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  1. Seriously, why would Aizen NOT power himself up? It was something to be expected. LOLKUBO’s just dragging the series on and on.

    On a side note, I no longer care bout the Yammy fight.

  2. Shut the hell up Aizen, better prove you were worth surviving Yammy, major overall powerup next time and the story goes on like this for 40 more volumes before the fanbase realise that they didn’t get what they wanted, Kubo still get his money.

  3. Yeah, I think Rockfest had a good idea: That Aizen somehow managed to get Tousen’s eyesight back. I know this makes his ability kind of ironic, but if he can see that well without eyes, imagine how good he will be once he can see again.

  4. No Tousen is going to put on some shutter shades. Then he’s gonna fly up and say Aisen Aisen I know, and I’m going to let you finish. But Queen Beryl is the best super villain of all time.

    Lucky Channel
  5. Rockfest wins

    And the Yammy fight is juz getting ridiculous…. first he goes from 10 to 0, then he continually gets bigger and bigger…. then he appears to get even bigger and change his appearance….. so wads his final ability? He turns into Yoda’s size and proceed to massacre everyone?

  6. Tousen’s secret weapon may in fact be a Visor Mask. Usually, when Visords prepare for battle, they cover their face, then they reveal a Hollow Mask. Honestly, I should have known Aizen would give his loyal Soul Reaper Traitors the same power he cursed the present Vizords with.

  7. L3gola5: actually i was thinking he might turn human sized for his last form. think about it,if he really is the strongest espada then he has to be(as dumb as this sounds right now) a vasto lorde. vasto lorde are supposed to be human sized, which is why i think that Ulquiorra, Hallibel, Barragan, and starrk were all vasto lorde since there release forms were all humanoid. so maybe yammy’s will be the same.

  8. Yammi turning yoda-sized would actually be fun to see.

    @Werehog22: vizards don’t have to cover their face to pull out that mask, look at hiyori. She can pull out that mask with mere thought.

    When is Gin or any of the other captains going to show us his bankai btw?
    There are about 16 characters who are supposed to have a bankai and still haven’t shown us what it looks like, hell we still haven’t seen 4 of the shikai if i have counted correct.

  9. I would be surprised if they have regular Hollow masks. They probably have a “super Saiyan” type like Ichigo just got. Because what’s the point of planning and scheming all those years just to get weak Vizard powers. I think Wonderweiss powers is greater than a Vizard. But I wonder who going to show up to help fight Tousen because Fox and Stitch didn’t have a chance even without his mask.

  10. LoL at Omni’s coment about this chapter. Lets say Tousen gets a new mask that to me doesn,t make sense because Tousen said his new power is superior to bankai now that statement in itself is interesting what could be better than bankai? i,m sure everyone wants to know that at least but if it turns out that he has a mask then Tousen isn’t going to last, unless Aizen perfected the experiment.
    but i doubt Gin would be getting a mask of his own i mean he was the one that put Hiyori in the state that she is in and he wasn’t even trying.

  11. see how you gonna introduce something better than bankai without showing everyone’s bankai yet. I feel that is very stupid. I really believe Tousen is just going to reveal some bankai-ressureccion type thing like ichigo 2nd Vasto-Lorde form. I think that would be awesome if Ichigo wasnt the only Vizard able to reach that state. I really hate how these shounen manga give off that “If he cant do it nobody can” feel. Most people normally disagree with me. I mean take Chad, it is obvious he has a connection with Hueco Mundo.This should have been his time to stand by Ichigo on equal grounds and develop as a character but NOPE,got a new arm and cut down. There is no way Ichigo will be able to reach Aizen with Gin and Tousen both having some uber power. They need more Super Vizards like Ichigo or something or it will be everyone struggling to survive. Wow that was long.

  12. I find it surprising that people actually cared for the Yami fight after his first huge-ass transformation.

    Zero-one: Oh come on!! Wonderweiss is weaker than most of the Espada untransformed!!!
    At lwast he’s weaker than Ulqi.

    Im betting on Aizen revealing all three of them became a new sort of being that is exactly in the middle between Vizord and Arrancar or some shit. Well that’s a bit better than Ichigo’s “pull out of the ass when needed” power ups.

    Imagine how silly a fight with huge floating masks would be.

  13. Actually, Aizen really plotted to gave them magical girl powers, so obviously, Tousen is going to whip out his magical girl wand and mascot, and will then transform into Love Love Sparkly Tousen and brutally maim his enemies with the power of love.

    It’s over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

  14. If they do indeed have masks then I can’t see how they can make this a fair fight.
    The Vizards are clearly not powerful enough to cope in the first place, relying on Ichigo, when they’ve had all this time to master their power and progress it.
    The Captains can’t really compete either unless a few reveal their bankai, and it ends up being uber-powerful.
    Something has got to give here. I expect there to be a huge development sooner or later…

  15. oh dear god…basically in this manga a total jerk become powerful only when paired with an enemy that’s supposed to be more skilled than him. Whenever, how much time passed since the beginning of this fight?The sunset never comes in fucking karakura?

  16. @Chocolate Cake: fail!

    About the pre-mask pull where they decided to cut the chapter: they better have someone come up and just stab him in the back before he gets the chance to do anything powerful. (It looks like it could be nothing but a hollow-mask transformation because that’s what every other mask-pull looks like.)

    As for Aizen, it would be great if Ichigo got there and said, where’s Aizen, and everyone pointed to some illusion of KyokaSuigetsu that they fell for and it turns out Aizen is already in Soul Society, and is just about to destroy the real Karakura Town.

  17. Aizen will suceed in making the key, and then before he takes the power of god, he will go crazy and get beaten by ichigo and then a new threat arrives and shows that god was pulling the strings the whole time and aizen was good and then they use the sword of akasha to kill god, but then another plot twist happens and it turns out hollow ichigo was behind every thing and says ichigo’s mom was actually a hollow and then ichigo goes to his inner world again to kill his hollow self and then it fades to black just as ichigo does the finishing move and roll credits music…

    One month later…

    A hollowified ichigo takes the god throne out of no where and takes out any opposing forces, then during his celebration of his win, zero comes out and stabs hollowified ichigo with the tetsuga tenzo and reveals himself to be ichigo, causing everyone to be confused and he said that you must always remember is that the only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing and then he dies of a heart attack because of kira and then soul society tries to find out who kira is and then the strike freedom gundam comes out and with its speakers it said i am kira but then tousen destroys the gundam and says that he could see all along and told rukia that the shinigami never told her what happened to her father and she says no shit and tousen say that he was her mother and then rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and then tousen said shut up mofo and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and then spinsaku fired the fleija and everyone got owned but spinsaku didn’t because he was forced by lelouch to live and because soul society is not in the real world they didnt get affected and then faded to black again and it said to be continued and gin says in the last second that he was behind it all and that he started 4kids…

    4 years later…

    ichigo wakes up from his dream and was thinking that was a wierd dream…

    Chocolate Cake

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