When Renji and Zabimaru arrive in the real world to capture another Toujuu, Zabimaru’s snake half enjoys his newfound freedom too much and ends up getting in the way of the battle. The Toujuu escapes with an injury, but Snake Zabimaru runs into him again when they split up to search. Using this to his advantage, the Toujuu convinces Snake Zabimaru that being by himself is great and is thus able to get away again. This causes Snake Zabimaru to rebel against his other half and Renji and then go off on his own. Although he enjoys his freedom, he also finds himself hungry, and that leads to some run-ins with Karin and Yuzu, which ultimately ends in him going home with them. They feed and entertain him, and Ichigo returns home later that night to find them all asleep. When Ichigo tries to confront Snake Zabimaru, the kid runs away again and encounters the healed-up Toujuu. Although Snake Zabimaru is strong enough to fight on his own, the Toujuu turns the tables by taking Karin hostage. Fortunately, Renji and Zabimaru’s other half arrive to help and finish the battle. In the aftermath, having realized that not being alone is fine too, Snake Zabimaru brings the unconscious Karin to Ichigo, and he returns to Soul Society with Renji.


This was pretty much what I expected and dreaded based on the preview from last week: an episode with Zabimaru’s snake half going off on his own, with Yuzu and Karin thrown in. I generally don’t mind character development episodes, but I loathe this type because the plot tend to be predictable and because the bratty characters are always annoying. It didn’t make sense either why it took Ichigo so long to arrive on the scene when he should have been right behind Karin. The only bright side is that the animation quality has remained fairly good, but that’s a small consolation. Here’s to hoping that next week’s episode with Nanao, Ikkaku, and Hanatarou is better…


  1. This episode made me laugh a few times and that was the highlight of it, but at least I’m not to disappointed probably because I’m not expecting anything from this filler anymore. The most disappointing part is we won’t be able to see any bankai’s that are not in the original series for a while that I was looking forward to ever since myuri’s told us its possible for the sword fiends to do that.

  2. I still fail to see why they changed Zabimaru to 2 humans representing a gorilla and snake from the original gorilla with a snake tail. It feels like they just changed it to appeal to newer fans with human based Zanpakutoh ._.

  3. @Click.

    I agree with you.

    Zabimaru is probably the only zanpakutou aside from Zangetsu
    that we’ve seen a canonical spiritual form representation.

    For them to just go and make up another form after the fact
    is just ludicrous.

    We probably wouldn’t have had to watch this crap episode if
    they would’ve stuck to the original source material. =/

  4. @Click

    Don’t forget Renji’s Zanpaktou broke and in the Golden Cup of Shinigami at the end he had his Zanpaktou remodeled where he wa reading a zanpaktou magazine, he changed the gender and everything

  5. @sigh:
    I think he said that a sword fiend can use its powers to its fullest capacity or it is in constant Bankai, which means that even a low-level Zanpakutō will be a force to be reckoned with.

  6. I’m sorry but I liked the episode. It was a nice change of pace. Wouldn’t want to see too many of these in a row but it had some good laughs and we haven’t seen much of Ichigo’s sisters in quite a while so I didn’t mind it at all.

  7. madao Karin can see him remember she can see hollows and shinigami Yuzu can’t there was one time when she barely see a hollow if I remember correctly if the sword fiend is in constant Bankai then they sure are very weak snake Zabimaru even beat the guy can’t wait to get back to the Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight.

  8. well talk about weak! that penguin dude’s weapon couldn’t cut ish. renji shouda been cut in half, what a weakling “no wonder his master is dead”, and why couldn’t snakey play video games…no hands??? hahahah weird, and boring

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. @BROOKLYN otaku
    Yeah, seems like he doesn’t really have hands under his sleeves.

    We’ve seen Toshiro’s Zanpakutou spirit too. It’s a dragon made of ice in a void when he talks to it. Their forms all changed because of Muramasa’s power warping them (except for Zangetsu, apparently.) That’s why in Toshiro’s battle with Hyorinmaru, he’s shown as the human spirit first but switches to the dragon when they fall unconscious after being frozen.

    Shad P
  10. What is happening with bleach manga and anime??? The manga is going through this whole episode of “my super power will crush you!! No MY super super power will crush you!! NO!! MY SUPER DUPER SUPER power will crush you!!” bwah bwah bwah.

    And the anime director is now like “Sh*t, the manga’s progress is so FREAKING slow (1minute = 1chapter), we must find some crappy fillers to fill up the broadcast”.

    My point is that Bleach is now bleached of content. With all due respect, could you start blogging One Piece for god sake?? Anyone reading the manga right now would agree with me completely.

  11. Beyond the usual lack of logic in this arc, I notice they never show the Sword Fiend actually being defeated. Literally. We get a scene where Renji protects Snake-Zabimaru, then we have Snake-Zabimaru carrying Karin home. At no point in this episode do we see Renji actually fight or even just defeat the Sword Fiend.
    What’s even worse is the Sword Fiend itself. These things are supposed to have the power of a Bankai. So what is this horrible injury that forces our nameless and generic villain to resort to trickery? A scratch on the arm. That’s right, a scratch on the arm. Wow. Clearly they must have spent many sleepless nights working on this because the only way I can accept this crap is if the writers were suffering from sleep deprivation when they made it! I honestly could write a better plot in under two hours, I’ve already thought up five better scenes in the 15 minutes I spent skimming through this episode.


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