[flv:Bleach_OP12.mp4 370 210] 「chAngE」 by miwa
[flv:Bleach_ED23.mp4 370 210] 「STAY BEAUTIFUL」 by Diggy-MO’

While I’m not actively covering Bleach, Omni did inform me of the new opening and ending themes that debuted in episode 266 earlier this week. They weren’t quite enough to coax him into blogging about them himself, so here they are, presented vicariously through yours truly.

Be that as it may, I actually found the opening theme “chAngE” (along with its unusual capitalization) noteworthy enough to make mention of, especially with the action-packed sequence that goes with it. In addition to that, I love how they have Orihime singing “change” at the beginning of it, much like how I enjoy any sequence that is cleverly timed to its featured song in some way. The same goes for when the Vizard draw their weapons in slow motion just as the song hits a brief pause. They’re minor details, but just make the sequence that much better in my eyes.

As for the ending, I have a thing for Diggy-Mo’s music in shounen series after hearing “Bakusou Yume Uta” as SOUL EATER’s third ending theme. As such, I was hoping to see a similar character profile-type sequence here, but the alternate get-up-type Bleach endings have always been pretty creative in their own right. Much like K-ON, I always find endings that showcase the characters in a different mood and setting than in the actual show fun to see.

Now for everyone asking why I’m not covering Bleach, I actually dropped the series almost two years ago back at episode 175. At the time, there were plenty of other shows to keep me entertained and I grew tired of the never-ending shounen series I was following. I dropped Naruto around the same time and have only been keeping up with its manga lately. That said, several people have contacted me offering to help cover Bleach (and even One Piece), so hopefully one of them pan out. I have to put each of them through the grinder first to see if their writing is inline with reader expectations on the site (you guys have expectations right?) and assuming all that goes well, I have to show them the ropes on how everything’s done. So with that in mind, please stop asking about Bleach.

If there’s anyone else out there interested in helping cover the One Piece anime/manga, please send a couple of sample writings to our e-mail address and I’ll look over them. Thanks.


  1. I started watch Bleach again because i didnt want to watch those fillers going on. It’s be cool if OP manga/anime gets covered because the manga is like very epic right now ^_^.

  2. The ED was interesting, an alternate reality take if all the Bleach characters lived in the mid to late 20th Century. Not sure how I feel about Yoruichi’s new look…it just seemed so weird considering her personality.

    As for the song…well, to be blunt I thought it sucked o.o It’s one of those songs where you know you won’t like it if you heard a snippet of the chorus.

    1. OK I know this isn’t Diggy Mo’s usual style but I still liked it. It was upbeat and had a catchy chorus. Also does anyone else think Ulquiora looked a bit strange in the overcoat?

  3. Sorry this is off topic but you have been posting a lot lately. I hope you’re not burning yourself out so hopefully just have fun okay?

    Anyway, I did the same thing to Bleach. I still read the manga now and then but I pretty much “dropped” the series. Once in a while I just download a random recent episode and just watch to see how it is.

    Oh yeah, it would be interesting to have a One Piece writer here at RandomC.

    1. I appreciate the concern (in more ways than my words probably convey), but I’m managing somehow. I’m kind of sleepy right now and wondering if I should get this Maid-sama post out though…

      If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, then I *might’ve* collapsed.

  4. oh wow i dropped the series at episode 175 too. But i do read the manga so after 2 years of dropping this series, imma start watching it again. Fope it doesn’t dissapoint especially in the action sequences.

  5. I dropped naruto at 105 when they did their first real long filler and I dropped bleach when it was doing the bounts crap. I only keep up with the manga after all I don’t wanna go to a anime convention and not know what naruto or bleach is.

    As for the op it finally looks like they will stop the fillers and go on with the main arc. I mean the opening itself has alot of spoilers already.

    Ed sucks

  6. i have droped bleach and naruto, and restarted again so many times, that i am not even sure if i know the story alright. second thing, maybe i have expectations for what is here, maybe not, i also dont know if i have standards for this blog, i just visit it a lot. and last, dude, if you get tired, chill out a bit and dont feel bad about asking for help

  7. i just stick to the manga with bleach and naruto. Those fillers they have are murder to the senses.These directors and producers need to pick up stuff when the mangas are done and stop trying to capitalize on the in the moment success.

  8. Fairy… Tail…? ;_;
    lol, yeah I dropped Bleach around the same time as you along with Naruto and only keep up with manga. As for One Piece…. way too many eps to catch up on Dx I’m already struggling to start Hitman Reborn with everything I’m watching.

    1. I added download links above, but as with all the videos I’ve post thus far, they’re only in the YouTube “480p-like” quality you see in the streams (which in reality is only 480×270 resolution even though they call it 480p).

      I still use higher bit rate to get better quality than YouTube though. 🙂

  9. I think One Piece would be a great addition to random curiosity mainly cause of the different style is has that grows on it’s readers. Currently I don’t see any worthy sites except this one that does such a good job on blogging about the seasons, so One Piece would have an interesting flavor to current anime/manga.

    Bleach on the other hand is the very reason I found and started to come to random curiosity so having that joy of insiders view is very pleasant to my eyes XD

  10. Same.. Not following the series episode by episode… Since Omni stopped blogging I have no idea if the animation is getting on to the juicy parts or if it’s interesting or whatsoever…

  11. I love the opening, my favorite so far. A very nice, fast-paced song with high-quality action-packed animation. Perfect 😀 Can’t wait for the full version of the song 🙂 ED is not so great… tbh it completely missed my taste ^^

    Good luck in picking the new staff member, maybe you should ditch some of your shows on him/her too, so you won’t burn out too soon.
    *secretly hopes that you’ll continue blogging Giant Killing if that happens*

  12. @noririn nah theres no spoilers for the anime viewers i guess ^^; it adds the excitement…

    vizard masks are not revealed yet…
    who is the skeleton guy?
    kenpachi and byakuya and new arrancar? ^^;
    3 black silhouettes… who are they?
    vasto elorder at the end?

    i hope “we” manga readers wont spoil them ^^;

  13. Admit it. You really dropped Bleach because it was BORING. 😀 I really like their songs though. People are already calling this new ED their favorite among Bleach endings!

  14. Damn it, divine. Just when I thought I can finally be rid of Bleach once and for all now that Omni’s no longer around to blog it anymore, you now try to tempt me to pick it back up now that they’re back to doing the ridiculously long Battle of Karakura again.

    So far, I’ve just barely succeeded in resisting that urge, so please don’t do this again. My current anime season portfolio is already full as it is already. lol

    Kinny Riddle
  15. Man divine, I don’t know how your doing it but it’s great that you are. 🙂 And take a rest sometime too. I think all of us would understand.

    I was thinking of doing One Piece coverage, but being in college (and finals being right around the corner), I can’t. It would be cool though. Good luck man!

  16. Wow that was spoiltastic. I feel bad for people who just walked into this opening without any knowledge of current events in the manga. Speaking seriously, when you say email adress, you mean the one in the CONTACT ME section? I am interested in covering One Piece, and I would like to send some samples of my writing for consideration.

  17. Bleach does this horrible thing where I start complaining about it most of the way into an arc and then they do something cool enough to make me really interested in it again. It’s a neverending cycle, because right now the manga’s doing something pretty cool after a surprisingly boring slog of fights through Bleach’s usually interesting supporting cast.

  18. I note that the op spoils a lot of the fights for that one person out there who hasn’t read the manga online. As for the songs themselves, the first is alright. Not the best yet but strong. The end…is not the best work this guy has done IMO.

  19. One Piece is an amazing series. The Japanese know this, its monumental popularity over every other series, even Bleach and Naruto, speaks for itself. Unfortunately this isn’t the case outside of Japan. Blogging about One Piece would help to that effort. 😉 Would probably increase RC’s traffic too. 😛

  20. Honestly, I don’t want to see anyone blog Bleach on RC because I’m sick and tired of reading people complaining about how the anime’s censoring is B.S., and that will be inevitable with the upcoming episodes. And besides, even if that person does start blogging it, will that person be committed to do so with the future filler episodes?

  21. I’m pretty sure Diggy-Mo is the main rapper in Soul’D Out..On another note, I’m really impressed that you’re covering this kinda stuff aside from just the shows. Good work, divine! 🙂

  22. would someone please blog Fairy Tail manga as well? i really like that series.(the manga, that is, not the anime version. the studio who animated it destroyed it) and yeah, blogging one piece would be awesome as well. esp. if they at least make a summary of the awesome impel down/great pirate war, so epic. =) and to divine, you’re doing an awesome job continuing this, and to omni, i salute you, for starting this blog and making my days great!

  23. Ive flirted with the idea of blogging bleach and one piece (A/M) but i cant guarantee my love would last through fillers and being jerked around by tite

    I do like the ending alot, and i do like the opening as well (i would like anything after the last one) except what they did my beautiful halibell…between lengthening her skirt, covering her under-boob , and adding a backstrap whats next? panties! sir you go too far!

    1. I totally agree about the censoring thing, and it really doesnt bode well for the ichigo vs Uliqioria fight. Especially considering that some particularly gruesome parts were cut from the last game.

      I will be extremely disappointed if the fight is not gruesome and fear inspiring like its suppose to be.

  24. Yeah, op is full of spoilers, but still, almost as good as Ichirin no Hana was in terms of impact, though the actual song isn’t nearly as good I think.

    The ed is just too fun. I really liked the Bleach Sword Frenzy ed, and this one is like that. And Shunsui is the MAN. And poor Hanataro, he got turned into a girl. Wish though they had put in all the characters in, missing a few like Yamaji, Urahara, Kenpachi, Yachiru, etc.

  25. yeahhhhhh finally the new op of bleach now i’m going to start again watching bleach after the end of the fillers and i could say that from what i saw in the op we will watch the fight beetween the capitains and arancars and they will stop in the arancar 0 ” i’m sure ”
    but there will be a relly good battles
    i just hope they start to blog naruto and hitman reborn ” i love it ”
    is there some fan of hitman reborn here ?

  26. regresa final temporada y la nueva de bleach de 265 al 266 y 267 un episodio de fin de temporada bestia de espada y un regreso basado en manga de la batalla decisiva karakura para derrota aizen y los arrancar, un regreso de vizads ichigo llego que el papa de ichigo puede defender y derrotar ichimaru y aizen luego kenpachi y byakuya kuchiki para derrotar a yammy su nueva Resurrección, el bankai y el shikai tres episodio llegara mañana el miercoles

  27. I don’t watch any anime anymore. It takes 20 minutes to watch an episode, but I can read about 20 manga chapters in two hours. Reading the manga is much more efficient, and there aren’t any fillers. Plus there’s no audio to manga so I can listen to my music. ^^


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