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Unfortunately, as you may have heard, I am retiring from blogging at the end of this season, so this will be my last Bleach manga post. Despite that, please limit your comments on this post to those that are Bleach related.


  1. as much as i love to see Isshin, i’m kind of annoyed that he showed up right when we were going to learn the truth about ichigo. speaking of which, i’ve been suspicious of ichigo’s powers for a while now. personally, i think he may be a shinigami-hollow hybrid or something, which leads me to suspect that theres something we don’t know about his mother. Ever wonder how a normal hollow could kill a living human?

  2. Does anyone else think that Aizen is really just playing mindgames on Ichigo and he really didn’t arrange the events in his life? I’m sure Aizen is just pretending he was involved in all those events. Well, he might have been involved with some, but he can’t of controlled EVERYTHING.

    PS: Thanks for the Bleach posts Omni, I will miss them.

  3. I saw in the Manga Share translation that Aizen said to Itchigo “You are part shinigami and part A..” just before Isshin stepped in to say you talk too much. Leads me to believe he was born a Vizard. As apposed to developing the hollow powers by accident.

  4. Maybe Aizen is like ichigo’s moms brother or something like that
    either way this chapter made my day

    the last page made me jump up ( in class) and say FINALLLY!!!!!!!!!

    XD im so Glad he is finally here

  5. This is going to be my last post about Bleach manga in this blog so I’ll end it beautifully:

    I love you Aizen. You are the most interesting, the coolest looking, the most brilliant and the most powerful character in any Manga. I live everyday so I get to see you at the end of the week. Please continue to entertain me and meanwhile, kill that ice cream kid.


  6. Aizen has earned my respect as one of the greatest villains I’ve seen.

    I’m kinda hoping for “You’re my son” line but I think Aizen will probably end up being a brother or uncle.

  7. I don’t think Aizen is his father. I find it more likely that Isshin is/was part of the Royal Guard or is royalty himself (hell, its possible he’s king, unlikely but possible) and has known (or heard of) Aizen in the past.

  8. Whatever Aizen is to Ichigo, that was planned by Aizen even before he had interest in girls xDDDDD

    btw omni, sure you decided to stop blogging this in the crucial moment. I hate you 😀

    …ok, I’ll admit, I love you so much, that’s the truth. Good luck out there, man. And remember: to the infinity and beyond!

  9. For reasons I don’t understand Kubo seems to have left this panel out of the final draft of the chapter (forgive the rough translation):

    Aizen: Who do you think allowed Noitra to attack Nelliel and discard her outside of Las Noches? Who do you thin led Nelliel to you when you entered Hueco Mundo? Who controls the British Crown? Who keeps the metric system down?
    Ichigo: No! No! It can’t be!

    I have to admit that I generally only read Bleach because I like Kubo et al’s penwork. However, I am curious if we’ll get another arc like Turn Back the Pendulum that goes back and explains who Isshin was before he came to Earth to play dad. I kind of liked that arc, even though it really twisted itself to fit the previous canon. At this point I would rather read something like that than either (1) Aizen play Darth Vader or (2) Aizen explain who Isshin is, cut Isshin down, make Ichigo go Incredible Hulk, accomplish Aizen’s Real Plan(tm) or (3) have Isshin drive Aizen away to accomplish his next task in his Real Plan(tm), and take us onto the next layer of the onion. Other than Urahara (and probably Aizen next issue), none of the other shinigami (who are quite a bit older than Ichigo and friends) that have met Isshin have recognized him. Now, Kubo could ignore this and continue the string of SS defeats by one guy, or he could inject a whole new piece of backstory that allows a less curt transition than just rushing to the resolution might accomplish.

  10. Man, I’ve had ups and downs with this series but I’m really enjoying what is going on right now. Despite the backwards through time section being good in my opinion, I hope it doesn’t happen again(at least, not right now). I won’t mind hearing some history of Isshin but I hope they keep it tame and continue on the way this is going. I’m still waiting for the game breaking moment:P

  11. I’m thinking about possible ways this story can go. Aizen was a vice captain 100 years ago, The little ball was created 100 years ago, Aizen didn’t get his hands on it until recently, Ichigo is 17ish? Isshin lost his powers for about 20 years. Put all that together I don’t think Aizen is his dad. I think it has something to do about Ichigos mom and that magic ball(I know it has a name but I don’t want to think about it right now). Ichigo made be the only successful product since that thing can create shinigamis from humans. Maybe ichigos mom was a former hollow but thanks to that she turned human.

  12. Aizen is Ichigo’s mom.

    Isshin is prince. The kings did not approve of their son’s wife of Choosing thus, they both had to flee to the human world.

    There they met Ryuuken that was all: “Give me money and I will make you sure ID in the real world. Though we were never associated, understand?”

    Urahara was pissed when he realized that the ‘vaizard-fication’ was not for ppl to turn into holows but failed experiments on getting a cure against hollows.

    The Kings found Aizen and Isshin’s love bir nest, and sent holows (because really, do you think Aizen was the first time having a red phone with them?) to kill Aizen.

    Aizen went back to the SoulSoc.

    He kept tabs on Ichigo so that he could protect his favorite child (who mind you is Karin)

    Aizen alllied with the holows because they wer mad at the king for not holding the end of their bargain (which was a nice bath and the absolving of all their light energy bills)

    Aizen of course only used them (he was angry with the hollows too)

    Aizen plans on destroying the kings so that He could take the throne, Isshin could be his wife, and Karin the next queen.

    There are all of Aizen’s plan laid out.

    He also went to the Human world once again under the disguise of a human named Tite Kubo, created a manga based on his life, to mislead any criti or human who witnesed the fight and make all the humanity believe it never happened: That it was just a SHOUNEN MANGA and NOT THE TRUTH.

    Gin is Aizen’s best pal btw, and he is unamused about all those threads of him betraying Aizen. So he will ask all of you kindly to refrain from doing so.

  13. I just finished watching The Empire Strikes Back, which makes this even funnier. My best bet is Aizen helped raise Ichigo at some point when he was a baby. Or is his real mother. Lol

  14. massive mindfuck with this one. Well I really don’t think that Aizen is his father.. I mean I think that if Isshin is his father, which Im pretty sure is in the Royal Guard… then thats why Ichigo is ridiculously strong… and besides unlike Sado, he doesnt have HOLLOW reitsu until he transforms. Since the beginning he’s been a shinigami.

    Now… for the ultra twist… since Aizen knows everything about the whole story of everything… there is only one person he could be… and its definitely Sasuke using double Mangekyo…

  15. aizen’s bankai is to turn into a woman..thus, he is ichigo’s real mom…

    or maybe he’s in bankai already and it’s the other way around..


    *sniff sniff* OMNI, nooooooooooo!!!!

  16. so Aizen must have known Ichigo would be powerful since he was son of Royal Guard Captain. Aizen probably looked into the promotion of his girlfriend, cant remember her name. He somehow found out that Isshin was the captain that left squad zero and felt it fitting that Isshin’s son would give him the power needed to reach the king. Now Isshin has finally revealed his shinigami status to Ichigo.I bet something comedic will ensue.Followed by a highly enraged Ichigo whose mother was killed with a shinigami for a husband. Come to think of it, what if Aizen was the one that sent the Grand Fisher after Ichigo as child. That is one of the driving forces for wanting to protect his friends from hollow so they dont die like her.I really hope Kubo doesnt make it seem like Aizen is strong enough to take on Isshin as well. I mean he must be powerful from how Ichigo turned out and Ichigo isnt a full shinigami at that.

  17. Perhaps Isshin had the Hougyoku implanted in himself at one point the same way Rukia had it in her. He would meet his goal of wanting to become human eventually and be with his family but after his wife died due to the hollow, he took it out. He mentioned he did borrow a gigai in the past too and his powers were restored (sound familiar to Rukia anyone?)

    Anyways, how this links to Ichigo, the Hougyoku blurs the lines between shinigami and hollow so with it implanted in Isshin, there is a strong possiblilty that it affected Ichigo’s birth.

  18. okay hold on whats with all this Aizen is Ichigo’s mom stuff. That’s just plain crazy. Aizen is definitely just some nobody trying to be somebody by messing with everybody ^_^. Goodnight and Goodbye RANDOM CURIOSITY you will be missed. Omnni like I said before goodluck on your future endeavors.

  19. my guess is his mom was a vasto lorde and became an arancar, met his dad and he was drained of power for loving a hollow and so was his mom. she saw ichigo atracted to grand fisher and protected him but died due to low power. his dad made a pact with aizen to get his powers back to protect his kids(remember ichigo said “his mom didnt see grand fisher”, also said “ichigo went to the hollow because he thought it was his mom”, and when did he know this and aizen said never seen a hollow til rukia came).
    now im more confused looks though aizen didnt plan everything.

  20. @Omni

    I’m just spit balling here, but would it be too much trouble to just continue blogging the Bleach manga?

    For one, it would GREATLY lesson the depression. And one post a week isn’t too much time consuming right? :]

    /on topic
    I was really expecting Aizen to say “After all, I am- your father.” Seriously. But no, that “DON” effect came out of no where. I’m also very excited to see Ichigo’s dad again xD we haven’t seen him since… he fought that huge arrancar years ago.

  21. I kinda always assumed that Ichigo’s hollow side was due to the fact that he got his powers from Rukia while she had the Hougyoku hidden within her. Why can’t his mom just be a human?

    I’m glad omni threw in this chapter before retirement. I hope I can keep up interest in this series without the supplementary blog -_-

  22. Maybe Ichigo memories about his mom were erased so that himself and his siblings wouldn’t figure out what happened between Aizen and Isshin 1000 years ago evrything Aizen said is mostly likely true on that note what could be the real story behind all thus i discovered that Ichigo’s mother protected him from an hollow that killed her what was if she actually saw the hollow that was meant to kill ichigo not her she is either human who gain shinigami powers or a hollow but that is far fetched because hollows return as creatures not human and the siblings can also see hollows so something is not adding up indeed it would be most likely that Aizen is ichigo father and kept it a secret from soul society. Urahara probablys knows the truth maybe thats why he is not interfering.

  23. Spoiler alaert!!!!! (altho not really if this is due to translation difference)

    donno how to do the spoiler-text hide thing but it’s not really a spoiler because from the korean translation of the chapter (yes the english translation rendering of this chapter didn’t mention this) it was implied that Ichigo was born from special parents, and im guessing from a shinigami and a hollow. Because the Korean translation goes something like

    Aizen – “Because Ichigo, afterall you were the only one to have been born from…”
    Isshin – “You are saying a little too much”

    Isshin is a shinigami, so im guessing a hollow fills the other gap. (Either that or Isshin is like royalty or someone very very special). So yeah, im guessing his mom dying by a hollow wasn’t really a coincidence either. The betrayal leading to the death and all. And it also kinda explains why Isshin isn’t with the Gotei 13 anymore

  24. another theory:
    ichigo’s mom is a perfect arrancar made by aizen that was like human and met ichigo’s dad who were gonna kill each other but fell in love as aizen planed along. his dad was punished and drained of powers(like in the vizards past) met with urahara who helped him recover his power over years. meanwhile aizen thinks ichigo’s mom is not doing things as planed(didnt teach him his powers and stuff) decided to distract her by sending grand fisher at ichigo then striking from behind…
    thats my theory so far.

  25. Hollow ichigo has always referred to ichigo has a king think that is strange, that aizen is looking for the kings key. Ichigo is by no doubt a descendant of royalty ancestors his father isshin has a royal guard patch on his arm. It is most likely Ichigo’s family relocated to the real world because of a threat on her unborn child in soul society at that point.How Aizen fits into all this is not clear he could be related to him maybe an uncle or ichigo’s mum brother it could also be the reason why she changed her surname from Sousuke to Kurosaki avoid danger mind u this could have happened 20 years ago in the story line.

  26. nah i think i got it atleast the thing that doesn’t make aizen ichigo’s father. well after urahara escaped he must have hidden the hogyuko somewhere. urahara hid the hogyuko in ichigo’s mother. she fell pregnant NB isshin os a shinigami. ichigos spirit was altered b4 he was even born makin him a freak all along. or isshin n misaki were vizards and conceived ichigo.etc so many posibilities bt plz nt one that makes aizen ichigos father. bt kubo pulled a fastone on us no one can plan a persons entire life thats nt feasible imho

  27. @dmb – “bt kubo pulled a fastone on us no one can plan a persons entire life thats nt feasible imho”

    Sure is feasible. Its a manga, anything can happen.

    I mean the story is about shinigami and hollows, if it can have that than surely it can have some guy plotting out someones life.

  28. No one has considered the possibility that Isshin is Aizen’s boss (and the main story villian)? Everyone is talking that he is a shinigami or royal guard and assuming he is going to be a good guy. That last panel can also mean he is talking down to Aizen for blabbing too much of their plan.

  29. LOVED this chapter.
    Thank you Kubo, for finally giving us a chapter to fan-gasm over (…a little bit anyway. He’s still no Oda-sensei).

    But anyway, the only thing that Aizen having to do with Ichigo’s improvement as a Shinigami that actually makes sense is when he met Rukia and then met a Hollow (he reasoning there does make sense if you think about how much of Ichigo’s spiritual power leaks out of him).

    Damn you Omni. I’ll miss you lots but still, good luck with everything in your life! 🙂

  30. I never comment and always read these but I bet you Aizen is his uncle. Don’t know which side but I bet you he is. Though why was Isshin smiling when everyone was on the ground half dead or dead? That’s just wrong.

  31. Na, the Secret will be. That he and Inoue are Siblings. And His Mother was the Queen. Ans Isshen is the Queens Bodyguard and the Captain that joined the Secret Guard. He swore to Raise him up as is own Child

  32. I can so see Aizen at like chapter 400

    Aizen: So this is Heaven!

    God: I am the All mighty God of this world who dares enter my chamber!?

    Aizen: God everything you have done up until now…creating the universe, the heavens, the after life, myself all of it, its been part of my plan!

    God: O.o !!!???

  33. Ichigo’s mother was human and might have been like Orihime, some kind of Angel descendant or something. I clearly remember Ichigo gaining his hollow side from Urahara’s method to restore his shinigami powers. I highly doubt Isshin would prevent Aizen from saying Arrancar as well. Ichigo’s mom couldnt been an Arrancar and given birth to human children if her and Isshin were both just spirits. Which brings into play how Isshin produced a child when he is only a spirit did he use his gigai or something. My understanding is that the beings of soul society are souls of the deceased. There has to be something deeper going on with Isshin. We really need a Turn Back the Pendulum with this guy.

  34. Normally I would have been interested in seeing Isshin fight, but this context makes it clear that he won’t last long. Aside from that, Aizen is indeed responsible for everything. Kubo actually wrote that. The reason I threw away that theory early on was that it made Aizen closer to a cliche than a character and Kubo wrote that. I really want to go back to the SS arc.

  35. I’m guessing Isshin’s interruption will actually have nothing to do with hiding the truth, and everything to do with stopping Aizen trying to distract Ichigo long enough for him to release his sword and bring Ichigo into it’s powers, or just plain destroy his will to fight.

    Either way, I wonder if Isshin’s appearance is just him alone, or if he’ll have backup. I get a slightly sinister vibe from him here the way he cut off Aizen’s speech. Just whose side is he on?

    Sol Fury
  36. This is my only comment ever on RC since I started reading it three years ago.
    I like this chapter, it’s a shame I will not hear your thoughts about the future ones.

    I wish you all the best in life.

  37. anyone who didnt see isshin stepping in sooner or later raise their hand ……… good know one, i do like how he had to step in to stop aizen from messing up ichigo’s mind.

    One Who Answers
  38. No ppl stop!
    remember when rukia said there was a missing royal family in the soul society.
    Plz quote me when i say this: “Ichigo could be part of the missing family.”
    This is not a starwars moment but i willing to put my life savings on what i just said is going to happen.

    Team Aizen is too powerful for his own good
  39. Kubo himself Tweeted that he once had a vision of Aizen stabbing him from the paper and saying “How long have you been under the illusion of drawing me?”

    I think Aizen’s got a reality-warping Bankai. Something like the “reality-to-illusion” technique from Naruto. He didn’t plan everything; he just planned some of it and used his Bankai to make the rest work. It explains how this crazy plan worked at all.

    Also, Aizen just pointed out the “fighting equals” shonen trope! That is awesome!

  40. @Bwahaha Lol!

    I love Aizen’s lines. “I knew about you… since you were born.” Dun dun dun! lol.
    I have no idea where this is all going. But going along for the ride is fun. :]
    So suprised when Ichigo’s dad showed up.

    Ty for blogging Omni<3

  41. Sadly, I predicted something like this a few chapters back when Aizen kept countering everyone. “It is all part of the plan.”

    This guy is more unbelievable than the Joker himself. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

    Michael Chandra, this is not a “Xanatos Gambit”. Those are at least slightly believable. This is actually a “Xanatos Roulette”. (good old TV Tropes)

  42. “Even shorter litmus test. If your first reaction to seeing the plan unfold is “Dear God, that’s brilliant!”, it’s a gambit. If, on the other hand, your first thought is “There is no fucking way that you planned that!”, then it’s a roulette.”

    *admits defeat*
    You’re entirely right, havoc. =)

    Michael Chandra
  43. aizen knew about ichigo before he was born. . . .

    aizen and isshin know each other.. .

    aizen’s been watching over ichigo’s growth. . .


    aizen = ichigo’s mother?! o_______________________________0

    meh 😮 mind-raped ichigo is mind raped o.o seriously, why’s aizen so overpowered?! o.0

  44. wow just cannot imagine how omni-san can link aizen with ichigo as father and son, but let’s accept the fact that ichigo looks like isshin k? I wouldn’t want ichigo to look like austin powers…

    nice chapter anyway, even with all the talking, self-inference tells you that the others are gonna come in too! yeah for more urahara~

  45. Again, I have to ask, WTF is Ichimaru doing?! He’s been standing like some twat. Is he going to fight Isshin or something? Well do it already! At the moment, I’d rather see how Byakuya, Kenpachi and Mayuri are fairing against Yammy…

  46. I Definitely got the father vibe in this chapter Isshin is right he talks way too damn much Gin needs to stop standing there and fight it makes me wonder what the heck is Gin thinking if Aizen wasn’t there Gin would be trying to kill Ichigo right about now.

  47. Isn’t Aizen goals to overthrow the soul king? and since he claims that hes been using Ichigo, just maybe…ichigo might be related to the royal family? That would be so cool :p… or maybe an illegitimate son of the soul king!?..

    so many possibilities :3.

  48. Michael, I would have called the last few chapters a “Thirty Xanatos Pileup” but Kubo seems to only be giving Aizen the brains in this series. I mean, even “geniuses” like Urahara are making stupid mistakes. Like leaving the Hogyoku in Rukia. This seems especially bone-headed if Aizen’s plans are so over-the-top, like they have been recently.

  49. I, personally, think Misaki (Ichigo’s mom) is not a hollow. She really doesn’t look the part. She’s either a rare human born with spirtual pressure or a strong shinigami. I also don’t think Aizen is Ichigo’s mom, that’s just really stupid and doen’t even make sence. Misaki could be the former lieutenant of squad 4, that would make sence for her personality but doesn’t make sence for the story, so never mind about that. I think Issin was the captain of squad 11 becasue in Turn Back the Pendelum it said that no one could find the Captain of squad 11 and there was no Captain of squad 10 because he/she died or got promoted. But that doesn’t make sence either becasue Shinji didn’t reconize Issin’s spirtual pressure when Issin was first introduced as a shinigami. I guess I don’t have any ideas. I propabiliy just be happy with what ever Kubo-sensei writes. Though I am getting the feeling he’s just going with the flow of things.

  50. i work in japan and have overheard that ichigo is the son of the king and the king before dying gave isshin a baby (ichigo) and aizen was a royal guard that was trying to over throw the king for some time and has been planning for a long time and isshin fought aizen but lost because his wife was captured so he couldn’t fight and was sent to the real world after his wife had been killed by aizen…

    mufasa khan
  51. voulezvous at 2:09 am on March 26th, 2010
    I think Ichigo’s mom was a Quincy. It would tie into the relationship between Isshin and Ishida’s father.

    That actually sounds logical. It did seem strange why Isshin and Uryu’s father were rather chummy instead of being the worst of enemies and would also explain why Ichigo’s entire family has strong spiritual awareness. On top of that Ichigo’s excess power.


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