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  1. Don’t forget, they can’t show too much of Aizen’s abilities yet because Royal Guards and Urahara Group haven’t shown up yet. Also none of the captains, except two, have gone Bankai yet. Aizen has himself and ichimaru and maybe vastalorde (who we have been waiting to see for almost 3 years) to fight against them. If he goes all out now the manga would end in a hear beep! XP

    Oh and I love Aizen as usual. His glance at Yaama when he wanted to punch him was absolutely gorgeous! HE is in position of absolute power and every single frame reinstates that notion!

  2. You just don’t fuck with Yamamoto. Being a haxor is a tough job. Either you kick the shit out of fucktards real fast like the old man or you just fuck around with illusions (and illusions are for pussies) like Aizen.

  3. I don’t think Bleach is Getting better. But hey that’s just my opinion.

    I can see Gin pulling a smooth criminal anytime soon. The real plotwist is if Aizen puls a Snape. that would be the greatest WTF ever.

  4. I dunno, action sequences with Aizen still alive are still meaningless.
    for all I care, next week we could be seeing that Yama punched a hole through Ichigo or something moronic.
    It’s pretty hard to enjoy Bleach given how bad Aizen has cheated in the past

  5. I think the largest crime perpetuated by the (multiple) filler arcs is that Yamamoto takes his coat off and lights up his sword at least once a season. It kills the impact when it happens so dang often. This is what Bleach should be: crazy characters drop kicking some bizarre enemy. I think this chapter is getting back to where it needs to be, I’m just bracing myself for three weeks of “Aizen tells everybody how smart he is/pretends he is Batman.”

  6. Hey can you guys give me a good forum ( preferably vbulletin) to talk about Bleach ? I have soooooo many questions and still do not understand so much.. ANy help will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks !

  7. well it’s time for ichimaru to appear anyway, but then why not let yamamoto get rid of wonderweiss who (suspectedly) isn’t part of the Espada? (unless Privaron?)

    I was just wondering, is wonderweiss also somehow of an illusion, or some parts of it, so to confuse yamamoto? anyways, let the old man fight more, MANLY SIAH… *aims to have his build at 80 yrs old*

  8. In the last frame, the old man’s using the double punch move straight out of street fighter, like a Ryu’s hadoken. He uses that shoryuken to Aizen’s/Wonderweiss’ face earlier. Old man hasn’t even used his kido yet. I hope he starts using some level 90+ spells like black box. He still has his reiatsu, just not his sword, until he vaporizes Wonderweiss anyway. Love the “Is that all? C’mon, are you serious? You’re a 1,000 years too young to brawl with me!” look he gives Wonderweiss and Aizen.

  9. If Aizen suddenly reveals that it was all an illusion and Yamamoto just double-palmed Ukitake, I’m gonna scream.

    The Illusion card goes only so far. Or I hope it reaches a point where someone counters that darn thing finally.

  10. I always liked Yamamoto. I love old wise warriors like that. I absolutely love them. Good to see Yamamoto KICK ASS Go old Yama! Though I too seriously doubt he’s really pushing over.

    Hmm, but the fact that no Reaper has ever been stronger than Yamamoto… isn’t it something of a concern? (Similar to Yoda I say?) At any rate, even Aizen doesn’t deny that he’d lose if he were to face Yamamoto in a single combat and I can’t fathom a reason he’d lie in such a confident position. So maybe, I don’t know. Buh-bye Wonderweiss and Ichigo+Yamamoto vs Aizen maybe?

  11. Why he needs to get almost naked to fight ? I have fear if he uses bankai… I dont want to see him naked…

    Anyway, if Yamamoto have at least 1000 years of age, he knows Ichigo father.

  12. Oh don’t worry about The Captains “Overpower”. Aizen, surly put him under an Illusion again. Perhaps in the Middle of the Battle, he put an Illusion on some of his Captains, so that the Captain is take out some of his Allys. “he can’t Speak” come in handy, at this time for the Enemy

    Even the Captain is weak to his Illusions

  13. I like the manga and i think the story is progressing but i still hate how it takes forever for a battle that is just pointless. Like its nice seeing the captains working together but they like got tricked and it turned into an epic fail. I just hope they start showing some action and aizens powers or something and what the heck happened to Ichigo. I sriously wish the Old man just kills Aizen and that would at least get the story come to an end. Sorry if im bashing it but i just wish they made battles that meant something instead of the captains fighting for like 10 chapters or something and they lose or the villain comes back and its just pointless. 🙁 sign. But i do like the art styles at least 🙂

  14. Aizen can’t even pull Arrancar hacks because if he did, he’d no longer have his already ridiculous shikai.

    Is the old man’s Zanpakuto gone forever or just temporarily? The translation read sounded like it was permanent.

    Shad P
  15. my 2 cents:

    aizen’s just using wonderweiss to create an opening to deal a finishing blow to yamamoto. in other words, we’ll prolly see wonderweiss pull of some haxx move that yamamoto counters (with like….some absurdly overpowered kidou spell) and aizen/ichimaru come in to deal the finishing blow.

    ichigo~ where the heck are you? o_0

  16. hehehe…

    i think kuchiki byakuya can beat aizen with use bankai no.2….
    another think who can beat aizen is a zaraki kenpachi…coz after zaraki come back from world of hollow he avaiable tu use bankai…hehehe

  17. Ichigo is doing himself (masturbation freak) lololololololol

    Seriously Ichigo won’t do nothing. He’s a trash, a huge piece of shit.
    And Uhonana maybe she’s plumpking someone… That bitch is a hore.

    Bleach is going down.
    Naruto is going down.

    ODA FREAKSHOW YOU KILL SHIROHIGE…AWESOME..they’re using drugs. One Piece is fucking awesome mothafuckas.

  18. Kenpachi dont have Bankai. You should know that, if you are true Bleach Fan.. He is just that Powerfull, that he dont need Shikai and Bankai. Yes, with his own Power he can compesate the lack of any “Kai”‘s. He is just Brute Force, would Byakuya said 🙂


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