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FAIRY TAIL – 07, 08

Still inside the train station, Natsu gets attacked by Kageyama, but he’s more than able to hold his own.

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Sora no Otoshimono – 09

「嘘から始まる妄想劇場(ストーリー)」 (Uso Kara Hajimaru Mousou Gekijou (Sutoorii))
“The Wild Theatrical (Story) that Starts with a Lie”

For a place that angels supposedly come from, the Synapse sure seems like a hellish place. All you have are a bunch steak-eating sadists up there who aren’t the least pleased with how Nymph has awakened the Uranus Queen. It looks like Nymph is damaged in some way now too, or at least that’s what the blinking green light on her collar seems to indicate.

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Letter Bee – 09

「泣き虫少年の誓い」 (Nakimushi Shounen no Chikai)
“The Crybaby Boy’s Vow”

Having lost his mother at the age of seven, and now the person he’s looked up to for the past five years at the age of twelve, can anyone really blame Lag for crying so much? I think some people have lost grasp of the fact this isn’t your standard shounen affair. Now that he’s been left Gauche’s Nocturne #20 Shindan Custom as a memento, come on people, let the boy cry a little.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 34

Inside of the fortress, Ed and Al are taken to the infirmary, and Ed is warned about the effects of the extreme cold with regard to his normal automail.

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Something Something Something Dark Side

Show Spoiler for Bleach Chapter 383 ▼

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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – 09

Since Kiyama Harumi is an expert on matters of the brain, Kuroko and Mikoto try to question her on the Level Upper.

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Nyan Koi! – 09

「ガールズ・イン・ザ・ウォーター」 (Gaaruzu in za Uootaa)
“Girls in the Water”

For an episode titled “Girls in the Water”, surprisingly only half of it was devoted to swimsuits and such. As some people have already pointed out, the anime is taking its own spin on things and skipping around the manga a fair bit. This week we start with chapter 14 for the first half and jump all the way back to chapter 8 for the second, but they did a pretty good job from a continuity point of view.

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Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini – 08

Unaware of the fact that their enemies are on the same train, Hei gets caught by Repnin, and Suou gets captured by Tanya.

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Status Update

Somehow I managed to survive this hellish week, so things should be back to normal shortly. Like I said in my earlier post, I won’t be making up all the shows that I missed, but I’ll still do DtB, Railgun, and probably Bleach.

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Kampfer – 09

「Hochsommer ~恋の熱帯低気圧~」 (Koi no Nettai Teikiatsu)
“Midsummer ~Tropical Cyclone of Love~”

I always suspected that Kaede was some crazy zoumotsu animal spreading, Kampfer-inducing, psychotic Moderator, but I never would’ve imagined that she’s this two-faced. With a squad of white Kampfer seemingly doing her bidding, Natsuru really needs to rethink his harem choice. Shizuku’s not shy about showing everyone how to steal a third kiss in an unrequited love, so she still has my pick.

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Naruto 473 – When One Bee Isn’t Enough…


Show Spoiler for Naruto Chapter 473 ▼

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Kimi ni Todoke – 08

「自主練」 (Jishuuren)
“Voluntary Practice”

I really hope Ume’s not behind all the rumour shenanigans from before, because I really don’t want to end up hating her. Yes, she’s a Hirano Aya character, so there are some inadvertent apprehensions already. However, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt since she doesn’t seem fake to me just yet.

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Sasameki Koto – 08


Sumika you animal! You made Ushio cry! I wish I could take that thought and run with it for the rest of the post, but both her and Ushio don’t even know why it happened. Those poor girls don’t even realize their love is already there at some subconscious level.

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BIGBANG – Koe wo Kikasete PV (Ohitori-sama OP)


It’s funny the things you can inadvertently come across on the Internet when you’re trying to blog an episode of anime and looking for some new PVs at the same time. While this is completely unrelated to anime and has no precedence here, I found the song interesting enough to post about it. It’s titled “Koe wo Kikasete” (Let Me Hear Your Voice) and is the opening theme of the currently airing Japanese drama Ohitori-sama. Now if you’re somewhat unfamiliar with Asian music, the unexpected part is that BIGBANG is actually a five-member boyband from Korea. This isn’t the first time Korean artists have ventured into the Japanese market, nor will it be the last, but I’ve been pretty detached from the non-anime-related music scene for the past while. As it turns out, they’re another one of YG Entertainment‘s money-making creations and a pretty popular one too. For a detailed rundown of the group, I’ll refer you to their wiki page.

What I wanted to point out though is that I found this song surprisingly good for a very odd reason. It doesn’t sound very Japanese at all. Neither does their pronunciation of the lyrics, which sounds a bit off to me at times. In short, it sounds like what it is — a Korean-ized Japanese song. But I’ll be damned, it’s really catchy and I’ve been looping it for the past while. I guess I’m not the only one that thinks so either, seeing as it topped out at #4 on the Oricon charts earlier this month. If you’re negatively swayed by the image of Asian boybands (or boybands in general), I suggest not watching the PV right away, simply clicking play, and letting your ears decide. I unintentionally did the same when I stumbled on the video and walked away for a bit, then heard the song playing from afar and thought, “Hmm, this song’s pretty good.” Anyway, you’ll probably notice that their rappers have pretty good English as well, something I find fairly common with Korean artists given how heavily influenced they are by western hip hop and R&B artists.

That said, I’m kind of tempted to go check out the Ohitori-sama drama now. Based on the synopsis, it sounds like something I’d enjoy too. This might not be a good thing from an anime blogging perspective though. I can feel my Jdrama senses tingling. Once you get caught up in the whole drama phase, it’s hard to get out of it for a while! Hmm, what to do…

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11eyes – 08

「逢魔が時 félhomály öv」 (Ouma ga Toki)
“The Witching Hour”

Crazy episodes are crazy. That’s far from being the best way of describing things, but with Misuzu cutting herself, Kakeru drinking her blood, Kusakabe Misao re-emerging, Shiori revealing her true identity, and what looks like our first casualty of the series, I’m a bit shocked by it all. To top it all off, Yuka continues to creep me out. *shudder*

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