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On a different note, Ane Doki ended this week after a half-year run in Weekly Jump. I thought it was an decent series mainly because I enjoy the way Kawashita Mizuki draws characters, but the ending was kind of weak (I was really hoping for a time-skip forward as an epilogue), and I’d probably rank it below Hatsukoi Limited and Ichigo 100%.


  1. It was an ok episode but what really got me excited was the last couple of pages with Captain Konomura telling Ichigo that ALL the others there would protect him so he could do that he came there to do (Kill Aizen of course).

  2. Alright Chapter, bit slow though, a lot of talking. Where is Gin though? I thought they would show him fighting first. Hopefully we will get to see Shinji’s Bankai soon. Next chapter should be even better

  3. After the 25th chapter of ane doki i was thinking “ah the next one will be a huge turn in the plot” and then i read it and… end O_o
    i’m really disapointed by the way the story end and think it could have got more chapters. it was still a good manga, but yeah like you say its below ichigo 100%.
    i thanks you omni cause its thanks to you that i started reading ane doki and it was still a very good manga to read 🙂

    you should start bloging more about manga and not only naruto and bleach =)

  4. Why didnt Aizen use his Shikai? Because he’s got a plan for him. Hell, I think the Hougyouku is inside Ichigo (whole different subject). I am now fairly certain Aizen wants Ichigo alive as part of his plan, and thats gonna be what ends up screwing things for SS because they think Aizen wants to hypnotize him, but thats the least of Aizen’s worries. They’re acting against Aizen on a failed prediction and so they’re gonna “lose” this battle against Aizen, setting up the next arc which should introduce all the Royal Guard/Dimension crap Kubo decided to come up with.

    Oh and Unohana? Screw her, wheres Yamamoto? Hes the one who should be the most concerned about the end of the fucking world and he NEVER acts!

  5. I heard Hatsukoi Limited wasn’t really popular with Shonen Jump readers with its readership constantly at the bottom of the ladder of popularity hence its ending just after half-a-year. Hence its weak ending too.

    Anime Junkie
  6. I thought the ending was a bit lame as well, but it’s still much better than the ending to Hatsukoi (no ending at all) or Ichigo 100% (don’t even go there. One of the worst manga endings ever!!)
    But I’m with omni, I tend to read Kawashita Mizuki mangas cos I just like the drawing style. It’s no Kousuke Fujishima tho…

  7. Aizen’s interaction with Ichigo reminded me of Setsuna x Ribbons in a sense where Aizen/Ribbons took interest in and wanted to see how strong Ichigo/Setsuna has gotten.

    On the other note, actually the last few chapters of Ane Doki gave me the impression that SJ have already pulled the plug and that the mangaka had to wrap things up and turns out that the manga did in fact finish

  8. So Captains and Vice-Captains with centuries of experience and immense power are just cannon fodder for a one trick newbie who got his powers two years ago. Also how will they protect Ichigo from seeing his shikai when he concealed it and pwned everybody for years with it.

  9. if you got to think of it someway, i think this is the most correct one:
    it’s not that aizen won’t do his shikai in front of ichigo, he’s already in shikai and thus can’t be beaten by anyone else besides Ichigo.
    i’m guessing maybe if he let his zanpakutou return to normal and then release it again, that small window could have him killed with so many high level shinigami’s around.

    still, i think this is thinking to hard into it, kubo is probably going to adress that shortly

  10. Aizen is not using his shikai because:
    1- Ichigo is so weak that Aizen doesn’t even have to break a sweat to kick his ass.
    2- The other have already seen his shikai, and it keeps acting even when Aizen isn’t in a released state.

  11. yea i just finished ane doki today i was kinda depressed about the ending as well I was hoping it wasnt going to end at that point then i saw on the main page of onemanga that it was the final =( i guess it couldve been better I wouldve like an epilogue as well to clue things up a bit.

  12. I stopped reading the manga a long time ago, but I still read your posts, because I don’t care anymore.

    Because Aizen is perfect in every way, I think he won’t go down the traditional villain way, but instead be defeated through his own will or change of attitude or heart.

  13. WHAT AN EXPECTED LETDOWN!!! ooohhh yeeeeah sure. AIZEN is soooo strong, yet he rolls with total scrubs that cant even compare and then ichigo comes out and its all useless… cant wait to see his inevitable WTF face when he gets slaughtered.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  14. LOL I’m just thinking Aizen vs. Everyone. Plus Jin is around somewhere I’m pretty sure…

    Also, it is a little weird that Aizen hasn’t used the shikai, and it seems odd that they’re placing so much faith in an advantage that can be so easily taken away.

    Perhaps there is some sort of catch to Aizen’s shikai…

  15. It’s a pity that Ane-Doki had to end. I actually liked it, its premise was certainly more interesting than Bleach now, where everything is infinitely dragged out. Though in the end, money and readership matters more, and series with infinite “kickass” fights like Bleach simply sells more.

    A few weeks back, the way the status quo in a Ane Doki was actually changing was an omen that the series was about to be cancelled. Because you do not change the status quo for harem series like these until the end, and even if you do, you must milk it out for as long as possible.

    (Wait a minute, the “dragging on forever” thing sounds exactly like what Bleach is doing, save the harem-romance part. Yeah, I have double standards, so sue me. lol )

    Kinny Riddle
  16. Speaking of which, perhaps Kawashita Miki ought to consider publishing her next title with Kadokawa or Kodansha magazines, Shuueisha magazine readers simply have no time for moe-harem stuff, it seems. Just look how poor To-Love-Ru ended.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. I’m under the impression that Aizen’s shikai has a sort of drawback to when he uses it. Like he can use it only once on a person and then it does not work on that person again, or to use it he has to release the current victims of it. Otherwise it’s a vanity/pride thing where he doesn’t think it’s even necessary to use on Ichigo.

  18. Typical chapter really. I think it was obvious that Ichigo was going to stand no chance against Aizen in his current form.
    All he has is his new Hollow Beserker mode, and even with that, Aizen is too smart to lose to a raging beast, no matter how powerful Ichigo may be in that form.
    Saying that, if they got rid of Gin and all ganged up on Aizen, then who knows what could happen.
    More likely than not their will be some twist around the corner though.

  19. it pisses me off..captains protecting a guy who can’t fight for his life. He has a mask and he almost got his ass kicked by a number 6. He gains a new mask to fight 4.

    Aizen has a mask and a bankai up his sleeve and hes just as fast as ichigo in his bankai. so…just because ichigo hasn’t seen his shikai means he has the best what? he has a 2% of winning while everyone else has a 1%?

    Ichigos dad better show up, because I don’t think hes seen Aizens shikai either.

  20. Very nice choice of image and title, although personnally i’d have chosen the last panel on page 12, where Ichigo is about to shoot his Getsuga Tensho. This very image was priceless to me.

  21. Personally I thought Aizen’s speech that rattled Ichigo enough that K9 had to intercede was the funniest part of this chapter. Here we have Aizen, who has orchestrated the attempted execution and kidnapping of Ichigo’s friends, whose experimentation lead to the death of Ichigo’s mother, and whose machinations resulted in Ichigo having to take on a hollow that constantly threatens to consume him–all of this so he can convert Ichigo’s home and its inhabitants into a vehicle for his narcissism–but Ichigo just doesn’t have the right motivation to defeat him. Kubo should read his own manga sometime.

  22. @Omni
    I can’t blame Kawashita for the way she ended it though – it was the most organic way she could probably do it without the go ahead to continue it. The manga afterall was not completed as the author would’ve hoped, it was canned, and therefore had to be completed for completion’s sake.

  23. Aizen will suceed in making the key, and then before he takes the power of god, he will go crazy and get beaten by ichigo and then a new threat arrives and shows that god was pulling the strings the whole time and aizen was good and then they use the sword of akasha to kill god, but then another plot twist happens and it turns out hollow ichigo was behind every thing and says ichigo’s mom was actually a hollow and then ichigo goes to his inner world again to kill his hollow self and then it fades to black just as ichigo does the finishing move and roll credits music…
    One month later…
    A hollowified ichigo takes the god throne out of no where and takes out any opposing forces, then during his celebration of his win, zero comes out and stabs hollowified ichigo with the tetsuga tenzo and reveals himself to be ichigo, causing everyone to be confused and he said that you must always remember is that the only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing and then he dies of a heart attack because of kira and then soul society tries to find out who kira is and then the strike freedom gundam comes out and with its speakers it said i am kira but then tousen destroys the gundam and says that he could see all along and told rukia that the shinigami never told her what happened to her father and she says no shit and tousen say that he was her mother and then rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and then tousen said shut up mofo and rukia was like what and tousen was like what and then spinsaku fired the fleija and everyone got owned but spinsaku didn’t because he was forced by lelouch to live and because soul society is not in the real world they didnt get affected and then faded to black again and it said to be continued and gin says in the last second that he was behind it all and that he started 4kids…
    4 years later…
    ichigo wakes up from his dream and was thinking that was a wierd dream…

    But, was it a dream?

    Too long; Don't read
  24. What a crock of crap. Apparantly the war has really begun now?

    WHAT WAR!? It’s 3 guys versus about 30. Even if Aizen could be rated as stronger than the 1st division captain, he’s still just one man. I don’t know if Kubo Tite knows anything about wars, but by their definition its a battle of epic proportions, not a battle between an army against a man.

    There was nothing good about this chapter. Then again there was nothing good about the last 3 years of chapters. Feel like I’m trolling now with such bait-worthy comments, but can’t deny that the only reason Bleach is still highly rated is because the fanbase continues to feed it.

  25. @Too long; Don’t read
    from my thought we dont really know whats at the end when the door is opened but i thought it was hinted that there is another group of shinigami more powerful not to mention the shinigami that have joined this 0 unit… really there is alot of variables as certian ppl havnt shown up yet, like ichigo’s father, and these suppossed vastro lourdes not to mention what resides in the hell dimension… all these should factor in the coming stories

  26. I was actually kind of curious to know how this was going to end up and gawd be damned that Aizen actually had something that small planned up. Where the hell are Yagamoto and Gin? The two playing majong or something? Either way, Yagmoto should stand up and just go bankai on Aizen. He already did something against three arrancar, who were damn weaker than he was, so why the hell is he holding back against Aizen? It’s like playing the final battle of an RPG. You throw in all your weakest characters out, get them killed and send your strongest for last, defeat the boss, but left with 1 hp, only to discover that the boss actually has a true form and your all out of mana and potions…

  27. ugh I don’t even care about bleach anymore this is taking forever.

    About Ane Doki, if you ever read Bakuman, you’ll see why the endings are so awkward sometimes. In all likelihood Ane Doki got the axe for not doing too well in the surveys.


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