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Seitokai no Ichizon – 02

「勉強する生徒会」 (Benkyou Suru Seitokai)
“Studying Student Council”

Well I’ll be damned, they actually had something that just barely qualifies as a plot this time. While the episode title basically sums it up, it gave this week’s showing some direction amidst all the jokes.

Much like you’d expect, the references to all things anime, manga, eroge, and otaku came from all directions again. For me, most of those jokes didn’t do much more than put a semi-smirk on my face (if even). The often fast lip, on-the-spot, random references are only somewhat funny if you know where they’re from and enjoy laughing about the fact that… well… you know where they’re from. I find them somewhat funny if the reference is used in an actual scene, but not really funny at all when they just mention it (e.g. the Death Note joke).

However, what I did enjoy this episode was the “story” focusing on Kurimu and how she’s the dumbest out of the group. From that, they managed to work in some good comedic pauses and timely tsukkomi (jabs/sarcastic remarks). Kurimu comes off as such a whiner to me, so I enjoyed watching the others tease and ridicule her to no end. It was extra amusing this time around, because everyone was trying to make her reflect on making them take part in a student council study group when she was under the impression it was for doing poorly in her exams.

Out of everyone, Chizuru is evidentally the best at manipulating people. The highlight of the episode for me was when she basically brainwashed Kurimu by lecturing her about studying on her own before lending her her notes. Ken’s mental link to Chizuru where he was begging her to teach him this “Human Seizing Technique” 「人身掌握術」 (Jinshin Shouaku Jutsu) for his harem’s sake was hilarious. It was even better when she put him under its effects without him even realizing. I also laughed when everyone told Minatsu that being smart in math goes completely against her character’s image. “It’s like we don’t even know who you are anymore!” Now that’s the kind of humour I like. If they keep doing stuff like this with whatever semi-resemblance of an episode plot they can think up, I’ll enjoy this series.

Much like the first episode, they managed to put a serious spin on things at the end with Ken trying to cheer Kurimu up about being dumb by explaining how it’s perfectly fine in her case. That seriousness only lasted a couple of minutes though, after which they went with predictable comedic/stupid end result where Kurimu didn’t learn anything at all. On the plus side, they left us with a mini cliffhanger by giving us a glimpse of Noto Mamiko‘s character in the series, Toudou Lilicia. What is this? More plot!? *gasp*



October 10, 2009 at 12:26 am