Question is, would they still have shown them if the other girls kept their bras on?

Note: pretty much everything in this post is NSFW, but you knew that anyway…

When you first started eating spicy food, it’s like that Sriracha stuff was the hottest shit ever, but gradually, you get used to it and start abusing it like ketchup (seriously, sriracha + mayonnaise). When you first went to the gym, benching a pair of 25s already had your arms shaking more than a Parkinson’s outbreak in Haiti, but gradually you start building some mass and you use two plates to warm up. Perhaps more applicable is when you first started using the internet, and are introduced to the wonders of tubgirl and lemonparty and meatspin and 2g1c (links rescinded), but soon after you’ve seen so much filth and debauchery that it starts feeling like something’s missing if you don’t see at least one thing that challenges your definition of rule 34.

Damn skirts are always in the way of our eyes… just get rid of them.

The modern consumer of digital media is a fickle one, and people get bored of the same things quickly, especially if they consume in large amounts. Hence, the never-ending arms race to see who can come up with a new cute character design, a new type of hairstyle, a new twist in the school uniform. Pantsu, maids, tsundere, loli, reverse traps – we’ve seen them all – and like all good market analysts with an acute eye for such things and no regard for weak-minded considerations like a “social life” or “sunlight”, it’s fun to track current trends and try to predict future ones.

You know what the current trend seems to be? It’s not ear lobes, or collarbones, or ankles, or anything that complicated – it’s boobs, baby. Boobs.

Overdressed by today’s standards… nano.

It’s not like it’s anything new – Asa had a wardrobe malfunction in SHUFFLE, Kanokon was all over it, and Ougi totally took advantage of some hottie with amnesia he pulled off the beach. But those moments were few, and the fact that I remember specific moments either speaks to their rarity or how far gone I am. Probably both.

At any rate, those rare flashes were pretty much the standard until this show called Queen’s Blade came along, which kind of had a 2g1c effect on the anime industry’s perception of fully exposed boobage. There was some crazy breast feeding action in Seikon no Qwaser, and we got a pretty good look at every female character’s full upper frontals in Ladies vs Butlers, and Chu-Bra called everybody a pussy and just went for it. If anything, I would expect the anime hentai industry to be doing quite poorly these days, as those are usually poorly budgeted affairs staffed by unknown seiyuu – but now, we get high budget chichi yure voiced by the likes of Tamura Yukari and Nakahara Mai. I mean, the only real difference now is what happens below the belt, and that’s always pixellated out anyways. Meh.

A lady should be elegant, desu wa!

Naturally, one has to wonder where they have to go next. I mean, they’ve exhausted every possible exploitable character template, including age, nationality, skin color, hair color and style, height, sexual orientation – the only thing left to do was to strip them. And now that full nip boobs have been used up, when one realizes that there’s really only one logical place left to go, one can’t help but be tickled with anticipation…
Coochie goochi goooo~


  1. New? Jaalin has been around for a while.

    My only retort: I don’t think it started with Queen’s Blade; heck, I don’t even think that was the tipping point. In my hunt to satisfy the fetish I was unfortunately born with (I recall the “signs” from long before I lost my innocence), I ended up stumbling across TONS of fairly well publicized anime that were just as…ahem…bare. And only a fraction of them were actual hentai. The rest really did push it just as far as QB, though I don’t believe they went further. Come to think of it, I recall this one called…Issouken…Issuoen…ugh, what’s the name again? I swear, most people know it.

    Then again, QB was far more noticeable than most of the ones I dug up. So I guess it can be considered as the tipping point. Great, so much for an argument.

    1. ikkitousen didn’t have fully exposed nipple though, at least not to my memory – a lot of very “what’s the point” pieces of torn cloth, but i always thought QB was the first one to go full out with it. now we got random filler shows ladies vs butlers and qwaser that don’t bat an eye at it.

    1. Hopefully much longer than before, even if he doesn’t post as often. I spent a fair bit of time setting up the filmstrip format above for him, so it’d be nice if he makes good use of it. It’s unlikely he’ll be covering any series though.

  2. Isn’t that picture being on the front page of the site a bit too risqué? I mean think of the children for god’s sake!

    In all seriousness, I completely agree. The ecchi shows are starting to blur the lines between hentai and anime, some of the shit they pull is just downright disturbing. It also doesn’t help that all they are doing now is extremely short sighted, pretty soon they’ll have nothing “new” or “exciting” to show… but then again, I’ve seen how warped some things the Japanese come up with so I’m not quite sure that this dead-end will be nothing more than a barrier to overcome for some twisted animator.

    I daren’t even think what the next permutation is going to be.


  3. Ah, welcome back Jaalin.

    Yes, its ~almost~ depressing to see how far fanservice has plummeted. It really no longer serves its purpose now that its basically softcore porn. It is, after all, far better to encourage imagination on these issues that just being blatant. Its like playing poker with your hand showing to everyone on the table.

    Here’s a crazy idea: lets put more clothes on our heroines, and go back to the days when collarbones were sexy (which I approve of, LOL).

    Like the filmstrip, by the way, Divine. Trendy.

      1. Your a doing great divine. I must admit having just one blogger is risky but over there years you and omin have given so much. And now that you set up this cool comments and film setup I cant wait for RC to reach 10 million or 20 lol.

  4. I(innocently) came across 2 hentais mangas(don’t know much to nothing about hentai though I was there in the cyberpunk era watching Urotsukidōji). One was called St. Penalty Academy which horrified me(grade school girl assault says it all) and another which I don’t remember the name, but i remember the comments on the site I saw it on and come to the realization that phimosios is the new otaku cliche. People, its hot to do a schoolgirl with a skanky smelling, tight fore-skinned willy. Tha manga ‘My Balls’ was funny, but towed the ecchi/hentai line. Expect that line to disappear in the coming years.

    ark noir
  5. Oh mah gawd, it’s Jaalin.

    I think jubilations are in order.

    Also, we all know where fanservice has to go now. That one place left to go? Ankles. Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

  6. hi everybody!
    For sure nowadays we got a lot of shows tagged ecchi, but i don’t believe it all started with queen’s blade. There are plenty of anime aired way before it with a large fanservice amount(ikkitousen for example).


    And I totally agree. It’s like there’s barely any fun anymore in ecchi anime since they all just feel like the same stuff redone. It’s like I only watch it for the comedy now…

    1. Funny, the reason I’ve watched the aforementioned series (Ladies Vs Butler and Chu-bra, to be exact) IS the comedy 🙂

      Look at the bright side, soon anime producers must start considering using good story instead of just fanservice as its main draw…hopefully. I’m still bitter about how badly they adapt Omamori Himari…

  8. O _____ O

    Crawling back in from whatever cave snatched him away. (Kidding kidding).

    And man, you are so right (sadly).
    I mean, as a girl, even I’m starting to think “OK honey. I don’t need to see your boobs for half the show. Put’em back in their holsters and move on”. When you see them all the time, there’s really no need to see every anime chicks goods per episode.

  9. Thanks for the links. That was hilarious. I shamelessly admit that I know of all the anime you mentioned.

    Haha, I always wondered why a lot of the new shows coming out were so echi. Can’t wait for the next level up in the anime marketing industry. 8D

    1. what Anime is the picture where it says underneath it “Damn Skirts always in the way of our eyes, just get rid of them”? if you could answer that would be helpful.Ty.

  10. One thing that I find annoying is how every girls’ school uniform is so short that they can’t even sit down without their panties hitting the chair. It’s ok in eroge based shows, but it’s become so pervasive, it’s even in comedies like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Haruhi, or Baka to Test. I found it a lot more appealing in shows like Evangelion, where the schoolgirls actually dressed like schoolgirls, not like prostitutes.

  11. Well as sad as it might sound sex sells. If you remove all sex related items from the internet the whole thing will crash. Porn sites keep the internet alive after the .com crash. So, yes some shows are so border line that they looks like soft porn. But great anime will come every once in a while. Took a quick look at my “legal” collection (yes people I do buy anime dvd’s) the only series I got that can be called “border line” is Ikkitousen. So the future can bring more BSDM shows like Seikon no Qwaser, which I’ll watch for sure. But true gems will always pop like my dear collection of Aria and more recently Kimi ni todoke (can’t wait to buy it).

    Going back to the main point yes we have to wonder what the future will hold. Specially with the strong opposition that loli, BL and yaoi are getting in Tokio and Osaka (though both laws were vetoed). There are still a few eewww things I haven’t seen in anime and hopefully they won’t make their way into it. But humans will always eat, have sex and die so those three industries will have customers.

    PS. love the pic of Kaoru Daichi, too bad you miss this season real hit Hideyoshi !!!!

    Island Esper
    1. I hope so… but it would’t be new anyway.
      I remember Elfen Lied (2004) with full frontal (and reverse) nudity.
      Most scenes are not detailed but on some of them you could see outlined labia majora.
      Lucy had great boobs and sexy nipples.

      btw, I remember Magical Twilight, one of the first Hentai I copied over 150 floppy disks back in late 90’s.
      No CD-Rs, no USB ports, no flash memories. External HDDs were also non existent, internal HDD had about 2100MB of capacity. Floppies were the only solution. Landline modems topped at 360kB a MINUTE! It took me about 2 days to get 3 episodes of Hentai anime (3x60MB).

      YOU are really LUCKY to live in such times where everything is easily available.
      Watching ecchi anime is no longer a taboo and most mainstream anime titles contains more nudity than pr0n not so long time ago.

  12. ohh great.. the perv’s back! hope you stick around longer before you suddenly disappear.. again! w/ omni out of blogging, RC needs you.. perverted and all. anyway, welcome back jaalin.. again!

  13. Boobies in anime have been around for a while, though – Mahoromatic had nipples galore back in 2001, and there are plenty of old-school series (Dirty Pair, Urusei Yatsura, Moldiver, Dream Hunter REM, just to name a few) that busted out the bazongas on a regular basis too. It does seem like there are more fanservice series lately, if I had enough free time it’d be interesting to go back through the last two decades, track service shows as a percentage of anime aired and see if there’s a trend there, but unfortunately my employer hasn’t left me quite that much free time during the workday 😉

    1. I don’t think I’d ever be able to come up with the stuff above. I honestly have no idea how jaalin comes up with these trains of thought, and I didn’t even know a lot of the terms he was referring to be above. He is quite the corrupted freak if I do say so myself.

  14. I love tits and ladies vs buttlers was the 1st show after kanokon that had true proportions of women i mean there where alot of huge boobs but their waist ass and belly where all in the normal and it looked great even the loli factor was fine there but some shows just go owerboard with their sex stuff and they cant handle it i hope in the future showeing a penis and a vagina will be accepted because there should be no shame there we where born naked and there is nothing wrong with seeing an adult reproduction organ i mean who made the boobs something special so that females are cowering them the whole time when they breast feed its no problem to put them out but when you go out they have to hide them from god… My toughts are that the reason of our lifes are sex work and bonds so why are we so strange around sex and theres no work and 50% of the people are beeing treated like aliens and casted away from society? P.S K-ON and arakawa under the bridge rock cant wait till durarara 13 comes

  15. Your predicted trend is of interest to me!

    But aside from that, I sorta agree with Nazarielle. They’ll push the ecchi as far as they can, but eventually everyone will get bored with that. And then it will go full circle: everyone will be fully clothed, and people will prefer that to mass nudity. For a while.

    An endless cycle!

  16. Great analysis, jaalin. Fanservice sure has come a long way with full upper frontals and so many casual pantsu shots. But older series like Green Green, DearS, and Amaenaideyo!! certainly brought their fair share of ecchi content.

  17. Hmm don’t you need to be fan first to appreciate fanservice. LvButlers was showing breasts galore from day 1.
    Getting naked voiced Horo, THAT would be fanservice 🙂

  18. Well I believe that this is the general trend in most places due to the general society. For example, the movie Snakes on a Plane ended up being rated 14A in Canada even though it showed full breasts. Also, with the internet, finding porn such as on Google images is unavoidable if your safe search is off eg. (NSFW) or searching for images of cucumbers will also lead to some porn.

    1. Are you serious about that question?

      in hyper text [%20] is just a space between characters.
      the image is named: CODE GEASS – 15 – Large 14.jpg
      It is from CODE GEASS episode 15
      Thanks to Random Curiosity for making their database easy to read.

  19. It frightens me what will happen in the anime industry if things like this goes on( based on Jaalin’s articles last part). i know its not my place to say this but still, why cant they(the producer or the person responsible) produce very interesting storyline instead of focused heavily on fanservice……
    well thats my rant. have “fun” reading.


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