OP Sequence

OP: 「アニマロッサ」 (Anima Rossa) by ポルノグラフィティ (Porno Graffitti)
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Amidst all the battles going on, Soifon is able to handle both Gonryoumaru and Tenken just fine, but she runs into a little trouble when she’s attacked by Suzumebachi as well. Yumichika meanwhile is getting beat up by Ruri-iro Kujaku, and unlike Yumichika, his Zanpakutou has no qualms about releasing his power in public. Isane and Iba are also having difficulties against Ashisogi Jizou, especially after Tobiume and Haineko come to help it. The Shinigami luckily get their own help when Rangiku and Hinamori show up as well. Elsewhere, Ichigo isn’t making much progress against Senbonzakura, but on the other hand, Renji and Zabimaru have already been defeated by Byakuya. At the same time, Kira is able to outsmart and capture Kazeshini, but he’s then ambushed by his own Zanpakutou Wabisuke. Ichigo sees this and really wants to go help, but Senbonzakura continues to be in his way. What interrupts everything though is a great light suddenly emanating from the center of Soul Society because Zaraki is here and powering up.

ED Sequence

ED: 「さくらびと」 (Sakurabito) by SunSet Swish
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Although it’s still growing on me, I didn’t come away liking Anima Rossa as much as I initially did for Shoujo S, and the new opening sequence isn’t as stylish as the previous one either. I prefer the new SunSet Swish ending song a lot more, but more importantly, the new ending sequence appeared to have a potentially big spoiler by showing Byakuya with Senbonzakura’s mask on. I certainly did a double-take on that shot, and it looks like he might be fighting alongside Ichigo in that manner too.


This was a fairly good action episode, but they skipped around a lot and didn’t make too much progress in any particular fight other than Kira vs. Kazeshini. You’ll notice that I don’t include the fact that Byakuya beat Renji already, mainly because it was done off-screen. I actually had a good laugh about that because it seemed to say that Renji isn’t even worthy enough to show being defeated in an anime original arc. In any case, I had a fun time watching Soifon fight, though Suzumebachi ended up being a tad annoying, and I was also fairly impressed with what Kira was able to do this episode (this face he made was hilarious). I’m very curious now to see how he gets out of his current jam, assuming Ichigo never gets around to helping him. Hopefully the answer is not just Zaraki showing up and wtfpwning all the Zanpakutou. Maybe Zaraki will get to fight Byakuya instead, which, now that I think about it, would be a little ironic given what’s going on right now in the manga.


  1. The new opening was such a major disappointment and it really doesn’t feel like a Bleach song at all.~Hated it~Luckily this arc is really looking awesome the more I hear about. I know Omni seems on board for it and I want to give it a bit more time for the episodes to gather up but for anyone else watching this arc, how good is it really?

  2. I liked the opening sequence, despite what people say about it. Maybe I’m pretty much a neutral fan.

    Man, Wabisuke sure knows when to make an entrance, and knows how to pwn too. The reason Zaraki has been out of the picture might me explained in the next episode, considering that terrible illustration in the preview.

  3. It is very good. Most arcs start off well with good ideas and then they pad them out to ssstttrrreeetttccchhh the series out. We are starting to see some of that here with lots of fights that don’t go anywhere (Tobiume and Haineko were captured and led away in cases weeks ago only to be freed by Byakuya to reset everything again). I want to see more plotline development going on and not as much endless fights that get a “do over”. Aside from Byakuya’s changing sides we really don’t know that much about whats going on from the 1st episode and how far into the arc are we?

  4. I was waiting with baited breath but dang, the opening is just… meh… I suppose i can best descibe it as just being way to slow for the opening of an action based Shōnen anime. It honestly felt to me like i would have liked it more had it been the ending theme.

    Although the song they DID use as the ending theme, is just beautiful itself. As for the episode itself, it really did spike up the action that we’ve seen lately, and suzumebachi was one of the zanpakuto i’ve been really wanting to see. Although there probably was to much going on at once.

    With Zaraki in the scene this arc oughta get REAL good(and it sorta wash’s out a bunch of theories to)

  5. to be frank, i like this OP better than the previous one. most likely because i like porno graffitti’s music better than scandal’s. ed’s ok too.

    anyway, nice ep. judging from the op and ed, i have a feeling yamajii holds a crucial role in the whole thing.

  6. Omni: Wow your eyes are sharp, well i didn,t notice it when i was watching the new op but does that mean Byakuya is a twin or that he switched places with Senbonzakura cuz during Senbonzakura battle with Ichigo his mask was slightly broken i kept on wondering why he had the same eyes as Byakuya but i might be wrong cuz Senbonzakura is the opposite of Byakuya’s personality he is more aggressive.

  7. I agree with prox, the new opening doesn’t feel to me like a Bleach song. Its an okay song, but I don’t think its an appropriate song for an opening. Its feels to me that it would be better suited to be an insert song rather than an Opening theme song.

    However, I do like the ending song, I think it suits the series because of what is currently happening and it reflects the sadness of what’s happening with Byakuya and Rukia.

  8. E: exactly back when muramasa was in ichigos inner world and ichigo saved the hollow is was hoping to see him and ichigo tag team against muramasa but insted ichigo just kicked muramasa out T-T

    This arc is really off and on for me in terms of enjoyment. I thought last weeks episode was completely boring and crappy but this week was epic and interesting like the episode where byakuya killed Sode. Damn Wabisuke is badass! that was a sick way to beat down kira, and then he was going to behead him too! glad to see that kazeshini isnt gone for good, hes such a fun crazy character. hope next week isnt something lame like “Kenpachi pwns all the zanpakuto and saves the day”

  9. ROFL… kenpachi seems to make his entrance like that in everything, including every single one of the movies.

    he’s kinda like the kool-aid guy, only he destroys entire buildings instead of a single wall and he just laughs hysterically instead of saying “OH YEAH!”

  10. watch my words: kaineng here has an ambition of becoming part of the BLEACH animation team. I mean it. Damn the animations…

    with such songs, and yet even worse animations, I rather just listen to the songs, which were much better…

    show-wise… ok lah, kira’s face was funny, ashisogi’s appearance wasn’t very good (especially an offended one), and thanks Omni to sopt the Sanbonzakura mask on Byakuya, too absorbed on looking on the weird lyrics from fansubs while watching…

    I’m gonna change those animation groups with more creative… haiz maybe I should pick up Art courses soon…

  11. have a feeling they’re gonna try to give byakuya a mask to match ichigo’s in a way. too bad this is an anime original arc cuz i’d go as far as to say its pretty interesting and surprisingly well done. Haven’t really been let down yet

  12. hahaha, as i mentioned last week XD…thought zaraki’s would appear sooner or later, despite him saying he wasnt interested on the first anime orgin arc ^o)…i can write this stuff XD… in any case, i just want to watch soi fon fight >:D

  13. i wonder if zaraki’s zanpaktou will show up.. that would be awesome but probably not gonna happen. In any case what fight does everyone think he will meddle in? I personally think he might interfere with Soi fon or Yumichika finding out about his zanpaktou ability

  14. About Zaraki’s first clash–Kira’s head needs immediate saving, so he’ll go there first, and then Yumichika, since his ability takes a little more time to kill when flowers bloom. Yachiru will appear to beat up on the baby zan!

  15. I have to say I’ve very impressed with the style and atmosphere of this episode, new opening, new ending, all. I think the opening and endings hit spot on. The opening in particular I had to listen to a few times as I watched the characters before I started to feel the emotion. The rhythm of the vocals and tempo of the beats sort of reminded me of Michael Jackson in a sense, especially towards the beginning then everything pulled together with them showing off Ichigo/Zangetsu and Shirosaki seperate and fighting together playing up against Byakuya. Then it climaxes with Ichigo sword to sword with Muramasa, finally trailing off with Rukia and her niisan. The end was pretty touch as well. In particular I liked how they emphasized the sadness with Rukia over Byakuya. As for the episode itself, the animation and the general story board, fight sequences et cetera seemed in my eyes “move like”, I’m sure the dramatic music during Soifon’s battle and Kira’s brutality were both freaky and chilling at the same time. Ashisogi Jizou was on the creepy side with the shunpo and all those blades, not to mention Yamichika’s battle and the night/rain atmosphere. There are so many characters on and off screen, with all of these colorful personalities clashing the episode as far content I think is wonderful and its definitely a breath of fresh air.

    As for what I think may happen. Obviously enough reinforcements will come. In what form we don’t really know. I’m going to wager that Ichigo will not be able to reach Kira. So lets have Hisagi jump in and take on Wabisuke, mirroring Kira taking on Kazeshini. I’ll wager that Ikkaku has defeated Hozukimaru and will be the one to save Yamichika. I think Ikkaku and Yamichika will find out each other’s secrets and will agree not to tell Zaraki Kenpachi(Look at the opening for hint of reference?). Lets see uhm, Toshio is still out although they reminded us he still exists and he’ll probably appear in full once the shock of Zaraki’s return is felt. As for the rest I can’t really say I think anything might happen. Retsu and/or Mayuri may help out Matsumoto, Hinamori, Iba, and Isane. I predict Tobiume and Haineko will fall. I think Oemada will appear with his Zanpakuto to assist Soifon, with Yoruichi as a variable(no indication, we might be surprised). Lets place Zaraki with Komamura’s zanpakuto and Sasakibe Chōjirō’s will face Gonryōmaru(who I despite Soifon’s impersonation) I think is quite impressive and abilities are fresh- to be honest I don’t feel Chojiro is plain at all, rather underused). Hm. Ukitake and Shunsui will “run to help” the others but instead run into their own zanpakuto.. or maybe Retsu’s. Who does that leave? Yachiru? We know she’ll likely stick with Kenpachi, As for her zanpakuto, you can’t really say, so but I’m sure she’ll face off eventually- perhaps. Muramasa will probably show up sometime at Ichigo and Byakuya’s location. Maybe lets place Ukitake’s and Shunsui’s zanpakuto’s to reinforce Muramasa. … Then throw in Toshiro to help Ichigo. You know what, wait. Maybe this might be a good oppurtunity to introduce Ishida, Orihime, and Chad, since they were in the opening. One thing I want to know is what Muramasa sent Byakuya back to 6th Division for. It couldn’t have been just to give Rukia her broken zanpakuto, could it.

  16. Hm. Oh. Zaraki may be important to the plot as we might think or he might just act as a major military reinforcement for the shinigami. If he did play to the plot, I’d say he’s have his own surprise and secret provided Muramasa IS or is not his zanpakuto. Though I’m leaning towards Muramasa being seperate all together from Zaraki simply because as good as this arc is its not canon. “sigh”. So, that leaves the prospect of the theory of Yachiru having a link with Zaraki’s sword name. When he tried to call out its name and it didn’t respond, maybe his zampakuto also forgot its name. Might be Yachiru or might be separate.

    I want what Muramasa might say… That thought alone wants to make me think Zaraki will play an integral role. Who knows.

    And I have to comment on Soifon. Very very impressive fighting. I loved how she absorbed the lightning and used it as a counter. It seems she just got the bad end of the stick fighting Barragan in the manga. Anyway, I don’t think people give her enough credit.

  17. Zaraki’s sudden appearance was exactly like in all the Bleach movies, as one guy pointed out. Loud boisterous laughing coupled with immense reiatsu flowing in all directions. Though I’m sure he’s laughing that all those noob Shinigami were being pwn’d by their Zanpakuto.

    OP/ED – Different. Not necessarily bad, just got to get used to it I suppose.

    Kira was fantastic, strategic fighting for a change. If only Yumichika actually used his Zanpakuto to it’s fullest, it’s such an absurdly powerful ability. 11th squad might be about physical zanpakutos and one on one fights, but its also about limiting one’s powers – Zaraki, Ikkaku, and Yumichika all purposefully limit their own powers in some fashion.

    I’d like to see Yachiru fight, it’s already been hinted at that she’s absurdly strong.

    So Very Odd
  18. I like the picture of Zaraki colored in crayon. As if to say he’s been out enjoying a nice long stroll through the forest in the sunshine – while everyone else is going through hell. Heh.

  19. …. This week’s drawing was far far worse than ever. See Ruriro Fujaku’s face before he finishes Yumichika off. (Of course he won’t but you know what I mean) It was… grotesque.

  20. I don’t think it was all bad. Though the only part I did cringe was Ruriro Fujaku’s face. Kira’s smile I had to take a second look. I had to watch it a few times before I was like meh. Better than Ruriro Kujaku. Though I think I felt better when I thought that he’s trying to be like Gin lol! Ashigi Jizou was also creep as usual. I don’t know, the whole episode just kind of made me feel like it was a all meant for a movie. I’m not saying that about the animation quality, but with the music of and soifon’s battle, Zaraki’s sudden appearance(like he does in the movies), a lot of characters together fighting including the less used characters we never see (Iba and Isane). I just got done watching Fade to Black, so but yeah I was really impressed with that movie so coming into this episode from the last episodes, I was just like “Wow this is different”.

  21. I liked Kira’s battle, he’s not whining all emo-like over Gin like usual (as he did in the Amagai arc, urgh) or beating himself up, but seemed to move with a purpose and taking names this arc (until Wabaisuke showed up, of course). His creepy face is creepy though. Like raep face creepy.

    I’ve noticed some of the animation has been stilted this ep with longer freeze frames than usual (not quite as bad as that one WTF ep where Yoruichi was eating bowls and bowls of food for three+ minutes non-stop but it was noticeable). The recycling of the Fade To Black music was a nice touch, and I’m sure they’re saving the Stand Up Be Strong themes for the big bad fights at the end of the arc. A shame the new OP and ED were so… blah, and un-Bleach-like. Pretty jarring.

  22. Hey, I just noticed something in the Opening:

    Around five seconds, you see an unknown character appears suddenly in the middle. I think it might be Captain Unohana’s Zanpakuto Minazuki.

    The omake was funny, but it was also pitiful as well.

  23. In the opening they sneak in a person wearing a green hood with what looks like white bandages across the chest. It’s right after Yukitake’s zanpakuto(twins) and right before yamamoto’s fire pose and it’s up for less than a second. Could be Unohana’s since they were showing captain zanpakuto’s in that segment and we are already aware of all the other captain’s zanpakuto looks.
    The biggest what if is obviously is if muramasa belongs to kenpachi. Which would kind of explain why he is searching aimlessly for something specific(remember menos forest). And also his health conditions could be related to all the abuse/neglect kenpachi has given his zanpakuto over the years.
    But on the whole muramasa doesn’t resemble kenpachi in any way at all. But it would be sweet if kenpachi’s zanpakuto was a legendary sword like muramasa is
    And lol kenpachi, what did that building ever do to you! People probably live there!!!

  24. E ae mano, porra não vai socar o manga de bleach aki não velhão??

    Essa treta foi ruim demais essa semana, caraleoooo. Foi com se tipo assim, abre a porta e fui. Muito ruim essa parada mano.

    Quero so ver seu comentário filhão.

    Falou ae mano veio.

    Aquele abraçuuuu

    Mano Treta

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