After escaping from prison, Kouga had first gone and killed the three who had framed him. When Ginrei heard of this, he found and confronted Kouga, but Kouga felt that Ginrei was aligned against him too. Kouga had subsequently tried to attack Ginrei with Muramasa, but Ginrei had protected himself with a barrier, so Kouga had cut off his kenseikan headpiece and departed. Kouga had continued to fight, but as time went on and as he continued to treat Muramasa as just a tool, he didn’t realize that Muramasa was starting to be unable to hear him. When he had finally been confronted by both Ginrei and Yamamoto, Kouga found himself unable to release and use Muramasa, and he ended up getting sealed away. Back in the present, Kouga blames Muramasa for not responding to his call back then, and Muramasa is surprised because he hadn’t heard anything. Muramasa tries to plead his case, but Kouga is still furious and makes it clear that Muramasa is nothing more than a tool. Before Kouga can strike Muramasa again though, Byakuya arrives to stop him.


Compared to what we learned last week, this week’s episode turned the tables a bit. Since it showed that Kouga basically went mad and treated Muramasa like crap, Kouga is the one who’s portrayed as the bigger villain. Muramasa wasn’t nearly as bad this episode and was almost a sympathetic character. Almost. It’s hard to just forget all that he’s responsible for, and he wasn’t exactly a good influence on Kouga in the first place. Obviously even Kouga is a victim of some circumstances, and there’s enough blame to go all around, but regardless, this sets up quite well for a final confrontation (probably with Ichigo) because Muramasa will likely end up siding with Kouga despite the abuse. For the time being however, it looks like we’ll have a Byakuya vs. Kouga battle next episode. Unfortunately, there is no episode next week – a break is standard for shows this time of year. Episode 252 airs January 5, 2010.


  1. So that’s what happened. When everyone, including Ginrei, chose to have Kouga placed in prison because they turned on his fellow Shinigami’s, Kouga went insane and attacked everyone he saw. So when he saw Muramasa, he still felt betrayed and attacked his own Zanpaktou for it.

    Matt Gross
  2. Byakuya defending Muramasa? odd. Not a bad episode. Pity though, well I guess this is a filler so Kouga couldnt be salvaged. No Ep next week! shite, guess no manga either? want to find out if Tousen really is killed off so easily, plus have to see Ichimaru fight too. Or even better, Shinji and Aizen

  3. could be an interesting twist… could there be a possibility of Kouga be Byakuya’s dad??? reason as to why he let Muramasa do as he pleased and lead him to Kouga??? or prob defending his clan’s honor and killing them both???

    i love the endless possibilities in a good story…

  4. SomeKindaNick: Yep I am serious, although I can understand you like the fillers more at the moment. Pure preference 🙂

    Seems like this episode was good, looking forward to watch it.

  5. I can remember a time when Bleach showed a scene like him killing the 3 guys that betrayed him. Never mind it being “black blood”, now it just happens off camera in shadows and you hear sound effects. Censorship is getting worse and worse.

  6. I do feel sympathetic for Kouga. You’d snap if the old man you listened to gave you cryptic advice and never even assured you that he’d try to help you when crap hits the fan.

    And its irony that its

  7. I do feel sympathetic for Kouga. You’d snap if the old man you listened to gave you cryptic advice and never even assured you that he’d try to help you when crap hits the fan.

    And its ironic fate that its a Kuchiki that faces him now.

  8. @Johnnyg5646 Those guys aren’t captains, there’s no numbers in their kimono
    @Kensei In an interview with Tite Kubo himself said that this saga are not fillers but cannon, soon he’ll put this saga in the manga

  9. Damn. can someone say “Kick the Dog”? or rather Kick the Muramasa? seriously, though, this just made me start hating Kouga and liking Muramasa more. AND WHO TTHE HELL IS THAT WOMEN IN THE FLASHBACKS!!!??? The one we see at the kuchiki house! was she kouga’s wife or girlfriend? his mom maybe? she was crying when he went nuts, so why didnt they try to have her talk him down?

    anyway good episode, looking forword to seeing byakuya kick kouga’s ass.

  10. @THIAGO, assmaster or whoever you are:
    First of all, it’s ‘canon’ in this case. Cannon is something you fire at a fort. Second, the Kubo interview, like everything else on the internet requires a link or it didn’t happen. Not that I don’t necessarily believe Kubo calling it canon, but I seriously doubt it’s going to show up in the manga.

    curious one
  11. It’s sad that Kouga ended up this way. I guess there was alot of misunderstanding with the situation that has caused such a deep impact on him and with the other members of Soul Society. Even when he has become completely crazy, I still feel sympathy for him. Really hate it when there is no episode for next week. Still, I’m looking forward to the next episode on January.

  12. @THIAGO

    If you are referring to the Kubo interview where he also stated that Zabimaru would be split in two, then I believe you have read it wrong. Kubo didn’t say it was canon. He said he liked the filler arc so much that he wanted to draw it in the manga as well. He also said that it was probably impossible to do just that.

    Besides, it isn’t canon, unless it actually happens in the manga. In that interview it was also stated that ichigo wouldn’t appear in the filler arc. Obviously, this did not happen, since Ichigo is all over the place. Kubo can change his mind at any time. Or he simply has no control over the anime team, which makes it even less canon. If he ever found the time to draw this into the manga, he may decide to do things differently (and he would have to, since Ichigo’s hollow mask and his power is now different from the filler arc).

    In other words, even Kubo’s own words cannot be regarded as canon in some cases. Not until it happens in the manga.


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