Shortly after Ichigo has his first run-in with a Toujuu in the real world, Hitsugaya arrives and fills him in on what’s going on. Rangiku and Haineko have come as well, but those two spend most of their time goofing off with Inoue. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, Sode no Shirayuki explains to Rukia that Kurotsuchi had restored her after she got broken during the previous incident. Kurotsuchi was also the one who returned the other Zanpakutou to normal, and he’s now working on this new case. Back in the real world, the Toujuu that escaped from Ichigo and Hitsugaya has been consumed and become fused with a Hollow, making it even stronger. When it attacks the girls, Ichigo has to save Haineko from it, and he then has to withstand a massive Cero. Fortunately, Hitsugaya helps out and defeats the creature, and afterward, the group acknowledges the new threat.


This was not such a great episode. The battles and animation quality had some high points, but the direction the story is headed in reeks of the writers having run out of good ideas. Combining Hollow and Zanpakutou…wait, wait where have I heard this one before? Isn’t this pretty much just another way to come up with Arrancar-like monsters, without actually calling them that?? I almost fell out of my chair when Ichigo said he’s never seen a Hollow wield a sword before. The preview doesn’t exactly make me look forward to next week’s episode either, but maybe there’ll be some decent character development for Renji.


  1. thanks for the screens 😀
    all these fillers… gahhh…. maybe they’re just screwing with us knowing there’s a bleach movie 4 coming up, esp. the much anticipated showdown back in the arrancar arc..
    but hey, if they give us another decent fight like byakuya’s… hmmm…

  2. Well…uh…yeah. I really have nothing to say about this episode that wasn’t already said. It looks like there going to kick this dead horse till there’s nothing left. Kinda of a shame if you think about it, they could of built something off that last filler arch. Instead its just going to be the same BS as before. I just hope that they don’t give all the Zanpakutou’s ‘hollow powers’

    I had a similar reaction to the part when Ichigo said he’d never seen a Hollow wield a sword before. I had to rewind that mart to make sure i didn’t hear something ‘wrong’.

  3. Filler arcs suck! I rather see disjointed filler episodes. This show is just painful to watch now. Until it comes back to original material, I’m watching the first season of bleach and read the manga.

  4. OMG! Go away you darn fillers! Don’t show us the rogue zanpukto that killed their own masters! We just don’t care about them! If they were any one bit interesting, they would’ve been seen fighting arrancar or Ichigo, when they first invaded the soul society…

  5. One Piece has always been better than Bleach, Naruto, or any other on-going shonen for that matter.
    It just doesn’t seem as popular with the fansub community because it’s mostly made up with teens who aren’t old enough or who haven’t been in the anime scene long enough to go back 10 years to when it first started.
    Hell, even when One Piece first started it wasn’t popular with the fansub community due to the animation style and the fact pirates were uncool back then.
    To be fair, it was also a slow starter, which didn’t help.

    Anyway, back on topic, the series is really being killed with these fillers.
    I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s almost getting to the stage like the original Naruto series where there was so much filler it nearly killed the series.
    I’d much rather the serues took a 6 month break tbh, but the Japanese don’t seem to like that.

  6. good or not this is much better than the way Ichigo is presented in the manga so far. That guy gets OWNED every single time by even otherwise weak villains…here while he did not defeat Murmasa in their first encounter he still manage to drive him off and now he was actually looking cool with just his shikai, cool and skillful. Why can’t he be this good in the manga? WHY?!

  7. April at the earliest, I repeat, APRIL… AT… THE… EARLIEST.

    It may go beyond that.

    But yeah, I agree with you Omni. Really, to hear Ichigo say that
    he’s never seen a Hollow with a zanpakutou before was just… “huh”?
    It didn’t help matters that we’ve hear them mention “Arrancar” before
    in this filler, so that only made it all the more contradictory.

  8. The one thing I will say is that the animation style–not just the quality–has changed. That upper shot, where it showed Matsumoto and crew running as if from a camera aimed directly at the tops of their heads, is uncommon in Bleach. I wonder if it’s ever been used in the anime? The music is a little different, too; really, the whole atmosphere of the this episode has the feel of it being a slightly different anime. There is a different kind of emotionalism here, as we see most clearly with Rukia and her zanpakuto. Not very different, but different enough to be noticeable. Not NOT Bleach, but something that Bleach itself isn’t, if that makes sense to anyone. I like it; the lack of action and weak storyline are something else. If nothing else, the animation quality has been above-par for many episodes now, and I wonder if that’s a sign of things to come. I hope it is. Bleach has marred good fights before with subpar animation. Let’s hope the ones to come aren’t like them.

  9. Why can’t all the captains activate their bankai to defeat Aizen?? And the Vizard should use their bankai knowing its Aizen they’re facing, I mean come on I want real action here don’t u guys??


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