In Soul Society, Zaraki continues to battle Tenken, Yoruichi continues to battle Tobiume and Haineko, and Yamamoto, Hitsugaya, Ukitake, and Kyouraku continue to try to get out of Ryuujin Jakka’s flames. Over in the real world, Ishida and Sado engage in battle with Muramasa, however Muramasa has Senbonzakura on his side. He is able to incapacitate Sado by entering his inner world, but shortly thereafter, Rukia arrives to help. Muramasa opts to keep them busy by bringing forth a group of Hollows, and he personally makes his way to the tree where his master is being kept. He’s able to free Kouga, and Ichigo doesn’t show up until it’s too late to stop the process.


All things considered, I thought this was a pretty good episode. Like I mentioned last week, I’m still not thrilled that more time is being spent on Yoruichi and Zaraki fighting what I think are fairly pointless battles, and seeing Tenken like this only reinforces my belief that Komamura has a relatively weak bankai, which is notable given what’s going on in the manga right now. But I liked watching Ishida, Sado, and even Inoue as they got back into the thick of things. Their battle against Muramasa was a nice change of pace since it’s been a while since we’ve seen them in action, and Ishida in particular fared better than expected against Senbonzakura. It was also interesting to see what Kouga looked like, but even more interesting was how the preview appeared to indicate that what happened in the past with Byakuya’s grandfather is behind why Byakuya is helping Muramasa now.


  1. Is it me or did the characters’ personalities seem especially inconsistent in this episode?
    I mean when does Yachiru ever get really scared for Kenpachi? Especially when he looks like he’s barely threatened. The facial expressions and what the characters said.. everyone seemed kinda off.

  2. 1.Muramasa actually looked a bit regretful when Orihime scolded him. That was rather out of character.

    2.Ha! Senbonzakura: ‘koko wa, to-san’ (“You shall not pass”) made me laugh – Gandalf did it waaaay better.

    3.Waaaay too many dramatic pauses in this ep. First Hitsugaya and then Orihime.

    4.Yay for DB for translating Chad’s go to phrase ‘mondai nai’ as (“No problemo.)

    5.That last scene of Kouga opening his eyes w/ blue lightning behind was bad-ass.

    6.The Shinigami’s Cup was pretty funny. Ryuujin Jakka doing chores for the old man.

    (Also, thanks so much to Omni for posting this so quick and for keeping this blog going, despite Bleach’s seemingly longer than natural ep&ch count. A’zas’)

  3. I really don’t know why anyone would want these fillers to end, most of the episodes have been better than any of the latest canon material. At least with this we have gotten to see fights that have involved some semblance of strategy instead of some giant pissing contest of power like we normally that usually involves some conveniently placed power-ups.

  4. I got a kick out of the voice over at the end with Ishida (and maybe Chad and Inoue) giving Ichigo some shit about going to Soul Society alone and leaving them out of the series for last couple months. Funny stuff!

  5. @bluth: Manga plot is a hell of a lot better than these fillers imo. But yeah that aside, everyone wants fillers to end because they cut the anime just when Ichigo was about to fight Ulquiorra!

  6. sorry I cant watch this filler anymore. It should have been over the last episode but someone *cough*Orihime*cough* decided to heal the dying enemy. Muramasa appears to have whooped on Chad. It is so predictable now. Ichigo comes and fights with Kouga cue Number One. Kouga goes on about some unfairness in his life like all filler villains cue sad melody theme. Ichigo reluctantly kills Kouga despite Byakuya wanting to take care of him. All the zanpukto return to their shinigami even those destroyed by none masters. Then Ichigo returns to Hueco Mundo like “Whoa that was a freaky dream.”

  7. april?!?! how many more filler arcs must we suffer through? y can’t ichigo just defeat this boss using a rasengan? i mean it worked for prev animes during their filler modes?

  8. It doesn’t seem like this could be stretched out until April. I mean what is left finding out why Byakuya helped Muramasa. Killing Muramasa and Kouga, and finding a way to repair all of the broken zanpaktou. Even with all that April? I expect a lot more of the more pointless episodes to come, like last week’s were all that was accomplished was getting out of the fire ring.

  9. @abe: Hah, good summary of Ichigo’s last fight with Kariya from the Bount Arc.
    I want to see the Captain Commander fight the humanoid Ryuujin-jakka. I hope it’s some teenage kid with fire in his eyes(pun intended).
    Is Byakuya going to power-up using his version of the mask, like from the ending? His flower petals should become red, like blood!
    It seems Kouga just looks old. When he powers up he’ll get younger-looking.
    I hope Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo materialize and try to triple-team Kouga and Muramasa; the animation team can go nuts with that for something epic!
    Oh, and when this arc finishes with Ichigo and Byakuya teaming up to kill Kouga, Ichigo will wake up at Lurichiyo’s place and go, “wow that was weird,” and that’s how they’re going to stretch this filler to april!

  10. what i heard is that this zanpakuto arc with muramasa and kouga will end soon and then we will have ten episodes of fillar about god knows what, probobly more random crap. then after all that ichigo vs ulquiorra will happen in april (4th month of the year, i see what you did thar)

  11. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (count em, Four!) did someone say sneak peek of the Ulquiorra fight!? why yes i did! i now love the chinese Bleach fandom forever for this! it is from a new videogame and i cannot stop watching it! XD
    please follow these links:
    this is pretty much the same in AMV form with a few extra scenes!

    OMG April cannot come soon enough now!

  12. April? Blah! How could they make these go til then?

    Anyway, I’ll admit that after a while I did start enjoying these fillers a bit. But now it just getting stale. I mean c’mon, how much for crap can you put into this?


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