he called upon the powers of the Kyuubi and Minato stepped in.

    It’s true that Bleach is “80 chapters behind Naruto,” though as far as story telling goes, it’s a lot further behind than you think. Up until now it’s just been meaningless. Hiyori’s death adds meaning to the story. Because let’s face it, when you see something dramatic like this, you begin to consider things beyond “it’s Ichigo, of course he’s going to interrupt, step up to the plate, win, and then everyone walks away laughing about it after they get healed, hahaha.”

    Otherwise the emotional depth of Bleach is on par with Maito Gai + Rock Lee. A whole lot of blood, sweat, and crocodile tears.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  29. The only good guys that died in Naruto are Sarutobi, Asuma, Jiraiya, and Hayate Gekko (who is surprisingly popular).

    Bleach has Imba Orihime to bring people back to life. There hasn’t been a single good guy death in Bleach. Ichigo has been killed and resurrected by someone else or resurrected himself via imba Hollow Regeneration on several occasions.

    You’d also think that after 100 years the Vaizard would have learned how to go into Rage Mode a la Hichigo Mk II in order to regen and lay down a can of whoop ass. The only explanation would be that Aizen’s methods of creating Hollowfied Shinigami is an inferior technique to what Urahara discovered and consequently used on Ichigo or that Ichigo being a human has something to do with it.

    So Very Odd
  30. Kakashi died. And so did Kiba’s mother, Choji’s father, and a myriad of other ninja.

    Permanent death, no. Actual death, yes. Just because Pain pulled a Shen Long doesn’t mean the characters didn’t die. And just like when you summon the dragon, Pain dispersed after using his power to restore life to everyone he’s killed whose name does not end in iya.

    But Jiraiya’s death added meaning to the story. Asuma’s death added weight to the story. Sarutobi’s death added purpouse to the story. Gekko’s death (hadn’t forgotten, but felt he was someone who didn’t need to be mentioned) added insight to the story, that the world of Ninja is a rushing river of violence. Kakashi’s death added hopelessness to the story. His resurrection is an example of restored faith. Naruto and Pain fulfilled the elder frog’s prophecy, and faith in the prophecy was restored and people gained something amazing they didn’t have before: true faith. A death always has meaning when it’s done properly, but if no one ever dies then it’s static and stale, nothing happens and it’ll die faster.

    Oh by the way, Sasuke’s brother like it or not, was neither a good guy or a bad guy. He did “horrible things” only out of a sense of duty and justice, not because he was an evil badass son of a bitch who needed to die. So in actuality, Itachi counts as a good guy. But when people say Sasuke is a genius, they talk about technique, not intelligence.

    In the same way that they died, Hiyori’s death would add meaning to everything. Starrk wasn’t an evil guy, no matter how we want to paint him as one. Lillynette and Starrk were lonely, completely understandable that they’d fall in with any crowd who came by, even if it was a bad crowd. Ichinose Maki wasn’t evil, but he felt that the direction Soul Society went with how to deal with Zaraki Kenpachi was, because it inherently rewarded what he saw as an evil man for doing an evil thing. Aizen and Gin have killed two people present, and if Mashiro is dying (the word avenge is a funny one no?), that’s three in as many chapters.

    Aizen is not a champagne villain. He doesn’t stand around boasting about doing evil things. He really does do evil things. Bleach doesn’t have to fit in this stylized parameter that you see in your head. But this isn’t mighty morphin power rangers after school special: How the shinigami defeated Aizen. It’s a fight using swords, and a few people got cut. That’s a way that Naruto and Dragon Ball Z were very different; the method of fighting was fists and was less lethal. These are swords. The entire intent of a sword is to kill someone. If only one side ever dies, then the scales are intrinsically imbalanced and when the antagonists get victories, all we really see is what the scales look like when they ARE balanced.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  31. Shinji had already warned them but of course hot headed Hiyori just had to get a piece for her herself and ended been cut in half so whose fault is that? obviously Aizen is strength is not on their level that includes Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tousen you would think that shinji and his crew would know how to handle Aizen by now since they are able to fight back now. i only thing i annoyed about is that yamamoto is just standing there like he is watching a movie in front him u know DO SUMTHIN OLD MAN like go bankai or shinji should attack him instead oh i forgot gin is Aizen’s sniper now so Aizen is untouchable as of right now BTW i think harribel will get a backstory in the anime i,m sure of it.

  32. There aren’t many villians that are on a scale with Aizen in anime/manga. Many times they turn out to be misguided or redemed at the end. Sepheroth from Final Fantasy, The devil from D. Grayman (I forget his name) are 2 that come to mind as being close to Aizen in terms of pure unredemable evil.

  33. Death is only death when there is no true return. The whole Pain attacks Kohona and results in mass killings had only one realistic ending – everyone gets resurrected. It’s a shonen manga which intrinsically means there is a heavy fan culture of love for particular characters. This means, like a politician, the writer needs to keep various constituents happy, which ultimately means killing as few people as possible when pertaining to good guys (anyone that has been categorized as a villain will have an expiration date with some exceptions of course).

    I mean really, what would Masahiki do if KT and Masashi walked into his office and said “We’re gonna be killing off, permanently, Byakuya, Rukia, Kenpachi, Hitsu, Neji, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, and Sakura.” He’d probably slap them, as it’d had catastrophic results on his bottom line.

    I am not saying a writer shouldn’t kill off their characters, I am merely stating that I find the idea of mass killings in a popular shonen manga in the year 2009 highly unlikely.

    So Very Odd
  34. I started to feeling put off by how Ichigo always has some weird new evolution that always pulls him out of a jam. I really hope this time it’s stops finally when it looks cool. But, yeah no really I don’t want him back yet either. Kubo made alot of characters why deprive them of the spotlight. It’s their time to shine as characters there’s like 5 or 6 captains (including former captains) that have yet to brandish their bankai.

  35. I wish Orihime could heal (or ressurect) Ulquiorra… i has a dream of this last night.

    A return to HM is interesting to me, we’ll see released-Yammy in more details; and maybe the labo of Szayel too.

  36. Sorry to say that Kubo will ass-pull a way for her to in fact not die (cut in half or not), Orihime will fix her in the nick of time and everyone will live to be irrelevant again in the next arc until Kubo ass-pulls a way for Ichigo to beat Aizen (ala super-saiyan level 3 Ichigo).

    Good guys do not die in Bleach cuz then fanboys would be pissy. Hitsugaya should have died in his fight with Harribel but magically ass-pulled a new power (“oh I really had a illusion thingy I never mentioned before that I can use to save myself if fanboys get pissed when I really died!”), proving that Kubo is too much of a pussy to kill good guys.


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