A powerful drama that nothing else can even compare to this season. If the sound of that interests you, then make sure you check out this second episode of RAINBOW. With subject matters on runaway criminals, vicious prison beatings, and even child molestation, you’ll likely second guess yourself about this being just another anime. I hate to sound like a movie critic, but I can’t help but describe this series as riveting and highly emotional. It doesn’t try to sugarcoat anything and portrays those difficult-to-watch scenes vividly in order to convey the harsh premise set before us. This is definitely not for the feint of heart, but as someone who was engrossed by how powerful the first few chapters of the manga were and how different the dark setting is compared to the usual stuff, I’m glad I took the time to look into this series while writing the season preview.

I don’t care for the whole prison setting to be honest, but it definitely sets the tone of the series and allows it to touch upon subject matters that most people would want to turn a blind eye to. The character interactions that result from them are the really captivating part, and this episode reemphasized that notion with a look into Joe’s past at an orphanage with his sister Meg (Toyoguchi Megumi). To that end, it also reiterated the theme of courage and friendship, with Joe’s friends helping him escape on complete impulse after seeing an opportunity to do so. The dark part on the other hand is the sexual abuse Joe had to endure at the hands of the perverted hag orphanage director when he was a child, and how that same hag is now selling Meg to an absolutely repulsive man who’s obviously going to sexually abuse her.

The scene where Meg put up a tough exterior in front of Joe, telling him that as orphans this is the life they have to endure, left me at a loss for words when Joe broke down in tears right after. This feeling of uneasiness then quickly turned into strong feelings of sympathy as Meg cried alone afterward, thanked her brother for coming to see her one last time, and bid farewell to him as a scene of their happier days was shown. Admittedly, the song that started playing as Meg cried her eyes out got me choked up a bit, and the sight of the beating Joe had to endure in his depressed state only compounded that feeling. The music was used really well throughout this entire episode and really brought out the mood in each of the scenes, but the timing and emotional impact of that song at the end was something else.

Compared to the manga, they actually changed things up a bit here by not having Suppon (Paku Romi) escape as well, but I actually like how this change allowed things to focus entirely on Joe. The next episode looks like there’s some mistrust from Baremoto (Fujiwara Keiji), which I suspect means he’s going to sell out his friends to the wardens. It should be intense. I can’t wait.




  1. This will probably be among my favorite show of the season (gotta wait for Sarai-ya Goyou to be sure). First episode got me hooked more than it should have.

    Can’t wait for subs.

    Also OP kicks ass.

  2. Although I admit I didn’t have much time to fit in the first episode into my schedule (since there’s a huge outlet for shows this season, plus I have other things to do) I’ll definitely try to get to watch the first and second when I have the time to do it.

  3. Hey Divine, if possible, could you tell me what happen at the end of the episode? like (what happens to his sister afterward and what he does after escape the prison). I am deciding on whether or not I should pick up this one. I do like drama, but the bad guys dont have to pay for their crimes really piss me off >.>

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Thanks Divine. I dont think I could stomach the injustice in the episode. Though It has been a long time since an anime can make me have such strong emotions. Regretly, I have to pass it though and get back to my usual comedy series…

    p.s.: for some reasons, I can not use the reply button.

  5. I can’t wait to watch the second episode when I saw in the preview that this episode is going to focus on Joe. I was a bit worry because I don’t really like Joe’s seiyuu. He debuted in Shikabane Hime and somehow (along with other reasons) I lost interest of that series. There weren’t too many lines for him in the previous episode so I wasn’t able to tell whether he’s improved. I’m wondering (and really hoping) that he’s able to deliver emotionally driven dialogues in this episode. I was surprised though with Oguri Shun. His voice acting is unexpectedly believable. Ah, maybe I’m too focused on this whole voice acting.

    I agree with you on the music used. I love the BGM when they introduced the characters in the first episode.

    Lil' Lilly
  6. With this and Giant Killing, I’m glad to have a season that has some actual testosterone.

    Thank you, Divine, for blogging this. This series is very difficult to watch, but it feels very rewarding, like you’ve suffered along with the cast in the hope that you’ll get something easier on your emotions next week (you really won’t).

  7. Sad episode this one. I could only think that the worst must have happen to Meg and Joe couldn’t do anything about it. Thank you for blogging this series Divine! I was sitting on the fence on whether to pick this series to watch. Your impressions and the screencaps certainly certain perks up my interest into watching the first episode. It’s definitely different from any other series airing out there right now. I like the grittiness and the dark mood of the series. Definitely going to see to the end.

  8. Hum I have to look at this anime. After reading you’re posts Divine it’s giving me the envy to see it. It’s not like other anime shown this season.

    Thanks to continue giving a life to this blog! (I see that the previous one as a broken link :()

  9. wow.. I never thought an anime could make me so pissed off but after watching this one I just wanted to really hurt the old hag and that old man, it also makes you think since this type of crap is happening around in the real world

  10. Thank you for blogging this amazing series. To see an anime on such a subject as this is rare indeed. It makes me wonder if there are comics and manga out there based on modern real life issues of a similar quality; perhaps created in other cultures. (any suggestions?)

  11. I actually got turned on when I saw the hag in her nightgown and when she was riding Joe….straight shota-rape. LMAO Despite her incredibly ugly appearance….I still got turned on. Anyone like me ?

  12. Great show, had my doubts after ep1 but now I’m sure now I’m gonna watch it.

    Does anybody know what song played near the end? It’s the same one Joe was singing to his sister. Goes something like: nemurenai yoru ni kikoeru ame no melody… ?


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