A girl named Haida Kyouko transfers into Ichigo’s class and quickly takes an interest in Inoue. After Kyouko falls during gym class, Inoue is the one who takes her to the infirmary, and along the way, Inoue protects them both from a falling plant by using her powers, confirming Kyouko’s suspicions that Inoue is special. This is important to her because she’s also got a special ability and has been searching for someone like herself ever since she scared off her best friend at her old school. Inoue, however, feels that they could just be normal friends without regard to their powers. Before Kyouko can respond, her power starts going berserk, and Inoue briefly sees a Zanpakutou appear in her hand. Kyouko ends up running away, and it turns out that her mind is under the influence of a Toujuu that she had found. It possesses her and returns to her old school to kill her old friend, but Kyouko is able to take back her body long enough to stop it. However, she then completely transforms into the Toujuu and attacks when Inoue arrives on the scene. Fortunately, Ichigo and Rukia had been on the case as well, and they protect Inoue and fight the Toujuu. Knowing that Kyouko is suffering inside, Inoue uses her power to separate the two, and Ichigo destroys the Toujuu half. In the aftermath, Rukia erases the memory of Kyouko’s old friend, and Kyouko continues life as Inoue’s friend.


Unlike last week, this week’s episode wasn’t better than expected. Actually, after all the Soul Society stuff we’ve had recently, this episode and its focus on Inoue didn’t even feel really like a Bleach episode. It was much more of a high school drama type episode with themes of friendship and betrayal that was ultimately only marginally connected to the Toujuu plot (they probably could have had Kyouko just be possessed by a random spirit and the outcome would have been the same). I guess it was nice for Inoue to get a little more character development, but for the most part the episode failed to hold my interest. Hopefully next week’s Haineko episode will be better.

On a different note, it’s been announced that miwa will be singing OP12 and Diggy-MO’ of SOUL’d OUT fame will be singing ED23, both of which are set to start on April 13th with episode 266.


  1. Yahoo, Orihime-chan is the main herorine this time. (sigh) but I want to see hollow ichigo vs Ulquara. I hope at least they show more Haineko. Masamoto and Neko-chan make a decent comedy pair.

    and fullmetalQAF I agree with you.

    Code Fanboy
  2. i don’t know why but for some reason i was enjoying the first half of the episode, until i fell asleep the first time watching it at around 11 minutes. woke up re-watched it and realized what a pile of crap i just watched, these fillers are seriously getting annoying at this point.

  3. Ugh, such a lame episode. Please shoot this aimless filler arc and put it out of our misery. I skipped more than half of both the last two episodes; I’m seriously thinking about dropping the show entirely until fillers end. I have FFXIII and Disgaea 3, there are better things to do than watch this craptastic filler.

  4. wow i’ve not been updated on BLEACH new songs recently, thanks Omni!

    the episode looks good, just find some way to extend the show in a unique way anyway, more to come it seems, hope it ends soon, manga much more excititing siah, been anticipating fot it long ago…

  5. Any episode that focus’ around Inoue and/or Chizuru is guarantied to be stupid.

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

    Glad to see diggy-mo’ is signed on for the new ending, i loved Soul Eater ending 3.

    Some quick research into Miwa show’s me why i don’t know her, she’s yet to make her debut. Judging from the songs on the single, I’d say “Don’t cry anymore” will be the opening, although “wake up, break out” also sounds like an opening, but i don’t think it feels…. bleachy if ya get my meaning there. Thoughts?

  6. Its not Inoue’s fault this was a fail episode. Shit writing and half assed production values will do that. All of this arc’s sword villians could have been drawn and animated by any high school kid in an animation class. No immagination or effort at all. The anime makers are just phoning in some of the episodes.

  7. I thought the MOTW was Rem from Death Note from the beginning. That would be a very good filler crossover story, but alas, we got this instead.

    Look on the bright side: it’s not the Naruto filler. The animation there is so obviously one or two frames being panned over at times that it’s hilariously bad.

    Shad P
  8. I actually preferred this to last week’s episode. Of course I am seriously starting to wonder what message is being sent here, even when Orihime is given her episode she still needs Shinigami to come save her. Would it actually kill them to make her competent or something? Would the earth crack open and Mary Sues fly out if they made Orihime capable of taking care of herself?

  9. I didn’t have high expectations for this ep, but I was expecting something better than this. I swear that girl just reminds me of Lupi, if he were a few years older and if he were a girl…


    Nice imformation 🙂
    The 57th volume of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece pirate manga sold 1,690,932 copies in its first week of sales — a new record in first-week sales for any book sold in Japan. The 57th volume’s sales topped the previous record-holder, the 56th volume’s 1,363,868 copies which were sold in the first week of December. Shueisha printed a record 3 million copies of the 57th volume, which is more than any book ever had in its first printing in Japan.

  11. It’s hilarious how big the gap between quality is between manga and anime. Just take a break for a month or two and then return to the manga storyline, and put all the saved money into those interesting battles.

  12. I’m kind of hoping that a true mastermind behind Muramasa’s appearance and the continued materialisation of the Zampactou would come to light, though each new episode looks like it’s not going to happen. Wasted potential, the first Sword Fiend episode implied there’s something more going on, yet they have yet to follow up on that.

    Sol Fury
  13. I despise Inoue anyway. Recently the only Bleach I watched was episode 260, which was admittedly pretty good.

    But the Bleach for the first week of April seems to indicate that we’re having ANOTHER whole arc of fillers. Unless the story there is SO useless that it is finished within four episodes. Basically, we aren’t likely to see Ulquiorra vs Ichigo until May or June. Fkuc.


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