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  1. Everyone’s fighting Aizen at close range. Yamamoto’s shikai alone turns everything around him to ash. Bankai’s probably worse.

    Gin could be in SS by now, killing people. Someone should keep an eye on him.

    Shad P
  2. There are so many things that are starting to piss me off: What happened with Gin? What happened to the fight between Kensei and Wonderweiss? I’m wondering whether or not stark is even dead right now, because he only hot a slash to the chest, and he probably healed by now, or it wasn’t enough to kill him. Plus, what the hell is with Aizen? He’s taking on two captains at once. plus he stopped Ichigo when he used he mask, all the while when he wasn’t even using a shikai. I thought he said he had twice the reiatsu as a normal captain, and Ichigo is alluded to have the same amount, so why is Aizen so damn powerful? Geez, Dragon Ball Z with swords, best description for this series.

  3. I have always wondered if Aizen is the “big boss”? Would be pretty cool if Aizen turns out to be Yammamoto’s underling and Yammy himself is the main villian. Has Yammamoto ever gone at it with Aizen? It just seems like this arc is slowly working to a conclusion soon. Perhaps Yammamoto sided with Hell and thats where the next big story arc will take place?

  4. @Splash
    Good analysis!!! That will be exciting!! Either that or it is just another plot hole from Kubo the Troll king…haha

    Don’t get me wrong! I still like Bleach for its amazing art (relative to other shonen manga). Hopefully Kubo can improve on the storyline in the next arc. 🙂

  5. Fuck this. Mayuri, Kenpachi, Gin, Aizen vs. World <- I would like to see.

    Let’s see Naruto’s also doing pretty shitty. Bakuman’s doing O.K. I guess. Toriko’s arc had got me kinds interested. And Japan continues to love One Piece more than water.

    Those are SJ’s top five right?

  6. Hitsugaga is so going to get pwned. I still do not understand why he is still alive, by all rights if this were any other shounen he would have died long ago.

    Oh wait this is Bleach you get healed through just bandages.

  7. will be guessing the Gin will coming in to help out Aizen and see what is hollowification side and take out a Captain 😀 and maybe Yamamoto will go in and help out Ichigo. Love to see Byakuya and Kenpachi to join in as well

  8. Well we can’t have a Gin vs. Matsumoto as she is all busted up and barely alive. If Kubo was smart he would have played up their connection more rather then him just standing there cooling his heels while she was getting all her internal organs knocked out. That whole storyline more or less has been nerfed.

    She would not be able to match him in a 1-1 fight (even if she was healthy) but maybe the feelings he had for her might mave made him make different decisions then the ones he did.

  9. In re. to the number shown fighting him, it’s typical. Admittedly you see this more often with mooks but instead of them overwhelming an opponent with numbers (like any INTELLIGENT person would do) they fight two at a time to show how powerful the one guy is. Tite’ll probably claim that they’re watching for an opening or something like that, but in reality it’s an overused way of showing power.
    I’m still irritated that it’s going to be Ichigo killing Aizen, but at least the others have some role to play (unlike the humans).

  10. What a waste of the ink and paper. Another week yet to have the series star useless. I’m getting tired of this. It’s like a roller coaster for heaven’s sake!
    I would have been more interesting for Ichi to loose control and scar up Aizen, have Aizen run and end this.

  11. @Giostz: Not going to happen, for two reasons:
    1. As of the last character poll, Hitsugaya is the NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR CHARACTER in the Japanese fandom.
    2. Kubo does not kill good guys. EVER. Every time it looked like he did, he didn’t – When Hitsugaya got bisected by Harribel, in the next panel he made it an illusion and Hitsugaya was unharmed.
    Then Hiyori got bisected by Ichimaru, and now along comes Unohana to heal her ass.

  12. You know what would be interesting and ironic? If after the final battle and Aizen and Ichigo have fought, it is actually Hinamori who kills Aizen by giving him the final blow? Sort of like an “I’ll never let you do this to anyone else” moment. I also have a feeling we might get a Ichimaru vs. Byakuya moment eventually. Byakuya has a habit of slaughtering anyone who “points his blade” at his “pride”. Well, Rukia (his pride) was definitely almost on the receiving end of Gin’s zanpaktou. So, I think Byakuya might want some payback. (Even though he’ll probably say its a matter of honor or duty or something like that…)


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