The gathered Zanpakutou immediately start resisting, so Soifon and the other Shinigami face off against them. Ichigo in particular is forced to fight Senbonzakura, and so it’s up to Renji to try to stop Byakuya from getting away. Yumichika, on the other hand, goes up against his own Zanpakutou Ruri-iro Kujaku while Kira fights Shuuhei’s Kazeshini, Soifon fights Sasakibe Choujirou’s Gonryoumaru and Komamura’s Tenken, and Ikkaku fights his own Zanpakutou Hoozukimaru. Ikkaku initially has a lot of success against Hoozukimaru and is even able to use his own shikai, but Hoozukimaru then initiates bankai to turn the tables a bit. Not backing down, Ikkaku is able to shatter one of Hoozukimaru’s blades, however he then has to face Hoozukimaru will a filled dragon gauge. As a show of his confidence, he places half his broken spear on the ground to mark the line he won’t step behind, and he proceeds to take the full force of the attack. True to his word, he stands his ground and is able to defeat Hoozukimaru, though Ikkaku collapses afterward as well. Elsewhere in Soul Society, Iba and Isane run into each other, but before they can do anything, they spot Kurotsuchi’s Zanpakutou Ashisogi Jizou nearby.


This episode was comprised of a lot of set-up for half-a-dozen fights – which is a ton to have going concurrently now that I think about it – but it still managed to finish the Ikkaku one in a decent fashion. Not surprisingly, that fight against Hoozukimaru ended up being a bit of a brawl, and Ikkaku managed another victory by a slim margin. It felt like Hoozukimaru went easy on him though and didn’t use the bankai blades with the same intensity that Ikkaku did back during the Edorad fight, so I can’t say it got me too excited. I’m a little disappointed as well that Ichigo is up against Senbonzakura again and Byakuya is up against Renji. It’d be more interesting to see how Zanpakutou-less Byakuya would fight a bankai-level Ichigo. Actually, the most promising match-up might be Soifon vs. Gonryoumaru and Tenken, mainly because we don’t know a lot about Gonryoumaru’s powers (I was also amused by the scene where she tried to identify who he belonged to).

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, though not because of what’s coming up in the story, but because it’ll be the premiere of the new OP and ED, Anima Rossa by Porno Graffitti and Sakurabito by SunSet Swish.


  1. Wow, first?

    Loved this week’s episode! I’m really digging the anime-exclusive arc even tho every episode this drags on is another episode that ISN’T the Ulquiorra fight. STill, I dig Ikkaku and there was a lot of lulz. The animation’s been phenomenal lately, too.

  2. Ok, this is the first filler which haven’t been shitty for me. But I can’t say I like it yet. So far the level of boredom has been on par with normal bleach episodes. The fighting can get very stale at times but the pure amount of it more than make up for it. This filler can really get on my good side if they continue to let the shinigami & zanpakutou go all out trying to whoop each other.

  3. Yeah! About next week: 楽しむぞ!! But then next episodes also starts my exams…

    It’s rather difficult to write an anime filler that doesn’t have all zanpakutos in action, like next week Iba’s definitely gonna get poisoned or something…

  4. I don’t think Gonryoumaru will bring much to the table as he is one of three most boring zanpakutou (the three that ichigo defeated without drawing his zanpakutou against back during the soul society arc)
    as for the new OP/ED, if they are anything near the latest ED then no thanks, that song makes no sense whatsoever

  5. So just a few things.

    1. Does anyone think that a little comic relief with Hanatarou and his zanpakuto? Lol… I laughed for about 10 minutes in the middle of the episode thinking about that.

    2. On a more serious note, have we seen Wabisuke (Kira’s zanpakuto) yet? If so, could someone message me… 😀 I feel confused.

    3. GO IKKAKU! XD

  6. zaraki might have said hes not interested at the beginning of the filler…. but i wud imagine him getting pretty pumped to fight all the zanpaktou… well, obviously not.. i do miss him… seeing how much ass he will kick compare to the rest of the zanpaktou relying noobs >:D

  7. Ruri’iro Kujaku is just as vain and self centered as Yumichika. What will Ashisogi Jizō’s reason for abandoning Mayuri be? And Suzumebachi’s reason for leaving Soi Fong?

    Matt Gross
  8. Heck yes, it’s about time they got a new OP.

    Anyway this week’s episode was pretty good. Ikkaku is an incredibly character. However, his Zanpackto should have used all three of his bankai swords at once. Then, Ikkaku would have had a problem.

  9. I haven’t heard any of Porno Graffitti’s songs except Melissa, which was the first opening of the first Fullmetal Alchemist series and I personally didn’t care much for it. All it did was make me more eager to get to the episodes where READY STEADY GO by L’Arc-en-Ciel would take over.

    I hate Cartoon Network BUT it actually did me a favor by skipping Melissa.

  10. @Artsi:


    Right, READY STEADY GO was bigger hit than Melissa. I’m sure
    most people agree. It’s not just me. Probably, one of the
    reasons why Melissa and Undo were BOTH skipped on CN.

    Again, CN isn’t my favorite t.v. station but I assumed they
    left out Melissa and Undo for a reason.

    READY STEADY GO and REWRITE were the two better of the four


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