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  1. I love it how after finally getting one passed Deus Ex Aizen Shinji proceeds to:

    – Using that huge opening to inflict a small cut

    – Doesn’t follow up his attack


    … FUCK!!

  2. Even though it was stupid to explain its ability’s to aizen, i wanna see their bankai.
    With a shikai that controls all 5 senses and a shikai that turns everything upside down, a bankai that would not only control the 5 senses but would make illusions a reality would seem a pretty logical one for aizen (Since he has one of the most deadly ones in combination with all his skills) while shinji his bankai would probably be something in that same sense too since all the bankai so far (except ichigo’s ) seem to follow the trend of being a more powerful version of their shikai and to complement their wielders to almost godlike powers.

  3. If nothing else… Aizen doesn’t expect anyone from the Heco Mondo group to show up so Ichigo being there must mess his plans up. Things aren’t going the way he wants them to entirely.

    There is still something coming we haven’t seen yet. Like Yammamoto really being behind Aizen and Yammy wants to be GOD? Or Ichigo fights for Aizen’s side because he is under Aizen’s control? Aizen is WAY TOO calm and collected considering he just lost all his Espada and Tousen. We will see in the next few weeks what it is Aizen has.

  4. i wonder why what old fart isn’t fighting Aizen? arnt they both have the same power o0

    why is he standing there and watching?
    Yamamoto: OMG he is killing everyone o0
    shinji: hey, why don’t u fight =,=
    Yamamoto:I can’t son my back hurts..

  5. This was a great chapter for moving the story. We got to see Shinji’s shikai, though that’s probably all we will get to see of it now that Ichigo is here. I’m guessing that there is going to be a lot of talking from Aizen next chapter and Ichigo trying to help.

  6. Lol. You have to laugh when a character reveals a major new ability and then goes on to explain it, where as they could just take advantage of the moment and confusion, and just land some decent hits in.
    Of course, the explanation was for the readers sake like pointed out, but it always brings a smile to my face.
    Decent chapter anyway. Tousen seemed a little more likable before Aizen seemed to finish him off. Now that Ichigo is here I expect him to perhaps face Gin first, or maybe someone else will step in and save him the job? Hmm… lol

  7. Indeed, kind a stupid to tell (of all people!) Aizen how your shikai works. But putting that aside, I know that you want to have a real battle, why don’t characters who have shocked their opponent go for the kill? Shinji is giving a lame cut while he could directly go for the heart. Same thing was when Tousen showed his bankai to Kenpachi. Go fot the heart stab not a simple cut.. sigh..

  8. i think the reason why characters don’t go for the kill is that they always wanted this battle with their opponent. and then they take their time to torture and stuff their opponent and relish the moment when they finally kill them. and since the character thinks that he got the upperhand, he foolishly reveals his powers to his opponent and then in an instant the opponent gets the upperhand.

  9. Just as bad as villains tying up the hero to an overly complicated death trap while explaining his plans for world domination. At least have Shinji do an inner monologue to explain his bankai to the readers while NOT revealing its secret to the enemy.

  10. I think Tousen deserved redemption. Kubo pushed the revenge angle of his story, which I preferred he didn’t. This was mainly cause Tousen’s character seemed more nuanced than others. Up until his fight with Hisagi and Komomura he genuinely had the whole Chaotic Good, I’m willing to doing bad things to achieve a greater good thing going. Somewhere a long the way he lost his path and started veering in the wrong direction. I find that far more worth redeeming than some of the other more popular character’s behaviors.

    The only reason people didn’t like Tousen is cause Kubo didn’t give him a cliche trait that would make him a fan favorite like Grimmjow, Kenpachi, Hitsugaya or Byakuya. He was willing to stick to his beliefs and call people out on stuff even when his opponents were winning the crowd by being bloodthirsty or acting cool.

  11. Tousen dead… Yay. He was a little to stereo-typical ‘blind justice’ guy.

    Shinji probably didn’t land a good hit on Aizen because he couldn’t, Aizen was guarding in roughly the right direction, and Im sure he can dodge like Kenpachi when he fought Tousen (as he feels the cut start, he moves away).

    Ichigo turning up… Too soon, some Gin fight would have been better, because now it will be chapters of Ichigo talking crap, and then just as he is about to fight it will cut back to Gin or Wonderweiss for another 3 months. (Please no more WonderWall… he is pain on a stick).

  12. as far as I’m concerned, Aizen lost ALL credibility once he got CUT. a true BADMAN should only get touched by the person destined to defeat him. all other attacks against him should be rendered useless. i wonder who the real BADMAN behind everything is??

    p.s- ichigo came way to soon, gin hasn’t been killed yet.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. That’s his mouth, Flare.


    1) That was just Hirako’s release (e.g. Shikai)… Surely he has a Bankai still to come. (Although, I’m guessing Aizen has one as well) And a Vizard form, and a resurrecion… (Again though, same for Aizen) It’ll be pretty stupid if he’s out of the fight now… It would be like Tousen getting killed before he even went Vizard.
    2) So Aizen actually did get cut… I thought that all the Vizards had seen his release and were under Kyouka Suigetsu’s effects but since Aizen actually did get cut (His wound stays there on later pages and Aizen says it’s no problem to keep up with Shinji’s release)… This kind of implies to me that none of the Vizards are under his ‘spell’ so they all stand a chance of beating him, or at least helping Ichigo to defeat him, unlike pretty much all of the Shinigami in KT. With all this, there’s definitely a chance of Aizen losing in KT. Unless his Bankai or Resurrecion is a nuclear strike or something. Probably will be actually.

  14. Way to go, Shinji… To have a power that has the sole purpose of disorienting your opponent, only to explain exactly how it works. Oh well, it was worth it just to see the WTF on Aizen’s face.

    Tousen is dead, yawn.

  15. Shinji mentioned something about a scent. and his sword has drilled holes meant to disperse air. I think the illusion comes from smelling a scent his sword releases. His bankai must be related to that

  16. Maybe they are gonna do the same old crap they have been doing all this time: plot become exciting, and then…NEXT, just jump to another fight with not so much importance, but that way we shouldn’t forget about those others characters…

  17. two things

    1.) I think shinji’s bankai is being able to control when he switches the senses, like lets say aizen moves left but goes right and all of a sudden shinji switches it and aizen jerks left until he realizes that it has been switched.

    2.) Ichigo’s black suit is fully regenerated so that means he is at his peak reietsu(sp)

    Ps I think its really funny that people are complaining about how dumb it is that the good guys explain their secrets to the enemy… its a manga… They are floating in mid air and turning into bugs. Logic flies out the window when a bad guy turns into a super fly. You aren’t reading bleach because its full of logic, your reading it for all the action

  18. i feel like this arc is rushed and will end soon. Tousen died so quick…. I excepcted more from a captain hollowified…
    and we have even not seen supreme captain (can’t remember name) in action yet, neither uruhara (maybe KT forgot about him), or ichigo father O_o.
    maybe aizen will run away and get new pawns… for example the division zero (we heard about them in chapter -1xx and then nothing lol)

  19. @ So Very Odd

    So was Ulquiorra and look what happened to him. XDD

    @ LeftArrow

    Only in the context that Shinji’s ability relies heavily upon the fact that its effectiveness is pretty much negated if the enemies knows exactly what to expect from it! I can suspend my disbelief but c’mon Kubo!

  20. shinji..dumbest character in bleach history… revealing how ur bankai works.not the greatest move..maan when is the commander going to go bankai n take on aizen….team ichigo need some upgrades…chad to transform into some modified hollow form n ishida to master his quincy powers to the fullest( hes needs some new quincy powers)..if he was at his dad’s level..prob could’ve stood a better chancce agins ulquiorra….come on ichigo aka sayain..gets upgraded after every fight…

  21. @Raika: To be fair, Shinji made it pretty clear he thought it was impossible to adjust your entire fighting style to his ability in the heat of combat even if you did know how it worked.

  22. that’s true though….
    even if you knew about Shinji’s ability, you probably wouldn’t be able to adjust to it cause it’s all about your senses, and as far as i know, a human body cannot adapt to a new environment in minutes or seconds lol.
    but then again, they’re not human, and aizen is a super strong and weird guy, sooo…

  23. be guessing that Gin will be butting in this time and probably face Hirako or maybe will be in to stop Ichigo? well who knows but seems like the battle of Shinji against Aizen is pretty much easy for Aizen

  24. can please anyone explain to me how it is that a Shinigami(deathgod)can die…? I mean people die, then become a shinigami or live in soul society. so how can an already death person die again and what happens when they die?

    sowwy fow my bad engwish

  25. Way back in the day didn’t Aizen show his bankai to the captains around the time Ichigo and his crew invaded SS? At that point in the story the vizards were already gone to the real world (years earlier) and hiding. If thats the case then the Vizards are NOT under Aizen’s ability.

  26. @MegamiMiko: It’s indeed impossible. But that’s Aizen hackz00r all powerful -.- Way to screw up one of my favorite characters. I hope Shinji keeps on fighting him alongside Ichigo, I would like to see Aizen having to fight Shinji’s hability and at the same time someone as fast as Ichigo.

  27. Aizen will suceed in making the key, and then before he takes the power of god, he will go crazy and get beaten by ichigo and then a new threat arrives and shows that god was pulling the strings the whole time and aizen was good and then they use the sword of akasha to kill god, but then another plot twist happens and it turns out hollow ichigo was behind every thing and says ichigo’s mom was actually a hollow and then ichigo goes to his inner world again to kill his hollow self and then it fades to black just as ichigo does the finishing move and roll credits music…
    One month later…
    A hollowified ichigo takes the god throne out of no where and takes out any opposing forces, then during his celebration of his win, zero comes out and stabs hollowified ichigo with the tetsuga tenzo and reveals himself to be ichigo, causing everyone to be confused and he said that you must always remember is that the only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing and then he dies of a heart attack because of kira and then soul society tries to find out who kira is and then the strike freedom gundam comes out and with its speakers it said i am kira but then tousen destroys the gundam and says that he could see all along and told rukia that the shinigami never told her what happened to her father and she says no shit and tousen say that he was her mother and then rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and then tousen said shut up mofo and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and then spinsaku fired the fleija and everyone got owned but spinsaku didn’t because he was forced by lelouch to live and because soul society is not in the real world they didnt get affected and then faded to black again and it said to be continued and gin says in the last second that he was behind it all and that he started 4kids…
    4 years later…
    ichigo wakes up from his dream and was thinking that was a wierd dream…

    Too long; Don't read

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