After the neck scar girl had fallen asleep, Mikado had invited Masaomi over and told him what happened. Mikado doesn’t show the girl’s scar though, and Masaomi suggests just waiting and seeing until after the girl wakes up and can tell him some more. The next morning, the girl is still sleeping when Mikado has to go to school, so he leaves her by herself. At lunchtime, Masaomi asks about the girl but is more interested in figuring out if a guy in another class is a member of the Dollars gang. It turns out that Masaomi’s intuition is correct, and when they go talk to the guy, he reveals that he was invited into the gang by a random text message. He describes the Dollars as clear and colorless, unlike other gangs, and he has only met other members through coincidental encounters. Mikado decides not to tell anyone else about this.

Later that day, as Mikado and Anri are heading out from school, Anri reveals that she’s actually known about him for a long time now ever since she first noticed his name when she came to this school. This makes Mikado think that Anri is a stalker, but she reassures him that she’s not. At the school gate, the two run into a thug and his girlfriend who have been waiting for Mikado. This girl is the same one whose phone Izaya had crushed previously, and she has her boyfriend threaten Mikado. Luckily for Mikado, Celty and Izaya are there, and Celty knocks the guy out with a single kick. Izaya then scares off the girlfriend and reveals that he was waiting for Mikado as well. Mikado realizes that Celty is there to talk to him about the neck scar girl, so he excuses himself and parts ways with Anri.

Celty and Izaya follow Mikado until he asks them what they want with him, and Izaya lets Celty go first. Before she can communicate anything to him, Mikado asks her about herself and gets her to show him the inside of her helmet and reveal why she’s after the neck scar girl. Believing what she told him, Mikado agrees to help her clear up any misunderstandings with the girl and brings Celty and Izaya to his apartment. He goes in first to talk to the girl by himself, but he finds that she’s now gone, and he instead gets grabbed from behind by two men. These two men want to know where the girl is, but Mikado doesn’t know, and the two men run away when Celty and Izaya realize that something is up. Izaya tells Celty not to chase because he already knows that the two were from Yagiri Pharmaceutical. Hearing Izaya describe the company’s situation, the pieces start to fall together in Mikado’s head, causing him to spring to action by turning on his computer and going to the Dollars website. Remembering how he wanted a life different from others, he asks Izaya and Celty to cooperate with him for a while since he has all the pieces in his hand.


While I definitely wouldn’t call this a slowly paced episode, nothing of particular note seemed to happen in the first half. Masaomi’s playfulness was certainly fun to watch, but the conversation he and Mikado had with the Dollars member merely seemed to confirm some of the things we learned back in the Kadota episode. I was quite amused in the second half though with that entire sequence starting with Mikado’s stalker image of Anri, then Celty and Izaya showing up at Mikado’s school, Celty knocking out that thug, and finally Izaya bouncing up and down on top of him.

And of course the final minutes of the episode was where things really got interesting. I thought at first that Mikado was schizophrenic or something with the way his attitude and look suddenly changed to be so much more confident, and I laughed at the action shots of him using a computer mouse. Unfortunately, having been spoiled prior to this, I suspect I know the reason why Mikado was able to access the Dollars site, and it makes sense why they kept emphasizing how he doesn’t want a normal life. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens with his character and the story from here.

I’ll take this chance to reiterate: Please refrain from putting major spoilers in the comments, but if you must, please use the <spoiler></spoiler> tags.


  1. Damn I wanna watch it now!!

    Sorry Omni but this is Durarara~
    Being pretty much the most popular show of the season you are bound to find spoilers in whatever blog\forum you go to. It’s quite hard to get by these without hearing at least one major spoiler~

  2. The classmate interlude was odd. He seemed too developed to be unimportant. (He composes music with a harmonica on the roof during lunch break?)

    I was wondering what Anri must think at that point. Her friend is threatened by some punk, and then clearly tries to get away, only to be followed by two even sketchier looking characters.

  3. I was thinking that the phone call that Izaya had while Mikado and Celty were under the bridge/tunnel was from the scar girl. If so then Izaya must know where she is and is hiding it.

    I wonder where Kadota’s group is since they were chasing the van. I was hoping that when those thugs were escaping the van would crash into them.

  4. Well last moments of this episode really had me on edge. Especially the last scene with Mikado. Now thankfully I wasn’t spoiled and I didn’t read manga/novels so this is just a wild guess (from Izaya’s reaction mostly), but doesn’t that mean Mikado is
    Show Spoiler ▼


  5. I hope you all DIDN’T MISS the ‘baccano’ entry he made at the end when he was logging in..
    I found that to be soooooooooooo awesomeeee!!!!

    They know their fans are watching.

  6. Kadota also used this baccano password a few epidodes before.

    I guess the phone call to Izaya was from Namie and he told her where Mika was at the moment, and then he called Mika to told her to run immediately.

    Now they covered Index, Mikoto and Himegami. What’s next? Touma?

  7. @Silivious

    Anime News Network has 24 episodes registered. Though I thought that this series could be nicely wrapped up in three more eps, but it looks like there is more to the story.

  8. Pretty sure there are more things to be told. We are now starting to find what’s behind Mikado, but we haven’t found much about what’s behind Kida or Anri. And we know virtually nothing about that mysterious slashers either.

  9. I think that Mikado ir Dollars Leader!!!! That he is the one who made that Dollars homepage, because he didn’t whant to life ordinary life, so he had fun with peoples, something like Izaya! 😀

  10. A little slow at the beginning, but the fun stuff is always worth it ^^ Mikado’s puppet theatre and facial expressions = win~~ Togusa’s ‘Initial D’ -style driving’s really something, too.

    I’d recommend those of you who haven’t to read the manga, though just keeping pace with the anime episodes. The two really compliment each other, explaining and filling in minor details, ~Erika & Walker’s torture scene ftw~

    Also noticed some things from a while back….. (non-spoiler, just watch carefully)
    Back in episode 5, Kida mentions a Niekawa Haruna who dated the pervy teacher, but transfers away. The reporter is introduced as Niekawa Shuji… Haruna also happened to appear as the second slasher, with the knife, and again at the end of the ep. as related to the reporter. Small world, ehh?

  11. Wow, this episode was so great. They used the pacing perfectly to slowly build into that awesome ending. This is honestly the first time that I experienced the “I can’t wait til the next episode” feeling.

    I got unintentionally spoiled as well. It was a long time ago but it was a horrible idea going to Wikipedia, I didn’t think they would have that there! Good news is everything from now on is gonna be new, to me that is…

  12. I’m thoroughly impressed with this series. Good characters and, humore and plot. Oh yeah it’s a god send to see a main character who’s a teenger but not borderline retarded, a pussy or completely out of tune with members of the opposite sex. He actually picked up on shit and put it together. That’s a first in the anime world!!

    Oh yeah, I love the Index/Railgun references that stuff’s fun.

  13. @Sissy
    He intended for Celty to be a protagonist at the beginning. But, if you’ve read Narita’s other works, you’ll notice that there’s never really one centralized character. Celty’s role isn’t that important in the later novels.

  14. @Beep
    Which may explain why no one knows how this story will end, since random things just keep happening… though it might be getting excited, we’ll just have to wait and see. btw, has Narita finished any of his works?


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