Although Zaraki is excited about fighting Byakuya, the arrival of Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou interrupts the battle and covers the entire area in poison. During this time, Byakuya makes his escape, and Ichigo isn’t able to give chase because Senbonzakura knocks him into the poison cloud. Soifon meanwhile struggles to match Suzumebachi’s speed, and she gets hit multiple times – albeit in different spots – until she finally just uses her shunkou ability to catch her Zanpakutou off-guard mid-attack. This gives her the victory, and shortly thereafter, she’s reunited with Yoruichi. Back at the main battle site, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou has knocked out almost all the Shinigami there, but when it returns to its normal form, Yachiru and Zaraki grab it. Before Zaraki can do anything to it though, it explodes because Kurotsuchi has arrived and activated the bomb inside of it. Kurotsuchi then tries to administer his version of the poison antidote to Ichigo, but luckily for Ichigo, Unohana and her men arrive to save him. Much to Kurotsuchi’s disappointment, Unohana already has the antidote from having to treat Hinamori and the other vice-captains who had earlier caused Ashisogi Jizou to initiate bankai in the first place. Ukitake and Kyouraku arrive on the scene as well, as do Yoruichi and Soifon. Yoruichi in particular has a bit of juicy information: she knows where Yamamoto is. Unbeknownst to them, Muramasa is at this very moment leading Byakuya to that location.


This episode was great from both a story-wise and comedy-wise (the action wasn’t too shabby either). The hilarity came mostly from Kurotsuchi and Zaraki’s imaginations, but I was also amused by the expression on Soifon’s face when Yoruichi swept her off her feet. It was interesting as well to see the quiet rivalry between Unohana and Kurotsuchi, particularly because it reminded me of the banter between them in the manga chapter from two weeks ago. I did think that it was a shame that Byakuya didn’t get to stick around and continue to fight Zaraki, but I ended up liking how the episode finished with the reveal of Yamamoto. I had actually forgotten about him, and maybe Byakuya will try now to help him escape or something. It’s also promising that Ukitake, Kyouraku, and Unohana’s Zanpakutou look like they’re finally going to play a part in the story.


  1. Strange to see so many single shots from the manga in this story arc, even two from the latest chapters. I haven’t watched a bleach episode in more than a year now. Still waiting for Ichigo Ulquierra fight to be animated then i’ll watch it again.

  2. This ep was a abstract mirror of the current chapters. Basically every shinigami in last week’s chapter was in this episode. Also Unohana’s verbal clash with Kurotsuchi is probably the only thing we see close to a fight from her.

  3. The highlight of this episode was the fact that Yachiru completely styled all over Ashisogi Jizou. It was actually trying to run away from her. Sure it was meant for comic relief, but I imagine there is some truth to the insinuation that her power level is ridiculously high for a child.

    So Very Odd
  4. @So Very Odd

    I must agree. The fact that she can keep up with a captain class Zanpakutou is amazing as well as she must be really powerful if Ashisogi Jizou was scared of her.

    It’s nice that they add stuff from the manga cos then it may allow Ukitake and Kyouraku’s zanpakutou to show their uniqe abilities in this acr.

  5. haha my opinions always with Omni-san! But I doubt Minazuki would take action or even talk in the show, since we duno much of it yet… so sad chibi Suzumebachi got cut into half… (I know it’s blade separate with body, but then…)

  6. Yay! New episode! I really liked this episode, especially the end. But i kind figured that was why Byakuya was acting like that. To save Yamamoto. But i really can’t wait for the next episode!

    @Omni: I may be mistaken but isn’t that covered zanpakuto belong to Nemu, not Unohana? I thought her’s was the electric guy.

  7. Despite the battles being totally one-sided (the two tiniest zanpaktou got defeated like that), the comedy here was surprisingly good! Soifon looked like a helpless baby in her idol’s arms! 😀

  8. So Captain General Yamamoto is being held captive in a green triangle. It must be a very strong seal if its able to hold even Yamamoto.

    Its a good thing Captain Unohana was the one to treat Ichigo and the others. If Mayuri had been the one to do so, he could have only made things worse by trying to experiment on the others. I’m disappointed that Ashisogi Jizou didn’t get to fight Mayuri. It would have been good to finally hear Mayuri get beaten by his own zanpaktou.

    Matt Gross
  9. I have a feeling Kyouraku’s zanpaktou’s ability will be shadow-based, just going by the manga; so in essence, she’s two characters – herself and her shadow (since Kyouraku is shown wielding two swords and using shadow-like powers). I just hope they keep her personality intact, in that she likes to play deadly kid’s games with changing rules and such. Hers is definitely one of my fave designs of the zanpaktous. 🙂

    I wonder where Nanao’s and Kotetsu’s zanpaktous are though, given we haven’t seen them really fight with them before (afaik).

  10. Does anybody think that the green hooded zanpakuto in yamamoto’s cell room is unohana’s zanpakuto?
    The white bandage looking things kind of look like her front hair braid but who knows.
    Also it seems that all the zanpakuto in that room are captain level so it’s another reason why it could be her’s.


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