Stranded out in the rain, Kouta and Chizuru get it on with their first sexual experience.

…Or at least that’s what they’ll have you believe until Kouta stops Chizuru’s advances. The screencaps speak for themselves for that scene, which I found rather boring to be honest. Over my 15+ years of exposure to anime, I think I’ve become desensitized to this sort of stuff. It’s either that or the fact that there’s much more risqué stuff out there. To be fair, the scene here didn’t even come off as pure ecchi fan-service, but rather Chizuru taking the initiative to move their relationship forward. The reason I can say that is because she didn’t just straight up rape Kouta or something. 😛

That said, I’m not completely oblivious to the fact that this is the fan-service scene of the episode. It’s just that it didn’t come off nearly as perverted and dirty as the stuff from the actual TV series. Because of that, I can’t help but wonder if they tried to conclude things in a more innocent light. For one, it was nice to see Tayura actually being able to invite Akane out to the fireworks. Also, Nozomu had little to no contact with Kouta and didn’t try to force herself upon him when she did. All that resulted from her screentime with him was a hug.

Even with the addition of Yuuki’s voyeurism, this was a pretty uneventful OVA. I mentioned that I found the pacing really slow in the first episode. After watching this second one, I can safely say it was because the show was completely devoid of a soundtrack 90% of the time. In lieu of music, all we got were sounds of cicadas in the background. When you stop and think about it, it’s kind of amazing how music can impact the overall delivery, presentation, and enjoyment of a show so much. This is blatantly obvious when there’s no music at all like we have here.

Much like the TV series, I wasn’t expecting anything profound from this Kanokon OVA. I more or less wanted to see if this was just going to be pure Queen’s Blade level fan-service. Surprisingly, they went for a much softer approach that was pretty boring and very un-Kanokon-like. While I can appreciate the change of direction, I can’t say it made a lot of sense given the context of the series.


  1. I don’t understand this series at all.

    Is an ultra censored fan-service series… god, and most of the plot is boring… arg, I really don’t understand the existence of this series.

    There are already lots of hentai explicit videos, if what you want is arousal without history.

  2. Now we must offer up a prayer to the anime gods for finally ending, err putting this shit out of its misery. This is what you’d call a sexless hentai – its way beyond ecchi & its not pure hentai but its defintely not safe for work. In other words, its shit. But I watched it & laughed at some of it so it did serve some purpose – of which I’m still trying to figure out since this junk was overall completely stupid & unentertaining.

    She should have just raped him & got it over with…

  3. Haha, they’re still doing the morning exercises we all saw in episode 1.

    I have to agree though, both episodes of the OVA is not that eventful. Well, I think the only eventful thing is Tayura managed to muster out what little courage he had to invite Asahina to the fireworks. And Asahina thought that Tayura was thinking of perverted stuff until he shot her with the mighty question. I just find that scene hilarious for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because it’s a rarely used kind of scene? A sudden equation pops up to mind oddly…
    Tayura = too-pure-pure-boy?
    Kouta = The silent pervert?

    Anyways, I was expecting more of what I saw in the series…big flames here and there :p

  4. WHY!!?? WHY do i feel I’ve seen these characters before!!?? did i watch a series involving them??? if this is so, it says very very little about the impact it leaves on you. i vaguely remember that shortcut gray hair girl but….but… huh?

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. Oh boo hoo, All you haters, I loved this show for both the fanservice and the dedication of Chizuru to a guy who wont do her, It has the right amount of comedy and fanservice to make it good enough.. So if you dont like it. —–> There’s the door.

  6. WTF happened to Kanokon? All this hype about OVA’s, and they come off as very anticlimactic and un-Kanokon like. I mean, it was a relief to see Kouta not constantly being sexually harassed, but then again, that’s kind of what you expected. Maybe they crossed the line too early in the series, and since they were on a different channel, maybe the channel producers didn’t want any trouble directed towards them considering the controversy generated by the show before. And the loli can be shown in the full nude, but you can’t show Chizuru’s nipples? What a letdown. The OVA’s failed, epically.

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