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  1. I didnt like this chapter very much, if yammy really is the espada 0 the he better put a good fight, besides, i wanted to see unohana vs yammy

    Rukia defeated Aroniero, Chad defeated a privaron espada and Renji almost defeat Szayel Aporro so i wouldnt say that they are completely useless, they were just fighting the strongest espada (yeah right, like yammy could be even stronger than the top 3)

  2. I was even more amused at how overpowered Ichigo gets with every single chapter. Of course Renji, Rukia, and Chad can’t save the day. Kubo is reminding everyone that Ichigo is the main character. -_-

  3. the espadas are useless, the shinigami are useless, yet ichigo is the guy to beat… and I’m fine with that. all this does is provide us with WTF facial expressions from the opposition when he keeps winning later. cant ANYONE kill him!?!? it’s more fun to look at it that way.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. Theres definitely some foreshadowing in this chapter about something going with Ichigo but overall chapter was pretty mehh. I liked that his Vizard mask now has the same look he had when he went all “Uber-Random-Power Up” Against Uliquiorra but I agree with the mentality that someone else should have taken Yami. Personally I was cheering for Chad to be the one as a sort of payback for what happened in their first encounter

  5. I doubt the Yammy fight will last more than 3 chapters. Mostly like the next one, and then one more. Though considering how confident Ichigo is the chance of this being a 1 chapter fight would be very high except KT likes to have massive quantities of white or black on pages so it’ll have to be more than 1.

    Yammy’s combat history has been him losing an arm to Ichigo, getting tossed around like a ragdoll by Yoruichi, getting clowned by Urahara then taking his frustrations out on women and side characters.

    So Very Odd
  6. I hope Ichigo’s new outlook keeps. He feels that his power is now betraying his sense of honour. Hopefully this just matures him to working more seamlessly with his hollow self and maybe even his zanpakutou. We’ve seen Ichigo rise significantly in his hollow powers recently so I would like to him gain some more shinigami prowess. I myself prefer the hollow powers but perhaps a more powerful zanpakutou attack would be in order. I would love to see this as the point in which he distances himself from Soul Society and sticks with Urahara a bit more. Once Ichigo defeats Yammy and hopefully Grimmjow returns, we will see Ichigo fight Aizen or preferably Gin as while at this stage Ichigo would lose to Aizen, he would put up a fight with Gin that would be fun to watch. If Ichigo used more hollow powers in that fight like lets say a cero! We could see Ichigo using hollow powers himself instead of losing control of them.

  7. I,m sure Ichigo’s Dad and Ishida’s would get involved somehow by the time ichigo gets back into world the real unless they were told to do otherwise i mean if my child was Ichigo or Ishida i think would want to do something to help at least i mean thats just common sense screw what Urahara says
    and about Ichigo’s new mask, i think its cool though but what new powers does it possess? sonido, cero, rengeneration,Telekinesis, Enhanced spiritual power? but like Omni said its all just a matter of time.

  8. Me thinks why ichigo is like he is right now is because of what happened with Ulquiorra. after all, Ichigo has never killed an enemy like that, and he saw a viciousness in him that he never would have imagined. SO I think it affected him enough to be so utterly focused, in spite of how he usually is in battle, and that he’ll be like this til Aizen is defeated. Any takers??


  9. Yammy: WTF ur runin’ for.

    Ichigo: Cuz I want to MFer.

    Yammy: Just stop & fight bitch.

    Ichigo: OK. Btw, ur already dead.

    **Ichigo goes uber-hollow & slams Yammy into ground. Yammy Dies. Ichigo eats him. End**

  10. I think he was trying to say he wanted to move the fight so he wouldn’t try to kill his friends anymore.

    Any yeah, Urahara is probably building a gateway home.

    But it would be nice to see Ichigo have to use some strategy like the rest of the Shinigami. He always seems to defeat opponents with straight strength and speed.

  11. Aizen totally bullshitted this Espada ranking.

    And Ichigo’s sudden demeanor twist/detachment… what’s that like his 4th time doing that? “His eyes…” all crap.


    I’m thinking Mayuri will cover that one. The two corpses he found are supposed to be integral to them getting back. And thanks for Mayuri, Gin, and Zaraki. Everyone else in the series is a joke.

  12. Ichigo is the one to beat now and i bet Aizen is gonna be a little bit suprised that Ichigo made it back in time it would be a nice change of scenery don,t u agree? so lets see we have four major battles this ought to be interestin Gin vs Kira, Tousen and Shinji, Ichigo vs Aizen/ Gramps wonderweiss vs kensei

  13. Between Mayuri & Urahara, I never doubted that they would get pretty quick access to the real world once all the Espada in Hueco Mundo are out of the way. I’m just kind of disappointed I didn’t get to see the supporting cast have a crack @ Yammy. But it looks like we’ve had more than enough of the “undercard” fights & I should probably be grateful that the pacing has significantly picked up.

  14. @TOP2NE1:
    You are so right about that but then again Aizen created wonderweiss who is capable of taking out a vizored (Mashiro) i bet he can take on five of them at the same who knows maybe he is the real number one, the boy hasn,t even released his zanpakuto yet not even his resurrección has been released.

  15. Don’t pity Chad, Rukia, and Renji too much. The rest of the shinigami are so useless they’re still in SS pounding sand. Don Kanonji might be able to beat them all up.

    If the mangaka keeps up the pace of one-shotting everything we might shortly obtain a little exposition telling us what all of this was supposed to accomplish. At least I hope he has something more interesting in mind than “I wanted to build this key, so for the last century I’ve been plotting with hollow in Hueco Mundo to defeat you sissies and turn this town into a key, but I didn’t need to bother, because I’ve already been way more powerful than all of you losers anyway and these hollow were a complete waste of effort as you can see, so let us wrap everything up within the timeframe that these teenagers are attending secondary school.”

  16. rofl every fight ichigo adds another to his kill list. He’s already beyond godlike and just doesnt feel like finally letting them win for once. Give the noobs a break ichigo, christ.

  17. I think it’s a general consensus that the espada were ripped off and unbalanced, poorly executed by Kubo. Despite how much I don’t like Ichigo anymore, his powers are just too awesome. Brooklyn Otaku is right too, Bleach shouldn’t be read as a story anymore but as a constant check up to see if anyone can ever kill Ichigo and how many more power ups he will get.
    If I were Ulquiorra I would feel utterly stupid. Because of him Ichigo tripled in strength! If Ichigo manages to fight evenly with or even defeat Aizen, it would ironically be Ulquiorra’s fault.

  18. Rukia defeated an Espada. In fact she and Ichigo are the only member so far to have defeated an Espada in the Karakura Gang so I don’t see why you think she only shines in the anime filler.

    And also Chad and Renji aren’t useless as well. You are just too shallow.

  19. You know. I would still like to know what is happening with Mayuri in that lab. Since they are focusing on hueco mundo with ichigo’s fight I actually doubt that Ichigo and crew will get back so soon. Althought if they do waist any more time, then it could be the end for Hyori.

  20. All so said by Omni could be true, like I hope Kubo wouldn’t think of a stupid idea that those sealed Gargantas would be reopened, and THAT itself would be laziness on his part…

    Why can’t we see some other action besides Ichigo? I just don’t believe this time round Yami would be defeated that easily. Urahara/Unohana Action would be much adequate…

  21. Lala: Never mind the fact that Aaroniero was one of the weakest Espada, do you realize that Rukia’s victory was two and a half years and ~110 chapters ago? In that time, Ichigo’s power has gone up incredible amounts, and the enemies are ridiculously stronger as well, hence why I said “given how high power levels have soared.”

    It’s not so much me looking down on the three of them as it is a critique on how Kubo Tite has let power levels in the manga get out of control.

  22. Unlike DBZ, which has power lvls like “What’s his power level” – “It’s over 9000!!!”, Ichigo must def be over 9000!!! at this point in time. Juz that they don’t have a method of measuring it.

  23. @Omni
    He may have been the weakest espada but he was still good enough to become an Espada out of all the arrancars
    And do you realize even though it may have been about 100 chapters ago, in the actually story not many days have past?

    And to tell you the truth besides Ichigo I don’t see many power ups in the story. Sure, Captains are revealing their bankais and stuff but they achieved that ages ago, and Ichigo is only using his Hollow power and I don’t see that as something positive.

    But yeah, I agree with your last sentence 🙂

  24. Bleach is at the point where the power levels are unbalanced, it so bad now that we would never see the yammy fight against the three of them i,m sure what Mayuri found in lab would only be shown through flashback and nothing more there are too many plot holes yea we know wonderweiss is said to be espada but what is he really? he doesn,t even have a number and he is that strong to me bleach is melodrama.

  25. Meh shounen main characters all share one super power. If they are weaker than their opponents, their power level becomes (1+x)*(enemy power level.

    I would find it amusing if ichigo lost his human side after another hollow power up and turns into the real Big Bad. But I don’t think that will happen.

  26. now i’m looking foward to what would happen after all this plot end, cause it’s really boring…come on…if tessai is really able to stop time (as they make us know in turn back pendulum) then just stop that damn time and stab all the Aizen’s crew..but no, too easy…i wish to see more vasto lorde stuff after. In the end i think this manga resemble a lot yu yu hakusho, where the protagonist discovered his demon nature and then after he beated the crap out of his final enemy decided to visit demon’s world where he found a lot more enemies…ichigo going for a journey with neliel in hueco mundo searching for vasto lorde…just a dream of mine

  27. I can’t wait til the next chapter when ichigo controls his super saiyen 3 power. I want to see more of Gin fighting people with that smirk on his face but that will have to wait a few chapters. =(

  28. What i am is waiting for is the some Ichigo Shinigami power-up. Well come-on he’s got two ridiculusly powered hollow forms and havn’t made even slightest progress on his shinigami powers. I am sure that they won’t train him in Kido stuff and those shunpo techniques from Yoroichi. What i am think there could be is some Zangetsu powerup. Zangetsu is ultra-cool sword an i am completly sure he still has some tricks up on his sleeve. Buykua has at least 2 bankai forms. In my opinion Zangetsu can train ichigo to do more but maybe he some how pissed off that Ichigo reserves to hollow power when it comes to boss-fight. I don’t realy like this all hollow power ups. Concerning Renji Rukia and Sado if they won’t be able to somehow abtain a new level of reiatsu all of thier techniqes is useless against enemies with far greater powers.

  29. I think Yammy might have another form like Ulquiorra had like 3 i believe, his unrelased form, his relased form, and another one. Because Yammy should at least be a vasto lorde or mabybe Wonderweiss is.

  30. Now that Ichigo’s mask has changed there seems to be a balanced between his hollow and shinigami powers and his eyes are normal even with the mask on, so i,m really curious as to long the mask can stay on during any of his battles.

    oliva da Silva
  31. I just feel like Kubo has written himself a sea (plethora, mass, wad, whatever) of characters that he doesn’t have the time to address or that he’s just way to lazy to deal with. Urahara, Ichigo’s dad, some of the captains and many of the vice captains definitely need a day in the sun.

    And personally, I sort of loathe chapters focusing on Ichigo fights. ahmygods. here comes ANOTHER series of ridiculously pointless chapters because whether Ichigo is mortally wounded or is basically dead, he’s gonna win anyways because he’s just so incredibly dedicated to his friends that he always get’s some kind of uber-power-up (as mentioned before).

    Screw Ichigo. I’m tired of that lack of depth in his character development. I totally agree with Omni. It’s time for the minor characters to shine and to let Ichigo’s fights be treated the same as theirs as in losing or winning at the actual level he’s able to fight rather than being ludicrously powerful or weak just for the convenience of the story line.


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