I gather Stereopony doesn’t need much introduction after their “Namida no Mukou” song earlier this year, but I’ll redirect you to my introductory blurp here if you do. I know I tend to say this a lot with songs, but I found “Tsukiakari no Michishirube” (Moonlight Guidepost) catchy right when I heard it. Here though, at least I can say it’s because of the tune in the chorus. With the release of the single still several days away (09-11-04), it’s nice to finally get to hear the full version of the song. However, since it’s a direct extension of the TV size version, it can start to sound a bit repetitive if you listen to it too much (which I found out firsthand while writing this). As for the PV itself, it’s fairly simple with Aimi (guitar, lead vocals), Nohana (bass), and Shiho (drums) performing on a barren wasteland while weathering a rainstorm, but Aimi’s new hairstyle looks really good. That’s probably the farthest thing from an analysis of their music, but what can you do — I’m talking about a PV here, so enjoy the eye candy!

Show Darker than BLACK 2 OP 「ツキアカリのミチシルベ」 by Stereopony ▼


  1. I love this OP a lot when I first heard it. Full is awesome just an extension which makes me agree that it does sound a little repetitive after a while. Every time it get to the chorus i think of all of Suou’s friends playing at the beach ;___; so sad… they can never return to those fun times of the past.

  2. I pretty much hated Namida no Mukou as well. Too girly and whiny for a shounen mecha show. The music was not that good either. Daybreak’s Bell was the Gundam 00 OP I liked. Tsukiakari no Michishirube is nice and fits Darker than Black 2 very well given the focus is on Suo rather than Hei. As for DtB 2’s story I sometimes feel like I am watching Gunslinger Girl instead of DtB 2… It is not a bad thing, but it is very different from the original series.


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