Episode 247


While the captains continue to fight the Zanpakutou, Ichigo has made his way to the cavern where Yamamoto appears to be held. He meets Muramasa there, Muramasa wants Ichigo to go all out against him, so Ichigo unleashes his full power in a Getsuga Tenshou. Kyouraku, Ukitake, and Yoruichi meanwhile have all realized that their Zanpakutou opponents are stalling for time, and because they suspect something is up, they proceed to the same cavern where Ichigo is. They arrive just as Muramasa uses Ichigo’s attack to destroy the barrier around Yamamoto, and Muramasa immediately approaches him. It turns out that the barrier had been put up by Yamamoto himself, and Muramasa has now accomplished his goal of intruding into Yamamoto’s own inner world. Everything that Muramasa has done thus far has been for this, and he now has control over Ryuujin Jakka. Yamamoto explains afterward that Muramasa is a Zanpakutou with tapeworm-like powers, and they need to stop him.

Episode 248


As Ichigo and the captains struggle to escape from Ryuujin Jakka’s flames, Yamamoto reveals that Muramasa’s real goal is to revive his Shinigami master Kouga who was sealed away in Karakura Town after causing a lot of trouble a long time ago. By now, Muramasa has already arrived in the real world with Byakuya and Senbonzakura, and he heads by himself to the right place. He runs into Inoue though, and after a brief battle, he’s overcome by his own weakness. Inoue decides to heal him because she doesn’t want to see him suffering, and Ishida and Sado then show up. Back in Soul Society, Ichigo and company are helped out by the arrival of Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru, and their ice powers are enough to let Ichigo escape the flames to go stop Muramasa.


On the whole, I enjoyed episode 247 a bit more than 248. The former had much better battles and production quality, and it confirmed my suspicions that breaking the barrier around Yamamoto was not the best of ideas. Episode 248 moved the story forward by finally revealing what Muramasa’s real goal is, but I was flabbergasted by how Inoue healed the guy who just attacked her, and the end sequence with Ichigo escaping Ryuujin Jakka’s flames was really really cheesy (enough to make me laugh) thanks to how they played Number One over it.

I also don’t understand how exactly Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru’s ice powers can freeze flames and why they decided to enter the flames in the first place. Oh and I’m not a big fan of the fact that Yoruichi and Zaraki are still fighting those battles against Zanpakutou since it seems pointless now that we know what Muramasa’s real goal is. Speaking of which, I assume that Muramasa going to succeed in freeing his old master – future episode titles seem to suggest this as well – and they’ve set it up now so that it’ll be Ichigo and friends who’ll have to defeat both of them. I am very curious though as to why Byakuya is still helping Muramasa…


  1. Sometimes they make the characters do the most stupid things. I must agree with why Hitsugaya jump inside the middle of it? Quite stupid since it would be better to work on the outside.

  2. So Muramasa wants to revive his own Shinigami partner, and to do that he needs the power of the most oldest fire zanpaktou, Ryuujin Jakka. But why is Byakuya still working with him? He should know by now that helping someone as dangerous as Kouga escape will cause a great dent in his honor. Not only that, but he will lose the trust of all the captains. I’m surprise Yamamoto has done nothing to punish him as of yet.

    Matt Gross
  3. While I was watching this, all I could think was that the people who wrote this have never seen fire, nor do they know anything about it. For example, fire is not solid. Not only can it not be frozen, it can be passed through like its nothing.

    To paraphrase my good friend Morbo: “FIRE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!”

    Also, the cheesiness and Inoue’s role REALLY annoyed me.
    Looking forward to the Ichigo vs.Ulquiorra fight as well

    Kit Kat
  5. MAN!! THIS ARC IS DA SHIT!!!! “mean that in a good way”.. @Torint…dude..it’s anime, anything goes!! he could freeze the gas from his ass if he wanted to. gotta love how byakuya doesn’t look at a dude when responding to them and simply justify s any actions by “following his pride”. wish i could get away with dat crap! but i cant front, ichigo is turning into a one trick pony EX: inuyasha attack. and i though they would change that god awful cheesy “shine-ing star! embarrassing gospel/mowtown music” whenever ichigo makes a move. CORNY!! but i never get tired of seeing death gods fight other death gods powers, bankai’s and all dat, that’s why its cool

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. its Inoue, she heals everybody, remember those hollows abusing her when captive of aizen…those hollows get destroyed and wot does she do heal her attackers….inoue being the naive idiot isn’t anything new…only reason to keeping inoue alive is cause ichigo needs a healer on his team…

  7. on ep247: good fights, though katen n sougyou died too quickly.

    on ep248: hitsugaya n hyourinmaru entering the flames might be a dumb idea, but orihime healing muramasa is even worse. wish i could strangle her on the spot.

    we’ll most likely know byakuya’s reason of sticking with muramasa through
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. about byakuya i have heard a theroy that Kouga is a kuchiki and byakuya wanted to take him out to clear the honor of his family or something. would explain why he is spouting all this “Pride” stuff.

  9. i agree with everyone here. what’s the deal with healing your enemy? oh no you can’t just leave them behind cause they’re suffering. screw orihime. if that person tried to kill me imma let them die lol

    gotta agree with omni. what’s the point in Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru jumping into that pit of flames? and couldnt they all escape with Ichigo too instead of standing there and watch him fly off?

    Byakuya need more screen time! D:<

  10. The Kuchiki Kouga theory sounds nice, wouldn’t surprise me. I figured it had to do with minimizing losses, but that sounds more fitting of the character.

    I loved how Number One played while Chibi was the one taking care of the flames. ^_^ Goooo Chibi!

    Michael Chandra
  11. The more the arc goes on the more likely it seems Kouga is a member of, or related in some way, to the Kuchiki’s. Byakura is clearly going to attempt to restore his family’s honor. Hopefully it ends with someone other than Ichigo beating the main villain, but we all know that can’t happen.

    Also, is it me or is Yamato the laziest man ever? He could have easily bested Ryujin Jakka but preferred to watch Ichigo the Meathead get burnt over and over by flames. And how old is this guy anyway, a revolt in Seireitei is a pretty huge deal. If he’s the only one that remembers it then its clear all the other captains were not even alive (as alive as a Shinigami can get) when it occurred.

    So Very Odd
  12. @so very odd- it’s not that yamato is lazy. it’s that he can’t gain control of his zanpakuto. during the ep he said he’d wait a while til he can control it and conveniently he does towards the end of the ep.

  13. @ Fruitspunch: Honestly, Bleach is still a sprightly teenager compared to One Piece. That series passed 400 almost a year ago. I’ve considered trying it out but the monstrous size is somewhat daunting.

    I am enjoying this filler arc (it’s got plot holes and logical fallacies up the wazoo, but it’s shonen fightin’ anime, not Death Note), but every episode I see Muramasa fucking around with Ichigo and his buddies is an episode that ISN’T the Ulquiorra fight. If LOLKIBO’s not careful he’ll make us wait so long that he’ll never be able to live up to the expectations.

    And yes, someone bitchsmack Orihime, please. This arc could’ve been over if she’d just Tatsuki’d him in the heart. I hope her most outspoken fairy beats the hell out of her for that one.

  14. I was seriously impressed by Dumbledore’s fire magic in the sixth Harry Potter movie. And now Ryuujin Jakka looks cheesy. …and as we know, FIRE DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY DAMMIT. Freezing fire! Oh well, it was actually shown in the first X-men movie too, but this… WTF.

    I’m betting that Byakuya knows Kouga personally. Bleach originals give stuff like that 100%. See, Kusaka who was a close friend of Hitsugaya, Homura and Shizuku who were long-lost childhood friends of Rukia, etc etc. Now it’s Byakuya’s turn? And I’m also betting that his pride bullshit has got something to do with some sort of pact or promise or something similar with Kouga.

  15. Freezing fire!

    Easy explanation: It’s MAGIC! This anime has spells, gods of death, Orihime/Aizen god abilities, so this is not unusual. To quote My Cousin Vinny: “Apparently the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove! What are these? Magic grits?!”

    Theoretical explanation: The fire of ryuujin-jakka is kido-based, so it contains not only light and energy, but spirit particles and reiatsu too. In bleach you can freeze, burn, turn into water/ice, etc., the spirit particles. Same concept with Hyorinmaru, since they’re apparently two opposing elemental forces. How else is Hitsuguya creating water/ice out of thin air?

    If you rely on the real world logic too much then great anime like FullMetal Alchemist and The Slayers would fall apart. Yeah, MAGIC!

    Kouga, Ichigo, then Ulquiorra fight: Coming up! More MAGIC!

  16. I think Muramasa’s master is from Byakuya’s clan. Yamamoto told that it was very long ago (even ukitake and shunshui didn’t know about that) so maybe he was from one of the 4 noble family’s, from this point Byakuya’s. And Byakuya said that he follows his pride – this means, if someone from his family betrays Soul Society rules, his pride commands to punish them (for example, Rukia’s case).

  17. LOL When Ishida came and shot at Muramasa after Inoue healed him, I wanted Ishida to just some out and say “damn it, Inoue, stop !@#$ing doing that!”

    Arc would be finished if not for Inoue. xd

  18. Have to say the arc is dragging on now and I just want it to end.
    Muramasa wanting to free his Shinigami just eliminates the whole point of this arc, a Zanpakutou rebellion. Now it’s just your typical filler plot.
    Kouga is obviously somehow related to Byakuya’s clan, which is why his ‘pride’ has been instructing him to stick close to Muramasa as he’s the only one who can free him and give him his chance to restore his pride.
    The Inoue bit was just complete nonsense. She’s a very innocent character, and she’s quick to see the good in some ‘bad’ characters, but she’s not so stupid as to heal an enemy that attacks her on first glance.
    Anyways, hopefully Kouga gets released asap so we can cut to the chase and get back on manga track sooner rather than later.

  19. Fuck! Where are Katen Kyokotsu or Sogyo no Kotowari!!! I don’t care about Tobiume or Haneiko! this chapter confirm it, Ichigo is very stupid, just how Inoue, the perfect couple yeah! The only interesting now is why Byakuya follow the bug-zampakutoh Muramasa, this arc was so disapointing…

  20. samu. I think I’m almost in love with you. WHAT LOGIC! Man, I love people who are able to analyze stuff like that like that. Scientific thinking beyond the normal scientific thinking, man! You seriously impressed me so much.

  21. Absurdities: a strange presence appears, so Urahara sends the human weaklings out to investigate it? Wtf? And why would Orihime, if she traveled in a group with Ishida and Chad, get to Muramasa first? Wouldn’t Ishida hold her back? It’s logical, given her kindness, to heal Muramasa, but for her to be so far ahead of the others that she would have the time to do so is nothing short of extraordinary.

    But even more so is how Vizard Ichigo is depicted as able to overcome Ryujin Jakka almost effortlessly–not the whole inferno, mind you, but he could repel individual flames easily once he donned his mask. What the hell? When did Ichigo become so in control of his powers and, furthermore, so deified by Ukitake, Yoruichi, and Yamamoto? They speak as though he’s the only hope for anything in the series–which makes little sense, given the power levels of the other captains in the manga. Ichigo has potential to surpass them even without his mask, it seems, but his many failures to do so make me wonder how the other captains can simply implicitly trust him as though he’s the greatest, most in-control captain they ever came across. Nonsense.

    This arc felt tight at first, but it’s becoming sloppier and sloppier, and I just want it to be over. Compensation: the animation quality has been pretty tight compared to other filler arcs in the past and even to many non-filler episodes.

  22. @calliope- it is a filler arc so it wont tie into the actual story. it’s the same during the Amagai filler Ichigo don his mask in front of yamato and then all of a sudden POOF he’s back at Las Noches kicking ass and yamato forgets. so it’s not surprising that his mask will poop out in front of the captains. But i do agree with the whole “Go kick Muramasa’s ass cause we can’t” was ridiculously stupid.

    to maybe answer your Orihime Q. I guess she was the only one closer to the scene and happened to see Muramasa before anyone else.

  23. haha inoue..silly girl. and wtf Hitsugaya?!! jumpin in the middle of the flaming inferno…good one. Hey look everyone is in the big fireball prison, lets go join them Hyorinmaru! …idiot. buuut I still love him 🙂

    Electra Red
  24. isnt it simply everyone hitsugaya jumped in the flames so he could be trapped with everyone leaving ichigo to be the savior once again. Plus I totally forgot how awesome a design Hyorinmaru was. I also agree that Orihime deserves the almighty “FIVE ACROSS THE EYES!!!”in the voice of Al Bundy. I dont care how nice a person is. Someone try to mind control me and drops dead. Im walking away and shruggin it off. They just wanted Muramasa healed so Chad and Ishida would have something to do. Sooo ready for some Vasto Lorde Ichigo awesomeness.

  25. I’m more surprised to see that Hyourinmaru/Hitsugaya could even
    freeze Ryuujin Jakka’s flames.

    Not simply because of the fact that it’s flames we’re talking
    about here.

    I’m shocked because I’d expect Ryuujin Jakka to be too powerful
    to have it’s flames quelled by damn near anyone except Aizen.

  26. To everyone complaining about the captins telling ichigo that he is the only one who can stop Muramasa it cause, in case you didnt notice, they dont have there zanpakuto’s!!! Ukitake and kyoraku’s got roasted and Yammamoto said that he could get his back eventually but it will take time! so ichigo is the only one who can use his full power and thats why they send him after Muramasa. i dont know about hitsugaya though, he had his sword back but was just stupid to jump into the fire pit.

  27. LOL this is the dumbest shit I have seen… Still beats the crap out of that stupid lurichiyo SAMA ARC… fk if i heard that stupid lurichiyo name once more fkn time i would have broken my brand new 26″ monitor.

    Oh and dont get me started on the bounto… bleach wins by far with shittiest fillers.

  28. “#Torint at 8:06 pm on December 2nd, 2009

    While I was watching this, all I could think was that the people who wrote this have never seen fire, nor do they know anything about it. For example, fire is not solid. Not only can it not be frozen, it can be passed through like its nothing.

    To paraphrase my good friend Morbo: “FIRE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!””

    And you know what else? Fire doesn’t act on its own going after people. Neither does it just burn forever on top of a pile of rocks. The whole scene was stupid but gimme a break.


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