As it turns out, the Zanpakutou have returned to normal thanks to Kurotsuchi’s research. They start to take down the Gillians in the area with their respective Shinigami, but more Gillians then pour into the area through the Garganta. Byakuya and Senbonzakura try to close the tear and push back the Menos by blasting it with their petals, but their power alone isn’t enough. Once all the other Shinigami and their Zanpakutou join in though, the Garganta closes, and that crisis is averted. This still leaves, however, the giant dome that used to be Muramasa which has Ichigo inside.


As nice as it was to see all the Shinigami fighting alongside their Zanpakutou, they didn’t need to spend an entire episode on taking care of the Gillian problem because there’s really not that much interesting here that we haven’t seen already. Like I said last week, a couple of captains using their bankai should have been more than enough to do the job. That segment that had all the Shinigami combining their powers to close off the Garganta had me groaning out loud too because it was so silly. In short, I didn’t really enjoy this episode since it felt dragged out, and it’s a shame they wasted an episode like this when the story arc had been going fairly strong up to this point. Hopefully next week, which should be the finale of this arc and looks to have Ichigo vs. Muramasa again, won’t be so disappointing.


  1. Do the writers really think we’d watch like 20 of the supporting characters play off each other for a full episode, instead of pushing the story forward? They aren’t the ONLY reason people watch Bleach!

  2. Well that was…uh interesting. They went a little DBZ there, i was kinda expecting Byakuya and Senbonzakura to form a sprite bomb to close the gate. Lol ok not really, but i did laugh at the corny ‘charge up’ sequence that all the characters went through.

    It was some what entertaining in its own sense, but over all it was pretty weak.

  3. in addition to the crappy writing, the animation was terrible. this was probably the worst episode of this arc, but overall it’s been decent for filler. hopefully the ending will be decent and the next filler arc will be tolerable, but I’m not getting my hopes up for “Zanpakutō vs Beast Swords.”

    curious one
  4. E – War of Light, I agree very Green Lanternish (or even Captain Planet-ish)

    I cannot believe they won via a DBZ power-up sequence. They weren’t even trying for this episode in either story or animation. The most entertaining part of this episode was the Shinigami Picture Book at the end, lol.

    So Very Odd
  5. yeah here as disappointing as all who watched it: it’s just silly.

    may the filler end soon, and let another take over. I should just scan through the shows until we all get serious on April. booooooring…

    humour isn’t gonna help cover the action and story man…

  6. …go,go power rangers! no, wait, i mean lantern corps!
    lol but no seriously, the new corps in Green lantern are about ten times cooler and more interesting then this episode. color beams in the sky? seriously? at least when they pulled it with the top three espada before the filler it kind of made sense. hope they try to make Muramasa vs Ichigo as good as Kouga vs Byakuya, since Muramasa was the starting villan, he deserves a well animated final battle!

  7. @Kuya: Probably because it would take too much time to draw everything each chapter.
    And if that wasn’t a valid reason for you, then maybe because they would clash together or get really twisted in everything… (I’ve even already found several fanfics where the zanpakutoh are in a romantic relation with their wielders >.<)

  8. Well now that they have let the Genie out of the bottle I wonder how they are gonna put it back…

    1. How can anyone ever trust Rukia’s brother? He beat people up and did all kinds of dangerous crap to shinigami for what “His family honor”? The family was already one of the most noble houses in Soul Society. They never clearly explained really why he did it.

    2. Now that the Zanpakutou are out and running around how are they gonna put them all back in their swords on a permenant basis for the Canon episodes wehere they are never seen any more?

  9. Remember the first Gillian/Menos Grande….that thing was epic. Every Menos Grande/Gillian that appears in this show is just a lame excuse for a ‘dangerous situation’ since they can’t use normal hollow anymore. They would be too weak.

  10. …Oh well, it took me about 2 minutes to wath this one. What do you expect. This junk was made for 10-15 yo’s. The fact that everyone else over that age who watches it & complains about how shitty it is just reinforces that target audience. However, I would like to see more that 3 animated seconds of Ichigo’s long hair 😛

  11. i, for one, am glad that there’s another filler after this.
    the main story sucks now. it’s waaaaay too slow, and they’ve been in the same location for god knows how long.

    this episode was garbage too :S
    disappointed since up to now, the filler was really good.

  12. Worst episode in a long time.
    I was pretty much checking to see how long was left 10 mins in…
    So much stock footage, such a stupid ‘team’ effort to close the rip…ugh, I’d rather forget about it.
    They should just get this over with and get back to canon.
    We’ve had more than our fill of this filler now.

  13. @kuya

    They don’t keep their Zanpakuto out like that all the time because it’s not supposed to happen ever. Muramasa jailbroke them like the cheap iPhones they are. That’s why they don’t look like the established spirits; the originals are copyrighted. And bringing your Zanpakuto spirit into the real world already had a name: it’s called bankai.

    Until this episode, it was much better than the canon. I hope the story makes a rebound in the next episode. Love to see some of this end up in the storyline after the Winter War, like the modsouls from the Bount travesty.

    Shad P
  14. They spent WAY too much time going from zanpakuto to zanpakuto to shinigami to shinigami seeing what ALL their reactions were to each and every thing that happened. Really made this episode drag hard. I guess the closing the garganta thing was decent being that it was something new.
    But in the end kenpachi or yamamoto could have closed it alone lol

  15. I note that the Menos don’t actually DO anything. All they do is waddle around, roar, and shoot an absolutely useless cero. Seriously, what happened to needing some elite squad sent out to fight them? By the time the arc ends you could kill them with Yuzu alone.
    This episode was not filler, it was a pathetic bid for time.


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