Despite how all the other Zanpakutou get along with their Shinigami masters, Kazeshini is still trying to pick fights with Shuuhei. Shuuhei is able to handle him each time, but he refuses to settle this for good until Kazeshini faces him head-on. Kazeshini doesn’t give up though and tries to ambush Shuuhei during a Toujuu battle, forcing Shuuhei to protect some innocent bystanders. Shuuhei ultimately knocks Kazeshini out of the way however, and while trying to catch up, Kazeshini instead runs into a Toujuu killing a man. The Toujuu is no match for Kazeshini, but afterward, the dying man leaves his baby in the Zanpakutou’s care. The child gets in the way of everything Kazeshini tries to do, but he can’t bring himself to abandon it, so he carries it around with him everywhere. He finally finds a shack to put the baby in while it’s sleeping, but before he can attack Shuuhei again, the baby’s cries call him back. It turns out that a woman had found the baby in the brief period he was gone, and Kazeshini now protects both her and the child from another Toujuu. Doing so makes him realize the meaning of protecting someone, and after leaving the baby to the woman, he finally goes to face Shuuhei head-on. The two fight, and although the battle is fierce, Shuuhei ultimately wins. As he falls, Kazeshini can hear the baby’s cries in the distance and tries to tell it not to cry. Afterward, he asks Shuuhei what they’ll fight for now, and Shuuhei answers that they’ll fight to protect.


I was kind of dreading this episode based on last week’s preview which showed Kazeshini with a baby. Not only was there going to be an annoying baby character, but it was also pretty obvious that they were going to use it to soften Kazeshini’s character so that he could reconcile with Shuuhei. That’s exactly what happened, however they way they crafted this part of the story was surprisingly good. The baby was actually pretty cute, and I really liked the final part of the episode where they weaved together the woman’s lullaby, the battle, and Kazeshini’s feelings. It ended things on a very strong note, and so even if most of the episode was predictable and even if it had even crappier than usual monsters of the week (I swear they’ve stopped even trying in terms of monster design), this turned out better than I was expecting. Unfortunately, the preview has me dreading next episode again because it appears to be about Inoue and possibly Chizuru, two characters that I don’t think need any screentime this arc.


  1. kappa baby!! forget Inoue, SUPER LESBO ATTACK!! yeah not a bad job on what would have otherwise been a mega cliche type story, i mean it was still cliche but nicely done aside from the bootleg ass sword fiends running around. was waiting for the knife in the back in the shinigami cup

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Didn’t beating your own Zanpakutou equal achieving bankai? If so then wouldn’t Shuuhei become captain-level now? Man I understand that with manga being still in the middle of the big battle they can’t very well proceed with animating it but still these fillers are annoying.

  3. Hey at least next week doesn’t appear to have any baby or annoying young boy character in it! 😀

    And yeah, they’re not trying anymore with the designs. I had to think for a moment in order to realize those men with the glowing eyes were the SWORD BEASTS?! Them!? They look like residents who were brainwashed!

  4. Shite, It was shite. Last filler arc with muramasa was pretty good, some awful shite in it but it redeemed itself with some amazing battles (Kouga and Byakuya) but this is just rubbish, absolute rubush. Cant wait for the next chapter of bleach tho! Captain commander finally gets serious!

  5. @Void

    Presumably, Muramasa’s spirit extraction is different that the way achieving Bankai does it. Remember, all those Sword Fiends are technically in constant Bankai. They’re also weaker than random Hollow (and they have worse designs.) So Kazeshini is weaker now than he would be if he were properly released.

    Shad P
  6. I admit that I have high standards, but every time I get my hopes up for this arc it just lets me down terribly. I liked the kill crazy Kazeshini, I liked a Shinigami being completely outclassed by his weapon. I will agree with Omni about the designs though, the faces were so vaguely defined that they could be called faceless mooks. Something bugs me though, considering the work they put into Hisagi and Kazeshini’s final battle I really would have thought that they would make it longer.

  7. haha sad for omni to think lidat, but anticipate for April, where the REAL show’s gonna come. until then, just wait for the filler to pass, since it’s rather… predictable…

    good episode anyway, that’s great for hisagi fans…

  8. dude omni, i don’t think inoue should ever get screen time… as much as i love anime, the useless female characters are just annoying. i wish there were more kallens and less inoues


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