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  1. I never understood why Aizen took on Tousen because he always seemed so weak.

    Really looking forward to Gin fighting sometime. I fear Aizen will just pull some weird pwnz0r technique and his fight will just be boring.

  2. that black captain forgot his name died. His drawback for his resurrection was because he can finally see, his other sense which were more sensible got confused with the new sense of seeing.

  3. I loved the ending, personally … I never thought it’d be Hisagi to finish off Tousen, without trying out a new ability or anything … though I have to admit that the shikai-transformation-inside-the-skull was fucking brutal. Kudos for actually winning a fight with innovation and strategy rather than deus ex machina or obscene powerups. Grillar Grillo was too obscenely powerful to take head-on, even with the skyscraper-sized Tengen Myo’oooooooo, but was drunk on his newfound sight. A fitting end for the traitor, indeed.

    Hopefully we’ll get to see wtf Shinji just did when he unleashed his shikai next week. I’m curious as to what Gin’s doing as well. Haven’t seen much of him since he cut the loli Vizard in half. We haven’t even seen his bankai yet, and it’s probably safe to assume he also has a hollow mask and Resurrection. And Aizen’s just now drawing his freaking sword … gotta save his real power-ups for Ichigo, after all.

  4. I guess you can say that Tousen ability to see for the first time was his downfall when Tousen was blind an attack like that from hisagi would be impossible on the other hand Komamura is bleeding to death thanks to Tousen but i,m interested in Gin’s purpose for joining Aizen, there is so much mystery surrounding the guy intially i thought maybe he was a spy for soul society but after attacking Hiyori like that there is no turning back for him now but anyways most likely Kira vs Gin.

  5. I LAUGHED so hard when he called Komamura ugly. Seriously Tousen should have checked a mirror before he said that, hence Komamura’s face up above. He gave Tousen the “Are you kidding me look” LOL

  6. Couldn’t agree more to the title of this post OMNI. And couldn’t agree more with Tite’s choice for tousen’s Resurrección and the way he was finished off (if indeed he was). A blind man seeking power, defeated cause he was blinded with his own power. Reminds me a bit of kira’s fight with avirama

  7. Tousen says: Ressurection
    Aizen says: Don’t do it
    Tousen: O_O
    Komamura: WTF a BUG
    Tousen: You’re ugly!
    Komamura: Oo
    Aizen: Come back to normal
    Tousen: O_O Ressurection rlz man
    Hisagi: See you’re dead!
    Tousen: R.I.P
    Aizen: Oh shit! Ressurection is a life suck!

    Ressurection = USER DEATH

    Thiagao de BH
  8. Personally i think it could be between Kira, Matsumoto or Hitsugaya to take out gin.

    On a separate note, the funniest thing happening that i could envision would be that gin is the real mastermind and aizen is just a front. its not going to happen but if it did i would be rofl.

    With regard to tousen, well zaraki beat him ages ago even though he had a major advantage, in light of that ive always regarded him as small fry. Though i wonder why he kept his sanity in his resurection, could it be that his hollow self is weaker than ichigo’s?

  9. Pota que pariu fiooo essa treta foi insana de casqueteira. Mano c viu so akela treta q rolo. caralho ze, pqp o bixo era mais feio q encoxar a avó no tanque, tomar no cu hein esse komamura é um cuzão serve pra porra nenhuma.
    Po meu o Aizen deve fazer alguma coisa agora, pelo menos olhar pro lado e falar, “E olha o cara ae! Morrendo! Se fudeu mermão!” kkkk seria no minimo mto legal.
    Cara saka q porra maluca mano, o hisagi q nada mais é q um cu dentro do outro conseguiu obliterar cerebralmente o mosquitão do tousen. veio isso é sem noção de tosco.

    è como a musica diz, sogeking sore nigero.
    pqp mto tosco ne nao!

    ou qs cs acha q uma troca com os users do morro manos, aqui nois le bleach, nois estuda e treta e tal. vamo agitar esse momento e fazer a paz bunita pode crer!

    é nois truta!

    Bjo na bunda e ate segunda!

  10. I’ve been lurking on Random Curiosity for some time, but I just couldn’t help but not give my theory of how Tousen could survive.

    First, Kenpachi Zaraki has noted that Tousen and Gin are the soul reaper captains that are afraid to die (I will assume that is also Aizen’s deep down fear as well). Second, one of Aizen’s experiments was the hollow Metastacia that ate Kaien Shiba and that it was able to retain Kaien Shiba’s body and memories when they reformed in Hueco Mundo only later to become part of Aaroniero Arruruerie. Third, there is Szayelaporro Grantz’s experiments in rebirth after complete destruction that Aizen knows about. This leads me to conclude that Tosen could have a way to reform in Hueco Mundo after complete destruction. Tousen could be the dry run for such a system of survival.

    @VTAs to why Aizen and Gin would ally with Tousen is obvious. Aizen’s illusion ability doesn’t work on blind people. Aizen merely corrupted Tousen’s sense of “justice” to get the complication of having Tousen working with the Soul Society out of the way.

  11. This was very interesting. So not does (I won’t say “did” because we don’t know what tricks Kishi has up his sleeves) Tousen have a mask, he also has second lvl of transformation – obviously due to the hougyoku. Comparing his resuccretion to says Grimjaw or other Espadas (besides Yammy),like Shifer, with those releases – their size and human like features did not change. Tousen looked like a straight up monster, not to mention he gained a large hole. When I think about Ichigo, I see more similarities to him and very powerful Espadas than I do with Tousen. He gained extraordinary power. He developed a very small hole and his size did not change at all. This brings to mind the hint that the Vasto-Lorde type of Arrancar look more like humans than they do Hollows.

  12. Ya have to wonder whats going to happen down the road…

    I bet this ends with the discovery that there is someone more powerful then Aizen and Aizen worked for him all along? Or Aizen escapes because another Captain (like Yammamoto) turns heel and helps him escape and they disappear only to turn up down the road for revenge/new plan.

    Or maybe its Ichigo that gets taken over by his hollow side and he becomes the villian for next year or so (similar to Yuugi in Shana season 3 coming out soon). There is too much money to be made and good stories to be told to just end the series when Ichigo defeats Aizen. Kubo must have some storyline planned to follow this one.

  13. In an interview at Jump Fest this year Kubo showed that the current saga (Arrancar Arc) will end in June 2010!
    Then we have a little saga (with the Isshin) and then will start another long saga of Bleach.
    Only to remember, the fillers of the anime end in April 2010. And the movie Bleach 4 will premiere in Japan in late 2010.

    Another things said by Kubo:
    Bleach + The current arc is soon on climax + He’s originally not the type to work out a plan, so he still hasn’t decided on a concrete end to the arrancar arc. + But from this onwards, he’s told them there’s to be 2 more arcs. + The next arc is a short one, and there’s an initiative for the next one. + There was a large response for Ulquiorra’s death around the world. + He didn’t declare whether Ulquiorra was alive or not. + The popular ones among the vizards are Hirako and Hiyori + Hirako is really easy to draw (art wise) + There was a meeting yesterday at the hotel reagarding the movie. + I want to create a good one after resting for 1 year.

    Thiagao de BH
  14. @thiagao de BH: YAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you just made my day about annoucing an Isshin saga I have been wanting to know how he lost his powers and was allowed to live as a human. I mean none of captains seem to be aware of Isshin’s past.Rukia, Hitsugaya, and the others have met Ichigo’s family and nobody but Ishida’s father and Urahara seem to know him. I banking on a Royal Guard Angel Shinigami vs Hell’s Gate Demonic Hollows for the final arc of Bleach. Anyway Tousen was doomed to fail because he never gave a threatening presence like Gin. That is who I want to see go wild. Of course Matsumoto will be all healed up and come to try and talk some sense into him. Aizen is the big bad in all this. He wants to see that Hikifune chick again I bet. I remember they had some relation too each other which is why he was so brutal on Hiyori so he would be the only one. I gurantee that is what is going on. Aizen is a stalker that wants to see the girl his dreams again.

  15. Really loved this chapter. The battle with Tousen was pretty clever, especially Hisagi’s sequence at the end. I personally think this is the end of Tousen, it has all the hallmarks of a Bleach defeat scene – showing glimpses into the fallen character’s past / motivations as the life leaves them. Plus the last scene is told from Tousen’s perspective, which as far as I can remember is generally done in the series only when the enemy is defeated.

    I’m betting the next chapter will fill in the rest of Tousen’s motivation and how he came to join Aizen. Then likely onto either Wunderweiss or Gin. But probably Wunderweiss. Given his kinship with Tousen, Konamura and Hisagi might find themselves in a bit of trouble soon.

    Sol Fury
  16. @kwerboom

    If there is even a slight indication of something that ridiculous happening I’m going to quit Bleach altogether. Not to insult you and not that Bleach hasn’t had its share of incredibly dumb, deus ex machina bull but if Aizen has the power to just magically rebuild from scratch his inferiors then everything so far has been a complete waste of time. Tite Kubo is also not nearly a talented enough writer to recover from something that retarded. Even Masashi Kishimoto slaughtered his credibility as a shounen writer when he revived a bunch of dead characters for no legitimate reason.

    Cheshire Lion
  17. @kwerboom lol. u talking about the final outcome of naruto’s battle with pain huh? yeah i hear you.

    i doubt kubo (switched him with kishi earlier) can rescue this, but he’s the author. i mean, lets face it. the arrancars all except uliquoira were a joke! i was expecting some major deaths on the ss side – like hisagi or kumoura’s vice captain. he is a freaking waste of ink.

  18. The only 1 I think was a waste was Halibel. She never got her chance to shine (show backstory) and was just 1-shotted by Aizen. Considering her huge popularity I’m surprised more wasn’t done with her death.

  19. Next Chapter:
    Oh look it was all an illusion caused by Aizen’s Sharingan
    What!?!? Aizen has a sharingan?!?
    That’s right kids, everyone and their mom has one now
    He was probably just hidding it in his leg or something….

  20. Ffs Aizen is going to be the only bad guy left…. with 484290480234 of the good guys still floating around, wtf? How can Tite kill off the antagonists like flies (no pun intended) yet NEVER kill any of the protagonists?

  21. Currently Aizen, Gin, Yammy and Wonderweiss are the only living enemies left in the show(assuming tousen is actually dead, which I hope). Grimmjow is technically still alive but I don’t see him returning to Aizen’s side at all.
    Even with the odds stacked against him I still feel like Aizen will succeed in his plans.
    Whatever his true intentions are(I doubt that the plans he revealed before are all his plans) I think he will succeed in using the hougyoku to make the king’s key and what he’ll actually do from there is a mystery.

  22. yeah yeah here also wants tosen to just die, would wanna see some Ichimaru action, and please, Aizen had better not say all these is illusion, rather boring man…

    I also wonder what the usage of vaizards this time… to cut hiyori into half?

    like komamura liao, he’s not weak guys, he just… has guts, to befriend Tosen… *sob*

  23. Komamura’s expression of -_- is golden.

    Also I hope Tousen’s Hollow will take over on his death so that the fight must continue, and thus a chance of Ichigo being the ultimate villain when he switches to his own Resurrecion to fight Aizen’s.

  24. On the subject of hollows and such I recently had a flash in my mind to things which might come. I have always thought negaichigo was badass and that whole “no name” thing
    was pretty cool to, but what if he has “no name” because ichigo hasn’t givien him one yet? His sword has one and inorder to use it’s full power he has to know it. Perhaps for ichigo he will have to join (cooperate) with his hollow in order to beat aizen.
    I keep thinking the warning his hollow gives him after their second fight and the “no name” stuff is leading to more “inner world time”. When of course we get to this we’ll just have to see.

    P.S. Related to aizen: Who here thinks the final battle is going to be fought somewhere else?

  25. i think tousen is really demented. he calls komamura ugly, he better look at himslef =p yeah this might all just be aizen’s illusion…he unsheathed his sword and all too. im more interested in shinji’s fight…

  26. Felt kinda rushed to be honest.
    You’d think one of Aizen’s main henchmen woud have a pretty length fight…
    None the less, even if this is indeed his demise, it was pretty good since gaining a new sense, sight, overwhelmed him and seemed to lessen his other senses, which were obviously top notch.
    Also some good comedy with him calling Komamura uguly, then seeing his expression. haha.
    Either way, hopefully it’s not an illusion of Aizen as I really want this arc to progress so the plot can move onward and we can get some new characters introduced to replace the Espada since they’ll nearly all dead now.

  27. UP!
    It was in a recent TV interview that he did on some Japanese chat show. And (as usual with the internet) what he said has been distorted. People get carried away with Isshin too easily. Details of the interview can be found on BleachAssylum’s general Bleach section, or BleachExile’s Bleach manga section. I believe there is a video of it linked on BA for those that understand Japanese.

    KT calls the current arc the “Arrancar arc” – so that means, unlike us, he does not appear to consider the switching of events from HM to FKT and back as separate arcs. The whole story since Aizen abandoned Soul Society is the same arc according to him. So the end of the battles in Fake Karakura Town is not an indication of when this will actually happen. This arc (whenever it does finally end) will be followed by a shortish arc (no indication of how short, but 50 chapters would be considered short compared to his definition of the “Arrancar arc”), then there will be an arc in which Isshin will play a more prominent role. No further details were given by KT. He did not say that the arc will be about him, just featuring him in a bigger role than before.

  28. @Thiago Well it would have been awesome for Isshin to have his own arc. I mean Ichigo is a beast, he must get it from his dad. Im pretty sure Aizen’s plan is going to fail but he may at least reveal the entrance to the Zero Division HQ. I hope it’s not like Soul Society Arc where Ichigo has to prove his worth against these Angel Shinigami protecting the king. They might consider him a hollow after everything that has gone on. Ichigo uses his hollow side more and more as the story progresses hench the name Bleach..fade to white and exit off stage.

  29. I do hope Tousen dies after that stab through the head! His ressurecion is… extremely ugly… >.> when I first saw this I was just like ‘WTF?’ It’s a bug! … and not just any bug, a f*ing fly!.

  30. I think his expression shows far more than just disgust. Actually I think with this one expression Komamura says more than he could with only words. I hope the animators will do this justice in the anime ;__; Something like this isn’t easy to draw. I must say, I was left completely speechless after this chapter. Bleach is more than fights, parings and Aizen’s mind-games. It’s emotion and captivating characters that make you feel real pain in your chest when you read their stories. I remember what it felt like to read Kaien’s story. The same kind of emotion is conveyed here. It’s a wonderful chapter, just like the following is. Finally it’s BLEACH again.


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