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  1. my guess was, it was all an illusion…like they all accidentally ganged up and killed Yamamoto or something because Aizen genjutsu’ed them.

    OR series over, Aizen dead, main protagonist didnt do anything. lol.

  2. This was a great chapter, Shinji’s grin at the end was priceless. Also nice to see that Soifon can use her shunpo to create this many clones even in this state. Too bad she didn’t have enough reiatsu so that Nigeki Kessatsu would work on Aizen… or maybe she failed because she didn’t hit him with it after all…

    “What wouldn’t be so great is if Kubo decided to kill this momentum and switch focus to Wonderweiss and Kensei next week…”

    Even worse scenario: go back to Hueco Mundo 😛

    @MAS: I don’t like him either, but he has won the last popularity poll, there’s no way KT would kill him :/

  3. I got to admit that “He Bleeds!!” would have been the best title ever for a Bleach article concerning Aizen. That bastard has Superman’s Ultimate power and S-Curl and Batman’s Indestructible plot armor. Unbeatable combination in any universe.

  4. I still think the reason Yammamoto hasn’t done anything is because he is in it with Aizen and Aizen answers to the old man. There has to be some sort of a major swerve coming that we won’t be expecting. The old man fought with a couple Captains back in SS in that arc to keep them busy while Aizen, Gin and Tousen tried to kill turnip head back around episode 60ish in the anime.

    Only other thing I can think of is that all these attacks were on a fellow Captain or Ichigo. Hence the surprised look on Aizen’s face. It looks like Aizen being surprised but they actually let the wind out of Ichigo or someone else.

  5. whats going to happen is Aizen is gona appear off in the distance somewhere walk towards the captains doing the whole “i’m impressed” slow clap then pwn them all and then a 20 chapter battle between ichigo and aizen will ensue.

  6. Using teamwork to defeat an overpowered opponent? How revolutionary. :p

    After well over a hundred chapters, common battle sense has returned to the Bleach world. Best chapter in a long time.

  7. My guess is that Ichimaru is in charge and while everyone is fighting Aizen, he’s going to destroy the remaining pillars. Doubt its an illusion since Ichigo is also watching… and that’s suppose to be his only triumph card in the entire “you’re the savior” thing. So going for Ichimaru destroys pillars, Aizen puts on his mask, and from there… who knows.

  8. My guess is that Aizen will laugh at their incompetence (or somewhere across those lines) and actually killed someone else (maybe the 1st div Captain or something like that) by is cheap ass illusions, breaks the pillars and then fuck everyone and then Ichigo goes Super Hollow and beats the crap out of Aizen and realized that his shinkai has no effect on Super Hollow Ichigo and Aizen then goes bankai.

    ^It’s a silly guess from eating too much ice cream.

    But I have no doubt that its all illusions… I mean this is AIZEN!!!! I mean he’s like the Chuck Norris of villains as far as I know! <- Sober mode

  9. I had actually wondered if “Aizen” is really Gin with an illusion over him, but then Ichigo would see right through it. He’ll probably do the “Cicada Husk” technique Yoruichi and Byakuya like to do, and leave Toshiro stabbing his coat or something.

    Or Kubo could be swerving us and Aizen dies without even releasing shikai (let alone bankai, hollowfication and resurrection) and without Ichigo doing a thing. That’d catch me off guard!

    An awesome installment, too bad the world will probably end before they get around to animating it …

  10. Its surely NOT an illusion.


    Illusions DO NOT think for themselves, While Aizen had thought panels in the last pages.

    And NO it could not make sense to be illusion, especially after Gin hyping up Aizen’s non-illusion feats.

    Aizen will most likelly get pissed off and shrug off/heal damage he got and get serious.

    However this whole arc seems to be focusing on showing Aizen’s “mortality”, having him discover that “even gods can bleed”

  11. yeah AIZEN’S GONNA BE DEAD! really, hope he gets some damage…

    the other vaizards are rather pathetic, don’t believe love and rose aren’t stronger than shiro-chan, but… there’s always unohana and more chances later??

    yeah if next week we duno aizen’s gonna be dead OR NOT, since I also rather interested what would happen to wonderweiss… or they should have done this earlier before this chapter…

  12. I think that it’s not an illusion, and Aizen was really surprised from the teamwork of the Captains and the Visoreds. I think Kyoraku’s the only captain besides Unohana and Yamamoto (maybe Ukitake when not sick, and the Badass:Kenpachi) that could land such a grevious blow to Aizen. Aizen still hasn’t used shikai, just a lot of dodging, talking, and some low level defensive kido. Showing off he has reiatsu like 4+ times a captain (or 20+ times Hitsuguya Bankai hah hah!) to show he can’t be killed by Soi Fon’s attack that kills normal spirits/hollows in 2 hits reminds me of the time when Kenpachi goaded Ichigo into taking the first swing and Ichigo swung as hard as he could and it hurt him (made his hands bleed) and Kenpachi laughs and didn’t even get cut.
    That shadow thing Kyoraku does is wicked, it relies on backstabbing and surprise, like a ninja, and he hasn’t gone Bankai or used high level kido yet. Ukitake might get a chance to redeem himself when he helps Kensei with Wonderweiss I hope.
    Much like the “I can see!” surprise that Tousen did when he hollowfied, Aizen is going to go, “You failures, this is a SUCCESSFUL Hybrid!” and proceeds to demonstrate how he has achieved Vastro Lorde abilities (black ceros, instant regeneration, and all the other prized abilities the Espada had, even Ulquiorra’s Segunda Etapa) with all Shinigami abilities, including Kyoka Suigetsu’s shikai and Bankai! Yeah! Its freakin’ Dracula from Castlevania, with forms 2, 3 and 4! Okay, a little overboard, but maybe that will get Yamamoto to use some high level kido and Unohana to finish healing and show why her specialty is Kendo. My guess is Unohana’s going to fight the exceptional swordsman, Gin. The instant regeneration would probably save Aizen (but he doesn’t know that Ichigo has that ability too) and put everyone in a state of shock (again).

  13. My Theory- #1 It’s all been an illusion, but Aizen was never fighting. Instead, he disguised himself as Gin, while Gin did all the fighting, disguised as Aizen.

    #2 Aizen was really injured by all those attacks. Unohanna is actually working for Aizen. Unohanna kills of Pachi and Hiyori and uses her bankai, which is most likely a healing attack, and uses it solely on Aizen.

    #3 Gin is the main bad guy and we all get disappointed that Aizen died so easily.

    #4 It was just some stupid illusion and Aizen is okay (I will get incredibly pissed if the manga has become so predictable)

    #5 Aizen is like Kenpachi who laughs at lethal scars around the body…

  14. I doubt it is an illusion – Ichigo was watching from the sidelines.

    Also, Aizen swore. I think that’s a pretty good indicator he didn’t see this coming.

    I doubt he’s done for just yet, but I think this is the beginning of the end for him. At least, that’s what I’d like to think.

    Sol Fury
  15. I don’t really believe this is the end of the series. Probably Aizen will manage to run away or something like that. Remember that he wanted to create the key to access the King Realm or something like that, and they mentioned in some chapters that the Squad 0 protects the King Realm and that they are strong. I see they showing up soon, or maybe in the next arc. Or maybe I’m just imagining a bit too much

  16. @Omni
    “What would be great is if Yamamoto would wake up and finally get involved”.
    lol Yamamoto is old you know, you can’t have a grandfather fighting a “young man” like Aizen.Yamamoto is like what 200 years old? even though he looks like grandpa on steroids.

  17. I agree, Aizen has something up he’s sleeves but it’s not an illusion (he’s shikai)….

    If he did use he’s shikai to cause an illusion, than the whole point of Ichigo not witnessing it would be a plot whole and a waste – Ichigo is watching this fight, as long as he does that Aizen can not use he’s Shikai (plot driven of course).

    In order for Aizen to invoke Hypnosis, he’s shikai has to be released….and thus Ichigo will fall trap to it.

  18. didnt this happen like 50 times in naruto recently like
    *STAB* * GASP* . . . *haha* *illusion*

    the plots are so similar at the same times
    and like people said it could be
    Gin as the mastermind
    Aizen really did get stabbed and
    he is just gonna brush it off like . . . pfft pansy is that all u can do?

    but . . .
    shouldnt ichigo be acting in this very moment right now
    and go for the Claymore style ‘cut off his head just to be sure’
    type of deal
    because this is the perfect opportunity

    just saying …

  19. well no surprise it was a Illusion.. and maybe Hisu stabbed the real Momo chan.. we dont know that yet until next weeks chapter… Everyones down but Ichi and Urohana…well and Yama too.. but he’s not doin anything lol.


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