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Oh yea, I almost forgot, I’m really looking forward to the certain fight in the anime after seeing the Soul Carnival 2 video of it (major spoilers obviously if you’re not following the manga).


  1. man, I loved this chapter. There is a theory going on the Internet saying that it is possible that Shinji’s bankai / shikai of make the enemy see things backwards, like if he attacks from the left, aizen will see it from the right, ’cause there’s some pictures where he (Shinji) writes backwards and stuff like that.

  2. Yeah, Shinji was introduced as the “backward-guy” by Hiyori, or something like that. He wrote his name backwards in the school, and he was usually staying in the air, upside down.

    But it would be a pretty lame ability. If he don’t kill the enemy in one shot, it lose its meaning, since they can easily realize that what was that (especially Aizen, who is very smart).

  3. Naturally you can’t expect Shinji to win, but I can see him at least making Aizen break a sweat and more importantly, show that he isn’t the god he thinks he is by inflicting some damage.
    As for Tousen, I’ve never really liked his character. I did like his reasoning for justice in the past but it seems he’s a much simpler character than that and just wants revenge. Hopefully he gets killed off soon.

  4. Umm not sure what to think about this. I wanted to see Shinji vs Aizen and get thrown right back to Voldo…I mean Tousen vs Furry. I always dreaded Tousen and Konamaru because I really dont like either one of them. Both of their bankais have always been so stupid. Now again looks like Tousen’s resureccion is going to revolve around engulfing lack of senses to his opponent. They should have Kubo should gave us a little something something with Shinji.

    @Viral: I think you may be onto something. Maybe Shinji can reverse Aizen’s effects on him. That is probably the reason another reason why he allowed Aizen in his squad way back when. It is probably some sensory reversal, brainwire crossing technique to make you go left when you want to go right.

  5. Holy shit, that looks AWESOME! Did the animation studio leak some footage of the upcoming Ulquiorra fight? The VAs for the new footage sound the same, so either some Japanese fanboy has way too much time on his hands and an amazingly versatile voice, or this is a legit leak.

    Looks like the violence will be censored (goddamn the studio execs and their overtight assholes) since they seem to have edited out the part Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m going to be very upset if they fuck this fight up because they don’t want to show so much as a droplet of blood in the most violent fight of the entire series.

    Still … OMG, I can’t wait for the filler to end now. >_< LOLKUBO will probably stretch it out another five months in revenge for this leaked footage …

    Oh, and far as the manga goes, I liked the latest chapter as well. Tousen’s mask looks better with the “teeth” and I’m interested in seeing the first Vizard Resurrection, not counting full-hollow Ichigo. Tho, I’m more interested in seeing what Shinji can do with his sword besides shoot Ceros with it.

  6. Well doing Neuroscience, it’s easy to understand that type of reasoning for Shinji’s power. Though it’s going to be tough since everything does not cross like the eyes, only half of each eye cross over, while the others don’t and yeah unless you have a diagram of that it confuses anyone.

    If Shinji can control which nerve crosses over and not it makes his life easier by controlling the opponent and switching it over when they are attacking to make them miss or screw up their movements.

  7. Well. This move by Tosen at least explains the way Ichigo managed to, um, act in the later stages of the Ulquiorra duel.

    That vizards and others who have undergone Hollowification have that capacity takes Ichigo’s newest trick and actually places it in the hands of a number of other characters – protagonists and antagonists both.

  8. “Ultimately, I don’t expect Shinji to win, but maybe he’ll do enough to force Aizen to use his bankai or something before Ichigo shows up.” Actually, wouldn’t that be great for Ichigo? If Aizen’s already in Bankai, he can’t pull the Shikai trick on Ichigo.

    Michael Chandra
  9. I almost had a heart and panic attack over how exciting that clip was, is the best way to feel how i felt about seeing that clip, the fillers aren’t terrible, but i’m desperate for them to end now..

  10. OK, I feel stupid now. 😛 Apparently not really a leak. I do wonder if they used the same animation they plan on using for the actual fight, or if this was drawn up specially for the game. I hope that, at the very least, there’ll be more animation and dialogue between the big action scenes I’d been waiting to see for so long.

    Wild that they’d release such a huge spoiler for the fight, and in a video game at that, but I must add my name to the list of those who soiled themselves in eagerness for the series’ penultimate fight. All the fights since have felt anticlimactic at best, and when animated will probably seem quite the slog after the dust settles from “The Lust.” At least the three traitors are showing us some stuff we haven’t seen before.

  11. well yeah it was good, but another week later then we see some Shinji action? Haiz…

    and also thanks Omni for the video, man after seeing it I immediately sent it to my friends! Damn such spoilers…

  12. Wow, Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight is awesome. Can’t wait for the anime to return back to the main storyline.. And may I ask, Bleach Soul Carnival 2 for PSP, how many characters are there?

    Thank you for the video.

    Phoenix S
  13. If vizards have Resurrección like arrancars, so wouldn’t that work in both ways (if it’s logical)? Means arrancars also must have shikai and bankai because thay managed to get shinigami powers. Speculation – I think 2nd Ulquiorra’s “resurrección” was really a bankai unknowingly to Ulquiorra himself (that’s why another time I think only Ulquiorra was the real vasto lord from Espada…knowing K.T. Wonderweiss will be the second).

  14. I honestly don’t get why Bleach isn’t over yet? Shouldn’t Kubo make up some bullshit reason or powerup for Kenpachi or Ichigo to cleave the world in two? Its always the same bullcrap formula for EVERY fight.

  15. Alright, for that fight scene I can forgive them for making Orihime so utterly useless as a character. I still think the series went down a boring shonen road fast but I can forgive them for that at least.

  16. Ugggh. Don’t look forward to the fight Omni. In the manga it was seriously the most boring 8 or so chapters in existence. Then again I hate Uliquorra because he’s almost a vampire and so sexually frustrated females who love abuse and cold indifference love him.

    Protip: You won’t ever see a fight as good as Byakuya v Ichigo ever again. Ever…again…

  17. Too bad Ichigo made that fight last about a minute after he went hallow demon on Ulqu. But I really don’t give a shit about bleach. What made me start watching it was Ichigo V Byakuya anyway. That was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen – & KT knows it. He can never touch anything as good as that again with this boring ass show which is trying to last forever. I haven’t even watched a full bleach episode in 2 years 😛 I just want Ichigo to control that resurrección of his so this shit can end. But knowing KT, he’ll have some kind of shitty arc with the King, then he’ll reset everything from there.

  18. Megas, if “this boring ass show” repulses you so much, why are you wasting your time on a blog devoted to said show? There must be anime you like better that you can watch. Why beat your head into a wall if it hurts?


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