Byakuya manages to win his showdown against Kouga, and as he struggles to keep standing, Kouga tries to call out to Muramasa. Muramasa, however, doesn’t respond, and Kouga falls into the lake. At that moment, Muramasa is undergoing a transformation, and his body turns into a vortex that starts sucking in all the Hollows that Ichigo and friends were trying to take care of. It results in Muramasa gaining an Arrancar body, granting him great speed and making him very tough to fight. Byakuya even has to step in to save Inoue and Rukia from a Cero. Inoue, however, thinks that Muramasa isn’t completely Hollow and tries to reason with him, but it’s ultimately no use, and Ichigo has to bring out his own mask to fight Muramasa. Ichigo is able to gain the upper hand, but after Muramasa falls, his body turns into a jelly-like substance that envelopes Ichigo and then takes the form of a giant dome-like creature. It starts spitting out Menos and causes a Garganta to open in the sky, and Rukia and Inoue are forced to run. Luckily for them, Sode no Shirayuki arrives to save them, but it’s not just her: it’s all of the Shinigami and their respective Zanpakutou.


Generally speaking, I wasn’t too impressed by this episode. The actual battle had its ups and downs, as did the animation quality, but I thought the conclusion to the Byakuya and Kouga part of the battle was understated given how important of a fight it was made to be last week, and it felt like the plot re-focused a little too fast on Muramasa. Of course, Kouga’s probably not entirely dead yet and might still come back, but part of the problem here was that the Muramasa half of the battle just wasn’t as interesting as the Kouga half because it came across as very generic with all the Menos, Hollow, and Arrancar powers that we’ve already seen. It doesn’t help either that they decided to have Inoue be the one who believed in Muramasa and cried for him, a scene which made me roll my eyes. Fortunately, the episode did get better at the end when Sode no Shirayuki made her nice entrance with the rest of the Shinigami. I don’t think it’ll take all of them to defeat the Hollows and Muramasa (theoretically it’d only take a couple of captains using their bankai), but I guess they want to show off all the Shinigami reunited with their Zanpakutou powers. Either way, the arc should be over in a couple of weeks.


  1. when hollow-Muramasa attacked Inoue during her sympathy stand and stare i was hoping he’d smack some sense into her…she’s becoming such a waste during these filler arcs 🙁

  2. The arc is gonna be over in a couple of weeks… until when another pops up and tells us the Manga content’s only gonna continue in April…

    Well well nice action for some time already (even animation is as weak), and hopefully more next week. Really, I kept imagining the Manga content on the anime filler… like:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I’m really starting to believe the “Orihime becomes evil/brainwash and becomes a vizard” theory.

    The manga and anime (filler and canon) have just made it too much a point for her character to show sympathy to the enemy, even when said enemies have said to her face they want to kill her and her friends.

    Even Ichigo (manga and I believe, anime too) has started to notice this. Even questioning it. Plus, with Grimmjow and Ulq making mention so many times about regardless of Ichigo coming to save her, it won’t change want they did to her. Going as far to mention how he hasn’t notice how she been changed inside…

    Mania Lyssa
  4. I was actually looking forward to this episode after the last episode being great. This one was absolutely dreadful. Muramasa turning into a hollow like that after his master dies (shouldnt he have died when Kouga broke him? If not then, shouldnt he have died when Kouga died?) why did he turn into that jelly yoke. So many plot inconsistencies. not to mention Inoue being stupid.

    Was getting a bit tired of this filler but it was revitalised with Kouga V Byakuya, only to be ruined again. No manga last week, I hope there will be one this week, Aizen V Shinji and Ichigo!

  5. Muramasa eats Hollows and become stronger…
    Muramasa release the Hollows and become even stronger…
    Then he eats Ichigo and become waaaaaaaaaaay stronger…
    He will release Ichigo and becomes even stronger…

    And then… die.
    Life’s hard to Zanpakutous

  6. Inoue is one of my favorite characters in Bleach but even I was pissed at her. First she healed Muramasa when he first came to the real world and now last night she tried to talk him out of going postal. Then again the 4th squad Captain healed the enemy as well as Chad when she came to Heca Mondo. I guess its a healers nature to wanna help people regardless of wether they are enemies on allies (similar to the Rockbells in FMA and look what they got for it).

  7. After this arc, a small arc will start about Beast Swords vs Zanpaktou’s.
    13 April is the return of canon chapters.

    Means 13 more episodes…

    btw, someone else thought the Shinigami cup was hilarious 😀

  8. As usual the humans are effectively useless. Seriously, their only abilities are to pointlessly try to stop fights or kill mooks. On the Shinigami side I was honestly surprised that Getsuga Tenshou actually did something, I was used to it being a pointless move used to show how powerful the new opponent is. For Shirayuki, obviously they had to bring her back, she’s saved by canon.

  9. WTF! Muramasa has an anus in his chest!
    Horrible episode, I even fast fowarded…
    I hate Inoue. Plus why does ichigo have problems when dealing with normal hollows. It makes everything look stupid. I mean did he even have to take his time 2 kill them? He was in bankai mode, wasnt he?

  10. Isn’t this arc not supposed to change any facts in the real storyline? I don’t understand why Yumichika would show up in the end proudly standing next to his zanpakuto when he is supposed to be so secretive about it. And why are the swords all still materialized? if it were beneficial for them to be fighting independently alongside their shinigami, wouldn’t they all fight like that all the time? Are you guys serious about April? It seems to be getting progressively sillier and more involved for some characters that don’t even matter. I might just re-watch the last 12 episodes from the real story to remember what happened before all this.

  11. [spoiler alert]
    What I find interesting is how the filler arcs continually try (or, at least, seem to) to remind us of what happened before the fillers began or even try to foreshadow what’s to come. For instance:

    Muramasa’s design is similar to Ulquiorra’s–the “bleeding” eyes, the long flowing silhouette, the obsession with pointing out his skinny arm, etc.
    Even more to the point–when Muramasa began drawing power, black stuff began to trickle down over everyone, not unlike a certain resureccion.

    The shinigami coming to save the day, along with the zanpakuto, is reminiscent of the Gotei 13 standing over fake Karakura Town to protect it from Aizen.

    Earlier on, Ichigo couldn’t use his mask against Zangetsu (more like he wasn’t allowed to). Compare to a recent chapter–though this may be a stretch, and I’m not even sure my chronology is right on this one.

    Kenpachi vs Byakuya.

    And so forth. In some cases, the similarities are quite stunning; in others, they’re subtle. It’s interesting, and it makes the fillers a bit more worthwhile. I’m glad they’re ending soon, but I don’t see why they should, since the manga doesn’t seem close to finishing, unless rumors are to be believed.

  12. Please stop talking about Orihime, nobody see that the only one who was soooo stupid and overconfident and… argh!!!! I hate so much the stupid Rukia!!! Always a protagonist, always disturbing! Always damaging my eyes with her presence! Sode no Shirayuki is so good for someone like her, I hope that someday and enemy send by god have the luck, the Tite’s will and kill her!!!

    Its true, the strange words of Grimmjoww, Inoue was acting so strange lately… Oh great Tite, save Inoue!!!


  13. That arc sucks, Ichigo in bankai mode is so weak, Rukia appears so much! All the shinigami have a childs rol in that history, Muramasa… well at this point I don’t ever known what is or how he fall so much and become a… bug? Oh please, Inoue is so stupid in the fillers, bah, someone is ruining Bleach anime.

    Crown Clown
  14. Inoue, I dont know how you do it, but you manage to ruin an episode… AGAIN!!!! *sigh*

    Although the ending was kinda sweet, where is Hisagi and Kazeshini? I kinda expected those two to pop out? And Tegenn is suppose to be fighting with Kenpachi? What happened there?

    Man I thought this filler has a chance of becoming awesome, but the only highlights I can think of is Ichigo vs Zangetsu, the history of Muramasa and Kouga and Byakuya vs Kouga. Everything else seems mediocre

    Also I hope that HIchigo and Zangetsu to materialized near the end of the arc (and not ruin it too).

  15. my god, inoue’s reaction was a little ooc, guys but come on, Muramasa is a sympathetic villan here! he did all this crap to get back to kouga, eating/absorbing hollows to stay alive long enough to reach kouga, and he gets stabbed! i feel bad for him, and i was glad that at least inoue seemed to think the same. i was actually hoping for once ichigo wouldnt have to save the day, but… really, my only real complaint(besides bad animation) was how the menos Grande are shown as weaklings that anyone can kill.

    P.S also, as Calliope pointed out, they have been foreshadowing stuff that will happen later, so a possible explanation of Orihime acting like this could be foreshadowing the hand reach with Ulquiorra…

  16. There’s a huge point to be made with the foreshadowing. Remember Captain Yamamoto using his Shikai in the Captain Amagai arc? Then when they got back to the canon Yamamoto used that on Aizen, Gin, and Tousen. That was the first time we saw his shikai. And take note that we saw several other shikai-ish things with the Zanpaktuo of the other captains, if you’ve been keeping current on the manga, you may know what I’m referring to.

    The Menos and other assorted hollow spewing everywhere out of a giant… dome-like thing? Also possibly foreshadowing something to come.

    I won’t spoil here either, but when Ichigo battled Muramasa in full hollow form it was a huge foreshadower as well.

    I think they use the filler arcs as a means to perfect the animation and get feed back on how it will look when they’re actually trying to portray the manga story.


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