Zaraki’s appears just in time to save Kira, and almost everyone is surprised to see him. Wabisuke tries to attack him right away, but Zaraki is able to finish Wabisuke off in one swing, breaking the blade. Yachiru then explains that she and Zaraki were out in Rukongai and had gotten lost on their way back, and that’s why they’re so late. Since it’s apparent that Zaraki has his eye on Byakuya, Senbonzakura steps in and tries to use his bankai, but Zaraki dispels it with one huge blast of spiritual power by taking off his eyepatch. This also has the effect of scattering everyone so that just Zaraki and Byakuya remain at the center of where the blast was. Meanwhile, Yumichika continues to struggle against Ruri-iro Kujaku, but he manages to free himself from the vines by expending a lot of his own power. He then gets Ruri-iro Kujaku to bring out the vines again, and he successfully uses a spell to bind them so that he can get in the finishing blow. This wins him the battle, but he loses consciousness soon after. Elsewhere, Ichigo starts fighting Senbonzakura again, and Soifon faces her own Zanpakutou. Back in the main area, Zaraki attacks Byakuya, and the two trade blows. Zaraki is quite happy to be having this battle and forces Byakuya to fight seriously.


This episode was somewhere between awesome and over-the-top ridiculous. I mean, it was very exciting to see Zaraki and Byakuya fight, but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing over how overpowered Zaraki is made out to be prior to that. It only took one swing from him to finish off Wabisuke, a character I thought would have made for an interesting match-up against Kira, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. And then Zaraki overcame Senbonzakura’s bankai with just a pure emission of power that was akin to a nuclear blast…at this rate he could probably take down every single Zanpakutou plus Muramasa on his own. All of it made me wonder how Ichigo ever fought him to a draw and how Byakuya is going to try to handle him now. That might have to wait though since the preview seems to indicate that next week will be more about Soifon’s fight and Ashisogi Jizou.


  1. Kenpachi is pure 100% beast-mode. He destroyed wabisuke with his own sword, caused massive property damage then just toyed with byakuya for the last half of the show.

    I agree Omni, Kenpachi could just as easily slap around all the Zanpakuto and Muramasa while still having time to take Yachiru back to the candy shop before it closes.

    So Very Odd
  2. No Kempachi! You killed Wabisuke! He was too good to be killed right now! I just hope they improve the fight between Kempachi and Byakuya later on.

    Other than that I want the other captain’s zampaktou to show up too!

    And I want to see a rematch between Hisagi and Kazegin!!!

  3. The one i’ve been dying to c fight is Yachiru! I don’t think she has ever shown her power! Well there was that one time when kenpachi and ichigo fought but it was only for a split second. I really wanna c how bad ass she is!!! I mean she has to be pretty high up there considering she’s the vice-captain of squad 11.

  4. Noooo!!!! Wabisuke you and kazeshini look so cool! why did he have to die without giving us an epic battle? and shouldent zaraki have doubled in weight seince he got hit with the sword?

  5. also god, could they have dragged out ymichika’s fight anymore? i was so sick of it by the time they did the “now you die!” then change scenes thing the third time. so boring!

  6. @TakashiD

    Once Wabisuke was defeated the effects were gone and it was protrayed that even hit once with Wabisuke, most people manage to still keep moving and hold their swords as Kira had to hit them a few times before they collapsed.

  7. i wanna c yachiru’s zanpactou. she is probably the only vice captain or even captain that i havent seen the zanpactou. maybe its gonna be shown on another bleach movie about zaraki’s past and how yachiru stick with zaraki

  8. Perhaps the difference between Ichigo and Kenpachi is that Kenpachi knows he’s a beast and he just blast everyone with it while Ichigo for some reason you have to beat it out of him which is exactly what Kenpachi did to him before his beast came out.

  9. fish_sauce:
    You haven’t seen the zanpakuto of Nanao, Nemu (iffy), and Ukitake’s two slave-like officers.

    Byakuya has no true convictions, he claims he’s “not going to battle,” but he does nothing to try and get away from the battle. He knows his words are going to goad Kenpachi further, which is why he says them the way he does.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  10. Zer0zUNLTD:
    That’s not irony. Neither is rain on a wedding day, or a million forks when you need a spoon.

    Kenpachi & Byakuya vs Yammy is kind of questionable in the sense that, Yammy is full power and Kenpakuya are pretty much have had the crap kicked out of them and not had a chance to heal yet. The fact that they’re gonna fight with Yammy and more than likely win just gives off this red light in a number of ways.

    Cause if it was this easy, what was Kyouraku and Ukitake’s problem with Starrk, or Ichigo’s problem with Ulquira, etc? It’s a real Dragon Ball Z situation with the way that power levels spin out of control and it’s never explained how it is that this character is suddenly 10x stronger than he was two scenes ago.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  11. There are people on other boards that claim Yachiro is actually Kenpachi’s Bankai. Neither one of them realize she is the spirit of his sword. If ya think about it there is a definate possibility that it could be true. We will have to wait and see.

  12. I think Zaraki come to save the day is a case of ‘The cure being worse than the disease’. I mean just look at what the bastard can do without even any abilities except raw power and sword fighting. Seeing as he just blew up a chunk of the soul society though shear force of will! I think after a few more fights the place will be flatter than Kansas.
    I like him and all but he’s too much like a walking tactical nuke. 😛

  13. Yachiru and Kenpachi have the worst sense of direction of anyone in the Bleach anime. You could just point them in the right direction, give them a map to follow, and they can still find a way to get lost.

    Matt Gross
  14. Yachiru can’t show her Zanpaktou since the manga hasn’t shown any of her power yet. You gotta remember, since this is a filler they can’t interfere with anything Kubo Tito hasn’t done already since they eventually have to return to following the manga. Love this filler though, way better than watching Lurichiyo get kidnapped or Amagai’s horrendous bankai.

    Kit Kat
  15. I’m thinking that Yachiru might fight tengen or the lightning guy, since they are left without someone to fight now and she is just chillin on the side lines again. We can only hope!
    Honestly it’s a good thing that kenpachi wasn’t in the beginning of the filler-arc if he can flat out destroy all the zanpakuto as easy as wabisuke.
    Oh yeah and wasn’t senbonzakura at point blank range of kenpachi’s super knockback of doom attack?
    Yet like 5 seconds later he reappears to fight Ichigo completely unharmed lol

  16. Yachiru can’t show her Zanpaktou since the manga hasn’t shown any of her power yet.

    Yachiru shows her Zanpaktou every time Kenpachi walks in the room. See also: Stark/Lilynette.

  17. Like I said (agreeing with Dave) Yachiro and Kenpachi seem to have some sort of a symbiotic relationship that has never been explained. We don’t know much about her and thats why some folks theorize that she is the spirit that inhabits his sword making her his bankai. Only they dont know that kenpachi has his bankai out all the time (Yachiro).

  18. From the manga, Kenpachi “adopts” a little girl who wasn’t afraid of touching the blood on his sword, just after he killed a large group of thugs while roaming the Rukongai. He names her Yachiru Kusajishi BEFORE he names himself Kenpachi Zaraki. Yachiru is the name of some woman(?) Kenpachi actually cared about/admired (his mother?). Although based on Kenpachi’s reiatsu’s color, it’s bright yellow, shown with a screaming skull, and it could be his zanpakuto is fire based but burns hotter like the sun. I think Yachiru is a normal spirit who got strong by being around Zaraki for so long (the Ichigo and his friends awakening effect), Zaraki’s reiatsu is “hellfire” based, and neither will release their zan’s powers until they decide to give them names and not the other way around(see Yumichika and his zan’). Yachiru hands out nicknames to everyone she meets, why not her zan’? Same with Kenpachi, but only to ones he cares about(which is himself and Yachiru so far). Right now he doesn’t care enough to give his zan’ a name.

  19. DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Zaraki is heartless!!! lol why does it SEEM like everytime Ichigo becomes stronger, he never really is better than anyone… i mean when he first fought Kenpachi he won!! but now 2 years later ichigo is still very weak compared to Zaraki! damn i mean no matter how strong Ichigo becomes he’ll never compete with HIM!!!! lol he’s weak unconfident and stupid~ lol

  20. Ichigo was able to defeat zaraki because he was using his hollow powers against zaraki. In the manga and anime you can see ichigo’s reiatsu in the shape of his hollow mask right be before he and zaraki swung at each other for the final blows. Also Zaraki would have cleaved Ichigo in half if it was not for the hollow mask slowing down zaraki’s sword piercing his body to a stop. Also Zaraki’s reiatsu was being weakened by his sword at the time. During his fight with Nnoitra, Zaraki appeared to be talking with his sword hinting that the sword was no longer hindering him.

  21. Zaraki as a character in both the manga and the anime is ridiculously overpowered now. He has no shiki, bankai, kidou – nothing. He hasn’t received any powerups EVER!! He essentially is the same as he was since he was first introduced to the story line. Yet at that time, Ichigo somehow beat the crap out of him and now, he can easily cut legs and fingers off of enemies that Ichigo can only knic, EVEN WITH HIS MASK on and in the anime, we see Zaraki essentially creating nuclear scale explosions that blow away even the captain class shinigami and their rebellious zanpaktos – yet he is still having a tough time with Bakuyya? This is crazy.. I wish there was more consistency here.

  22. i bet zaraki’s zanpakuto is horribly weak since he never uses it’s power and only tried to communicate with it once. That’s why he just happen to be away when Muramasa came to Soul Society. Plus it is driving me crazy about that little girl now. How exactly is she a lieutenant in one of the strongest divisions. I havent seen her do a lick of fighting since the manga began. She is always clinging onto zaraki and making fun of others.

  23. Byakuya was one of the two child geniuses of soul society. The other was Gin. The scarf wearin’, weird headress sportin’ dude is fast and strong. Byakuya could have cast “Bakudo #83, Danku” to protect himself from Kenpachi’s nuclear blast. Back when Ichigo fought Byakuya on Sokyokou Hill, they had a final clash and even though Byakuya lost his sword in the duel, he gave Ichigo the victory, since he was able to shunpo away while Ichigo was struggling to stand. Byakuya could’ve killed him with any kidou he wanted, but he realized that Ichigo wasn’t really his enemy. Kenpachi messes around too much when he fights. If he was serious he could “Kendopachi” everyone to nuclear explosive doom.

  24. why doesn’t ichi put on his mask and own senbonzakura?
    why does senbonzakura seem so much weaker then byakuya?
    why doesnt it know byakuya at all, unlike the other zankpatu when they meet their owner…?

    this fillers rock!!


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