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  1. Maybe we’ll finally see some sort of ablility from Komamura’s Ban Kai. At least I think that should be the case from what we’ve seen of it so far that thing is too big and too slow to last long against a Captain Level Vizard

  2. I thought this was one of the best Bleach chapters in a long time. Don’t really get what you hate about Bleach. Seems like everything this manga does someone is right there to trash. If ichigo gets hollow power after almost 200 chapters some say “where the hell did that come from”; if he stays where he is some complain why isn’t he getting stronger. Either you are reading the Manga not knowing it’s a shounen or, i donno, simply want to complain. I guess you can’t please everyone always.

    Btw regarding tousen, have you ever broken up with your Girl Friend? And just for the sake of argument, considering you still love her and she dumped you. I think the same is happening with shuuhei. This one is really easy to get once you have some shitty break ups happening to you. He likes him, of course you cannot beat some one you like.

  3. Fanta: I didn’t say that it was a bad chapter – I thought it was okay, and I was very amused that Tousen had a Cobra Commander mask. If it seems like I complain a lot about the manga, it’s because I’m itching for the plot to move forward in a significant way. I understand that shounen series tend to lengthen battles significantly, but even you have to admit that this battle has gone on for ages. Now in the absence of significant plot advancement, I find it interesting to see and talk about new developments in character abilities and powers, and that’s what I was really looking for this chapter.

  4. @omni
    I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m sorry if you got that impression. I understand your point. it’s just that after 3-4 years of the manga following this way, it’s pretty much guaranteed it will not go any faster. Even by Bleach standards that was a heavy-on-plot chapter. The problem that I think even Kubo is aware of is that if he gives characters like Tousen a big boost and something really new and different, it leaves others (royal guards, Urahara’s people and so on with virtually nothing. Then it will get to Dragon Ball level which one little power up would cause an earthquake! Bleach is not Naruto so he can’t make jutsus. It’s pretty much the higher the reiatsu, the more powerful the character.

    anyways, keep reviewing the chapters. i Always enjoy them even when i bicth sometimes 😛

  5. Actually the main problem with Bleach besides the plot movement is also the time allocation/balancing to certain fights. No.6 and No.5 and No.4 of the top dudes got lengthy battle sequences but the No.3, No.2, and No.1 get jack shit by comparison even though they are supposedly the strongest. The only real fight that got a decent segment of screen time would have been No.2’s fight but the other two were either trapped in ice for awhile being forgotten about or not taking anything seriously and just reading their opponent (not that I am against opponents analyzing each other because it is an important part of actual fighting but there just needs to be more when they go all out).

    The brightest point about Bleach is that it has by far the most interesting characters out of the three big shounen mangas (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece).

  6. One of the best chapter in a long that even a joke?
    This chapter was ridiculous. I don’t even want to stand up my point, it is just obvious.
    I just love how koma says that Tousen has fallen, bleach itself is too…
    Though i will still keep reading since I can’t quit after reading one specially after 2-3 years…(its for those people who always say “if u hate that much, stop reading”)

  7. “Maybe Komamura’s bankai will be a better challenge for Tousen so that we can see if he gained any special abilities with his Hollow mask.”

    Nope. Komamura will probably last a couple of minutes (translation: two chapters) and then he’ll be beaten to show how tough the new Tosen is. Gin will do the same (probably Hitsugaya and maybe one of the Visored), then Ichi-Jesus shows up.

  8. I bet all he got is a cero, they are probably like shinji and them. The only person I’m expecting to be different is aizen since I’m assuming he is a natural born hollow like Ichigo.

    Komamura is probably to slow to catch up to him.

  9. ive lost all respect for tosen after his pathetic attempt at answering komamura and hisagi’s questions. At first i thout tosen had a deeper meaning in joining aizens group becuz he seemed to put protecting the weak before anything else, but it turns out he was just a coward seeking power. He just didnt wanted to be stronger then a shinigami and betrayed everyone for that.

    also u cant blame hisagi for not being careful. Tosen was an idol and a teacher to him and he was obviously devastated by his desertion. Hisagi was also unprepared to actually kill Tosen and desperately wanted him to repent. imagine if a father-like figure of yours completely abandoned u and u learned that all the values that he taught u were mere lies.

  10. AHA!! I knew it, I KNEW IT!! Aizen can make Vizords for his own, wonder whats next, Gin without a doubt will be next. Knowing how the Final Battle will turn out, Ichigo and Aizen will probably fight each other, both Vizord, both using their Zanpactou’s full power, and giving all they got.

  11. I found this chapter to be quite… unimpressive. I mean, I remember you highlighted that there was hopefully going to be some interesting developments after that 1 week break, but ehhh… I mean, it was kinda anti-climactic how all Tousen did was use his Hollow Mask.

    Then again, he DOES have the weakest bankai ever (Zaraki tore it apart ages ago).

    I think your issue with the plot not moving forward is very very valid. Bleach used to be great at just about everything, from character development, to fights, to special moves all the way to plot.

    It seems like its only focused on fights and moves after the Soul Society arc closed up, which I think is a real shame.

    Bleach was cool cause it had both story and plot. It doesn’t need to totally rip off DBZ as it is these days =/

  12. would anybody think of seeing komamura strike a new skill out of his bankai? well I would…

    anyways, a hollow mask hopefully, would be an obstacle for all shinigamis (well maybe that’s where der vaizards come in) AND I would wanna see what happened to Wonderweiss…

    I know it’s exciting, since Kubo wants to drag the show, den let’s drag our thoughts alongside his work. Muahahaha…

  13. Even though the part of tousen can see is used alot this week, it would give him a fricking power-up which would probably comparable to ichi’s second vizard form if it would be true.

    Think of it like this, Tousen is already fricking captain level while being blind, something which would be kinda hard since you’d actually need to see, hear, feel or whatever sense is/are needed to have a fighting-chance against even the weakest of opponents and tousen is supposed to be one of the strongest in the whole series, so giving him the ability to see would probably essentially make him as powerful as ichi is in his second vizard form… (Maybe even being able to take aizen or yamamoto heads on and still win)

  14. All I want is for Komamura to release his bankai already.
    And I don’t mean that huge-ass guy!!
    I mean the thousand ninja squirrels that are inside his sword!!!
    Obviously the big guy is just an extra!!

  15. Damrod: …..Seriously?
    You do realize he can fight just fine because he learned to hear his opponents steps and that receiving eye-sight is technicaly not supposed to help him much if at all, right?

    “The brightest point about Bleach is that it has by far the most interesting characters out of the three big shounen mangas (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece).”
    In your opinion at least Koroshiya.
    This is a really subjective matter.

    I at least find Bleach to have the least intresting characters.
    These days, the only thing I like about most Bleach characters is thier design, but that’s about it…

  16. CK: yes, seriously.

    When fighting a blind swordfighter like tousen all you need to do is make sure he doesn’t hear where you are and you could chop of his head with ease, you could even do that then by simply walking in front of him as if you where going to a tea-party instead of killing someone. Take that handicap away and it would increase his chances in a fight…

    Or if i may use a example from avatar, if toph gains her eyesight back then she would be stronger then without it since she can actually shoot at flying targets instead of only being able to fight opponents who touch the ground.

  17. Damrod: I think that Tosen’s ability to sense his opponents has more to do with his reiatsu-sense than hearing or touch. So just neutralizing his hearing wouldn’t be enough. Though Komamura did manage to sneak up on him during their flashback together, specifically by hiding his own reiatsu. You’d think a huge mofo like Komamura would be easy as hell to hear coming, too.

  18. I see that the Kubo is getting more and more creative with the new hollow masks – Ichigo gets 2 straight stripes while Tosen get’s a cut through the middle… I’m guessing the next one will have a black dot and the one after that will be blank

  19. I totally agree with CK about the character’s desing being the best of bleach nowadays…This was my favorite manga a looooong time ago, but now I can’t care less for the characters, their war, their motives (wait! motives? wich ones?, because all we see now is fight and empty talk…) bleach lost that….the plot/the motives behind their resolve/determination to fight… I feel like for Ichigo is some kind of game (“I want to cut my arm so we are equals??? WTF! if you are taking the “protect everyone” serious, you would take the advange you have, and kill him before he kill you… On the other hand, there is no real sacrifice/training/effort in their way of gaining power or in their fights…they don’t learn nothing during them…they just have this powers or they win because they already were stronger than their oponent…and because this I don’t get exited or see any meaning to their fight or any plot development…I am so mad at you Kubo Tite for transforming Bleach and its charaters into this…

  20. Captan level vizard vs. only captain level – Komamura should get his ass kicked really hard! But i bet Tousen will lose anyway.

    *Sigh* The way Bleach handles power levels is soo annoying! In Dragonball Z the characters at least had to train like mad to level up.
    But in Bleach, when some charcters get super power boosts and special abilities, the others can mysteriously still fight them on par anyway!? its just stupid.

  21. Damrod:
    Except you’d expect that for a blind person that is much more relient on sound, and thus have much more developped that sense than the normal person, to hear you coming even if you were to walk on your tip toes and barely make sound. And I don’t know about his sense of smell, but if that’s ery developped too that’s even worse because each person has his unique smell and he can tell exactly where you are.

    So really, his opponent has to have the exact same sense-killing powers as him to make him have a handicap…

  22. Maybe throwing some stink bombs while being silent and hiding the powerlevel then?
    Smelling the opponent would be hard thanks to the stench, hearing would be hard thanks to the silent approach and sensing the reiatsu would be hard since he is hiding it?
    Sight is something he doesn’t have… so that would leave touch, which can be negated if the opponent can cut him done before the dodge like zaraki did in his fight against him.

    Anything i forgot before his sight would be a good idea to return?

  23. Yes, you ‘forgot’ that having his sight return would change absolutely nothing, because he’s been that way for countless years, and, as a result, has shown himself to fight perfectly well without it.

    And before you bring up Kido, official material confirmed he isn’t all that great at it.

  24. My problem with this chapter is that it was too obvious. Aizen stole the hougyoku gem thing to give himself hollow powers, ie a Mask. So of course the three of them have masks, that was the whole point.

    Next, isn’t a little odd that Gin & Tousen are so powerful when they are just captain level masked shinigamis, when most of Shinji’s crew are too?

    Last, Komamura and Taisen are rather uninteresting characters to me. Both have the whole ‘I am righteous’ act down, but one betrayed all his allies and the other does a whole lot of nothing.

    Rant done. I still like the bleach manga because, Most of the characters are cool… drawing is much better than Naruto.

  25. @Feik
    Bleach is by the better shounen manga but you have to give the edge in pure drawing/character designs to Naruto. Some of the characters in Bleach are so poorly designed its a fucking joke. This is mostly an issue with the bad guys.

  26. @Feik

    I think we have to remember we never really saw what their true powers were until now. Gin took out a 3rd seat officer right out of the academy in the flashback arc. Tousen already had his bankai and was just a seated officer as well. Aizen was already making his move back then and for all we know he could have maxed out there. All bets are off just to how powerful they really are I think.

    However I agree that the power scaling and break down in this series is horrible. I know it has to happen but there really should have been more planning behind it. As said even Dragon Ball showed characters training before they receive their power increase. Of all the things to ignore this is the one they really shouldn’t have.

  27. “The big question is: if Aizen can create a vizard, can he remove the vizard power and return Ichigo and others to shinigami only?”

    Answer: No. Aizen’s powers come from the hougyoku and if it could turn vaizards back into regular shinigami, Urahara would’ve done it for Shinji’s group ages ago.

  28. I guess you can say what I said is opinion but in all honesty do you find the characters in Naruto interesting? Do you actually find the ones in One Piece interesting? I’m bored as hell out of Naruto’s characters whom have a very very shallow thought process and One Pieces characters are just massively amusing or cool/gar when they want to be but there is no interest in terms of philosophy/thoughts. On a whole I can’t really care about Naruto and Bleach anymore but One Piece is still going strong but that’s because One Piece does right what the other ones do wrong.

  29. I am a huge fan of Bleach but this saga has been dragging on and on and on. This chapters was pretty interesting but I think we need a break from all the action and some time to build up suspense before some of the more serious fights to come. Hopefully they end the Yammy fight quickly at least, and maybe once Ichigo gets back Aizen will decide to move on and leave them there and continue his plan.

  30. I predict…

    After Tousen is defeated, Ichigo will arrive and Gin will check his power level. He will turn to Aizen and instruct him it is indeed over 9000. Aizen will scream in outrage because the scouter is stating his power level is over 9000. Ichigo will then use the Spirit bomb…

  31. ” guess you can say what I said is opinion but in all honesty do you find the characters in Naruto interesting? Do you actually find the ones in One Piece interesting? I’m bored as hell out of Naruto’s characters whom have a very very shallow thought process and One Pieces characters are just massively amusing or cool/gar when they want to be but there is no interest in terms of philosophy/thoughts. On a whole I can’t really care about Naruto and Bleach anymore but One Piece is still going strong but that’s because One Piece does right what the other ones do wrong.”
    Wait, wait, wait…
    Your saying you find Naruto characters unintresting but Bleach characters are???

    I agree with you on everything here more or less, except calling bleach characters intresting…
    I mean come on, when you think about it the bleach characters have an even much shallower way of thinking than those in Naruto!! All they actually think about are fights…. And even at that they don’t think seriously and get distracted with some inner-squabbeling or meaningless talk or whatever.
    D: I mean seriously these days you just can’t say Bleach characters are any better than Naruto ones. (In my opinion they are even worse actually…)

  32. Another slow chapter. Only highlight was a little bit of backstory between Tousen and Hisagi. Apart from that, the mask was just too predictable and even though Tousen is powerful anyway, you’d think that the original Vizards would kick more ass since they’ve been able to train and adapt to their hollification for alot longer than the likes of Tousen.
    Either way, I just want this fight to end so the plot can move forward.
    I guess it’s just a matter of time before Ichigo arives to save the day…


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