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  1. Unless Ichigo get another upgrade, which I believe he will have.

    I’ll be surprised though, If for once Ichigo decided to use his head to make some strategy rather than just some uber upgrade.

  2. Ichigo is like a Saiyan, he gets stronger after each fight that he wins/loses..

    Everyone’s underestimating Aizen, he took out Halibel with 2 hits without releasing so I’m pretty sure he can do the same to Ichigo. If not than go Bankai lol

  3. TAKE NOTE!!!!

    Ichigo haven’t GET his WHITE ZANGETSU YET!!!!!! if u didn’t watch all his hollow battlein his world!!!

    currently is black!!!!

    unstable power haven’t convert his sword to white yet so i think will be alot of episode more + SIDE story.

  4. So basically, what I’m getting from Unohana telling Ichigo that he’s the only one who hasn’t seen Aizen’s shikai yet is this:
    “You’re effed in the A but I’m just here to give you false hope. Have fun. :DDDDDD”

  5. Aizen shikai has 0% offense abilities, if you fall into his hypnosis he can easily be behind your back and stab you with his normal sword and you wouldnt notice it until is too late, so i wouldnt say that he defeat Harribel withou releasing his zanpaktuo, and hey we must all be happy, i mean we all knew that Ichigo and Aizen were going to fight sooner or later and Ichigo is not the chosen one because of his hinner powers that would soon awake and would beat anyone, but rather something understandable like he hasnt seen his shikai

  6. Forget shikai, Aizen still has a bankai & Ichigo has just begun to undergo another change in mask crap let alone be able release his hollow w/o being half-dead first. But of course that’s why Ichigo HAS to fight Aizen, so we can see that uber form again 😛

    Trying to kill Ichigo only leads to yur ass being tanned. Azien won’t be dumb enough to try to kill Ichigo…or will he 😛

  7. Aizen abilities is still a mystery to all of us we are not even sure what the guy is human or something else and Unohana is saying that Ichigo is the only person who stands a chance against Aizen
    that may be true but Ichigo is in no shape to fight Aizen how is he going to avoid Aizen’s shikai when Aizen is one step ahead of him once u have made contact with A anyways Tousen and gin are still going to battle so that should be interesting at least cuz those guys are not going stay on the sidelines forever

  8. Aizen power is still a mystery to all of us we are not even sure what the guy is human or something else? and Unohana is saying that Ichigo is the only person who stands a chance against Aizen
    that may be true but Ichigo is in no shape to fight Aizen now how is he going to avoid Aizen’s shikai when Aizen is one step ahead of him plus Aizen has more experience . As soon as Ichigo sees Aizen its gameover for him, even if ichigo powers up, what prevents Aizen from doing same unless they include a plot twist but anyways Tousen and Gin are still going to battle so that should be interesting cuz those guys are not going stay on the sidelines forever

  9. man, sucks to be Aizen. i mean imagine if ur fate was to be killed by some kid. i hope someone else gets the honer. but FINALLY!! FINALLY!! they shed a little light on Aizens power “bout damn time” gimme more info!
    @SIMPLY RED..yeah woudnt that be bugged out if he’s not even human, like that wolf captain or something else. then it plays out like this…..
    *hinamori confront aizen as his power is waning during the final battle*

    aizen:haaah haah *deep panting* hinamori, wait! i cant lie to myself any longer, i guess what I’m trying to say, what it all come down to is that i LOVE Y..*power expires and he turns into a BIG ASS GOAT*
    hinamori: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! *stab’s the frog right through the heart.
    THE END.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Considering that Inoue’s power rejects reality as we know it, and turns back the clock… It stands to reason that she can selectively reject what someone’s eyes have seen and turn back to before they ever saw Aizen’s shikai. Won’t happen, of course, but she’s been able to reject some pretty far-fetched things in the past (such as near-complete body destruction).

    It stands to reason that no, Ichigo might be able to avoid seeing Aizen’s shikai, but he won’t win the fight. It seems almost a certainty at this point that Aizen is going to gain access to the king’s key. I’m hoping that if it does happen, my earlier theory about a hollowified shinigami king of immense power and malevolence is true. The king’s guards? Sure in the same way you might call them prison guards.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  11. When I first read this chapter I thought about Maito Gai from Naruto saying the only way to defeat the sharingan was to not look the user in the eyes, and how he trained himself to do just that.

    Ideally it would end with Urahara finishing what he started 100 years ago and taking off Aizen’s head in a matchup of the supreme mysterious guys of the shonen genre.

    So Very Odd
  12. this was probably one of the worst chapters. I won’t believe that ichigo is the chosen one…hes so freaking garbage, I hate how weak he is and he has the biggest advantage of any shinigami there is. being a natural born hollow and still getting creamed by a number 4 is sad…while the number 1 arrancar gets his ass kicked by a shinigami yes I know he is one of the stronger captains but come on, with the big fuss over the mask you would think he can beat anything down. now he has a new mask…woo…SS2 anyone?

  13. This isn’t something that surprises me, but it does make me sick to my stomach. Ichigo constantly gains new powers and does better, and woop de do, you know? Ishida hasn’t seen his shikai either, because he wasn’t even there at the time, in Soul Society. But Ishida always gets tossed aside for being weaker, or failing. I miss when he was an actual rival of Ichigo, toe to toe, rather than someone he has to protect like Inoue.

  14. I’d have to say that the Kings realm place has to be opened, hero’s can only win once they have lost everything.
    Next, Ichigo’s Dad needs to make an appearance, Probably to say ‘I believe in you Son, its in you blood’ kinda thing.

    Also, don’t forget that WonderWeiner is still alive, sadly. So I’d wager that before Ichigo arrives him and Gin will fight people.
    Which reminds me, we have yet to see if the Aizen trio have a transformation, Im sure they tried to acquire hollow powers too.
    Unless of course they were hollows to begin with, and somehow gained shinigami powers.

    Either way, its not looking good for Hiyori, unless Unohana has some Pheonix Down bankai.

  15. Wow.. this is probably the last arc, or the second last arc, like most likely he’ll finish Aizen, and it’ll end, or they show inside the Realm, yadiyadiyada, the end. And btw, Ichigo has shown moment where senses are enough to counter his opponenets, and if Aizen really is that weak without his shikai, then Ichigo mya be able to take him on from the start.

  16. lol Why do people hate ichigo? Because he’s “weak”? Weak? Really? Lets see, he took out the 2nd strongest man in SS’s strongest Squad and later went on to take out that same squad’s Captain (somethin NO ONE has ever done, not even Nnoitra or Yamy so far), he took out 6th Squad’s Vice Captain AND Captain, and then he took out THREE Vice Captains at the same time with his BARE HANDS (no zanpaktou) in mere SECONDS.

    I think just like to hate on the main character for the sake of hating him. But saying he’s weak? Ridiculous. “Oh, but he lost against Nnoitra!”. He had just wasted his reitsu on the fight with Grimmjow, he was in no shape to fight, even Nnoitra himself comments on this fact. “Oh, but he lost against Ulquiorra!”. Really? Because it seems to me Ulquiorra is dead and Ichigo isnt. Just because Hollow took over and beat Ulquiorra doesnt mean Ichigo is weak. The fact that he has a power strong enough to beat Ulquiorra to a pulp proves he has a power that makes him anything but weak, he just needs to control it.

  17. People dont like him because his powers (even though there awesome) come out the blue and masters them in mere moments, regardless of a limit on them. Him beating those captains at the beggining of the series was coincidence, yet now he can hardly compete. What Bleach needed was a actual power timeline which actually allowed Ichigos power to mature and develop right. I mean come on his bankai now is weak even against Kenpachi, who when he fought ichigo for the first time was defeated by what Shikai.

  18. For a moment, I thought Unohana was going to tell Ichigo that she was part of Aizen’s group as well and stab him in the back in the tunnel on the page where she tells him that she has something to tell him.

    I have a long time suspicion that Ichigo’s dad isn’t his real dad (perhaps ichigo is a prison type giga) and hollow ichigo has a history with Inoue who is an exiled princess of the royal shinigami. As well probably know in another few years given the manga’s speed

  19. Everyone keeps saying that Ichigo keeps getting powered up which is true but. . .
    all he knows how to do is Getsuga Tenshou. I wish he would learn something cool like flash sword and he could shunpo and flashsword at the same time.

    Other than that how is he supposed to fight blind folded is he gonna gouge out his eyes
    or the cliche ” fight with other senses” and everyone seems to forget that Chad and Ishida
    have not seen his shikai either . . . sighs noone cares for them

  20. Damian – Whenever I think about the Soul Society arc I only think about how absurd a concept it was that Ichigo survived at all. He had to be saved twice during the Kenpachi confrontation: once by Zangetsu to stop Ichigo from bleeding to death, and once by Yoruichi after the battle performing some mojo on him to save his life. His surviving the Kenpachi battle is the same reason why Ikkaku survived his battle with Kenpachi: Kenpachi doesn’t kill opponents he’s enjoyed fighting, principally because he wants the rush of fighting them again in the future.

    Dude was also killed by Ulquiorra twice. His Bankai obliterated his own body the first time he used it. There’s a reason why Kenpachi made that “beaten half to death” comment, cause it’s true.

    It’s also a given he will die at some point during his confrontation with Aizen, then awaken some new uber power as his hollow side comes to the rescue. I don’t think Ichigo is weak, I just think he’s had more deus-ex machina “I’m literally dead, now im alive and super powerful” situations than any other character I can think of.

    So Very Odd
  21. i have a question…where is Isshin?and what’s about him?i did’t read the whole thing but i love to spoiler myself…hope that the isshin stuff isn’t going to be dumped by kubo, like he dumped all the kaien dono thing…in the end: why kaien resembled Ichigo? maybe Unohana knows the truth.

  22. Okay where to start
    um i thought ichigo’s hollow side was the reverse of him so thats why he’s all white and his zanpa is white. Now i thought once he starts co-existing with his hollow side he would be able to use what ever power is in the white zanp if there is one. we don know the true limits of ichigo’s new hollow transformation s it might be vastro lorde power lvl. Aizen who knows how strong he is and i doubt they would killl off such a interesting villian without introducing another one. For facts we have ichigo’s dad, the quincy’s dad and god knows what the 0 division and the royal family of soul society are like… not to mention the rumoredvastro lordes aizen was looking for in hueco and lets not forget HELL THE REALM OF THE DAMNED

  23. So is Ichigo going to fight Aizen blindfolded?!?! If that happens, and he somehow manages to survive the first attack, I can imagine Aizen smirking and releasing his Bankai, stating that it has the ability to make any illusion reality so fighting blindfolded does not give him the “upper hand”.

  24. A lot of ppl are playing up Gin and Tousen, It is pretty clear from the tousen vs kenpachi fight that he isn’t particularly gifted in combat, aizen keeps him around for his special kido abilities. Same reason he keeps Gin around for his combat ability, I feel sorry for whoever has to fight Gin but Tousen isn’t gonna be some spectacular fighter i’m sure.
    Unohana mentions that stuff to Ichigo because it is true, pretty much everybody has seen aizen’s shikai whether they noticed it or not. Yes chad and ishida have not but they are hardly a match for aizen’s ridiculous amount of reiatsu.
    You can’t fight someone that has you under absolute hypnosis. It would be like cutting off your ears and digging out your eyes, then forced to drive a car from New york to Los Angeles.
    And do remember that in the turning back the pendulum arc, Shinji pulled Aizen out of his shikai’d cover without even trying. So he may know Aizen’s abilities and how to counter them more then anybody.

  25. judging tousen by his fight with Kenpachi aint right. Kenpachi is a beast even Ichigo barely survived. I bet Jin, Tousen, and Aizen are all Vizards as well. There is no way they wouldnt pass up a chance to become stronger than the shinigami. Plus if they are going against the royal family they will need more power. I bet Isshin,Ichigo’s dad is going to get involved when Ichigo fails. He is probably the gate keeper or most likely exiled from the 0 division for falling in love with a human.I wonder also if they will touch upon Chad’s hollow powers and their origin. I hope he doesnt get kidnapped by demons and Ichigo has to save him from the Hell Realm. Tite is using that too much to justify Ichigo leaving the human world. First oh I gotta save Rukia, and then oh no I gotta save Orihime. Orihime is a total mystery to me. I have no idea where her powers come from. Either way I guess this manga isnt ending any time soon


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