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Note: There is no chapter of Bleach next week.


  1. There are only two possibilities I can see for Aizen switching, either he did it right after Ichigo attacked him, or he switched from the beginning and the whole Ichigo thing was an illusion. (Maybe Hinamori killed Aizen LOLOL.)

    Which also raises another interesting theory, that Stark and company aren’t actually dead (unlikely)

    I don’t think Yamamoto will fight, because while he certainly could protect himself just by surrounding himself with fire, he’s under hypnosis too.

    The next chapter will probably return to Hueco Mundo to finish up that part of the arc.

  2. I’ll be honest, given Aizen’s power level right now… it doesn’t seem like anyone can defeat him. I mean… the captains can’t even touch him with Kyouka Suigetsu and I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt ichigo will only need one opening to finish Aizen off (w/o ssj3 hollow). Sometimes I think even kubo doesn’t know how to realistically finish off Aizen. The fact that Bleach is taking a break next week further proves my point haha.

    Captain Obvious
  3. this is sort of getting to be a little ridiculous because aizen is seeming to be impossible to kill at this point, because he could switch with ichigo at any point and just have them kill ichigo.

  4. It would be so annoying if the manga returns to Hueco Mundo, especially after 2 weeks of waiting. That would just kill the momentum.

    I don’t think Ichigo was being stupid, just taking it cautiously thats all (Yama is probably doing the same).

    Regarding already dead characters coming back to life, its possible but it seems rather stupid. Much better to move on with the story than backtracking and resurrecting people.

  5. Aizen could make it so no one heard Ichigo even if he did say anything, and Ichigo would just be jumping up and down like an idiot screaming to himself. Then again Ichigo probably just sat there going “hmm I wonder why they are attacking Hinamori, what explanation could there possibly be?” Hopefully Hitsugaya and Hinamori both die, but they are much too popular for Kubo to kill both of them off. Especially since he never kills anyone off. Ever.

  6. I gotta say I loved Hitsugaya’s shocked face. It’s so fun seeing this guy lose hus composure (call me evil, but it’s true)
    I’m just waiting for Gin to pull a huge “OMG I IS A SUPERPOWERED ARRANCAR YEAHH!!!!” move like Tousen did, except not get owned.
    Moving on to Aizen’s overpoweredness, he really is getting to the point of absurdity. I mean, as it is right now, he could make everyone THINK they were dead and then actually kill them while they’re standing there drooling. I’m actually wondering why this hasn’t happened already, but hey, it’s a manga, so what else could I expect besides Hitsugaya stabbing Hinamori? (Which I actually enjoyed with the whole shock thing. Yeah yeah, I’m evil)
    On another note, I’m getting really fed up with the anime. They are so far behind right now that it’s not even funny. ULQUORRIA (sp?) IS STILL ALIVE DAMNIT!! THEY’RE THAT FAR BACK!!

    Kit Kat
  7. Aizen can probably just make it look like Ichigo is standing around picking his nose to everyone else. Ichigo being the only one “immune” to it doesn’t really help anyone else at all when they can’t see him screaming at them to stop swinging their swords around at the air.

  8. I am getting bored with how the 2 big action shows (Bleach and Naruto) just keep pulling illusion moves over and over and over. Lets move on and find some other big way for villians to own the good guys.

  9. nothing new there we knew Aizen is not going that easy but whats surprising is the 1st the switch then Ichigo delayed reaction if its true that he is the only one still not affected by Aizen’s power why did he not intervene or shout even if lets say that shouting might not make it in time he could have stopped Hitsugaya

    i refuse to believe that Ace is dead but if he is wth was that arc for WB is already a given but ace there still might be a chance

  10. I was WAITING FOREVER for this post. God, I love this manga! Even more, I love love love love Aizen. He is such an amazing Character. He is everything you always want to be in your life; intelligent, cool, patience, powerful, stunningly smart and fearless, brave and magnificently lovable. How can you not like a character like that? There is probably something wrong in your heads if you think otherwise. Not saying you guys are insane but you’re pretty close to that level if you disagree with me

    Now to the chapter. HOW DARE anyone think Aizen was hit by those nobody-no-name shinigamis let alone the ice-cream boy! Hitsugaya abviously didn’t learn his lesson the first time so he had it coming. Too bad Hinamori had to be sacrificed but the look on his face when he stabbed his precious friend was magnificent. Simply priceless ^__^

    Now I have to go through all your annoying messages and answer them all. Having said that, your tasty tasty tasty tears are so hard to resist. So, please cry me a river and whine a bit more. Aizen is here to stay and he is going to sweep the floor with your favorite characters (if that is why you guys are acting like 4 years olds). I read the manga just to see him kick ass and boy he is doing it wonderfully.

  11. Ya know, barring some retarded DBZ style WTF power up, I don’t see how Aizen is gonna get taken down. Ever. At least by Ichigo and co. Still waiting on Urahara, Isshin and Ishida’s father (what the hell was his name again?) to show up though.

  12. @maxym, Thanks for being a dick dude. I specifically don’t read the manga so I dont spoil the consistently good anime. The entire ark that JUST started in the anime was just ruined… bull….shit…..

  13. @matt

    I hope you’re not talking about OP. Because no matter how good the anime is, the manga’s infinitely better. And besides, the anime is shoddy on more than a few occasions.

    Anyway back to Bleach. Good to see shit’s finally happening. I’m kinda liking Aizen.

  14. Considering the fact that Aizen’s been using Kyouka Suigetsu this whole time, maybe he was blocking everyone from even hearing Ichigo until right then? At least, this is the only reason I can accept for Ichigo not even DOING anything.

  15. Wow, along with FMA 104, there is sure a lot of great material for Romi Paku whenever she gets around to it. We’ll probably be seeing this scene animated within the next 6 months anyway.

  16. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! that was great!!! sooooooo glad he killed her!!! “although she prob wont die” but GREAT!!! i was always dreading a horrible betrayal from her “cuz u just know she would drop post AND her panties for AIZEN” this is sooo much better!! get her out of the way soo i dont gotta worry bout that.. OOOOOH this buildup is precious

    BROOKLYN otaku
  17. It’s easy to say “why didn’t Ichigo say anything?” but when a fight happens, the people involved have a sense of slowed time. Things slow right down for them for the few seconds it happens. And those watching may be standing in a sense of shock and awe at what they witness.

    While we see it as 2 to 5 pages long, in the timeframe of the manga, it may have occured in less than 2 to 5 seconds. And even if it didn’t, there’s the psychological blow to Ichigo as he witnesses Captain level Shinigami attack a Vice-Captain level Shinigami. The incredulity of such a thing may have fazed him.

    When Aizen blocks (or doesn’t block), I don’t see it as him catching an attack with a finger and pushing back. I see it as him sidestepping the attack, and swinging his own blade, probably more than once. You can’t really tell. There is the belief that Ichigo has an ace in the hole because he’s never witnessed the release of Kyouka Suigetsu… But let’s face it.

    Ichigo has his bankai, his hollow bankai, and his ressurecion. But after seeing Kaname show off, we can reasonably assume that so does Aizen and Ichimaru. Cheap shot or not, the fact that Ichimaru was able to cut a captain level Visored in half using only shikai says that bankai alone would provide more than a little bit of a problem for a captain level Shinigami. If he pulls out his mask or uses ressureccion, he’ll lay the beat down on people.

    The only way this can end in their favor is IF the Kurakara veterans show up and intervene, because the current power level on the Shinigami / Visored team won’t work. Ryuuken, Isshin, Yoruichi, and Tessai are absolutely vital in this fight.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  18. If only Ichigo would work together with his hollow, he might stand a chance. Why does Aizen have to torture poor Hinamori so much, even after she had believed in him during her phone call to Toshiro.

    Code fanboy
  19. Well, I’m not worried about anybody dying. I’m not even worried about Hiyori dying even though she was sliced in half. Hinamori was only stabbed through the chest, that’s like a common occurrence in this series. This chapter was at least not boring, but it was far from a surprise.

  20. So…soul society’s only hope of defeating Aizen is a 1) Blind retard who can’t tell his allies that they are stabbing the shit out of Hinamori and NOT Aizen because he is completely blind or has the reaction time of 3 pages later, or 2)a complete jackass who felt it would be funny to see whether or not they would completely WTFPWN Hinamori and then tell them AFTERWARDS “What do you think you are doing?!”.

    *moment of silence*

    No really i think relying on Ichigo to beat Aizen was the best decision Soul Society ever made……

  21. Well, I admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this chapter. Even though I do feel pity for Hitsugaya and Hinamori, I agree that this is a nice development in the battle and adds a bit more “Oomph” behind the meaningless Aizen godmodding earlier. It would also be interesting to see the fallout of this later on (assuming that at least one will live…and considering that this is Bleach, everyone will)

  22. @ Click:
    Chuck Norris > Ikaros with Uranus System > SSJ2 Gohan > Aizen > Strike Freedom Gundam > Lancelot Albion > Saber w/ Avalon

    I just included a couple world destroyers in the over-powered levels because although Aizen can fool Chuck, Chuck has already has fooled the world, with a worldwide illusion only Uchiha Madara could dream of!

  23. The first and foremost law of anime: relativity applies not only to near-superluminal speeds. (You know all the stuff about characters having time to say all good lines when the enemy has fired a gun and many many stuff like that.) Probably the long long time that went during the last chapter was actually a matter of seconds for Ichigo. ….No, I’m not kidding or being sarcastic. Seriously. Or Ichigo was way too shocked to even think or speak. Not likely, huh?

    Well It was good to see Hitsugaya express horror (beyond mere shock), but seriously. That face is an overkill. And Hinamori’s face… I’ve been noticing that she looks like a dragonfly with her eyes so close together.

  24. Ah by the way, I was suspecting Kyoraku being with Aizen all this time because of a few hints in the manga all along (like being cool even during such intense fights, his face in shadows when calming Urahara not to go after Hiyori 100 years back, noting Aizen inside the barracks (well one could say that proves his innocense, but I thought the opposite) and so many things). And particularly ironic since he’s one of the top senior Reapers. Guess his face telling Hitsugaya to stop tells me everything.

  25. The real question is: why Aizen still dont tried to use your power in Ichigo ?

    I think Ichigo is a important player in Aizen plans. Maybe it needs Ichigo make Inoue to use all your power (at full level).

  26. Well Hinamori-chan three times a charm, eh? First Aizen failed to properly kill her, then was that ugly chimera that Halibels’ fraccion made and now since bad guys don’t work on her apparently, Aize decided to off her with good guys’ blades. And Ichigo apparently didn’t mind at all since he never warned them about the switch.

  27. master of plot holes….Tite Kubo…..srzly the only issue here at the moment is the fact that Ichigo in his awesomeness is the only one that isn’t affected by Kyouka Suigetsu, which should be this AMAZING advantage. I mean i guess the only thing i can think of as to why Ichigo didn’t “say anything” is probably because Kyouka Suigetsu affects all 5 senses and Aizen manipulated the Shinigami’s so they couldn’t hear his voice or in this case his screams to them that they were attacking someone else and not Aizen.

    But then this leaves a few more plot holes since then we can question why Ichigo didn’t do anything, but like Starshade said it could be because in that situation he was too shocked or confused as to what everyone was doing to act in time.

    hmmm..i guess when you think of it this way it Ichigo doesn’t sound like a complete idiot…though it only adds even more OP’ness to Kyouka Suigetsu and Aizen lol.

  28. You all getting it wrong yes Ichigo reacted late to some of you but of course that wasn’t the case what of if Ichigo isn’t immune also to Aizen’s shikai then that would explain why Ichigo was also shocked then all that talk about him been immune is BS Aizen always has a plan believe that he is not an opponent you can easily defeat in this chapter Aizen asked Shinji a very good question did he assume and conclude that Aizen wasn’t using his shikai all this while way before ichigo attacked him it would be stupid and insulting if Ichigo was just looking at Hinamori getting sliced when he is known for spoiling vilians’ chances of giving the final blow in fights several times before because it does not make any sense he should have done something.

  29. hmm interesting chapter, well just potraying aizen being the best is just rather boring. why can’t they let ichigo do the work?

    anyway, even if he instantaneously made the switch, I mean aizen, on his zanpakuto to fool others and place hinamori, ichigo should have seen it already? well wonder if Kubo would clarify that next chapter…

    not minding more action now (dowan so many to die THAT soon), but I really wonder what happens to wonderweiss, and if… it, contributes to the storyline…

  30. I think the key to him was getting his former captain under the illusion… So, i think he got him before Ichigo showed up… But i don’t think Ichigo is under the illusion, because i don’t think anyone can shrug it off unless Aizen allows it. So Ichigo was watching everything, since he saw what was going on while the other didn’t realize it… I honestly think he was fighting up to a certain point were he then switched with Hinamori.. Aizen is fast, Ichigo was concentrating on looking for an opening, so i don’t think he had time to react…

  31. God I was so pissed about this. Not because of the fact that Hinamori was stabed by Hitsugaya (well, a little bit by it too, poor girl and poor kid lol, they did nothing to the overpowerd troll that Aizen is), but to the absurd that situation is. How the fuck Hinamori has gone floor, k.o.ed to sky getting stabbed? Did Aizen pretend he was down on the floor all the time since Hitsugaya’s first attacking? If Ichigo was seeing the Captain’s fight and ISN’T influenced by Kyoka Suigetsu, why he didn’t do nothing to stop it?

    One Piece and Naruto were a fuckin’ piece of crap this week too. I think I’m gonna come back to some comic books.

  32. now im curious about chuck norris whats with him? tell me pls i need info 😀

    tried searching at google and this is what google told me
    “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you”


  33. My theory is he used his flash step, to go down and pick up Hinimori before Hitsugaya tried to stab him.. Then he flashed step again down behind the other captains… Ichigo Was concentrating on an opening that he probably missed the initial flash step, and by the time it was all over the dead was done.. Honestly i think it was that fast, split second type of thing..

  34. Wouldn’t this be twice Hinamori was stabbed in the chest? (twice to update her resume) I don’t think this fight will be over soon anyway, Gin hasn’t done a thing, kinda disappointing.

  35. Yo. Aizen can control their senses. Ichigo could be blasting his voice through an amp turned up to 11 and they wouldn’t be able to hear him if Aizen didn’t want them to…..He is OP

  36. The greatest trick the Devil pulled on the world was that he convinced the world that he didn’t exist.
    Chuck Norris however, wasn’t fooled. Norris actually sold his soul to the Devil for the good looks and martial arts prowess he has now. Once the deal was complete, Norris roundhouse kicked the Devil in the face and took his soul back. The Devil knowing that he got beat, said, “I should have seen that coming!”
    During a nuclear bomb test in the desert, Chuck Norris was taking a leisurely stroll in the area. As the bomb went off, Norris glared angrily at the light, as if to say “Don’t disturb me during my free time”. The nuclear detonation promptly postponed the explosion.
    Afterwards, one of the scientists observing the incident concluded, “It’s good that the sun has never pissed him off”.

  37. I’m getting more and more annoyed with this series. I only hope that Aizen wins, Bleach ends and Kubo Tite takes a nice, long break.

    And for those who’d like to read another 400 chapters, there’s still an enigmatic Zero Division aka Royal Guard. I don’t think Kubo-sensei would mention it just like that.

  38. I think no matter what happens at this point in the series i wont be able to care. There is sooooo much room for new development, plot twists (that dont suck) or just anything to represent the story actually moving along.

    Instead, we get another issue that reinforces what we’ve known for 3 god damn years, aizen is strong, aizen has illusionist powers… Seriously what reason in the world could there be to not develop the story, kill off a few characters, and move along.

    Why reveal ichigo’s father as someone who could potentially be stronger than a captain and not work with it.

    Why tell ichigo he has no real reason to fight him and not have orihime materialize as the corpse of what everyone thought was actually aizen.

    What is the point of having 20 characters if you make 15 of them out to be krillins (actually krillin was worth a hell of a lot more than most bleach characters)

  39. Man, is TK some kind of sadist against Hinamori? This is like the second time she’s gotten severely/mortally wounded, first by the one she adored and now by the one who loves her the most. I mean, in the 50+ cast of named characters why is the girl named Momo getting the bad shots?

    I can only hope this pays off for her- its’ not that I particularly like her but there has to be a purpose to this aside from just showing how such a bastard Aizen is. But chances are neither Hitsugaya nor Momo will have a hand in taking down the Big A.

    But I guess at least Momo ‘just’ got stabbed (and quite a neat stab at that)- I mean Hiyori got bifurcated…

    TK hates cute chicks…

  40. @kortis

    I don’t want to hate it, not to mention Ive invested a lot of time to see how this series would pan out. Im just pointing out that there are literally dozens of more interesting ways of going than the current direction (not so much a direction as walking in circles kicking the dirt)

  41. The new shocking development is interesting, but as many have said, Aizen’s power is overpowered to the point of ridiculousness.

    If it wasn’t a manga, everyone would have been dead long ago.

  42. Has anyone thought of that possibility that up until Hinamori was skewered, it was Ichigo that they were fighting? And he was probably defending himself and then going “what the fuck is going on” with Hinamori’s death. Ichigo has only heard that Aizen can fuck with your senses, but to that extreme is probably not what he’s expecting. Also would explain him just standing there. He was getting the hell out of the way and then watches as the best thing since slice bread goes to work.

    This way Aizen doesn’t need to do all, has Ichigo on the defensive, and lay some serious psychological damage on everyone at the same time. It’s actually quite magnificent and exactly like what he’d do.

    If it was me, and I can mess with everyone’s senses, that’s what I’d do. Hell, it was the first thing I thought of the moment they were fighting.

  43. naruto=bleach, illusions illusions illusions. I mean come on Tite and Kishimoto stop copying each other. Naruto uber power up. Ichigo uber power up. Aizen untouchable. Madara untouchable. Naruto hella useless friends with cool attacks. Ichigo hella useless friends with cool attacks. Naruto has Rasengan,Shadow Clones and Fox mode for past whatever years. Well Ichigo really only has the Vizard Power and that same old Heavenly Moon Fang whatever attack. They only difference is the lack of drama in bleach. Though I must admit I have no idea what to expect from Gin at all. That smile never fades no matter what.The only time it went away was when he had to say goodbye to Rangiku. I mean is he really the one calling the shots even though he was much younger than Aizen and Tousen. I know Aizen wants his girlfriend back but what is Gin after. He is total mystery to me and hence my favorite character.

  44. When I saw this chapter, I just thought “Art of Substitution”. Then I realized that Aizen is clearly also a Naruto style ninja. This explains why he’s overpowered. He’s got powers from two manga series!

  45. Aizen is not overpowered. He is a inteligent and experienced user of your own reiatsu and he have plenty of knowledge of the power of your weapon. And most important, he have all shinigamis controlled by your power. Maybe Ichigo too in some degree.

    And about that girl, all shinigamis attacked fast, maybe 10-20 seconds. Ichigo wastes some time to understand what is happening, why hinamori is being attacked for your friends.

    And if Aizen powers alters all your senses, for all effects, this fight can been happening in the moon or in the ocean and noone, except Ichigo will see the difference. So Aizen just change the point of view of shinigamis and they attacked the girl, thinking attacking Aizen.

  46. @up

    “Aizen is not overpowered.” I lol’d.

    “He is a inteligent and experienced user of your own reiatsu and he have plenty of knowledge of the power of your weapon.” Yea, he has all these skills of battle with NO explanation of how he got so strong. He’s just this strong for the hell of it, and because bleach need a villain.

    “And about that girl, all shinigamis attacked fast, maybe 10-20 seconds.” I would also love to know how he switched places with that girl that was all the way on the ground, put her in a stood up position ready to get ownd. I understand this is just part of his hax power, but it’s just ridiculous to how he switched places with her.

    “And if Aizen powers alters all your senses, for all effects, this fight can been happening in the moon or in the ocean and noone, except Ichigo will see the difference. So Aizen just change the point of view of shinigamis and they attacked the girl, thinking attacking Aizen.” And you think that’s not overpowered… LOL

  47. lmao Happy, i kinda understand where you’re coming from but you gotta admit Aizen’s power is just completely absurd now, I really see no openings and I speak for all of us when i say, “even though Aizen is probably reaching god mode at a ridicously rate per page, i bet you his weakness is the dumbest thing you’d never think of.”

    Team Aizen is too powerful for his own good
  48. interestingly, if you look at the chapter, when hinamori gets up and walk, kira and iba go after her. they then turn around to see that aizen is behind them and gets slashed from behind. meanwhile, after hitsu realized he stab hina, he holds her, but in the next frame, she is completely gone. maybe both were illusions and the real hina is still lying somewhere and hitsu is just mad at this trick.

  49. @maxym seriously, use the fucking spoiler tags..
    I only watch the OP anime and just got spoiled by your insensitive ass while reading BLEACH comments. Are you fucking kidding me? You just ruined the primary reason for an ENTIRE fucking arc that isn’t even over. Seriously, either use the tags or gtfo.

  50. where is the guy that said that Kyoraku was allied with Aizen? b/c I truly want to become his/her friend.

    and I do think T.K.’s comment on bleach being a comedy a bit funny, b/c I sure as hell laughed with Hinamori’s situation.

  51. How freaking annoying is that, will he just quit it and do whatever he’s supposed to do?

    It was surprising to me however that Hinamori was the one taking the hits as Aizen usually has some fake version of himself.

  52. I was really hoping that the one that got stabbed was Gin instead, because the fighting against an omnipotent force would have made a little more sense. What I don’t understand is if they were actually fighting Hinnamori, was how was Soi Fon’s attack stopped?! Did he suddenly switch, while he was still in the ice or something?! If so, then Soi Fon’s death blow should have completely destroyed her by now…

  53. I love bleach, but seriously, its like they are intentionally trying to mess with us. We’ve known for years that Aizen is powerful, so stop wasting our time, were not getting any younger so get to the point. I bet it will be a months until something decent happens, especially with all the breaks jump take….

  54. I love bleach dearly, but this is getting old. We’ve know for years that Aizen is obnoxiously strong. Yet its been how many chapters??..And still nothing significant has happened…really were not getting any younger and if anything its making the characters seem more annoying and even weak.. (BTW, wheres higekuni Yamamoto?)

  55. Prob already said before but i’ll say it again..blame this on ichigo.. the idiot who just watches as Hitsuaga stabs hinamori.. n then yell wot r u guys doing? Hey idiot… there under aizen’s illusion, n lets not use the one guy who can actually see the real aizen in our attacks….though aizen seems godlike with his powers… his sword is not without weakness…”you have to see and hear to be under his illusion” if only they had tousen….ichigo should have trained to fight blind…so I see it as ichigo waiting for every1 to get taken out..then make his move only to be taken out again.. for some unexpected help to come..aizen fleess.. n lets open another arc with ppl training

  56. @ pissed

    Dude, your kinda not going to win a fight on this one. Most people who comment here are reading the manga and are all caught up with the current chapters. Basically for all of SJ. And besides, most of the time people have read the manga before they watch the anime. I’m just saying but chill out.

    Besides, since when are you king of the internet? You can’t command everyone to do spoilers for their comments just for you when your reading them anyway. That’s kinda like saying “IM WATCHING A MOVIE ON TV WITH MY LAPTOP IN FRONT OF MY FACE WITH THE WIKIPEDIA PAGE OPEN AND SET TO PLOT, SO DON’T LET ME LOOK AT IT!”.


  57. @queenie

    You do realize that before writing any comments, there are lines of text that tell you rules, specifically saying to use spoiler tags around major spoilers. Whatever, masses are idiots, but you shouldn’t be defending them.
    Don’t go assuming someone’s haughty just because they’re trying to tell people the actual rules. That’s kinda like saying “YO THE MODS ON THIS FORUM SHOULD STOP TRYING TO BAN TROLLS, WE SHOULD JUST IGNORE THEM.”

  58. WTTTTF theres no stoppin no one can even give aizen a scratch.. a freakin scratch…..n the fact that ichigo will eventually defeat aizen makes it look ridiculous, ichigo(hard time fighting captains, but can pwn the aizen’s god like powers..WTF once again…. Show Spoiler ▼

  59. This is what i think will happen.
    Gin is really the ring leader, Aizen has been dead since Urahara was in SS.
    It is all an illusion. Ichigo will wake up from the matrix and know kung fu.
    He goes back in the the Chuck Norris program (aka godmode) and one shots him by saying.
    “The Game.”

    Tired of waiting

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