In the aftermath of the Muramasa incident, the Shinigami return to Soul Society, but they find that their respective Zanpakutou spirits are still able to take human form. To complicate matters, also on the loose are what Kurotsuchi calls Toujuu (lit. sword beast), which are materialized Zanpakutou who went berserk after their masters were killed trying to subdue them. Of the two that appear, Senbonzakura helps Sode no Shirayuki defeat one of them, and Rukia wielding Sode no Shirayuki eventually defeats the other, strengthening their relationship in the process. Kurotsuchi takes in the latter one for research, and when Ukitake reveals that there are reports of more, Sode no Shirayuki reassures Rukia that the Zanpakutou will help with this matter.

ED Sequence

ED: 「旅立つキミへ」 (Tabidatsu Kimi he) by RSP
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As expected, the new ED finally premiered this week, and I really liked it. The song is catchy, just like Kansha was, and it feels like the perfect way to end an episode. The animation that went with it is mostly sakura petals plus images of the various members of the Gotei 13 (I’m guessing they blew most of the budget on those petals), and this one clearly goes in the Inoue column in the which-girl-does-the-ED-focus-on battle between her and Rukia.


As a Rukia episode, this episode wasn’t too bad since it had some decent character development for her and Sode no Shirayuki. I’m not so thrilled about it as part of a larger story arc though. The whole random-Zanpakutou-have-gone-crazy plot seems like it could lead to a lot of monster-of-the-week type episodes, with probably different Shinigami protagonists each week. On the other hand, I’m hoping that this means that there will be some sort of conclusion at the end of the arc where all the Zanpakutou spirits will be gone for good. I’d rather the anime writers not try to mix the Zanpakutou spirits into manga material like they did with the Bount arc’s Ririn and company. Either way, it looks like this is going to be the story until at least April, and not surprisingly, Ichigo is getting involved next episode.


  1. I always find it funny how the fillers show personality traits of of the characters that the manga just…idk.

    Who remembers rukia and renji are childhood friend. Here they acted like it.

    Will you be doing a review of the 2nd gurren lagann movie? just wondering.

  2. they’re STILL AROUND?!?! wtf! u know what this means.. the zanpaktou are gonna do like the chicken and friends stuffed animal brigade and after the fillers are over, THEY”LL NEVER LEAVE!! MUHOOHAHAHAHAHA!!! cheesy looking bad guys btw

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. wow more nice fillers out there, but I suggest we better end it soon, yeah? besides that, the ending sounded great, hope it comes out even better (as a PV or single) on 10th March…

  4. Senbonzakura and Sode no Shirayuki make a good couple wouldn’t you agree? Also Ukitake seems the type who enjoys playing a dad role. With this ending I am looking forward to the opening when the anime finally goes back to the manga storyline.

  5. Oh I see. So they aren’t allowed to use any OTHER kinds of characters like the Arrancars or Vizards because they aren’t CREATIVE enough to write ANOTHER original story with them!!! So let’s just recycle the new characters in the LAST FILLER ARC! It will so REALLY well! *rimshot*

    I know Ulquiorra himself told us to bear with them, but Bleach will lose many fans!

  6. It’s official. Bleach is now approaching the level of the original Naruto series in terms of fillers. Someone wake me up when;
    A – This crap is over
    B – When the current manga arc finally ends
    Thanks. 😉

  7. what are you talking about man? Yeah I don’t generally like fillers either but come on! Bleach fillers are no where near as bad as Naruto fillers which includes girly looking guys in almost every last $#^%@$!@ filler with each story getting lamer than the last one.

  8. soooooooooo…………Something happened again at soul society and ichigo will come into play to save the day. Would of been nice to see an ichigo-less filler arc and actually see SS do some work.

    Question of the week: who is the bigger one trick pony in regards to moves?

    Naruto or Ichigo?

    ark noir
  9. @ark noir……YOOOOOOO! i’m glad u said that! in the beginning i was blind to the fact that ichigo uses the same move over and over, i thought that the worst culprit of this was INUYASHA. this was probably due to the fact that ichigos fight scenes have way more choreographed swordplay. naruto???? what is his move??is it that multiply-bushin thingy?? how bout luffy??…he got alot of moves! how bout NATSU? hmmmmmm. they really should make a shounen lead that has limitless moves, now there’s a concept.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Truthfully, weaving the whole spirits thing into the manga doesn’t feel like that bad of an idea. I mean, they created the entirety of the important Zampakuto as humanoid characters, so why wouldn’t they use them? This is unlike other arcs where maybe 5-ish characters are made up.

  11. Why are they afraid to put breaks between each Bleach season (skip a season)?
    Manga arc -> break -> Manga arc -> break…
    …instead of Manga arc -> filler arc -> Manga arc -> filler arc

  12. The eternal question >_<U

    The question is why many people still wonders about the existance of fillers. It’s like wondering about the existance of the sun. Uhm… Maybe ’cause this is the way the world is done o.ô?

    You can think about a world without fillers, but it’ll be just… a dream. Best possible adaptation?… Nope. That’s not what business is like. And we’re talking about “money”. And BTW, we download it 4 free.

    (2 minutes left ’till one more “eternal question person” appears… ¬¬U)

  13. @shogun22

    cause that’s dumb… As long as the filler are actual arcs, they are fine. I actually enjoy the different stories. I kind fo know what is going to happen, so why not switch it up. The quality is fine. There are a lot worse manga/ anime original stories out there.

  14. man i really start to hate this shit
    sorry for the word but it’s really annoying this crap i mean i want to watch the fight of azen the fight beetween ichigo and uliquiorra and not this crap about the friendship beetween shinigami and zanpaktou
    i think i’m going to stop watchin this f**** anime and just read the manga
    i hope there isn’t also fillers in the manga or i will kick this f**** pc

  15. At the rate the manga is going you could say that there are fillers in that too, at the moment it’s very boring.
    I’m just waiting for aizen to die or for him to use the key so the real stuff begins.
    I have a fealing that this story stuff is still at the very begining.

    As for the anime, these fillers just plain suck.
    I got sick of watching them.
    It’ll probably be 4 months or longer until the anime can get back to the arrancar stuff.
    Figuering that each arc contrain around 15-25 epi’s each, and at 1 epi per week…
    Sucks, so I’m reading the manga for now and keeping a close eye on the naruto anime once in a while.

  16. ichigo is def a more one trick pony compared to naruto, naruto has shadow clones as his one trick skill but he also combos it with rasengan and he has frog summons and later sage mode

  17. @Shogun22,
    Because if they take the show off for a bit there’s always the chance that another series’ll just get dropped right in the spot leaving Bleach stranded (which could lead to cancellation).


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