Not a whole lot happened this chapter, but I did enjoy how it went back to the series’ lighter mood on several occasions. The obvious one being what I refer to in the post’s title and the other being Naruto’s excitement over his prophecy of coming across an octopus. Naruto and Bee both have quite a few screws loose, so I somehow see them getting along really well. Maybe not right away, but I imagine it won’t be long before their stupidity starts gelling. Aside from that, it was also good to see Tsunade back and full of energy, even if it just meant causing a huge uproar at the meeting of the Kages and being quieted down by Gaara.

As for the whole coffin speculation from last week, on further thought, I agree that Jiraiya isn’t scary enough to make Madara react the way he did, so it’s likely someone along the lines of Rikudou Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths), Madara’s brother, or even Madara’s original body (assuming we’re expected to read into how he’s only a former shell of himself right now). Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely someone that allowed Kabuto to easily coerce him into partnering up, so it’ll be interesting when we finally get to find out. For now, I’m just going to stop speculating.


  1. Literally a frog in your throat. I was surprised Shikamaru’s father was Tsunade’s bodyguard. Although intelligent, I didn’t think he would be strong enough to support Tsunade in a fight.

    Bee and Naruto, seems like a fun pair.

  2. Tsunade is in a bad weak bad spot. Danzou did alot to ruin everyone’s view of the hidden leaf so other leaders are gonna keep her on a tight leash. If she hadn’t been in a coma (and a madman took her place) her ideas and words would carry greater weight then they do right now with the other Kage’s.

    1. I would take Danzou’s rule over George-W-Bush-Tsunade any day.

      Danzou was the only realistic character in this manga, not bound by worthless shounen ideas and applying real life logic to the situations.

    1. impossible… remember the battle between 3rd hokage and orochimaru and he used the same technique to resurrect the 1st and 2nd hokage? 3rd hokage manage to seal those 2 using a forbidden technique (I forgot the technique) so I think Kabuto can’t use them anymore. I suspect that it is the 4th hokage since it’s the only coffin failed to resurrect at the battle against the 3rd hokage (because the 3rd stop it) or the original body of Madara.

      1. And how would 4th hokage be useful to blackmail “Madara”?

        If anything, by the dialogue and everything, the most sensible thing would be that “Madara” is not really Madara and the coffin contained the REAL Madara, who has been dead for a long time already.

        It could be that “Madara” is Obito
        It could be that “Madara” is Madara’s Brother(the situation being similar to Itachi/Sasuke, with the real Madara doing everything to protect his brother and dieing and his brother taking his eyes for revenge)

      2. I think Madara needs the 4th hokage to get the sealed half of the nine tails back. If he gets naruto now, he will only have half of the kyubi’s chakra… So it might really be the 4th. I still like the idea of it being madara’s original body though, maybe hes been hopping bodies like orochimaru been doing for a while.

      3. My first thought was Madara’s real body. Madara is a shell of him self so probably not what he really was at first, ie not in his real body.
        But, Kabuto wants Sasuke to study his eyes, if he had Madara’s body he wouldn’t need Sasuke, even if the body was dead.
        I’m thinking the 4th now, he was the strongest Hokage, and the one to seal the 9 tails.
        Plus it would be really evil to force Naruto to fight his fathers bead body. HAHAHA.

  3. I’m not even worried they “contained” Naruto. With the way he and bee is, I can see that they will work as a funny powerful pair (they’re pretty much alike in personality). No matter what the Kages decides, Naruto and Bee will always do what they want and be succesful at it. ^_^

  4. I’m kinda expecting this for the whole final boss situation…

    Current arc: Kisame (he should be on the island with Bee and Naruto)

    4th Ninja War arc: Madara & Kabuto (I’m expecting Kabuto to be Madara’s downfall, but continue the Juubi plan to allow him to gain supreme knowledge, which seems to be his current motive)

    Final arc: Sasuke (Kishi already said he and Naruto are each others’ final opponent.)

    Mania Lyssa
    1. OH please just no final-villain-saucegay…. I am already having terrible flashes of the most terrible anime with similar “ending” – gundam seed.

      While manga currently IS a mess worth “uwe boll award”, such an ending would completely destroy all the potential this manga had.

  5. BTW, inside the coffin was an extreamly hot beautiful sexy girl.. Kabuto knew Madara’s type and used that to make him agree w/ his demands. Read it again.. you’ll see! ;p

  6. Man I’m loving where this is going! It shows that Naruto is finally going to get some training to control the 9 tails! We see that bee has like 100% control. It’s almost like the 8 tails has accepted him as equal. The problem here is that we know Bee has Kisame hiding in the Samhehada so how is that story line going to develop before the 8 tails goes bye-bye? A natural energy wielding Naruto with the power of the Kyubi under his control!!! hell yea!!!

  7. Hmm Just to add to the speculation, the last coffin might contain the 4th Hokage’s Body and with it the knowledge of Naruto’s seal (which can be the leverage for Madara, and a good last fight for Naruto)

  8. i’m glad we finally got the deal with kabuto. he was mia for a while now. i’m curious as to his intentions with leading anbu to madara’s location. he got powerful pretty quickly though. but then again, he was already an above average character will enough chakra to summon ochi’s pet snake. i don’t like him having so many ppl with that technique though. it brings back bad feelings. like sasori – i wanted him to be dead… forever…. end-of-story. and with madara having nagato again at his disposal – it’s pawnage all over again. i would have much rather having some new characters introduced. hey!!! how did he get nagato’s body???? he must have killed that Konan?? aww man..

  9. Divine,

    I thought I will never find this new site of yours!

    Thanks for the Naruto update!

    I’m wondering how Naruto and the Bee will interact together?

    Waiting for your insights next week! 🙂

  10. I’m really interested in finding out who was in the coffin, but I don’t think we will find out for a while. Although, it will be cool to see the Kyuubi and the Hachibi interact, probably with hilarity ensuing.

    Also, I’m really happy that you’re continuing with the site divine, it makes me so glad that RC didn’t just end completely. It’s occurred to me that it would probably end at some point, but I just wasn’t expecting it when omni made his post. Thanks 🙂

  11. Inside the coffin that shocked Madara there was…Chuck Norris!!! He isn’t dead, he’s just sleeping because Chuck Norris can’t die…ahahahahah!!! Ok, back to topic, this 491 was a nice chapter after all. It would be good to see other’s reaction (especially Sakura) when they heard that Naruto was hidden. I think the Kage must change their plan because Kisame is inside Samehada. So when they heard that Naruto and Bee was discovered and attacked, they change their plan and let Bee and Naruto fight on first line ^_^

  12. I wonder how Kisame is going to fair against Naruto and Bee. Most likely this will be his real death and of course it will be by Naruto’s hand. Why do Naruto and Sasuke always get dibs on the badass villains. I mean Neji,Lee, and all the others have gotten absolutely no love. So much wasted potential since the timeskip. Anyway I cant see the 4th Ninja War lasting that long or if can be called a war. I mean it is just Madara,Kabuto,and Sasuke that are posing a threat. Now when the Ten-Tails emerges that will be awesome. But how will that occur without killing Naruto is the question. Sorry Bee since you’re not a mainstream guy it Kishi-san says ya gotta die. Ooh look at my rhymin skills.

  13. Oh btw… I dunno if anyone noticed but Bee decided to use ‘dattebayo’ in his rhyme last week. I’m foreseeing a comedy moment where Naruto says ‘dattebayo’ and Bee gets angry/shocked/impressed.

  14. To me the only immediate and logical prediction of the body in the coffin would be the Fourth/Minato. That’s the only person who would come to my mind that would be shocking and a major threat to Madara’s schemes. Or maybe that’s just me.

  15. Bee will probably be really helpful to Naruto, seeing as he’s the only Jinchuuriki who seems to be in total control of his tailed beast.

    He kinda treats the Octopus-Bull as a pal, it’s really different to how Shuukaku and the Fox act.

  16. “Naruto and Bee both have quite a few screws loose, so I somehow see them getting along really well. Maybe not right away, but I imagine it won’t be long before their stupidity starts gelling.”
    LOL, so true and so well put. 😛

    “Oh btw… I dunno if anyone noticed but Bee decided to use ‘dattebayo’ in his rhyme last week. I’m foreseeing a comedy moment where Naruto says ‘dattebayo’ and Bee gets angry/shocked/impressed.”
    I can see that happening. No wonder there was that scene with Bee. I thought it was random how he liked “dattebayo”.


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