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  1. Aizen can win against Ichigo even with his eyes closed, so unless Strawberry gets another power-up, he will never beat Aizen!

    I think other characters like Gin and Unohana should start joining the party though.

  2. lol god don’t you find aizen annoying??he’s like mr.i-know-what-you’re-gonna-do-next-and-i-have-something-in-mind-to-whoop-ur-ass??well watever i just wanna see how strong strawberry boy’s gonna get with his new mask..if he gets pwned by aizen in a matter of 10secs..lets hope nothing out of him least the old man damaged aizen..its good to see aizen’s hurt after a LOOONNNGGG time~ :p

    i’m just wondering what the hell is ichimaru gin doing. maybe he’ll get into action next chapter~?

  3. DUDE who drew that manga?! He’s a genius lol!!! I am not being sarcastic, the guy really knows how to make one hell of a surprising and very hilarious moment! I mean we all knew that Aizen’s always using his little illusions to trick his enemies, but using it in a way that you’ll harm yourself is just hilarious!

    @m: I know! That’s the most hilarious part in the comic strip.

  4. That comic is genius 🙂

    Regarding this chapter, my first thought was “hey, not far to chapter 400”, which makes me wonder if something big is in store to celebrate the 400th numbered chapter. I’m wondering if Aizen might finally fall in that chapter. The way this is going unless Gin steps in I can’t see Aizen surviving after a fight this long – I’m kind of hoping Aizen dies and Gin is left to carry on the cause actually, Gin is a much more interesting character than ol’ Captain God-mode and it would be nice to have a fresh big bad in the future.

    Sol Fury
  5. Few chapters ago Yama was saying “i will destroy everything here pas ichigo since great sacrifice = defeating great evil we’re prepared to die” bull.

    Now he saves the world and the gotei 13.

    The old man has dementia by the looks of it, or maybe he thought a massive flame explosion might not kill Aizen – which means the end result is the same – Yama outsmarted by Aizen.

  6. Awwww yeah! Hadou #96 Cremation is some serious hurt. Bakudo #81 Dankuu ain’t gonna stop that! I still think that the old man’s got one more, maybe Hadou #99 Death Sphere or something really ridiculous that could trap and kill the user and/or the target like the #90 Black Box.
    Although, there’s supposed to be some Hadou #97 Blade Spirits (sounds perfect for Byakuya, being a kido multi-swords attack) and Hadou #98 Meteor Rain (which sounds like it could be Unohana’s surprise, she being captain of Squad #4, the attack being meteors of death), so there may be more ridiculous Kidou in store.
    Seems like the “Ichigonator” form hasn’t appeared yet. It’d be funny if that form is actually immune to Kyoka Suigetsu’s illusions because of the apparent zombie-like behavior Ichigo displays when in that form. Well, that’s it for Wonderweiss. Oh dammit! Gin’s gonna interfere with Ichigo like he did with Shinji!
    I did enjoy Aizen’s “ugh” old man hit ME! WTF face, then looking up at Ichigo already striking while Aizen doesn’t seem at the ready to stop it.

  7. @Orangere
    I know right I was thinking the same thing. I mean hell it is FAKE Karakura not the real thing. I seriously lost respect for yamamoto with that little stunt. Bad enough he barely does anything but now he can’t back up his own resolve. That explosion would have definitely killed Aizen and everything would be done.
    Now everybody knows Ichigo cant kill the main badguy until all his grunts are dead. We have Yammy and Gin still in the game. I agree that Gin will most likely intervene and battle Ichigo in the next big duel of this arc. Aizen will probably leave and begin making the kings key. Unohana will heal Ichigo after Gin whoops on him and Ichigo will go Vasto Lorde to finish Gin with a possibility of Matsumoto having a little 2 cents thrown in. What needs to happen is right when Aizen goes for Royal Guard entrance. Isshin cuts his butt down and says “Sorry young pup. You are a thousand years too early to be getting by me.” And we learn Isshin is a royal gate guard ^_^

  8. Im still waiting for Gin to reveal himself as the “true” villian.. maybe next chapter he will make his long awaited appearance?
    “This puppet’s role has ended” 😛

    Precise Moment
  9. wow nice boom from yamamoto (kido daisuki desu), always liked aizen to be victim of a boom, wonder what would happen next wor, since… there aren’t enough to drag on liao…

  10. if u look closely at the last chapter Aizen is reaching for his sword so he is gonna stop Ichigo because Ichigo is an opportunist and an inexperienced shinigami i hope what happens in the comic happens for real then Aizen can destroy the world lol.

  11. @Abe: Yeah, it’s the fake Karakura. But as Aizen states, the explosion would have destroyed the barrier, and then all of Karakura town AND the surrounding area would have been destroyed.

    Michael Chandra
  12. lol, that comic was genius! Impossible that’s it’s gonna happen, but still lolworthy. And with the lack of Gin, I’m also pretty sure he’ll pwn everybody, including Aizen. Though I don’t think he’s the true villain, but rather another underling to an even more stronger enemy. But I wouldn’t put it past Kubo.

  13. Would be cool if the main villian turns out to be the 4th Captain (Aizen’s Lover maybe) and Gin actually works for her. We have never seen her show her bankai and all she seems to do is heal and yet everyone is afraid of angering her.

  14. Ichigo will, of course, fall short.

    But that’s okay. The most powerful shinigami in existence will take over. And after Ichigo’s dad kills Aizen, he’ll thank Gin for helping him out.

    Rizz Rustbolt
  15. GIN IS THE NEW BAD ASS. I like Gin for some reason–he gives a creepy smile. Aizen is too good to be the bad ass. He just pretending to be one. Finally Strawberry boy is gonna pawn Aizen..(hate him since the beginning of his char. intro.)

    [I think the Shinigami and Hollows should elope with each other and fight the GODS and DEVILS.]

  16. @abe
    I’m pretty sure the reason he did that was cause he was no longer holding aizen’s arm. Not only that though, Aizen was expecting the explosion.
    It would be petty retarded to let it go off, when Aizen would clearly dodge it. His matyr attack before was to kill themselves along with Aizen. That explosion would have just been every1 dying and Aizen winning.

  17. ROFL. Got a good laugh right after waking up. I try to make sense of it, but it just makes my head turn. Either way, I hope that Aizen was at least hit from Yammomoto’s attack.Either way, Gin hasn’t done jack shit again. So for theory…

    Aizen was unable to block Ichigo’s attack and was severely wounded. However Unohana is actually working for Aizen. Kills off Pachi and Hiyori and heals Aizen, so he could return to battle. Unohana obviously isn’t working with Aizen, but I can’t stop getting a suspicious vibe from her.

    Gin either steps in and fights Ichigo to some point, or is actually the last bad guy, where Aizen dies first or he backstabs Aizen. Or at some point, fights Matsumoto and Kira.

    Or maybe, Aizen was unable to counter Ichigo. Using all his might, Ichigo sucessfully destroys Aizen’s sword, making him unable to use his hypnosis ability and forcing him to pull out another card…

  18. Ichigo needs to go to his inner world and beg his hollow to help because not only was he sooo pwned when he first tried to attack aizen he cant do jack with out his hollows help so what ever happens ichigo needs to master his hollows form n do something crazy like what tozen did n use the resurrection form which is what i think will happen cuz his hollow said to not to die before he can come back and master his true power.

  19. Folks… A character as big as Aizen won’t die without revealing his Bankai. As well as the fact that I have always believed that Aizen has ACCEPTED his Hollow self [King and his Horse] which is why he is so powerful.

    By the way the link… CLASSIC! [I wonder if Nick Simmons will rip that off too!] 😉

  20. What about bleach … every week is the “same,” the good guys do something very interesting and then Aizen do something to interfere with some preposterous plan.
    This is getting boring.

    You guys could post One Piece here….it’ll be so awesome.

  21. @T.A.C
    I like one piece, but im tired of all the fan boys. I can’t be the only 1 that has been banging my head against a desk every week during it.

    1) …so an “atypical body type” is the explanation as to why he can break a rule about the power set like 3 arcs ago
    2)So after so many people died saving him, I am supposed to care he ran in an got killed like a fucking idiot just cause some1 said an insult or 2
    3) so lava can burn fire….
    4)I almost cared when white beard was betrayed by his son introduced 2-3 chapter before it happened
    5)Teach’s plan is making so sense…if he actually planed for white beated to be there. That is more of a bull shit gambit than Aizen has ever pulled.
    6)…What happened to kuma
    7)why is crocodile acting ooc
    8)why was Ace’s speech about wanting to live a copy/paste of nico robins from the cp9 arc

    Eh one piece
  22. @Eh one piece
    Well well…I do agree with somethings that you’re saying.. I’m not a fan boy..I just think One Piece at the moment is much better than bleach and naruto together. The story is much more interesting, the characters are way much more worked. In wich anime we cheer for the bad guys?? Just in One Piece…and this is a huge shift in paradigm. All animes has fails, but One Piece all fails in some moment are explained..anyway I’m a huuuge fan of bleach and naruto too, but nowadays one piece is really the best in MY OPNION of course.

  23. @Eh one piece
    Kuma became a pacifista and Crocodile’s not acting ooc. Like somebody on this one board I go on said, “The man just hates pretty much everyone on the battlefield save Mr. 1, and will do anything he can to royally screw over both sides. He missed his chance to put a hook through Whitebeard’s cranium, so now it’s the Navy’s turn.”


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