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  1. Man, i was really enjoying the arrancar arc (lol that sounds funny) before #1 & 3’s poor showing and ichigo’s entrance. Ichigo just made everything more generic – at least w/o him who might win and who might lose becomes somewhat less predictable.

  2. The Espadas are weak, too weak. The recent battles feel so one-sided. We all know from the very beginning that Ichigo has immense reatsu, so it wasn’t a big shock when they reveal that he’s only at half strength. If I recall correctly, Aizen once said he has twice the reatsu of a normal captain. Maybe Kubo-sensei needed some kinda reason for Ichigo to power-up even more to match Aizen, but even then I doubt Ichigo can win.

  3. Espadas and Vizards are both weak as shit. they were hyped to heavens and back but look what they have done; Zero. They haven’t achieved shit so far and now that all Espadas are gone, I don’t know what else is there to fight for Aizen.

  4. I think that Ichigo lost the ability to have ‘cool scenes’ when he started gaining every new power there is. Being a human, Shinigami, Vizard, Hollow, Arrancar is just.. pathetic in itself, and completely uninteresting for me, personally. I really hope that Ichigo gets blown away by Aizen, or at least, drag it out longer than him just beating him after a, most likely, unimpressive fight. I always say this, but I miss when Ishida was toe to toe in rivalry with Ichigo. Anyway, the scene where Byakuya and Kenpachi both look back at Yammy with ‘.. Wut?” faces. Pure win. I love how they’re making Kammy to be a stepping stone in their own squabble.

  5. The Espada were hyped by the fans more than the series itself; it was obvious these Espada would be shit since they werent the army he wanted, he wanted an army of Vast Lorde which are the only type of Hollow/Arrancar SS was ever truly scared of.

  6. To be honest I’m just resigning myself to a lot of this. Zaraki and Byakuya will kill Yammy without the trouble number 0 should give them (which I still think was just plain stupid). Ichigo will kill Aizen. Unohana is essentially the cleric of the group, but without the useful spells for handling the undead. Hope the fight’s at least flashy.

  7. Maybe Yammy was just lying about his strength? Noitra gave him a little bit of trouble and he was number 5. If Yammy is actually stronger than all of the rest then he should at least make Zaraki take his eye-patch off.

    Although, the Arrancar have proven to be really disappointing all around. Jaggerjack and Ulqiorra are the only ones to have provided even a single quality fight in the whole series. Maybe Barragan as well. For people with such difficult names to spell they really have been lame enemies.

    Cheshire Lion
  8. I always knew Yammy was the loudmouth that would die first. Actually hoping for some plot twist by LOLKUBO so Yammy can pull of some epic move that forces Zaraki to learn Bankai of some sort.

    Hey, it’s possible. This is LOLKUBO we are talking about.

  9. you know, they always say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but i gotta say, i knew since day one when the espadas where introduced that they were ALL weak ass bitches!! hahahahah ichigo is soooooo strong!! i love it

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. you know this scene reminds me a lot of the one in one piece where zoro and luffy fight against each other in the bounty hunter island and the girl that changes her weigh and the guy with the explosive body go ahead and try to get in the middle of it…

  11. It’s all seeming a little predictable at the minute.
    Surely there’s going to be a moment where the tide turns and Yammy gives them both a run for their money, otherwise, surely he wouldn’t be #0.
    Can’t see Ichigo beating Aizen either, not unless he’s learnt to control his beserker release. More likely than not, Aizen will achieve his goal, open the King’s domain, and then that’ll be the next arc, at the same time, introducing the characters who in the past have been promoted from Captains to the Royal Guard.

  12. its funny that all of a sudden nothing productive is happening Unohana and Ichigo’s discussion is irrelevant whether or not Ichigo’s power is in half, he always gets his power up the more important issue is the new mask,how does he get it to work ? thats the discussion they are supposed to be having or is he just going to fight aimlessly again only shooting the lunar moon fang and where is Rukia in all of this Ichigo just forgot about her like that. As for Yammy kenpachi needs to finish him already its getting boring whether yammy is number or not he is still as stupid as ever the only vast lorde Aizen created is probably is Wonderweiss the rest and thats because he was created by Aizen himself not the other espadas.

  13. ichigo needs to go back to his spinning sword move and stop using getsuga tenshou

    if seeing aizen’s shikai is such a disadvantage, won’t he lose that advantage if kaname switches side since he’s blind to start with.

  14. I still don’t think that their is a 0 espada because of something Ulquiorra said in chapter 271 pg 19
    “Even if you defeat me there are still 3 more espada above me.”
    In order
    3: Harribel
    2: Baraggan
    1: Stark
    Ulquiorra seemed to be Aizen’s most trusted espada so he would tell him about Yammy.
    Plus why would Ulquiorra lie to a man he thought was going to die.

    Spencer J
  15. When the anime gets to this part, it’ll ignore the Zanpakuto filler, because it is a separate timeline. Just like the Captain Amagai arc, there’s nowhere to fit it into the canon timeline. Which is too bad because the Zanpakuto arc is awesome, but that’s just the way it is.


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