It’s now springtime, and Miles’ forces have arrived in Resembool on their way to the East. While they’re there, Miles smuggles Winry back home in a water tank, and she initially finds her house empty. When she goes up to her room to change however, she finds Ed eating there, and the commotion causes Greed, Heinkel, and Darius to appear. Winry ends up kicking them all out, and after expressing how worried she was about him, she informs Ed that Al is at the train station with Miles. Pinako then returns, and Ed and company explain the situation to them. Ed also needs some auto-mail maintenance, and while she’s doing so, Winry tells him about what’s going on now in Lior and how Hohenheim already went to Central. Ed wants Winry and Pinako to leave the country as a precaution, but Winry feels that he should be trying to stop whatever might happen and makes a plea for Ed to protect the country and get his and his brother’s bodies back.

Ed gets annoyed and leaves, and having overheard the conversation, Greed comments on how wanting money, women, and to protect the world are all forms of greed. Ed, Greed, and the Chimera then leave under the cover of darkness, and Ed tells Winry to bake an apple pie for him for when he comes back. Meanwhile, in Lior, Kimblee’s other two Chimera are reunited with Marcoh and Scar, and they head to Central with a group of Ishval men who share Scar’s desire to change the country. In the East, Miles and Grumman’s forces join up under the pretense of some joint exercises, but the plan is complicated by how King Bradley is there to observe. Miles also left Al behind at the train station, and Al wakes up sometime later after having been drawn to his body again. Unfortunately, he gets attacked by Gluttony and Pride and is captured.

Over in Central, Mustang pays a visit to the Armstrong estate and observes that the place is big enough to fit a battalion. He also gives Oliver a bouquet of flowers with a note attached revealing Selim’s Homunculus identity. Back at the training exercise grounds, Miles’ men have realized that Al is missing and suspect that something happened. King Bradley’s men meanwhile suspect that this training exercise is a decoy for the Ishval remnants to commit terrorism in Central and that Grumman is planning on invading Central under the excuse of suppressing that terrorism. This leads King Bradley to decide to return to Central, but the train he’s on gets bombed while crossing a bridge. When news of this reaches Central, the members of the high command panic, and Olivier considers making a move. However, she’s stopped from doing so by the appearance of Father and Sloth, and Father reassures the generals that he’s still there in Central.


First things first: as you may have heard, a huge earthquake struck Chile yesterday. This had the potential to cause massive waves as far away as Japan, so most of the channels (in this case, both TBS and MBS) had some form of tsunami warning overlaid on top of this week’s episode of FMA:B, and that’s what’s shown on all of the screens above.

Anyway, this episode had all the sides starting to act as the promised day approaches, though it still felt like more set-up/maneuvering and showed only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s going to happen. All of the Winry focus in the first half was nice – she certainly looked more mature than previously – but it led me to think that she won’t be playing a very big part in this upcoming arc.

It was also cool to see Scar with his own Ishval force, as well as Grumman’s side outwitting King Bradley for the time being, and Hawkeye getting ready with Fuery and Breda. It’s a shame the Homunculus side has now captured Al (with the return-to-action of Gluttony) and probably Olivier too with the move Father made. Well, it’s bad for the good guys but good for us the audience because it creates several avenues where action and plot development could happen. The preview certainly makes next episode look action-packed with what appears to be an Ed & Greed vs Pride & Gluttony battle, so I’m looking forward to it.


  1. this is the last ep we’ll get to see winry for a longggggg time- in the manga she appeared briefly in chap 104- after 20 chapters of absence. that’s 1 year and 8 months…nearly two years… T_T but yeah. basically stayed home and baked apple pie lol. (am i giving anything important away??)
    god hope chile is alright, the waves of the earthquake hit australian shores today- with extra large waves but thats about it. however i guess japan with all experience in earthquakes is extra anxious ^^

  2. Wooh, less Winry after this!

    It’s too bad that effing map obscures all the screenshots, but I guess it can’t be helped (urgh, been watching too much anime). It’s going to annoy the hell out of me when I make my own caps for my own review, though.

    I love the bit with Greed telling Edward that friendship is also greed, or something of the sort.

  3. Why would people who are watching TV at home be at the beach at the same time?Seems pointless and stupid to warn people about the tsunami when your target audience is probably no where near the danger zone.Even a periodic “Stay away from the coast” message would be enough.

  4. When the train exploded, I guess it just sort of disappeared. Okay, I guess. And this really doesn’t matter, but I’m not digging the lines on top of Gluttony’s nose.

    However, I did like the way the ED song started with Grumman’s fan. They seem to be playing it a lot, like Let It Out.

  5. i couldn’t control myself and gorged on the manga, thus ruining everything, at lest i stopped at 102vol.. now watching this i feel like a dude who never saw the “MAJIN BUU SAGA” yet is watching Dragon BALL KAI from the beginning. well lets see if my resolve will hold. so many awesome “reveals” in the last couple of chaps. musssst nooot click on manga weeeebsiteeee!!!Noooooooooooo!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. @CSakuraS

    With waves projected to be at about 2m high on average when they hit the coast,it’s nothing more than some rough seas.I doubt someone’s house will be swept away like this.A warning to stay away from the beach is more than sufficient here.It’s safe to say it’s nothing on the scale of the tsunami that hit indonesia a few years back.

  7. That earthquake thing was seriously serious. I live in Argentina (next to Chile, for the geography impaired) and the quake was felt in several places of the country, aside from the obvious bordering ones. It didn’t cause anything big over here though, but for it to have been felt even slightly all the way to the atlantic ocean is a pretty serious deal.

    Thanks for the caps as always.

  8. No offense to anyone but its sad that people are complaining about a graphic/map on their screen that hinders their viewing of 1 show when right now people are dead and dying in Chile from the earthquake. Lets just talk about the anime itself and put the rest of it to rest. Next week the graphic/map wont be there.

  9. I’ve watched this episode on keyhole a while ago and somehow got scared and focused on the map rather than the show. dsdsfkldf;lksj I hope everything will be alright! Waaahh Mother Nature’s attacking us these days T__T

    and lol on the screencap of Winry hitting Ed. [for a second back there I thought the map was booger *shot*]

  10. @Splash
    if you dont have some fun because somebody you dont know on this world suffers
    you wont have a happy life

    i hope i can get a grip on a fine copy, these earthquake warnings are pissing me off
    especially in an episode with much winry screentime

  11. Ohh, lookit dat!
    Its Hakuro! Haven’t seen him since.. well, the first anime series!
    Earthquakes are bad.. yeah.. but this fucking map needs to honestly go. Its an eyesore people outside of Japan don’t really need to be concerned with.
    I was complaining last episode because they ruined Gluttony’s surprise comeback, but it still feels creepy/shocking the way it was pulled off here.. judging from the screencaps here, anyway, still haven’t seen the episode.

    Winry having too much screen time for one episode (almost the whole first half of the episode) would normally bother me, but not too much this time around. Since we won’t be seeing Winry after this ep for a looong while. <3

  12. Damian, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up yourself.

    People come here to talk about FMA. And there was no reason to do it for the entire episode that takes up nearly half the screen. Yes, it was bad, but I’m sure everyone knew it and there is NEWS for that sort of thing, not putting it on TV shows where people don’t want to see or hear about it at that time.

    Get it now, you stupid little twat?

  13. I was wondering if I could have these screenshots without the map?
    Ive been looking everywhere for them but even the episode have the map on as you watch the episode
    It would be great if You can send me these screenshots without the tag of the map~

  14. @Guts

    “where people dont want to see or hear about it at that time”? Are you fuckin serious? It was happening at THAT time, so yes, they should fuckin want to hear about it at that time. The government is trying to save lives and all you bitches do is complain about it? What, were you also complaining during 9/11 when all channels showed it and you werent able to watch American Idol, because you didnt want to “hear about it at that time”? Get the fuck out of there, if you want to enjoy the episode with zero interruptions, go fuckin buy it instead of mooching off the internet. Youre getting this stuff for free, so you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to complain about this stuff, especially when it was a NATIONAL problem. Dont like? Then dont watch.

    Fuckin teenagers.

  15. @damian

    the sad thing is they could possibly be adult aged but still have that idiot mentality. are the graphics distracting and disrupting yes, do we all need to focus every aspect of our lives to the disaster that happened, no. do you need to complain when there may be people that have an interest in what’s going on and there could be potential effects on their lives as well, hell fucking no. it’s one freggin episode and one very serious event DID occur. some of you act as if that graphic is permanently etched into the show like a soliton radar. we can all hope it’s only a one time occurrence and i honestly hope you all never have to have a similar event impacting your lives.

  16. Damian.

    You don’t watch Fullmetal Alchemist to see news on the quake for 30 minutes straight.

    Get off your goddamn high horse. I seriously doubt the news had stopped talking about it, so there was no need to try and watch FMA and get that info. If you really want that info so much, FMA can wait and just watch the news. More detail, better info, all of that.

    I doubt people tuned into FMA to go “I think I’ll get news on the quake as well”

    Jesus, if anyone has a skewered mentality and lack of perception, it’s you, idiot.

  17. Regarding the map, I found it was REALLY bad, particularly because of its flashing. I almost couldn’t watch the episode (I only did because I didn’t think I’d be able to see it without the map. While I appreciate the purpose of the map, it was placed rather moronically. Putting it in the bottom right corner would’ve been a much better idea.

    Anyway, a good quality version of this episode without the map can be found on I liked this episode.

  18. This quake and 9/11 are hardly comparable, Damian. Guts has a good point, I think. Pick one. Fullmetal Alchemist or the info on this quake. “I think I’ll try and watching episode and get basic information all at once”

    It’s pointless and excessive.

    By the way, I like how you keep on bitching about “WHAAHAHA STOp ComPAKIANEING”

    I didn’t complain. All I said was “I HOPE the fansubs don’t have it”
    YEAH I WAS WAAAY out A LliNE. I agree with the statement: “Get off your high horse.”

  19. bah I seriously hope this isn’t going to be on the subs >_>

    yes, I do not care about a tsunami hitting Japan, heck I wouldn’t even care if Brussels would suddenly get hit by a terrorist attack and kill thousands. I only care when it involves myself.

    and this will be the last we see of winry for some time? nooooo!!

  20. Don’t worry guys, do you really think Eclipse is going to sub the version with the map? Come on, those guys are better then that. And yes, it was stupid to have the map foar the whole show, because the map distracted you from watching the anime, and the anime distracted you from reading the map. You yeah, just cause you can combine two things, don’t mean you should. Also, yes, I don’t care about he quake or tsunami. I don’t live there, so why should I worry about things that have no tangent with my life.

  21. Sorry, but people bitching about this being on the subs are idiots. Speed subs? Maybe. But none of the archive-worthy groups would ever use this broadcast for their perm release. Give them some credit and get over it. It’s not like OMG, the networks RUINED the ONLY copy of this episode THAT WILL EVER EXIST.


    The japanese government is seriously into “better safe than sorry” (even if the general population isn’t). I’d be surprised if anyone here has any idea what the national emergency broadcast standards there are; the networks might have just been super-covering their asses. Waa Waa. They ruined our favorite cartoon!

  22. Hi, here posting from chile, it´s terrible the situation in some cities, but in my city it´s all fine (viña del mar, on the side of santiago), it´s amazing how the earthquake can influence in other countries. On other topic, waiting for subs of this episode……

  23. @Guts

    “You don’t watch Fullmetal Alchemist to see news on the quake for 30 minutes straight.”
    Its not called news idiot, its called being updated. The government does that to keep people updated while they’re watching something. It happens everywhere and if you cant appreciate the fact that the government was trying to keep its citizens safe, then you’re a bigger wanker than i initially thought you were.

    “Get off your goddamn high horse.”
    Youre the one who thinks he deserves better. Its a fuckin tv show, get OVER IT. Youre not gonna die because of a simple map.

    “I seriously doubt the news had stopped talking about it, so there was no need to try and watch FMA and get that info. If you really want that info so much, FMA can wait and just watch the news. More detail, better info, all of that.

    I doubt people tuned into FMA to go “I think I’ll get news on the quake as well””
    Youre retarded. If thats the case, and if people like you wanted to watch it without interruption, then go watch it on ANOTHER channel that doesnt have the map. Like I said, there IS a clean version without the map, I WATCHED it. Oh right, YOU cant turn to a different channel because youre ILLEGALLY downloading it off the internet, and STILL have the “Guts” to complain? Ha!

    “Jesus, if anyone has a skewered mentality and lack of perception, it’s you, idiot.”
    Says the pathetic twat who cries that his precious TV SHOW got a LIFE SAVING warning overlay on it..

  24. @Damian
    I agree with you, the people here must stop complaining about the map, and understand that it was made to help saving lives becuase when FMA was aired they didn’t know the size of the waves; and probably there was people who didn’t watch the news, or didn’t know aout the tsunami alert or jut think that everything is over, so they just want to alert as much people as they can.

    About he show is good to see Ed taller than Winry, and looks like the final battle is almost ready; the only thing bothering me is what Oliver is doing…

  25. Jeez… What a rage fest this comment section turned out to be.. DAMIAN dude stop it already. I know you’re raging the fact that some are bitching about the map but please… Let it go…. Same for the other whiners….

    I myself am bothered of the map but you don’t see me raging over it. Although my earlier comment to be bitching then I don’t know what to say. Great… NOW y’all got me bitching and semi-raging. I guess being civilized on the internet asking too much… -_-

  26. Just watched the sub, didn’t think the map was that bad. It was a mainly plot and character-driven episode anyway, not one with a lot of fighting. Hopefully there won’t be more tsunamis next week, with the upcoming fight against Pride and Gluttony (false Gate form, no less). Looks like we’ll see Selim’s body take some damage, but that monstrous shadow form’s gonna be hard to kill.

    I’m rather shocked at the jump to “one day before the apocalype”. Is the manga that abrupt? Just making sure they didn’t decide to cut it down to 52 episodes after all …

    Then again, this is the Promised Day, the day everything hits the fan. I’m sure the mangaka can fit a LOT of stuff into that 24 hours. 😉 I hope we get to see Ed meet up with Hohenheim soon, maybe he’ll save the day against the Homunculi.

  27. lol I really would like to care for those in chilli
    but as Dave chappelle said
    ” I turned on the TV and there’s disaster . I stare at it for a couple and i realise i don’t give a crap. I switch to another news channel and stare for a couple of seconds and wow 1 million people just died…Maybe if I stare harder I might care….Wait for it….No… I just don’t care”
    but seems like we’re about to hit climax in the FMAB story line.

  28. Wow, that tsunami warning sure is distracting to begin with, though I guess this is serious enough to be tolerated. I think this 8.8 earthquake is like the second biggest since THAT ONE in the Indian Ocean in 2004. So can’t blame them for taking tsunami warnings seriously, not to mention Japan is the country where the very term tsunami originated from.

    But credit to the well-written story getting more and more captivating, that minor distraction was quickly cast aside. Grumann shows himself to be the cunning old fox by luring Bradley away. Though it won’t kill him, it’ll at least slow him down (as well as take out a few of the generals that were with him), and compelling Father to personally take charge of things.

    Love how the Ed x Winry relationship is developing. (Ed seeing Winry strip is an added bonus lol )

    Next week seems to be Ed and Greed vs Pride and Gluttony. Should be fun to see how Pride is dealt with. Hohenheim already know Pride’s weakness, wonder if he told Alphonse about it. So if Al wakes up, he might let Ed in on this vital intel.

    Kinny Riddle
  29. Yes, it contains the map, because there was no Transport Stream for any airing without it. We chose the least bad TS, but there was no way helping it.

    Only one regional channel aired FMA without a map, and there was no TS coverage for it, not even a raw in fact.

    So, we decided to proceed WITH a map, and to release a v2 once a clean airing becomes available. This way each fan can decide for himself whether he wants to wait for the clean version or just watch the map version immediately.

    (If you want my opinion: You don’t notice the map after a short while. So if you’re watching this for the story, get it and watch it, and then redownload the v2 for archiving)

  30. I do understand the earthquake is serious stuff, and i wish them luck and all good to withstand all that is happening, but it is pretty depressing to have to look at that thing all the episode. They could at least make a version without that warning and post it on the net. That’s just my opinion…

    FMA Fan
  31. I don’t mind the warning, I can see the need… but they could have AT LEAST reshowed it later that night or something without it, just as a common curtesy. Even they admitted it was excessive, and it is by every sense of the word.

    And now even the fansubs are out and they are all ruined. I’ll just wait for FUNimation’s clean episode and download that. With how much work I’ve put into my Brotherhood collection, that watermark is completely inexcusable.

  32. Thank you Mentar for visting this forum to post the info about your episode 46 v2. I suppose I would know this already if I used IRC, but I don’t, so I really appreciate you posting on what seems to be the most popular blog devoted to this show.

    I watched the Eclipse sub last night, and the map is hardly a dealbreaker. Besides if the japs had to put up with it, and I get to watch it the same day, then I have to put up with it too. I would be pissed if I was a jap who had tivo’d this, especially after that ‘false alarm’ press release. “WTF!? Now I’m gonna have to tivo the rebroadcast!” :^(

    Now what did I say in my last post about Grumman being awesome? I think this is where sh*t is gonna start getting really good. Also, assuming Ed’s theory to be correct about their link, could it be that The distance between Al and Ed has something to do with both Al’s visions and Ed’s puberty. *eyebrow

  33. 1) This raw wasn’t available when we worked on it on sunday, so it never was an option to begin with (and I don’t know of anyone able to provide a .ts for SBC)

    2) Even if it had been, I won’t work on already transcoded raws. The result is too yucky. Simple as that.

    So if you really insist on a non-mapped version right away, feel free to mux it yourself. I know you can 😉

    The rest will certainly be able to wait for a proper, archivable release.

  34. @ Kinny Riddle:

    Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think Hohenheim knows Pride’s actual weakness in combat, which is [spoiler]Pride can’t see in the dark when there is no light source[/spoiler]

    Heinrich Lelouch
  35. Ohh….you were already working on it before SBC aired. I apologize then. You had no way of knowing that another station would air without it later. Thank you for your speedy and excellent work. Best of wishes.

  36. @Gaurdian: The big time-skip was in the manga but if I’m remembering correctly it’s not the very day before the Promised Day. It’s at least a few days before…maybe even a week.

  37. @Necromas: Yep, he never gave her back her earrings in the manga either (maybe he left them on her dresser or something) but lots of EdxWin fans have gone off as a result and made fics now about Ed secretly holding on to them to remind him of Winry. So take it as you will. I have faith that the manga-ka will bring it up again at the very end of the series, I mean…this is the manga-ka that drew the results of a scar on Ed’s forehead that he got way back in volume 4 consistently until volume 21.

  38. Holy shit… Ed looks so manly here:
    =3 hehe* it also adds a bonus that Ed looks so buff and mature when he stood beside Winry ^O^ And everyone’s already mentioned how much taller he is =)
    But it does kinda look like Winry won’t be playing a bigger role T_T I was hoping for her to have more to do with the Promised Day

    @ Necromas: Oh yaaaaaa! Totally forgot about the earrings till you mention it now =O I wonder if they will resurface. They DID make an OVA about them so I figure they won’t be forgotten.

  39. Speaking of the manly Ed, I wouldn’t mind of they gave him a more manly voice so to speak. It would kind of be weird if there was a different voice actor this late in the series I suppose.

  40. I’ll wait for eclipse’s v2 of this after seeing the muddy video on the linked torrent. Thanks all the same to the encoder, and the poster for making a no-map copy avilable to watch (I didn’t want to register w/ Tzap to say so.) The a/v quality is simply not good enuf for archiving.

  41. So sad for Chile. At least it’s not as bad as in Haiti. (It IS bad. God, I live on a gulf shore, not directly linked with the Pacific Ocean, and there was a warning about the sea going a meter up. A full meter!)

    On topic now: Ed seems way too grown up, and so does Winry. I mean, we just saw them in the Briggs’ arc (it was not that long before in the timeline) and they look like one or two years older. Arakawa made it a lot subtler (and believable). On the other hand, it was genius of her to let the “growing up” part happen inside thick coats and the like XD. That way the difference would be more noticeable later.

    Don’t complain about the non-mapless fansub releases. First of all, they are FAN-subs, for God’s sake… and releases made with TV-raws aren’t worth collecting anyway. Thank God there was a map-free raw. I forgot completely about the multiple broadcasts of this anime. That’s very good for me, since I’m not a Brotherhood collector.

  42. A funny thought just went through my mind: In 20 years time, when most of us here will probably have archived the “cleaned” version, either via leeching or buying the DVD, the raw for the legendary “mapped version” of episode 46 will be sought after like some rare item in an MMORPG. Just like how “defective” action figures are highly sought after in eBay. lol

    @Heinrich Lelouche:

    1. No harm done, your “spoiler” about Pride requiring a light source in order for him to move his shadow around is largely hinted to the viewers early on: The survivors of the Briggs expedition team, upon being discovered and rescued by their comrades in the huge transmutation tunnel, at first frantically asked to “turn out the light”.

    2. Hohenheim mentioned another weakness of Pride when he went to visit the tunnel via Lior: Pride’s movement is confined within a certain area, including the tunnel vicinity. Venture any further and he could become vulnerable. If Ed knows where the said boundaries are, he could try luring Pride out of it.

    @ewok, with the Amestrian dictatorship set-up closely resembling Nazi Germany in many ways, and even their leader is styled “Fuhrer”, not to mention the “genocide” of Ishbalans, I’m not surprised about the similarity to Operation Valkyrie. It’s likely Arakawa was very into WWII history when crafting her alchemist world.

    Kinny Riddle
  43. For the record, King Bradley’s title doesn’t directly translate to “Fuhrer” It’s more of just “Generalissimo”

    Arakawa has stated that she didn’t directly base Amestris off anything in particular. The German thing was really only the first anime series.

  44. Ed’s muscles were oddly large in this chapter of the manga, and this episode…He get’s like…thinner again later on.(his face still looks more mature though)Or something.

    But Winry on the other hand ^^

    E-hem, too bad we won’t be seeing Winry for a very long time now. ): I’m gonna miss her.

  45. [Eclipse] episode 46 v2 encoded from SBC is down, yo! They removed the map version from their tracker and when my seed showed a ‘tracker says no such file’ error in transmission, I snapped up the new one. I’m sure the torrent for the map version is still listed and tracked out there somewhere. Thanks again Mentar.


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