Yoruichi has an idea of where Yamamoto is, so Zaraki, Yachiru, Kyouraku, Ukitake, and Ichigo accompany her to find him. They arrive in the woods to one opening to an underground area, and the three captains and Yachiru take that one while Yoruichi and Ichigo head in through another entrance. Along the way, Yoruichi gets attacked by Tobiume and Haineko, and since she can handle both of them by herself, she sends Ichigo on ahead. Kyouraku and Ukitake meanwhile run into their own respective Zanpakutou, and both Katen Kyoukotsu and Sougyo no Kotowari are actually two entities. Elsewhere in the maze of tunnels, Zaraki and Yachiru run into Gonryoumaru and Tenken. By now, Ichigo has also run into a Zanpakutou, and in his case, it’s Minazuki. Minazuki, however, does not attack and instead leads Ichigo down a tunnel to where Kazeshini is waiting. Ichigo is able to beat Kazeshini by using his bankai and Getsuga Tenshou, and afterward, he continues on to cavern where Yamamoto is being kept.


Well, Kazeshini was kind of pathetic in that fight, but I guess he wasn’t at 100%, and he was fighting the main character of the series. Still, it would have been more appropriate if Kira had just finished him off in the previous battle instead of Ichigo here. I am curious though why Minazuki didn’t do anything except lead Ichigo forward. Since Unohana didn’t come with the other captains, I guess this probably means that we won’t see Minazuki fight this time (and in fact I have a sneaking suspicion that Minazuki might not ever fight in this arc). On that note, I wish that we got to see Yoruichi’s Zanpakutou in this mix too since this would be an ideal place to develop that story, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to introduce anything that’ll limit what Kubo Tite can draw in the manga in the future. I do wonder though if there’ll be hints or references to Katen Kyoukotsu’s abilities since those have now been shown in the manga. It’s definitely something to look for in the next episode, though the future episode titles seem to indicate that the story might take a different turn soon. Ichigo might not want to release Yamamoto here…


  1. Minazuki is definatly Unohanas and what a creepy one it is… most likely the zanpaktous not scene in the manga WONT be seen here… we have yet to see a definate power to Minazuki yet also we have no idea what Yoruichi’s Zanpakutou is or even if she has one so i assume they wont be showing that one either.

  2. Minazuki might be a she and that old geezer’s zanpaktou and not Unohanas if that is true then why is he or she betraying Yamamoto.

    The problem with this theory is that it’s already been stated that Ryuujin Jakka refused to separate from Yamamoto, thus why they sealed him in a barrier. So they’ve left him in a barrier because he has the potential to one-hit KO any of the zanpakuto (after all, it took the three reiatsu level 5 captains’ zanpakuto to subdue the reiatsu level 6 captain, and even then all they can do is barely contain him).

    Abd Al-Azrad
  3. Oooh! So Minazuki is Minazuki (eheheh) and the one we see in the OP sequence behind Katen Kyokotsu is her… umm… other part? eheh. Anyways, now that this arc is (at least it seems to be) nearing the end, I’m a lil bit hugh about it, but not really happy either. Since choosing between the original manga arc and this arc is so confusing…

  4. I’ve grown bored with this arc, I’m ready to get back to cannon material.

    Zaraki’s fighting Tenken and Gonryomaru next episode. They’re gonna die, Zaraki is too powerful. I wanted to see the Komamura vs Tenken fight, looks like it’s never gonna happen. I hope this arc ends in the next several episodes. ARC RUINED!!!!!!!!!! I’M SKIPPING THE DUB!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ichigo might not want to release Yamamoto… how interesting…

    this wasn’t VERY bad, Minazuki definitely WOULDN’T fight, Yoruichi’s zanpakuto may not even appear in this arc, but with all those restrictions, maybe Katen Kyokotsu also wouldn’t get revealed (why 2 bodies?), Sogyo no Kotowari rather played games instead, so more disappointments maybe?

    well with all the weird things above, maybe they rather not show us what to fight lah! Haiz… may this filler be over asap, or at least, Yamamoto be brave, use Bankai… haha… (As if that would happen!)

  6. Ooooohhhh! Katen Kyokotsu! I love that zampakutoh! Shunsui is the best too! But that woman… the other Katen… I don’t like so much, I prefer the firts “Katen”. And finally we can see Sunsui and Ukitake in action, and with luck fichting against her wonderful zampakutoh

  7. Enjoying this arc like everyone else, but you have to wonder how long it dcan go on for?
    I mean the manga hasn’t exactly got enough material yet, and I’d be extremely pissed if when they did get back to canon, they just covered the end of the current arc and then went straight into another filler.
    That’s one thing that really ruins the Bleach anime for me, especially when they just cut off twice in the middle of an on-going arc to start some random filler arc that has no place in the timeline.

  8. Wow, Shunsui has the ultimate Zanpakuto personification. A ninja AND a pirate?!? That’s just f’ing unstoppable, LOL.

    Tho I’m sure Ichigo’s about to unlock the Deus Ex Machina aka Yamamoto-sensei and end this arc. Are we finally getting to the epic Ulquiorra fight? Please? Pretty please?

  9. i have a theory about this arc. they said that it would last all this year, and yet it is only november and it all ready seems to be close to ending. i was thinking about how many of the zanpakuto’s have been “destroyed” and supposedly unable to come back and i think maybe muramasa will have some special power to revive all the zanpakuto that broke, but did not return to there owners. that way the arc would last longer and this time the owners of each sword could get there swords back. espically since the new opeaning shows wabisuke, kazeshini and a bunch of othe zanpakuto that have already been destroyed. this is just a theory i thought of that could make the arc last longer. what do you guys think?

    P.S. i liked that Katen Kyokutsu was actually two people like Sogyo. they are both cool. wasnt that a referance to Katen’s power when shunsui said to her “what game should we play?” and lol at ukitake and the kids. ukitake looks like a daddy =)

  10. I don’t see Unohana’s zan fighting at all. Likely Uno will just convice her zan to come back much like Toshiro.

    I hope this filler doesn’t last much longer. It’s already getting a little old.

  11. Loved this arc, now i hate it.
    I hate that ichigo cant fight with his shikai, even though he broke a bunch of v-captain class zanpakutos with his bare hands.
    Im extremely disappointed and want to see him beat someone with his bad-ass shikai.

  12. Looking at the episode titles, it looks like Show Spoiler ▼

  13. umm I know Yoruichi specializes in hand to hand combat but shouldnt she still have a zanpaktou. I have been wondering that for the longest time. She does have a bankai right so she must have one. Yoruichi,Urahara, and Yamamoto better have the most badass bankai with all the hype Tite has built up around them over the years.

  14. Yeah they show Yoruichi with her zanpakuto in the turning back the pendulum arc, obviously she doesn’t do anything with it but she still had it.Urahara i’m sure will show his and I don’t know if it’s even safe for Yamamoto to do his lol, his shikai alone burns everything in the surrounding area when it’s released.
    PS- Molten Cicada is still one of the hottest moves in all of bleach, though I would like to see one of the other four black op steps. Byakuya has done molten cicada before.

  15. I like how they’re using some of the secret corps techniques. This ep. Yoruichi, and previously Byakuya, fighting SodeNoShirayuki used ‘molted cicada’ to escape a situation at the last moment, leaving a seemingly successfully attacked image behind before revealing that they were actually unharmed elsewhere. “Onmitsuki Hohou, Shi Hou no San, UtsuSemi.” (Secret Corps Techniques, 3rd of 4 Maples, Molted Cicada.)

  16. i finally caught up 200 ep in 3 weeks @_@

    hmm…not sure if anyone said this before but have any of you notice how Sōgyo no Kotowari is always bonded together? whether it’s in shikai mode or in it’s physical form? In their physical form they either hold hands or holding the end of a parchment? or maybe it’s just me…o.O


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