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  1. Aizen’s “intelligence” is his end all be all “get out of plot hole” card. Anything that happens Tite can just play that card and explain away everything. Just when I thought the damn manga was going somewhere we have another Aizen hax to get around.

    At the rate we’re going Urahara/Isshin/Ryuuken might not show up for another 2 freaking months.

  2. I think Aizen had a shocked face because even if the hougyoku can heal him, it can’t revive people. So if Ichigo had been able to kill aizen instead of only cut him the hougyoku couldn’t have done anything.

  3. I know it’s probably impossible considering how she’s been treated up to this point, but Orihime’s pledge about destroying the Hougyoku suddenly makes me wonder if she’ll suddenly come into play with this revelation.

  4. How did Renji’s first appearance help Ichigo with his Zanpakuto? He introduced the idea of Shikai to the series, but that’s it. If anyone did anything, it was Urahara that forced him to gain Shikai and learn the original Getsuga. And Yoruichi used Urahara’s doll to give Ichigo his Bankai, which Aizen skims over. It seems as though Aizen doesn’t know about Urahara’s involvement then, or he’d mention it.

    Shad P
  5. Also, Aizen seems to have a greater goal beyond even this: he mentioned that he was acting when Yamamoto unleashed the Hado. This means that he’s either trying to trick Ichigo (he can use illusions on everyone else) or he’s being watched by some other party.

  6. Is it just me or is Bleach starting to get utterly ridiculous at this point? No matter what anyone does it STILL isn’t enough and then they come out and pull out some new seemingly imba power out of their ass and it STILL isn’t NEARLY enough. Then they power up AGAIN, this time to SUPERMEGAULTAHYPERFORM and are basically THE BIGGEST BADASS IN THE UNIVERSE, but surprisingly it still isn’t CLOSE to enough.

    Wasn’t bankai the ULTIMATE form at some point? No? Now bankai just seems basically pointless. Getsuga Tensho or whatever has probably never killed anyone either.

    The story ‘jumped the shark’ a few chapters ago, and now I’m just eager to see what they can come up with that is so unbelievably ZOMFGBBQ-strong that they can take Aizen down. And tbh if the manga sales are still up at that point, I doubt it isn’t going to be enough at the end of the day. Aizen will probably RESURRECT and turn into SUPER SAYAN GEAR THREE BANKAI HOLLOW XIV.

    Oh and one more thing… If that general guy is the strongest shinigami born in the last 1000 years then why in the hell can’t he take Aizen down? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Aizen actually is 1001 years old…

  7. Honestly? I thought the plot jumped the shark the moment we got to leaving Soul Society, only to hop back into this current “Save Oriihime” tripe really. Add in pretty much, “Everyone has a bankai now!”, power creep, cast bloat, and now Aizen’s pretty much being an SNK boss and well, yeah. Lots of the fun of the seriies kind of got weathered away. 🙁

    And stuff.

  8. HAAAAAAA @ iPWN Well done, sir
    well im guessing the slash still hurt at least. Ugh sadly i agree i think the whole “Lulz ur just a Tool Ichigo” thing is gonna happen. Then im guessing Aizen Pwns Ichigo then he maybe gets some outside help..(Urahara), after that fails Aizen taunts with some “Im evil & u guys r stupid” maybe says something about Orihime. then of course Ichigo goes SSJ3 and hits the “Win button” directly or Aizen spams it and “ZOMG its overloadin” blah blah blah.. I bet a million internetz.

  9. I just want Aizen to kill everyone already. THAT would be a plot twist. But like all shonen, we’re just going to see the hero powerup enough to win through sheer determination, not through proper storytelling.

  10. Aizen’s a vain villain. If the formula works out the way it often does, he’ll end up destroying himself by overestimating his abilities. It’s hard to imagine Bleach ever actually ending, though.

  11. “Not only was he ultimately unaffected by Yamamoto’s attack…”

    when i think about it now, he might as well join those footballers who like to fake their injuries after their so called tackles to win best actors at some random awards. heck, include the oscars for that matter.

  12. LOL!!an i win button..HHAHAHAHA!!imagine ichigo beating up aizen..then he presses it..then a voice comes out “i win” and then heals aizen back..LOLOLOL!!but anyways..isn’t he like too much of a god now..the old man sacrificed his own hand to cast that lvl 96 way of arts..and hell it didn’t even did much effect on aizen..

  13. Does anyone not notice that Aizen refuses to tap into hollow powers even after starting the whole Vizard experiment, going to Hueco Mundo and giving hollows shinigami powers and giving his lieutenants hollow transformations. And yet he still looks down on the hollows and their powers.

    Activates godlike powers of denial.
    Creates a completely new world with NO SHINIGAMI.

    Aizen, for example, is reborn as a cunning but otherwise human Science professor, wearing his old specs.

  15. I never read bleach until some days ago and I’m liking how is it going until the last chapter I read (when they go the first time to soul society), but seeing this sort of things leaves me with an epic wtf face. At what chapter I should leave this manga without hating it?

  16. @ Lol

    IMHO, SS arc is arguably the best arc in Bleach. It ends at around cahpter ~179-182. SS arc had the best combination of plot, character developement, action, suspense, comedy… etc… etc, without all the LOLWTF HAXZ moments that are becoming much more common lately. the later arcs feels more of a redux of SS arc (IMO, lacking originality). however, there are a few good fight scenese scattered here and there.

    My suggestion: readin up to ~ chapter 182 if you only want godly memories of Bleach, otherwise, plough through another ~200+ chapters


  17. I don’t think Aizen actually “knew” all that stuff was going to happen.
    It’s like he “knew” the Esapa would kick everyone’s ass. Ichigo was probably just an open ended experiment that he wasnted to keep tabs on. If he died and it failed..well shit. But ichigo isn’t dead, he is there was a new mask, so it all went according to plan.

  18. If Kubo Tite ever makes Ichigo the new boss by any chance, I’d be impressed (especially given his being Isshin’s son and all). Actually that’s what I want. He’s taking Bleach somewhere way too…. Dunno.

    And where has all the brainwork gone? Ichigo was always known for being a tactician despite his hotheaded nature, like in his fight against Renji. Now? He’s just a typical boys-manga protagonist who wins through “I won’t lose/give up” and “I’ll protect my friends” stuff. Just let Ichigo fall to his Hollow and maybe come back later. Though it might be slightly classic given movies like Star Wars and games like Warcraft (Yeah Arthas came back at the last moment huh…), otherwise Bleach will seriously become ‘just another boys’ manga series’ which is what it WASN’T at start and was praised.

    Well, at least it’s not as much a bullshit than the animation but.

  19. NOPE! NOPE! THAT’S OVERDOING IT NOW! I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about Bleach going downhill, saying it was boring and that it was taking too long. I never agreed with them, until this stupid chapter came out! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is the WORST chapter of Bleach I have ever read! He’s already overpowered, but they made him over god-like. I mean seriously! You PLANNED Kenpachi to fight Ichigo, who happened to be waiting for him in some place?! You planned Grimmjow to be a tenacious maniac to have a grudge on Ichigo and fight him?! Next thing you know, he probably also planned Ulquiorra to get bitch slapped by Orihime! Anything else you planned out?! Ooh, I know, I bet you’re planning to get defeated by Ichigo, because you’re so damn strong and you were tired of being beyond god-like!

  20. Guys did you ever wonder why Aizen was this strong before reading this chapter how many of us knew he had that thing implanted in by the 90210 crew maybe some of us but thats why he is incredibly strong the only thing i dont like is the fact that Gin is idle, doing nothing come what is he? a celebrity. Of course he planned the whole thing ichigo inflitrating soul society that time gave Aizen a reason to put his plan in motion and that included ichigo too Aizen isnt your typical Villian to me the guy is a mad scientist im suprised he never worked with urahara’s department before.

  21. OMGWTFBBQ!!! O.K. can someone shop a picture of Aizen pwning Superman+Green Lantern combo from Superfriends and a combined Vegeta + Goku SSJ5 at the same time. 😛 Damn, I think I need a drink!

  22. The Hougyoku I can understand. It’s dumb but acceptable. But planning for all that to happen to Ichigo? Bull. Shit. No freaking way he planned this. From now on I assume everything Kubo writes for Aizen is a lie, regardless of whether or not it’s true.

  23. Yeah, I’d like to throw my hat in “that is some. Bull. Shit.” I can believe the planning going into killing Central 46, calculated risks into using the Ryoka gang to get the Hougyoku from Rukia, and MAYBE his manipulation of Grimmjow (he let him do whatever he wanted for a while until Tousen cut his hand off and burnt it), with using Orihime as bait for Ichigo and splitting up Soul Society’s strongest captains, but I think that Aizen’s just using what he knows to incite Ichigo(and the readers) to say, “THIS, you BASTARD, isn’t something you planned!” and Ichigo goes Ichigonator on Aizen’s ass. Aizen doesn’t know what happened in between the events he “planned”, like the actual fight with Kenpachi, Byakuya, Grimmjow, and Ulquiorra, just the results. One more unplanned thing for Aizen, and we know it’s coming, is that Urahara’s got more command over his creation that Aizen has in his chest that Aizen knows or “planned”. Oh well, it’s just like Cell exploding on King Kai’s planet and coming back, I suppose. Orihime’s now the equivalent of the Namekian Dragon Balls now, while the Hougyoku is the Earth’s Dragon Balls. Sure would be nice to see how Hell and it’s ruler fits into all this. Oh wait! Aizen could be the shinigami/demon hybrid son of the Hell King, which would explain his god powers nicely.

  24. Perhaps Aizen with all his power has become unhinged and the crap he is saying about guiding Ichigo is just his own mind saying that stuff? Claiming he made all these random things happen to Ichigo.

  25. @ samu
    In the Bleach cosmology I’m pretty sure Hueco Mundo serves as “Hell”, since it’s where evil souls tend to wind up (and its king got killed by a silly plot device after a much more believable death passed him by…sigh @ Barragan). Just because it’s not a pit of fire doesn’t mean it’s not Hell. Just sayin …

    I’m guessing the Hogyoku isn’t really a power-up so much as an explanation of how Aizen’s been pwning everyone up until this point. Including his instant-transmission Hinamori hax. Also, if they’re wrong about Ichigo being immune to Aizen’s shikai, maybe he actually mortally wounded Aizen with that Getsuga and Aizen threw up an illusion of him having an “I Win” button so he could limp away. 😛 It’s just impossible to tell with someone who bends logic and reality the way that Aizen does.

    Also, everyone howling about Aizen being behind EVERYTHING … like a few people before me, I also think he was trying to take credit for stuff he doesn’t even really understand. Ichigo used bankai after his fight with Kenpachi, but the fight itself had nothing to do with attaining it. That by itself makes me think that Aizen is either goading Ichigo or is so egomaniacal he really *does* think he planned everything that has ever happened to anyone throughout time and space. Either way, just because Aizen says something don’t assume that it’s Kibo speaking as the narrator, this man lies like most humans breathe.

  26. alot of people are complaining how aizen has planned too much in this manga. But you got to realize that despite being soul reapers and what now they are all based off human souls with emotions lacked onto them. Certain people are very easy to read if you take the type to learn their personality type. Like Kenpachi everyone in Soul Society knows he loves to fight the strongest their is even Ikkaku knew Kenpachi would go after Ichigo. Aizen has been observing everyone as an ally for some hundreds of years. That would make it very easy to learn someone’s habits and personality traits. Now the whole merging with the Hogyoku with his body along with his control over all perception is too much. That means all Ichigo has to do is rip the Hogyoku out of him since it is his source of power and he isnt hollowified like he mentioned. Despite how simple it sounds in theory it most likely wont be done. Im just wondering how he managed to know how Ichigo would progress. Was he watching the kid while on earth or what?

  27. Awful chapter where nothing really happened.
    The ‘I planned all this Ichigo’ crap just reeks of Kubo running out of ideas and just wanting to take up valuable pages with crap we already knew.
    The only assumption I can make is that Aizen needs to use Ichigo’s reiatsu for some reason and it needed to be of a certain strength.

  28. Maybe i am just overthinking it all and paying attention to too many little things, but he probably needs strawberry’s perfect hybrid reiatsu to activate the making of the key in combination with breaking the boundaries. Especially the boundary thing can give a few more wtf moments in his supposedly perfect planning (which i have my doubts of) since he can negate orihime her powers or just transfer it to himself to take the room of the king, kill everyone there and make a new dimension in that alternate dimension and rebuild everything outside those 2 to make everyone his blind servants(And yes, that is actually a storyline in a rp where aizen got killed by boundary shikai ^^”). But then again, kubo will probably find a way to kill him after explaining the whole plan and all so i am hoping for a character who is more god-modded then him ^^

  29. … then Ryuuken shots aizen with an empowered arrow Urahara thought off, Aizen gets badly hurt and Gin tries to take over when the gates of hueco mundo open and forth comes Kenpachi who is not only hollowfied BUT also knows the name of his shikai.

    You know what it means. Kenpachi with the name of his shikai is god, and hollowfied he is the master supreme of gods. Bye Aizen, Bye Gin, By Karakura & Soul society. Fin.

  30. @ zz

    Aizen’s next plan will be Hammer of Wrath, then Crusader Strike, then Judge, then Divine Storm, then Consecration, then Exorcism and finally pwn everyone’s ass.

    Maybe he is blizzard’s owner son 😛

  31. @ Guardian: I’m pretty sure Hell is a different place than Hueco Mundo. Hueco Mundo is where Hollows live, but Hell is where Hollows or spirits who’ve done evil things in their lives go.
    As can be seen from a number of the hollows in Hueco Mundo, I doubt ALL of them committed some sort of mortal sin.

    As far as this series goes, I’m only here for the good memories.
    I’m an Aizen fan, but even I’m going, “GTFO this series” right now.
    Maybe Kubo is TRYING to get his series cancelled. That train of thought would explain a lot.

  32. @Guardian. Actually Hell already showed up (very, very briefly and was never mentioned again). Also souls do not go to Hueco Mundo normally, regardless of what they have done. Only Hollows go to Hueco Mundo, and that’s because it’s a place to avoid Shinigami. Also, for Hell all that matters is what you did when you were alive. Your actions as a soul or as a Hollow are inconsequential.

  33. In the Bleach cosmology I’m pretty sure Hueco Mundo serves as “Hell”

    No, think back all the way to chapter 12. It’s easy to forget about, because the pre-SS and post-SS Bleach are basically different stories.

    Hueco Mundo is more like Earth without strong* pro-social behavior. It’s like Hobbes’s oft-quoted view of the natural state of man from Leviathan. The entities there are always in harsh competition with each other for continued existence as independent entities. Their fear of death leaves them to continually battle their hunger in a land of scarce resources.

    Just because it’s not a pit of fire doesn’t mean it’s not Hell.

    To the extent that all of the places humans can end up in Bleach are pretty shitty, they’re all basically ‘hell.’ The SS is some backward nightmare governed hypothetically by some (now dead) oligarchy and in practice by a group of psychopaths that moonlight as vigilantes. Just imagine what someone from modern Japan would think of actually finding themselves transported to the slums. Happy afterlife.

    * Though it does contain some weak pro-social behavior in Skeletor’s kingdom, and more social behavior is forced when Aizen brings a somewhat-orderly civilization to Hueco Mundo.

  34. I am so f—ing tired of this story line. It’s been going on for over 50 chapters and frankly, I’m about to go beat Tite Kubo in the face. But I have to know what happens!!!!!!!!

    Anwyn Guinevere
  35. Worst chapter ever!! and Peku you are so damn right!!this getsuga thing never really harmed anyone let alone kill them,,but again nobody dies here except for the poor hollows,well its not their mistake that they were ugly with a creepy hole in their chests!

  36. I think it got something to do with his dad or mother i presume it was Aizen who set them up.

    I also have a feeling that Aizen will fight Urahara and his friend (cant remember the guy with the glasses name)

    Then Ichigo see that the fake world is breaking up and his sisters are in danger and then he turns to the monster he was ad fight aizen with knowing.

    Then again i oould be wrong lol

  37. Honestly, i guarantee that Aizen planned all of this since Ichigo is most likely related to the King of Spirits. Maybe his father Isshin is related as well…since he is a shinigami after all. maybe part of Squad Zero?

  38. @Peku

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!imagine aizen plans his death’s gonna be like

    Aizen: ok,i think its my time to die…now kill me ichigo
    Ichigo: *makes the WTF look* ok watever..*then kills aizen*
    Aizen: *bleeding to death*
    Aizen: (final words)this is all in my plan..*then dies~*

    ok if that really happens..i’m just gonna be..wordless

  39. Haha guys.. I just thought of a possible ending…. Aizen planned all of this just because he’s too powerful and wants to die… He’s been trying to find someone strong enough to equal him blah blah blah…. lol pretty f**ked up if that were to happen

  40. Puta que pariu esse manga esta um lixo, uma verdadeira merda, caralho viu. to perdendo a vontade de ler essa porra, ta dando no saco essas merdas de aizen isso aizen aquilo e eu faço e aconteço, porra isso não tem a mínima graça cara…é por isso que curto muito mais o anime das frutas do demônio que tem o homem borracha e etc que não irei citar o nome do anime nem de seus respectivos personagens.
    Mas ca entre nós alguem realmente esta gostando dos episódios de bleach?
    Eu creio que não. todos os foruns que frequento só tem neguim reclamando de bleach e de naruto, porra fala serio os escritores estão fudendo as proprias obras, que caras sem noção.
    Acho uma falta de respeito com o escritor as produtoras os obrigarem a fazer certas coisas, mas enfim, o que se pode fazer, já que eles são pagos pelas proprias produtoras, e querendo ou não, quanto mais enrolação tiver é mais grana entrando no bolso deles….
    mas ta de doer bleach, não esta dando mesmo. Se eu não acredita-se tanto que essa historia pudesse melhorar eu ja teria parado de ler esse manga.
    Omni parabéns pelo trabalho que tem toda semana trazendo para nós a sua visão do que foi o manga da semana.
    Vamos ver o que diabos vai acontecer semana que vem, tomara que a puta da Unohana tire a bunda do chão e parta para briga. Guerra mais decepcionate pqp!

    []’s manos!

    BH - MG - BR
  41. When I read this chap for some reason I got this star wars vibe lol:

    Ichigo: Why???? why are you so interested in me?!
    Aizen: Because I am your father!!


  42. meh, even naruto seems to have had a better flow after all this time (at least story canon). Where’s my Squad 0 or Royal Guard? Are they ever going to show up and put Aizen in his place? :s

  43. What is with all these manga authors and Xanatos Roulettes? Don’t they know that it is a Xanatos Gambit that they should be shooting for.

    Most of the comments I read seem pretty on the mark. I would like to add that maybe Aizen’s bankai is able to change reality so he is actually God/Kubo Tite. Makes sense because the manga will end when he dies.

  44. I dunno if its been said or not but i think its obvious where this is going…
    Either Ichigo is the king (and that key is for the hollow hole) or ichigo’s dad is.
    I dunno if I can handle bleach anymo– oops…i mean i can’t handle INCARNATE anymore 8D


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