Hundreds of years ago, there had indeed been an uprising in Soul Society, but Kouga had been on the Gotei 13 side. In addition to this, he had become Kuchiki Ginrei’s son-in-law, but Ginrei had concerns about Kouga not yet having the heart necessary to master his Zanpakutou’s power. Kouga was more than capable of putting down the rebel forces though, and Yamamoto had appointed him the head of a special unit. The problem was that Kouga had also made some powerful enemies, and they framed him for attacking men on his own side. When the punishment included the disempowerment of Muramasa, Ginrei had explained to Kouga that what people were really afraid of was Muramasa going out of control. Kouga, however, felt that Ginrei still didn’t accept him, and after Ginrei left, Muramasa had materialized inside the prison cell. Muramasa had urged Kouga to follow his instincts and had broken him out of prison, though Kouga had emphasized that he was still the master. Now, back in the present, Muramasa approaches Kouga and is surprised to get stabbed in the gut.


This was a surprisingly good episode. I had thought that Kouga was just some crazy warlord in the past – which is probably what they wanted us to think – but now we know that it’s a lot more complicated than that and that he was actually part of the Kuchiki family. It looks like Kouga is technically Byakuya’s uncle (though if they really wanted a plot twist, they’d make him his father), and it finally makes sense now that Byakuya was probably helping Muramasa so that he could clear the family name. The episode didn’t even make Kouga out to be a bad guy, but since it’s kind of hard to hate on random Shinigami who are probably long since dead, Muramasa comes out of this looking like the biggest villain. That is, at least until we find out what happened during the rest of the past – and why Kouga is stabbing Muramasa now – because I’m sure that at some point, Ichigo will still have to fight Kouga.


  1. I love the plot twist. I was mildly surprised with the depth they’d put into Kouga’s character (I thought he’d be a man mad with power and that was it). ^.^ I actually do not mind this filler. Hurray! Cannot wait till the next episode. Thanks Omni!

  2. I find it funny how this is moving at a good pace, and the manga seems to be going at a pace that will end up requiring another filler. Luckily enough, I don’t mind fillers at all, because I prefer reading the manga over watching the anime(Cause I don’t have to worry about inconsistency in the drawings. lol)I am enjoying the filler over what’s going on right now in the manga(which is suffering from “‘please this over with’ syndrome”)

  3. i hope that will air in the philippines soon, thanks to GMA Network

    Where the heck is Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza episode 11!!!

    also, Kobato episode 10 & 11 Eyes episode 11, don’t ask about 11 Eyes episode 11, I don’t wanna know…. I always know

  4. Can they at least make the Captain Commander look a little younger? Perhaps a shorter beard…heh. And another crazy thought that I had when drinking away was that the girl who showed up briefly was perhaps Unohana, hmmm….nahhhhh

    And did anyone think when they saw Kouga in that mask think “Hello Clarice”.

  5. My gosh… This is really quite decent. This isn’t filler, this is almost (if not better than–!) ‘mediocre anime’ level! Combined with the first few episodes with their amazing graphics and use of soundtrack and intriguing theme (not to mention Hichigo!) we have ourselves something that lends itself to watching!

  6. My Theory toward this is..Byakuya knew of this Kouga and Muramasa and wanted to see this power that Soul Society feared, more or less Ginrei Kuchiki too…So Byakuya wants to test his skill level against Kouga and prob will try to fight him and see if he was worthy of being the Son-In-law of the Kuchiki name

  7. I guess Kouga’s plan was to only prove his innocence back then and live up to the Kuchiki name but thanks to his zanpakutou, everything that Ginrei was trying to make him understand got warped.. *inserting spoiler* the thing or person that bothers me now is that, who is this woman that keeps popping up in the Kuchiki household.. Byakuya’s mom perhaps? 😀

  8. @Omni what of if Kouga is actually his father and not his uncle think about Byakuya dresses like kouga and the female that kept on appearing seemed to be Ginrei’s daughter so that means she is actually Byakuya’s mother now its makes a lot of sense why they concealed her face and why Byakuya has been acting strange lately.

  9. @ Omni

    If that female is Byakuya’s mother then history is repeating itself what i mean to say is Byakuya mom married Kouga, who is not part of the Kuchiki family and Bykauya married Rukia’s Sister who is also not part of the family also the similarities between Byakuya and Kouga the hairclip is a very good example of this, seems to suggest that they are father and son because up until now Byakuya’s parents were never shown,his grandfather is the only family member we know of i guess you can say Ginrei never fully accpeted Kouga as his son in law ,let alone part of his family because ofe his background.

  10. did the Captain-Commander said a thing as to why Byakuya sided with Muramasa? I forgot, coz if he didn’t, then he trusts Byakuya’s judgement on the matter(like back then with Ginrei), seeing that this whole show of Muramasa just drags on and on and srsly needs closure.. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Does anyone curious where Ukitake Shunshui and 4 squad captain were at that time? Thay should be there as a captains to, because it is only 200 years ago, and they were caiptains thousand years and more I think.

  12. I’m thinking the scheming captains get discovered soon after and were replaced by Shunsui, Ukitake, and Unohana. I think they’ve been there about 200 years? But maybe not, considering they didn’t know who Muramasa was…

  13. I highly doubt Kouga is Byakuya’s father.
    This is filler and unless the studio got permission from Kubo Tite himself that he would never touch upon such a matter, then it would be stepping on possible future canon material.
    However, I admit that would certainly be interesting although the more likley case is that Byakuya was aware of Kouga due to his grandfather telling him and wants to once and for all clear his family’s name. That is after all the pride he was talking about.
    Interesting to see how things end. Byakuya would be a fitting opponent but more likley than not Ichigo will step in to save the day, and who knows, perhaps a materialized Hichigo will make an appearance like seen in the OP…
    Either way, they need to drag this out for a while longer since they manga is still dragging its feet and would leave the anime needing another filler arc rather quickly.

  14. @ Omni
    I know Kubo Tite designed the materialized Zanpakutou characters, but I haven’t heard that he was involved in the plot. Would certainly be interesting and give the arc more purpose if this is the case though, and Kouga is infact Byakuya’s father.

  15. So a group of Shinigami tried to make Kouga look like a traitor and everyone believed it and had Kouga imprisoned despite his protests, just because they were afraid of Kouga losing control of Muramasa? But it should be a good thing that a Shinigami puts his faith in his zanpaktou. It means the bond between them is growing stronger.

    Matt Gross
  16. Out of all the episodes of the Zampaktou arc, I would say this one is the best so far. Now I’m excited for the next episode. I can see why the ppl of Soul Society are really afraid of Kouga and Muramasa. But I think their process was a bit too much and as a result bites them back in the @$$ big time.

  17. yeah for BLEACH! and now then I knew the purposes of having those zanpakuto fights are… really meaningless?

    well hope the present kouga gets that mask and covers his wrinkled face with something, at least he looks good in the past, well I mean IN THE PAST…

  18. Interesting episode, surprising conclusion. This arcs becoming really complex in regards to character development. Finally a baddy that might actually turn out to be a goody and not some power mad super-villain for ichigo to bankai at.

  19. One thing I find weird about this episode is something very small. In this episode Ginrei was not wearing his hairclip, but it was found maybe originating from Kouga. But if you go back to the turning back the pendulum arc, Ginrei was seen with hairclip intact.
    Also old Kouga(in present time) is missing his hairclip. Whether or not Kouga is Byakuya’s father or not, it seems that Ginrei took on the hair clip in remembrance of his doomed son-in-law. Then passed it on to Byakuya.

  20. I’m certainly fascinated by this arc. I was thinking in episode 248 that the pretty impressive plot twist has in fact made the story just plain predictable. I see I was dead wrong. Now I can’t fathom just what will happen, and I’m beginning to suspect that the destroyed Soul Cleavers can’t be brought back by Mayuri, as opposed to what I was certain about.

    Muramasa is clearly my favorite character introduced in this arc (followed by the wakizashi Katen Kyokotsu….. um). I love villains like this. And I like his voice much. Speaking of voice, I’m quite(QUITE) sad to hear Kouga’s horrifying voice acting.


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