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  1. I agree, the Halloween poster was actually a lot better than I expected. Like I’ve said before I love it when Ichigo gets power ups despite the stupidity of it all but if he was suddenly able to take on Aizen that would have been flat out insulting. Glad he still has limitations and hasn’t reached God Mode yet.

  2. Don’t want to be an ass omni but if you hate this manga why not stop reading it? Your early reviews were fun but it soon turned into an all out bitching about the chapters. It really isn’t fun to read anymore. It’s your blog so do as you wish but this is not what many of us came to read here. Just some thoughts from one of your old readers.

  3. Yeah the cover was super cool =D
    Ichigo sure talked big to yammy but wasn’t really able to do much. But its quite practical that he isn’t any good right now. He’s been in bankai mode for AGES, his clothes are half torn even if his wounds were healed because of the hollow’s powers, it doesn’t mean he isn’t exahusted.
    Anyway, like Omni said, this battle will probably be loooong. Byakuya and Kenpachi make a KILLER duo, but if Yammy goes down like Starrk it’ll be pretty lame and then Bleach will get bashed really badly which I DON’t WANT!! I LOVE BLEACH!! =(
    @Ramkal. Probably since Omni has seen a lot of anime and read a lot, he tends to be critical? I dunno. I still like this chapter, and other chapters. All I want is some justice to be done to all the characters. The Vizards didn’t end up doing much which was a disappointment.

  4. Color spread kicked ass, Kubo has always been amazing at character design if you ask me

    I rolled my eyes at the end of this chapter once I saw the two of them cause I knew that meant 3-5+ more chapters of a fight I didn’t care for in the first place. Also if Ichigo is going back into his inner world soon I hope it has something to do with his Ban Kai and not his Hollow form, Zangetsu is loooonnnnngggg overdue for another Appearance

  5. well wasnt bad for others to come in, hope Ichigo wouldn’t die the next time he had to face his hollow yet again, but then why can’t some others help out in killing the Espada?

    Anyways, Omni sure gave quite a Spoiler in showing those to some who didn’t read… maybe there weren’t much better non-Spoiler pics?

  6. I wish the color spread had an actual theme between the characters. I mean the selection of people was pretty random. The people in “Hollow-land” would’ve made a better cover. Mayuri as Victor Frankenstein. (Really, if anyone fits Halloween, it’s him.) Byakuya as a vampire. Unohana as an elder with or something. Zaraki as a werewolf or some other kinda monster.

    And what the hell happened here? That’s like Ichigo’s 4th time haviing a behavioral twist. That “his eyes” line was cheesy. And who the fuck cut off Yammy’s leg? Zaraki? Even with two hands, he has his patch on and Yammy’s #0.

    Needs moar Mayuri for awesomeness.

  7. Yammy just doesn’t have the aura to be the 0th Espada. I just hope he gets slaughtered soon. Btw, SSJ3 isn’t enough to beat Aizen. Ichigo is gonna need to go SSJ4 and then do a fusion.

  8. Hello, this is bleach…people hate it but they can give it up. Its boring, repetitive, & stupid but its still bleach. I’d lost all hope for this show when Aizen finally revealled his dumbass plan – & how many chapters ago was that 😛 Anybody who is pleased by this shit just must be a real fan (or a Kubo Tite worshipper). Anyone who makes a manga & designs the main character after himself, than makes that main character look like god * shit at the same time – just to get the love & ridicule of thousands must have balls of steel.

    For those who are enjoying this – plz go back to playing WoW, & for those who are sticking this out for whatever reason – I salute you *sheds tear*

  9. You know its ironic that ichigo couldn,t even deliver a strong attack against yammy and kenpachi who has his patch on and byakuya who is not in bankai form used kido and sliced yammy’s leg off i will agree that the mask Ichigo was different if you noticed the red lines on the mask has been spreading throughout his battles but this time around his mask has only two lines looks like what happened up n the dome is taking effect on his mask

  10. I think Ichigo will be surprised at the appearance of Byakuya and Kenpachi. Perhaps Yammy will show signs of regeneration to fix that leg of his and will be pushed by the two captains while the fight may push Yammy to reveal a different, more compact form similar to segunda etapa.It might be difficult for the captains to fight him but i won,t be suprised if Unohana showed up with Isane, where Isane has to patch up the ones that are hurt and Unohana finally shows us what she’s got up her sleeve.

  11. I was looking forward to Ichigo wrecking all the bad guys and them returning to the real world to get the story moving. But this shouldn’t be too bad, especially with Byakuya & Zaraki being opposites.

  12. ramkal: Who said anything about hating the manga? I complain about it because I’m invested in the story and actually care what happens.

    kaineng: If you didn’t already know, you probably wouldn’t have figured anything important out from the image.

    Snail: Fixed.

  13. “In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had to take another trip inside of himself to face his Hollow side again before this is all over”

    Depending on how close we are to the end, I find it hard to believe that Ichigo won’t have to ‘reconcile’ his Hollow and Zangetsu sides sooner or later in order to tap into all of his power.

  14. I just want to see kenpachi use bankai or show some new ability that isn’t holding his sword with both hands. Most likely wont happen but I can wish for something besides zaraki slashing and receiving/blocking yammi’s punches. 😮

  15. Obviously they gotta jump back and let him do something before they attack again. Anime rules 101 rofl. Eyepatch is still on this battle will go at least a chapter or two after it’s off guaranteed.

    have this wierd feeling ichigo is gonna go into his soul mid fight and talk with zangetsu or his hollow then wtfpwn yammy out of nowhere. One of those ko’s is long overdue!

  16. Could the fact that Ichigo Kurosaki couldn’t summon his newly formed hollow mask be a means of showing that Ichigo still has yet to learn to fully use his hollow powers and needs his inner hollow’s help with that.

    Matt Gross
  17. I think Ichigo’s hollow–or one of them, if this latest one isn’t just an evolution–IS a vasto lorde. Aside from the horns, my reasoning comes partially from ep. 122–I’m too lazy to re-find the corresponding chapter. Grimmjow’s arm has just been cut off by Kaname, and Aizen is telling Gin that once he gathers the Vasto Lordes, the espada will be complete. This suggests the current espada are not vasto lordes, hence how (relatively) easily they’ve been defeated. Ichigo may thus be the first one actually shown in the manga, and given how easily he defeats Ulquiorra, it seems possible. The mask he put on to hit Yammy seems like a crude imitation of it–it even lacks the horns.

    But going back to Grimmjow–if Kaname could so easily cut off his arm, it suggests Grimmjow, who Ichigo eventually defeated, is weaker than Kaname–who is weaker than Kenpachi. Ichigo, in theory, should be able to surpass both in raw strength–but now, even his hollowfication is weaker than any of them, excepting the horned version.

    Main point: it seems Ichigo has gotten weaker since he started using his hollow powers, which, obviously, should not be the case. I see a new arc of him “rediscovering” his original power and learning how to augment it with his hollowification.

  18. Waiting for your 380 review ~

    As for 379, i’m so glad to see that a fight where Ichigo is engaged didn’t last more than two chapters. It could’ve been fuckin boring if Bya/Ken didn’t come.


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