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ED: 「BEAM my BEAM」 by ひまりんこ・L・しずくえす (Himarinko L. Shizukuesu)
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「海ねこスクランブル」 (Umineko Sukuranburu)
“Seagull Scramble”

It’s only the second week and we already have a beach episode. Not only that, there’s bikini shopping with Himari prior to heading there and some Malboro-like tentacle action before it’s all said and done. Needless to say, they sure don’t beat around the bush when it comes to the fan-service. Based on this second showing, there’s pretty much every indication that the series will wind up as another run-of-the-mill harem anime, but I still find Koshimizu Ami as a playfully seductive version of Holo fun to watch. That goes for Rinko as well, as she tries to counterbalance Himari’s advances. The recurring routine so far is Himari fawning over Yuuto and Rinko being openly against it, which isn’t anything special, but mildly entertaining due to the characters themselves. Things will probably get more ludicrous when the other female characters get involved, including the water Ayakashi who attacked them this episode, Shizuku (Shindou Kei), but I don’t see anyone on the fence about this show waiting around for that to happen. If you’ve sat through Tayutama though, then you shouldn’t have any problem getting into this one. I find that Omamori Himari has a very similar feel to it.

Missing from the premiere episode last week was the series’ ending sequence seen above. The artist name is a clever merging of the character names (Noihara Himari, Kuzaki Rinko, Lizlet L. Chelsea, Mizuchi Shizuku, and Jinguuji Kuesu), so the song is actually sung by their respective seiyuus.


  1. LOLZ! They did follow the manga! Oh well….

    So the water snake appeared! I guess the deviancy from this one would be that here she’s got back-up and in the manga she fought alone….

    The SuperEnigmatic Moondoggiebuiscuit
  2. Eeek Tayutama bring tears to my eyes. Only episode 4 was worth it. That show was harem done wrong; maybe I didn’t understand the ending… I find this one nice and yes there are five girls in the OP and ED so high chances it will be harem. My wish is that Yuuto control all of them and bring the war between demon hunters and demons to an end oh wait that’s plot. Himari is nice and funny specially with the help to dress because I don’t know how. Until Yuuto realized she wears her uniform everyday. I was totally fooled and wanted to undress her ….

    Island Esper
  3. Anyone else see down the road the water ayakashi becoming their friend and teammate? Quite often the 1st villian you are introduced to ends up switching sides to the hero’s side of the conflict.

  4. The problem I’m having is not with the generic harem stuff going on, but with a certain awkwardness in the scripting and directing. Despite being two episodes, they haven’t really nailed down the personality of any of the lead characters. The male lead (forgot his name!) hasn’t even been given the generic “nice guy” moment yet, and while Himari’s “dere” and flirtatious sides have been established, the transition between those two sides have not been very smooth.

    Ultimately, I’ll stick around for a bit because of that rooftop conversation they had in episode 1, as it could be suggesting that the introduction is bad but it gets better. A lot of these mediocre harems have weak beginnings but always seem to get better around episode 6 or 7.

  5. I couldn’t stomach tayutama at all. It was way too generic, boring, & wtf was with that 3rd ep & that ending. Anyway, unfortunately, this does seem have similar to that – boring, predictable (then it will end in a way that will make you go…huh?!)

  6. I didn’t like Tayutama at all. They condensed the story so much that it made certain aspects of it look senseless. I really like the Omamaori Himari manga, but I don’t know how well my enjoyment of the manga is going to transfer to the anime. So far it’s not doing a very good job, but I didn’t expect to like the anime as much as the manga anyway.

  7. Why completely ignore one complete chapter (the montain thing) and add a tentacle monster for fan-service purpose ? :/
    and at the end of the ep… wtf lizlet already ? are they going to skip 2 chapter next week ? :/

    well if it begin like this… just read the manga guys…

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Omamori%20Himari/Omamori%20Himari%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2007.jpg

    Episode 2 and we have naughty tentacles already? LOL.

    As always, a fairly recent manga getting a sudden animated adaptation is sure to leave much to be desired. *sigh*

    At the worst case, I have a feeling that Makoto…err…Yuuto’s demon-slayer powers will only start to manifest in full by the end of this season.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Though I still hope he does take that level in badass midway through the season (or earlier).

    Despite the shaky start, I’m still gonna watch this series anyway. I’ll be glad if they are able to adapt most of what’s happened in the manga so far.

    With last year’s harem (or harem-ish) anime full of censored pantyshots and stuff, it’s nice to see some in-your-face fanservice in Omamori Himari this time. I for one…*glasses pull*…wouldn’t have it any other way. (YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!)

  9. Maybe its just the romantic side that will keep me holding on to this anime. Nevermind the fanservice, bikinis, bust, pantyshots or whatsoever, it gives an extra flavor to it …its Ecchi anyways. I just cant handle the tentacles, dont like that kind of sh!t … its givin it a hentai atmosphere. >.<


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